I woke sensing that I was not alone in my bed, I had not dreamt anything the night before I had been just plain tuckered out. However, since one at times , is never really certain they are awake or a sleep especially in the moment just before you really wake up, I was not sure just what was happening or where I was. Finally yawning and rubbing my eyes, I was greeted with two kisses, one on each cheek, each kiss being made by a different girl. To the synchronized tune of “ good morning lover boy” , “ good morning big brother” .

I became aware that both Joyce and Carole were in bed with me. I could feel two naked bodies rubbing against my own, immediately realizing that my morning hard on was being caressed by two hands. After asking how well I had slept, Carole told me that the day’s plans had already been organized if I was interested in coming along to play, otherwise a few adjustments would be necessary. Well I stretched my arms under these two hot bodies pulled them tightly against me and told Carole that there was no way she could talk me out of being included.

Pleased that I agreed to play along, she began out lining the day’s events as she had hoped to pull them off. First and foremost she said we had been asked to take care of our little sister, to keep her occupied until 4 PM when we were to drop her off at Mrs Gunter's as she had been invited to a birthday party.

Since our mother was not to be home until 7 PM father had asked Carole to make sure that we looked out for the little one, his favourite by far. He told Carole that as Joyce was staying over it was her task to make certain that under no circumstances was I to be left unsupervised, alone with Joyce. These were the constraints with in which she had worked her day's plan.

This morning as the little one was eating breakfast with her father, Carole had set up the television to make sure that all her favourite programs were running. She and Joyce had made the living room resemble a large studio, filled with her stuff animals, her dolls and anything else they thought would keep her amused for a few good hours or so without even thinking of being curious enough to come looking for us.

Carole began speaking in a more formal voice “After a few things are accomplished in this bed with you, Joyce is going to give you a shower and make certain all your little boy parts are clean. Joyce will prepare and serve us some breakfast, au natural if at all possible, on the sun deck in the back yard.”

“ Joyce has accepted unconditionally” Carole emphasized “ to participate in a golden shower” . I had no clue what she was talking about and when the event occurred, I do not think Joyce knew either up until the moment it hit.

Carole continued “ Following a small luncheon, again if at all possible au natural, we will go swimming. We have to be back here to drop our little sister off at the party, then we should have time left enough to walk Joyce home, dropping her at her residence for five-thirty when her father arrives on the train.” Carole added just for intrigue .

Telling me she understood that there was a small clump of woods just next to Joyce’s house, and continued saying that it might be fun one day to have Joyce strung up on display when the train passed, taking a chance that she would be seen by her father. At that statement I felt Joyce grab hard on to my cock and squeeze, Carole must have touched a nerve with that idea.

“ For now those are the plans, hopefully we will not have to change them, but in order to complete what I have in mind we first must get rid of the piss hard-on you have” Carole said as she ordered Joyce to put her body in a 69 position with mine and fix the problem. Just as she was to lower her cunt down on to my mouth as we had always done when we were in this position Carole placed a towel in between us to cut any contact.

She whispered to me that she was sorry but it was necessary, and that I would understand why. She instructed Joyce not to hump down on my face, but to remain in this position until she had completely gotten rid of the piss hard-on and had brought me to orgasm. Joyce worked with agile finesse, taking the desire to pee from my system and bringing me to a head. I was afford the opportunity to watch just how the female sex worked, as she became more and more involved in her task, her vulva, pulsated at different speeds, I could see it contracting, opening and closing her labia.

It was like studying a flower petal preparing to come to life, well to me any way. I had seen some thing very similar on TV and this is what indeed it reminded me of. Her clitoris jerked alive, edging out from its cover, then retreating, each time coming out further than before. Her love juices formed little droplets at first, which clung to the sides of her labia. As the lips swelled in size the texture of the skin in the whole area changed, it look to me that it became more course, most likely though it was just the pores increasing in size that gave off this likeness.

The sweet droplets of love juice turned into dripping strands, of white I guess would be the best colour match. The strands multiplied in intensity, and began running out of her pussy almost like a small pure water brook. I began having trouble concentrating on the lovely scene exploding in front of me as Joyce had managed to turn things around and started my cum boiling. Oh how I wanted to push my mouth up sending my tongue straight in to the little star like pulsating hole I was being shown. Carole however had prevented this from happening, so I just let myself go and shot a load of hot morning cum into Joyce's sucking mouth, listening to her lapping it up as fast as she could.

