Carole explained to me thinking that I had known all the details of her removal from public school and her spending five years in a all girls school facility out in the boondocks. She said that after we had finished our little episode with our two cousins, she and Susan had gotten along real well, having girls nights, where they completed several dares. Carole always taking them to the next level of things. Once Susan and she entered high school they formed a small group and the club got a bit bigger, the dares more intriguing.

That was until one time they got caught by the police, apparently they had been set up, because some of the other girls who were not in the club felt left out . Anyhow there was a big deal made about the whole thing and all fingers were pointed at Carole. So our parents decided that it was best her education took place in a more formal structured environment. I knew she had been sent to boarding school but I had thought that one of my aunts had suggested that it might be a beneficial place for one of the family and Carole had been the chosen one. My father had from time to time threatened to send me off to the boarding school he had been sent to but luckily for both Joyce and myself that never happened.

I was certainly surprised to hear this story. Carole went on to say that at the private school there was more fooling around like the kind she was involved in at that place then there had ever been at the public school and she learned very fast how nasty some of the girls could be. She was determined that she was going to be one who gave the commands not the one on the receiving end and that is how she had learned all that she was practicing on Joyce . There were however several factors involved that had stopped her from having Joyce fucked by two huge dogs while sucking off a third one at the kennel on Sunday or having Marc give her a real going over with his monster black cock .

First and foremost she found Joyce to be curious and naive, just like our cousin Susan was, then of course she knew that Joyce was my girlfriend and that Joyce really loved me and probably would do anything I asked of her. Lastly Carole thought she saw a bit of herself in Joyce. While she was not , or do not think she was falling in love with her , a girl to boot, she would certainly not mind having her as a sister-in-law willing to play games with her. Carole continued telling me that Susan and she still meet, for little games, nothing much more than teasing and a bit of embarrassment, but games similar to what we were doing then.

This is how she knew about the park and the men folk who came there to supervise their children. Both Susan and she had found themselves in the same predicament as Joyce was right then. They had never gone as far as letting a man do what I did , but this time she figured that I had been so patient and kind playing along, and even keeping my thoughts about me when Joyce took that dog she had trained, that she thought she should allow me a bit more. Finally she said that we had better get back to our present activities, as she did not want Joyce to loose the edge she had at that moment, she was ready for more and she wanted to see how far she could push her, before she really freaked out.

With everything explained and put in its place, we moved back closer to Joyce. Carole began in a very stern and angry voice asking Joyce just what she had done, how could she have come to be all messed up like that. Telling her she would certainly need to be punished and punished severely. She pulled the blindfold from Joyce's face and pulled at her hair telling her she had better sit still, and stop bouncing all over the bench like she was doing, because if she stained any of the clothes she was wearing she would be walked back to our house stark naked . The look on Joyce’s face was priceless. It could perhaps be described as sexual, terrified , confused and exhausted all at once.

As Carole untied Joyce she told her not to move or all that shit on her body would drip down on to the tank top. Carole proceed then to untie Joyce's legs, taking her cutoffs completely away, then having Joyce stand . She worked the tank top down her thighs and pulled it off her legs also. Now my poor girl was standing there in the public park, no doubt expecting a visit from the police that George's wife was going to call at any minute. Terrified no doubt, her body still reacting from the little bit of foreplay I had provided her. Sexually charged no doubt. Exhausted from the ordeals that she had been put through since the morning's episode with the dog . Confused as to why Carole seemed in no apparent hurry and why had she been told she would be punished for letting something happen that she was unable to stop.

As Carole produced a bar of soap from the backpack, I thought to myself she really has every planned and prepared. Carole gave it Joyce and told her to go wash herself in the little pool with the monument and to hurry back as the curfew for the park was in a few minutes. Carole told me to sit there on the bench while she moved not too far away but hidden behind some bushes. Once she saw Joyce about to arrive beside me she began talking in a loud voice, once again talking to a factious character. As soon as Joyce heard Carole say “Yes Mr. Park ranger, yes we were just leaving but our other friend was just about to get back to us, she had a little personal business to take care of, she had almost soiled her clothes see how wet they are.”

Joyce stopped dead in her tracks, panic had struck, she was naked, and Carole was providing the park ranger with proof that she was naked, or at least in her underwear. When Joyce could not determine where the voice was coming from she huddled down and crawled over to the bench I was on , slipping behind, me no doubt hoping that my body would cover her if the park ranger did in deed come over our way.

Carole came back in a rush trying in earnest to look very concerned and flustered. Asking if I had seen Joyce, telling me that the park ranger had taken Joyce's clothing and was going off to find her, he would hear nothing of letting us go get her. I reached in back of the bench a gently lifted Joyce by the hairs on her head, it was not an easy task, trying not to pull too hard as she was resisting my action trying to keep herself hidden.

Carole commanded her immediately, to stand up because we had to get out of the park right away before the ranger came back. she grabbed Joyce's hand and pulled her quickly in the opposite direction of our entrance.

Innocently I asked where we were going only to receive the answer “ Out through the dog walk as the ranger would not think of going there”. I could just imagine what Joyce was thinking, here we were going to drag her stark naked through a park where there might be a bunch of dogs.

