Carole told me to spread Joyce's legs out so she could use the rest of the rinse to wash away the love juices Joyce had just evacuated from her body so that we continue our night out before meeting our ten PM curfew. Once I had set them apart Carole played a warmish dribble of water all over Joyce's form, washing those beautiful love juices down the city sewage drain. We roused Joyce from her stupor and started home , walking slowly as Joyce said she was feeling a bit week. She did not even complain of the fact that she was still naked, never said a word as we traveled the fairly well lit city streets. Carole directing our travels had us passing our high school, where she stopped , changed our path and moved us out in to the middle of the soccer field. Now this surprised even me, as the field was used during the summer the big bright field light were left on until 10 PM.

With her naked toy in tow, she advanced with determination, to the middle of the playing field where she told Joyce to get down on her knees. Gabbing hold of my shoulders she placed me in front of my love, then told Joyce that as I had been an exceptional good guy this weekend, doing right by everyone, helping with every project, not complaining about much I deserved the best blow job that she could provide me.

Carole told Joyce to pull my pants down and show me just how much she appreciated me being there for her. My cock had being hard for a long time, as the evening had transpired , I had tried not some much to think of the individual sexual parts, but more of less the situation as a whole, so that I would not be coming every five seconds. I had managed fairly well, having been permitted once to come all over Joyce while we were in the park had helped.

Still I was certainly ready for this, my cock bounced up and down as Joyce pulled my pants and underwear down my legs, so much so that it tapped on her head and she bent forward to lower my pants to the ground. Once she had taken it in her delicate hands, touching it like the precious object like she always did , I almost came there and then. I closed my eyes in order to visualize the setting, one I had always dreamed of. Having Joyce kneeing before me at center field sucking my cock had been something I had dreamt of many times, only in my dream the stands were full.

Closing my eyes helped with holding my own, until she did her magic with her tongue. I blew my second load of the evening, I am sure directly down her throat, not stopping at go, but going directly to the back of her head. Joyce squeezed my buns, then pulled at my sac, sucking, sucking every last drop I was able to produce that evening. Joyce continued to play her tongue over and over my cock until it finally soften, leaving it slip from her loving lips, with out a sound. She then held it playing the tip of her tongue at the little piss hole. Once she realized that all good comes to a end she deftly pulled my pants up attached them and patted my little man with loving taps of her hand.

Carole satisfied that all had gone well, she told us to get going as we were almost running late and still had four blocks to walk. Arriving back at home, I figured Carole was going to dress Joyce to take her into the house, but no, that was not quite the game plan as I learned. Carole asked me to go in a see just where our father was, she said, exactly where he was, how he was sitting what was he doing. I walked in but did not see him down stairs, so first I went to reconnoiter the basement, no lights were on there either.

I wandered up the first floor landing seeing the light on in the sunroom and looked in, that was where he was, he was working on papers seemed very concentrated as at first he did not notice me. Then as I moved a bit, he looked up telling that it good we were home as it was getting a bit late, not that we had school or any thing, but it was better to be home, he went on to say that you never knew who was walking the streets at night.

I thought to myself yeah and if you had known we were walking around town with a naked Joyce you might have had a bit more to say. He told me he had a few more hours of paper work ahead of him so we should all have a bath before we went to bed to wash off all the dirt from the farm. I told him that was the plan, thinking little did he know how much dirt we had accumulated this weekend .

I rushed back to report to Carole, who thanking me told me that I had better hit the shower first as she and Joyce were going to have a long hot bath. Carole took Joyce’s hand and followed me back into the house, up the stairs, on to the sunroom landing, where she stopped with Joyce . Carole popped her head in to say hello to her father and tell him that she and Joyce were going to have a hot bath before they went to bed.

I heard him giving her instructions for tomorrow, as Joyce remained put on the landing . When she finished speaking with her father, she grabbed Joyce and pulled her into the room they were going to share for the evening. I had finished my shower and was turning down my bed sheets, when I overheard Joyce telling her Mistress that the bath was prepared.

I thought as I fell from excited exhaustion in to a deep sleep, the unconditional agreement did not end until Joyce was dropped back at her residence. before I could even begin to imagine what Carole would make her do the next day I was out like a light.

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Hi beautiful lady!!Your site is very ptetry and AWESOME! Great job!I am now wanting your granola recipe! I have been eating like a teenager again and I want not only to get back on track but to go beyond again in eating even more healthily for my kids as well! Gotta be the example so I'll start with your granola recipe! I am also going to see a nutritionist and eat more raw and whole which reminds me I had found a couple of new raw and vegetarian cooking' schools thanks for the reminder to do that! So, how is the gardening and herbalism going? This is not something I am ready for! Hmmm actually I would like to make a small garden in pots on my balcony any suggestions? you are inspiring me!may i suggest finding out about RSS feeds (I did not check well if you already have on your site) so that people can click and receive your postings automatically OR I think you can use them to jsut remind people to visit your site, or little reminders for daily or weekly or monthly ac

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