Off we set, getting only two blocks from the house, before Carole stopped us, telling Joyce her outfit was bit too much. Neither Joyce nor I quite understood, as Joyce's outfit was the smallest thing she had ever worn, out side of being in her bra and panties. Carole unconcerned with our understanding, went about turning the top of Joyce's tight little cutoffs down. She rolled it down so that the top edge of Joyce’s pretty light blonde cunt hairs were exposed in front, which in turn exposed about an inch or more of Joyce’s ass crack. Next Carole played with the tight tank top rolling the bottom hem up to settle just at the level of the round bottom of Joyce's breasts. Then pulling at the top of part of the tank top, adjusting it so that it just covered Joyce's now rock hard nipples, exposing a good half of her firm young mounds certainly part of her areole

With the adjustment made, Carole had Joyce walk in front of us, making out that she was all alone. Carole took my arm and clung to me as though we were a couple. Let me tell you, seeing the expression on the faces of the few people who walked past us and did a double take looking at Joyce, was hilarious. As we closed in on the park, Carole noticed that several men were there with their kids so she halted Joyce at the entrance. Telling her to wait until we settled in and when Carole signaled she was to come and sit on a bench opposite us.

Carole and I sat there watching the reaction of the men, as this young 17 year old sauntered into the park almost naked, certainly flaunting her body and took a sit opposite our bench. Carole had now set the scene, I waited in anticipation of what was to transpire knowing now just how devious and now perhaps cruel Carole could be.

It was easy to see that Joyce was very nervous as she sat herself down on that park bench, looking over at her Mistress . Carole motioned for her to open her legs, not too much but just enough to get attention. Suddenly a parade of men dragging their children from one side of the park to the other passed along the sidewalk between our two benches , none of them looking our way , none of them looking out where they were going. Everyone one of them had his attention fixed on Joyce as she sat there with her legs open.

As the parade petered out, I guess the men were a bit embarrassed by their actions, but not too much, as while they stopped walking by they were still looking over at Joyce every once in awhile. Carole motioned to Joyce to rub at her pussy not stopping her until there was a tell tale sign that she was very wet Once Carole saw the beginnings of a dark spot appear on her cutoffs she caught Joyce's attention and made her stop rubbing, but let her know to keep her legs, and to slouch her body a bit on the bench seat.

Again a parade of men appeared almost immediately, the second man must have said something or gave Joyce a look, what ever it was, she turned a deep crimson red. As the men were pulling their kids back across to the other section we heard several children ask why they were changing sides again, why could they not stay longer.

Carole allowed Joyce to close her legs, sit up and catch her breath as we could see her breathing rhythm appeared to be a bit erratic. Even though it was early evening , the sky was still light and you could not miss noting every detail of Joyce’s exposed body, however there were fewer men in the park. I guess Carole wanted to give things one more shot before we lost the audience completely .

Carole motioned to Joyce to pull one side of the tank down off her nipple, but not quite exposing her whole breast, then she was to place her arms stretched out on the back side of the bench. We had to wait some time before there was movement, certainly adding to the increase in anticipation. It appeared that as the last of the men were leaving with their children, and they made certain they took the path in front of Joyce given the fact though most of them had parked their cars on the other side of the park.

It was so funny watching them approach, trying to be nonchalant, looking at the scenery, yet trying as hard as they could to get a full look at Joyce, without appearing to look and without missing their step. Several we saw looking back over their shoulder once they had passed by, I guess they did not want to miss anything or perhaps they were hoping for more.

Carole was busy surveying things, once she knew there were no more coming to gawk she motioned Joyce to once again rub her pussy stopping her when the former dark spot took on a new deep coloring. Then she motioned her to spread her legs, pull her tank top completely down off both tits, to place her arms out stretched on the back of the bench and close her eyes.

I saw immediate fear in Joyce’s facial expression and a hesitation on her part, which Carole also noted. Carole then wiggled a finger at Joyce, like our mothers did to us when we were naughty. Joyce must have realized this meant a punishment so she followed through swiftly. Parting her legs wide, she reached and pulled the tank top down exposing her lovely tits in all their glory, her pencil like nipples sticking out pointing directly at me. Joyce then shut her eyes and moved back into bench stretching her arms wide on either side of her body. She looked just like she was saying out loud here I am boys , come get me and take my treasures.