Arriving at the beginning of the walk Carole stopped us short, telling us that we would have to be careful not to be seen, was she saying this Joyce's benefit or was it she wanted to convey some other message I did not know. Carole eased us through some winding bush covered areas, taking us off the usual run path, she seemed to be looking for something, or someone in particular, I however doubted that it was a person. I do not think Joyce knew that we knew just how close she had been to her orgasm when I was playing with her on the bench but I was sure it would not take much to get her back to that point. We were stopped quickly, by Carole who told us to crouch down and follow on our hands and knees.

Carole led us to a spot where we were provided a clearing that enabled us to look out on to part of the main walk, we could see owners standing a bit further seemingly involved in animated conversations, while having left their dogs to run free, yet closer to us were several dogs, of various shapes and sizes. Carole pointed out two who appeared to be male and female, one of course was sniffing around the rear of the other. After a few turns in circles the male mounted the female, and as we witnessed this we heard Joyce let out a low guttural moan.

I took this as a sign that she was remembering her own ordeal, pleasantly remembering , perhaps, I did not dare ask. When I heard Joyce make some grunting sounds I looked back to see that Carole had placed her hand down between Joyce's legs. Carole then asked her the question in my stead. “ Joyce are you having pleasant memories or not?” . Joyce sort of answered in the affirmative, allowing another low moan to slip out of her mouth.

As we continued to watch, it appeared that the female was none too happy about what the male was attempting to do, while he was busy trying to hump, the female was continually trying to frustrate his attempts by moving her hind quarters in all directions. Suddenly the female bolted , running towards her owner and they left the park. We heard Joyce whimper just a little , as the male barked a mournful sound and lay down to lick his penis.

Carole seeing her chance, asked Joyce if she would accept a test in place of being put through an undetermined punishment, or would she prefer to receive a command that she would have to accept unconditionally. Before Joyce could answer Carole, continued telling her the test would involve crawling out of our hiding spot to get the dog's attention and then she was to relieve his problem any way she chose.

There was almost no hesitation on Joyce's part as she moved out of our concealed area, calling out to the dog. We noticed that she did not move right out into the open area, but kept herself closer to where we were watching. Finally the dog's ears picked up and he stopped licking his penis long enough to look over and see a naked human form calling to him in a soft gentle voice. He moved right away coming over to Joyce, and began sniffing at her body, her face her arms her torso, then around to her rear end. He sniffed at her bung hole, then moved his muzzle down in to space between her legs.

Joyce repositioned herself spreading her legs a bit more allowing the dog full free access to her sex. He must have licked her a few times because she cried out in little whimpers telling that dog that it felt good, to keep doing it. He however did not try and mount her. I thought then perhaps not all dogs were into humans, but then again I figured Carole knew this and that was part of the test that she had presented to Joyce.

We could see Joyce was frustrated in her efforts to excite the dog and get him going, going in such a manner that he would mount her, get his rocks off and satisfy her needs. Yet not even when she dipped her hand into her own sweet tunnel , bringing her sweet nectar to his nose and mouth did she get much of a reaction. This was one dog who dealt I guess with only female dogs, he was not really interested in this crazy what appeared to be smelly female human who was hand feeding him her love juice.

Just when I figured Joyce would give up, thinking she failed the test, and would be expected to receive addition punishment, I saw her get the dog to lay down and spread his hind legs. I watched as she reached for his sheath, touching it, exploring it, trying to find out what made it work. As she began stroking it like she would any male's penis, the tip of his started to protrude from its covering.

Joyce began then to use two hands, and more of his red penis appeared. The dog lay his head back and we could see his long tongue fall out from his mouth. This certainly looked like he was enjoying the attention, then Joyce began to get down to some serious business, the dog was now humping his hind quarters as Joyce stoked his ever growing dick It looked like she had caught on to the idea of how it was going to work, he wanted satisfaction, but she was not going to be getting any . I had a funny feeling Carole knew the dog itself , perhaps by a personal experience, or maybe just because she knew most of the dogs and their owners living in the area and using the dog run.

It was a good ten or perhaps even fifteen minutes since our naked Joyce had snuck out of her covering and had been attempting to satisfy this poor animal, when suddenly she backed off, more likely in surprise, but as she was still holding on to the dog's cock she caught almost his entire precum spray.

Joyce was trying to wipe it from off her face, causing it to drip onto her breast . No doubt some ran down into her pussy hairs, perhaps coating her pussy lips, but that was uncertain . I must say the load that came out of the dog's penis puts man to shame. Joyce recovering from her initial surprise continued to milk the still firm elongated penis, which finally erupted with a flow of a thicker fluid, which I assumed to be his seed.

I watched in awe as Joyce caught some on her fingers and tentatively brought them to her mouth where she licked them clean. She stroked the poor dog a bit longer extracting a smaller load from his sperm sack and took this liquid also to her mouth with her fingers and sucked them clean. I watched as he licked and lapped at her fingers then he bolted upright . It appeared that his owner had called him as he ran off towards the entrance, his long penis retracting as he moved.

This left Joyce all alone contemplating her situation, she had satisfied the dog yes, so she knew she had passed the test Carole had offered her, however she had excited herself even more. Even to the point that she tasted doggie cum, she was covered once more with a male liquid, only this time she had not had any pleasure of her own. A dejected Joyce crawled back into the our bush covered spot.

We remarked both at the same time that Joyce smelt a bit rancid. Carole adding it was probably time to wash once again. Now we had left the park where the fountain was and the gate had most likely been locked as it was now close to nine P M.

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