Before Joyce could push her leaking pussy down hard on to the towel and thus my face she was told to get off me. Carole told me that since my predicament had been corrected, the rest of the day could begin. She threw the covers off the bed bringing our three naked bodies into the morning light, told me to move over and enjoy the show.

Carole laid herself on her back beside me and told Joyce it was time to bring her mistress some pleasure. Joyce climbed up over Carole, resting her knees on either side of her body and began planting kisses at the top of Carole's head. From there it just evolved in the most amazing female lovemaking scene that you could imagine.

I knew Joyce, well I thought I knew most of her moves, as we had been playing these little sexual innuendoes since we started going out together. We had gotten into some very hot and bothered petting, without having to copulate to get satisfaction. That particular Monday morning however, I saw Joyce do things I never thought possible, things I would never have considered, nor even tempted to do during our loving sessions, I would certainly never have asked nor expected her to accomplish.

When Carole exploded as they say, she must have seen the stars, because she made such a howling noise I was sure our little sister would be there to investigate. Joyce had managed to keep Carole on the edge for a good 45 minutes if not an hour before she brought her to her final orgasm, it was spectacular let me tell you. I was once again as hard as a rock, my cock sticking out so far it almost ached.

Joyce slithered up Carole's body, her final act completed as her mistress had requested and planted a kiss on her lips, then both girls turned their heads towards me and smiled.
I looked at these two girls, covered in their own body sweat, the sunbeams entering through my bedroom window flickering off them almost making them look magical and felt privileged to have been allowed to watch their act

I leaned over planted a kiss first on my sister's lips, then on my girl, Joyce’s, lips taking of course, a bit longer to break that one off. At first I thought it was Joyce that had placed her hand on my rock hard dick, but then I watched as she pushed herself up from Carole's body using her two arms. I was surprised, as it had been a long time since I had had my sister pulling at my pod.

Carole commented that she thought it was time for step two, telling Joyce to get up and stand at the end of the bed. Immediately, I though Carole was going to ask me to perform on her while Joyce stood watching, but that did not happen. Carole got out of bed, motioning for me to do the same thing then told Joyce to lie in our stead and begin.

I wondered what she meant, then saw Joyce spread her legs wide and began running her hands up, down and all over her own body. Since she was pretty well lubricated with a silky coating of her own sweat, and most likely some remnants of Carole's, she had an effortless task. From her feet, which she raised to the top of her temples, she let her hands roam. I watched as she carefully avoided touching her breast, her nipples and her pussy, you could tell she was having a hard time with this, but managed to get herself excited and breathing hard just the same. Carole explained quietly to me that making love to some one was not just sucking, slobbering and poking it in, there was more involved.

It was certainly a good 30 minutes that we watched as Joyce withered and wiggled in the bed touching and rubbing every part of her body except those, which I had thought, counted the most. Carole then spoke out the word “TOP”. That was all it took, Joyce began pinching her nipples, roughly handling her tits, squeezing and pulling in all directions.

Carole spoke out once again yelling “SPLIT” this time and Joyce left one hand working her tits and her nipples while she sunk the other one between her legs, rubbing vigorously at her cunt. “ MORE” was the next thing Carole yelled out, causing Joyce to manoeuvre her other hand to her lower region, where she pulled at the hood of her clit holding it exposed while she flicked it with the fingers of her other hand. Joyce must have been in another world, she was perspiring heavily, her beasts were heaving up and down, up and down, her bottom was bucking all over the bed and her legs were jerking.

I had thought Carole's orgasm had been spectacular to witness but I waited in anticipation for the one Joyce was going to have it was going to exceptional to say the least. Then Carole went and spoilt all the fun by yelling “ STOP” , I am sure just a Joyce was about to crest the mountain she had climbed. The room echoed with a very loud gasp, which astonished even me, and more so to realize the gasp was mine. Joyce had never issued one word, not one groan, not one moan the whole time she had being making love to her own body.

Carole handed Joyce a big bath towel rolled up in a pillow like fashion, and called out once again “ TURN” . Joyce rolled over placing the big towel securely under her I would think pulsating mound and spread her legs exposing her treasure to my delight . I was able to detect a great quantity of love juices, settled just at the edge of her pussy, ready to be expelled at any moment.