Carole pulled at me taking me over and stood me directly in front of Joyce. making me scuffle my feet on the pathway so that Joyce would understand someone was standing there looking at the charms she had on display. Carole at the same time moved behind the bench took a blindfold from the backpack and quickly fixed it over her eyes. Without missing a second Carole had fastened Joyce’s two arms to the bench in their spread position, causing Joyce to cry out in despair. Carole told her sharply, that next time she would think twice about hesitating to follow a command.

Pushing me out of the way Carole, grabbed hold of Joyce's left leg and tied it to the bench, I was thinking if she was going to tie the other leg to the other leg, then Joyce would be almost split in two, and it would be very painful. Carole however had other tricks up her sleeve. She reached for Joyce's cutoffs and pulled them down over and off the right leg leaving them dangling at the ankle of her left leg. Confirming that I had been right, Joyce had not been wearing panties at supper. Carole had an extra long length of cord with which she attached the right leg, Joyce was now fixed, naked but for the tank top bunched around her midsection but not physically impaired .

Carole then in a fairly loud voice said she wanted to go check out the notice board at the entrance to the park, to see if there were any dogs for sale, telling Joyce that we would be back shortly. She then pulled me back onto the bench across from Joyce. Carole went on to explain, I should go over pretend I was someone else, play around with Joyce’s tits a bit, sick my dick in her pussy, and when I was ready to shoot, to wave her over.

Carole said she was going to say something to me that I might not understand but when she said it out loud I was to pull out and shoot all over Joyce's tits, making as much of a mess as I could. I was not going to miss out on a chance this time, technically Joyce was still a virgin, even though she had been fucked by a dog on the weekend In any case I was told that I had to come on her tits so there was to be no risk of pregnancy, if I was able to control myself.

Knowing there was no one in the park except us, I stopped in front of Joyce, dropped my shorts, and began sucking on her nipples. Joyce immediately tensed up the minute my lips touched her tits, when I bit down softly on the left nipple she let loose with a loud but soft moan. After a couple of minutes salivating both tits, I detected movement in the lower part of her body. Joyce was humping at something, humping at anything I supposed. Perhaps with her eyes covered she was doing this in anticipation of what might occur, or at the least, her body emotions had taken over and she was working on automatic. What ever it was I let her hump for a bit while I kept sucking her tits, I did not touch her at all with my hands for I believed that she would recognize my touch. After what several minutes, not more than ten I can assure you, Joyce moved her body further out towards the edge of the bench. Hoping I guess to make contact with mine.

Joyce was now continually moaning, crying out “More ! More! Please more! Don’t stop! , Please who ever you are.” With that, she began to buck her bare ass up and down on the bench as far as the restraints would allow. I shuffled myself forward allowing the tip of my cock to touch her pussy lips, lips that were slick and wet. Immediately she began crying “Oh yes! Oh yes! Please fuck me! Please Mister fuck me! ”.

I edged myself in a bit further, the head of my cock slipped past her entrance, I really wanted to push it all the way in good and hard, but I knew I needed to play the game Carole had set in motion. Now I was bringing the head out and pushing it back in as slowly as I could, any faster and I would spoil the rest of the activities. Never had I believed at 16 I would be doing such a thing, plugging my girl who was set up, tied to a park bench. just like in a circus sideshow.

I felt things beginning to gel on my part, so I waved back to Carole who immediately walked over and stood there watching. As I plunged in a little further and greased my cock with Joyce's cherry blossom love juice, Carole motioned for me to flick at Joyce's clit. All it took was a couple of flicks before Joyce called out yelling “That’s the spot, keeping going, push it right in, Fuck me good, Fuck me hard !”. Then suddenly she began “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! “.

Immediately I heard Carole call out in a loud sharp voice “George! What the hell do you think you’re doing” . With that I pulled out none too soon and shot gobs and gobs of hot gooey liquid sperm all over Joyce’s face , upper-body and especially her tits. Joyce cried out “Oh no ! No! No! Please ! please fuck me, fuck me don’t stop now. I was almost ready , Please Mister ! Please Mister put your cock back in.”

Carole spoke once again telling George to put that thing away to cover himself to stop his disgusting behaviour, then she went on that she was going to get the police, this should not be allowed , this decadent behaviour . Carole slapped me on the butt and pulled me away from Joyce just in case I could not stop myself .

She knew then and there that she had Joyce. Joyce was just on the verge of release and it did not happen. She would be ready to do any thing Carole wanted to obtain release, Joyce had once again been had. Carole was a dominatrix , true and tested. It was only in the later years that I found out how Carole had managed to do what she had done to Joyce back so long ago.

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