Suddenly Carole exclaimed that she knew of a perfect washing place and since it was Sunday night did not think it would be too busy. Carole grabbed at Joyce's hand, pulled her upright, fortunately for Joyce there did not appear to be anymore dog owners at the entrance to the dog run, and started to walk at a normal pace. Joyce found herself being pulled along, with me covering up the rear, watching at all times, the movement of Joyce's bottom.. It was a beautiful sight I must say.

Carole took us through a few lanes, avoiding the busiest streets but when she had the occasion she dragged poor naked Joyce out on to the main city street as we continued to our destination. As we approached the business section of town, I realized where we were going and thought to myself this is really going to be good . ,I would never had thought of this place to wash your body . It was only when we came along side the building that Joyce let out a squeal. She had finally recognized where she was being led.

Carole stopped us between two building, fishing in the back pack I was carrying, finally pulled out a five dollar bill. Telling me to hold up for a moment she went around the corner to the front of the building, coming back quickly, with disturbing news. The change machine was out of order, and the car wash ( the do it yourself kind) had no customers who might be able to help.

There was a gas station two buildings over, but they had a policy not to just make change, which was understandable, however Carole had she thought the solution to that rule. She handed Joyce the five dollar bill and told her to go ask for some small change. The color drained out of Joyce's face when she heard this command but she did not hesitate, she tried however to keep moving along the sides of the building, keeping out of the light of the advertising signs.

She would however have to put herself on display once she entered the garage office. We watched with amusement as she eased herself along the side of the garage, looking to make sure there were no customers. Then she slipped herself into the office. We could see her handing the man the five dollar bill, which was a good sign that he may have been open to making change for a naked lady. Then however we saw Joyce back way from the counter, and put her hands behind her head, effectively sticking her tits up and out. She held this pose from perhaps thirty seconds, then we saw her turning around holding a pose once again for about thirty seconds

Finally she lowered her arms, we were not certain but we thought they went around her back and bent over. At this point we could only guess what she was showing, because all the advertising in the window blocked our view. Joyce disappeared from our view for a longer time than she had held the other poses, however we assumed that since the garage worker was still standing behind the counter, she was not being abused in any way.

To our relief we saw Joyce stand straight once more, she turned around and held out her hand to the garage man. we thought he was going to put some change in her hand but were very surprised that he took her hand brought her fingers to his mouth and sucked on them. Once finished he extended his other hand and dropped something into hers and she planted a kiss on his cheek . Joyce exited immediately, not even looking to see if there were customers, nor for that matter any other cars on the road and made a straight line back to us.

Joyce arrived her face flush with blood, either from embarrassment or more excitement, but seeing the way her body heaved and rippled we knew it was more excitement than fear. We had come to the conclusion that the garage man had told her for some small change, he wanted a taste or perhaps it was she who offered , neither Carole nor I asked.

Once Joyce had gained a bit of her composure the began to thank Carole, her mistress she called her. Joyce said while at first she was very fearful, the older garage worker was so nice that she found things were turning to excitement. When she first stuttered that she need change badly, he was very concerned telling her he could call the police for her, so she had to think on her feet and fast.

She told him a story about needing to get cleaned as a skunk or something had sprayed her all over soaking her right through, her friends wanted to help and suggested that she wash ever thing at the car wash since the spray from the hose was forced and might do a good job. Once, however she had given them all her clothes it was found no one had change to work the machine and the change machine was out of order. Every one knew that his garage did not make change so they figured that it was not much use coming over to ask. She continued telling him that she needed however to get some of the smell off her so she came over to beg him for change . Joyce said she asked him what he would do for his daughter if she had been in the same situation.

Then she put her hands up behind her neck giving him a good look, spreading her legs wide. She was sure he could see some of the doggie goop covering her body. He hesitated but continued to stare at her, so she turned around still with her arms up and legs spread. She quickly realized that this position did not give her much leverage, so she reached back and spread her bottom.

As soon as she did that, she felt a tingle forming in her belly and knew she could do more, so she bent showing him every thing she had. In this position, he was then able to see her ass hole, her pussy which was wet, and since she had bent far enough he had a good vision of her tits hanging down from her chest. Joyce said she looked back at him through her legs and licked her lips with her tongue as a precaution. She then asked him again for small change to help her wash all this awful stinky animal liquid from her body .