At first I thought Carole was going to tell me to watch as Joyce evacuated all that she was holding in her innards, but that was not what Carole said. She said that she knew of the pact Joyce and had made about fucking and risking a pregnancy. Then dropped a bomb by telling me Joyce had also told her about allowing me once to take her up her back chute.

We had experimented only once because Joyce said it had hurt and really was not sure that she liked it enough to continue. As I had been a very understanding boyfriend, had accepted the fact that fucking her cunt was off limits and fucking her arse was off limits . Since I had continued however to pleasure her in any other way she asked, I was being offered the chance to try once more plugging her rear hole, now that she had been properly prepared.

Carole asked me if I was ready to pleasure Joyce in this manner, in the hope that it might be different this time. I replied “ Yes! Yes! that would be wonderful “ Carole then yelled out “ PULL” , and I watched as Joyce reached back to the cheeks of her buns and pulled them open, exposing her pulsating back hole while Carole pushed me on to the bed.

Joyce was slick with sweat, love juice and god knows what else, so that when I positioned the cap of my hard cock at the rim of her anus it slipped right in, there was no resistance at all. I had to catch myself and move up closer on my knees in order to follow my cock down her back chute. Once my ball sac settled just touching the bottom part of her cunt I realized I could go no further.

For a moment I let things sit, trying to get my thoughts back in place, then I began as slowly as I could to create and back and forth movement. I began pulling back then pushing in making like I was a saw, I placed my hands on the small of Joyce’s back for a bit more leverage, trying my hardest to hold my weight and my balance on my knees. I pushed and pulled, pushed and pulled then began to feel Joyce's muscles working my dick inside her arse. Pulling back was made more difficult, the pushing in was slipperier if once can say that. I was beginning to make my long stokes quicker and shorter, I could feel the cum building inside my balls, which were tapping gently at her cunt.

How long, I was in this condition , I do not know . It could not have been long as I had been on the edge since I had seen Joyce make Carole orgasm. On a push down I felt my cock swell in size, it felt like it was going to explode to blow apart. At that precise moment Joyce flexed something inside her body and I could not hold on to myself, I let loose with a stream of hot sperm shooting deep far into the bowels of my love. Instantly I felt a hot wetness cover my knees, covering them and most of my thighs Joyce had released her own orgasm, shooting, spraying her liquid love juice like a fireman with a hose. Yet still I heard not one word escape from her mouth. I collapsed onto her body crushing her into my bed, our asses being held high in the air lifted by the bunched up towel that she had placed under her belly.

I heard Carole speaking, almost whispering to me, “ Dougie, ease your body on to the side, you are crushing Joyce. I'll help, you want and try to keep your cock in her bum, do not turn too fast”. With that I felt a pair of hands helping me turn on to my side, pulling Joyce with me. Carole then removed the towel from under Joyce adjusting her thighs so that my cock stayed buried in her hole.

Again Carole whispered telling me that she was going to shower, that I should hold Joyce as tightly as I could letting her know just how much I loved her. It was important because she was beginning to think that once we dropped her at home tonight, you might not think of her as the girl you had begun to love. Now that you have witnessed all that she has done these past few days. I did just that, whispering in Joyce's ear telling her just how much I loved her, not only for being my girl but for allowing me to participate in a more wonderful experience that of bringing out the joy in Joyce.

Especially for letting me watch allowing me to look and see from a more detached point of view just how wonderful it was to see her cum without any misgiving what so ever, just the release of plain lust. By the time Carole came back to the bedroom , we had dozed off, Joyce curled up in my arms purring quietly.

Carole roused us telling me it was time for my shower and Joyce was to make sure I was cleaned up completely emphasizing the word completely. First thing Joyce did when we got into the shower was suck my soft cock clean, then she soaped me all over even washing my hair. Joyce took a minute to soap herself, not allowing me to touch any part of her, then rinsed us both.

She towelled me dry, once again playing with my manhood kissing it all over, but not letting it rise . I guessed she had been give special orders from Carole on how to go about all this, because she sure appeared to be programmed. Joyce told me to brush my teeth and put my deodorant on then sent me back to my room where I found a dressing gown laid out and a note telling me that I was to wear that and just that and to come down for breakfast.

I stopped to check on our little sister seeing that indeed she had been very well set up, she was sitting in a pile of her teddies and dolls, apparently carrying on an animated conversation with them . The television was playing her favourite program , Capitan Kangaroo or something , it sure did not look like she wanted to be disturbed, that meant she was not likely to disturb us either.
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