She said that she did not think she wanted him to come over and fuck her so by telling him she was covered in stinky goop, she figured that would dissuade any action on his part . Then Joyce continued well she was not sure she did not want him to fuck her. She added that she remained a bit longer in this position as he began to smile, and told her that he would give her some change but wondered if he could have a taste of what she was showing.

She then rubbed her ever increasingly wet pussy, coating her fingers with her love juices, and then gave him a taste. As he took her fingers and sucked on then, she wanted to tell him that if he really wanted a stinky girl he could take her right then and there as she was ready and willing. The fear of further punishment however, as she did not have permission from her mistress , stopped her short of letting this man have his way with her

I could hear Carole taking deep breaths; I do not think she had thought she had brought Joyce to this point so early. Her student had exceeded expectations perhaps. Carole changed the subject immediately telling Joyce to get into the stall. We turned on the water system and sprayed Joyce with a light covering of warm water. Carole handed her the bar of soap and we watched Joyce wash herself without the least bit of embarrassment, considering we were in a very well lit open car wash stall . A car wash that was open to the public around the clock, any number of customers could have shown up at any time. Rinse time allowed for use of a stronger setting of water spray, Carole looked like she was enjoying the task of rinsing Joyce very much, every little while Carole would switch water force and when the jet hit Joyce, a red mark would appear on her body. By the time Carole had stopped Joyce's body was a bright light pink in color.

Carole asked me how much change we had left, then went to read the wash instructions. She came back and said there was just enough and told Joyce to get down on her hands and knees. Once in this position, Carole told me to straddle Joyce facing her rear and to pull her ass checks apart as wide as I could. This opened Joyce up very nicely.

I was starting at her arse hole and cunt at the same time. I had never looked at things from this angle before, the shape and form were certainly different, everything looked just so inviting. As I held things open Carole let a jet stream of water hit Joyce directly on her cunt, well I thought I had gotten on a bronco bull at a rodeo. Joyce bounced so high when the water hit that I almost lost my balance.

Carole yelled at Joyce telling her that was not very nice, Joyce responded with a “I’m sorry mistress I could not help it”. Carole told her she deserved a punishment for that, then told me to stick my longest finger right up Joyce's asshole, not to be nice about it either but to shove it right in as far as I could.

What would you have done? .

Well I did comply with Carole's request, and Joyce yelled out cursing, telling us that that was hurting. Carole did not tell me to stop so I kept pushing till the palm of my had stopped me from going further.

Carole told me to wiggle it around telling me to pull out right away when she saw that Joyce was beginning to react to the frigging. there was another audible gasp when I exited which as soon as it popped Carole told me to push my finger into Joyce's mouth and told Joyce to suck it clean .

Once Carole was satisfied Joyce was now more on the edge than ever before, she was told to lay her back on the cement floor, and assume the inspection position I am certain Joyce had no idea why Carole had made her assume this position until that jet spray of cold water touched her cunt.

You would have thought Joyce had just been touched by an electrical charge of 220 volts . Christ did she jump, letting go of her legs and screaming out for mercy. Carole asked if it was too much for her, telling her she would fix that, telling her to resume the same position. I could see tears running out Joyce's eyes as she again grabbed her legs and spread herself for Carole's amusement.

The spray of water was light this time and Carole directed it so that it was like a rubbing movement on Joyce's sex. This time the reaction was much different, Joyce began rotating her hips to the flow of the water. her breathing became erratic, her groans louder and louder until she cried out “ I’m coming Oh God! I’m coming, Oh! Oh God ! , Don’t let it stop, please don’t let it stop” and Carole did not .

She finally allowed Joyce to have her orgasm, the one she had been trying to have all day, that one that Carole had controlled all day . Bringing it just to the edge and letting it slip back, teasing it all day. Everything she had Joyce complete was done to build it, to build it to one of the better, or perhaps the best Joyce had had or at least had had in a while.

I mean Joyce and I had been making her climax since we had become a couple, but I had never really tried to control it . I was more interested in seeing it roll out of her body, in any shape or form, never gave it a thought that I could control it to see it explode in this manner. It was awesome to watch her body react in this manner , then Joyce let go of her legs, leaving her body go limp on the cement floor, she was satisfied and spent , this was easy to see.
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