My continuing saga sex with my babysiter
My first time , part 2
I understand it's a wall of text but I'm no writer just teller of a story, a true story as best I can remember.

Diane and I had sex about 3-4 times a week while she babysitted me. from the time I was
9 to about 13. Like I said she was 15 when I was 9. She was very experienced and It was
just my first time. The next night I could not wait to go over to see her. When I got there
she acted like nothing happened . But when it was time to take a bath she told me she not
to take my PJ’s with me she would bring my night clothes to me. I did as told and took a
bathe hoping she would come and bathe me again. It was not to be she called out to me
let me know when your done. When I finished I called out to her and she came to the door
and handed me something pink. She said put this on and come to the couch when you
dressed. I looked at the outfit she had brought me it was pink and silky and seemed my
size. I put it on and emerged from bathroom , she was sitting on the couch fully dressed
and told me to come here. I did and she said turn around let me look at you. I did a slow
pirouette, she smiled and said you’d make a fine looking girl. Huh I said , you heard me
you’d make a fine looking girl. Sit down here I’ll be back. I did as told. She returned with
nail polish and other makeup. Then proceeded to do my nails and makeup my face.
Something’s missing she said , Oh I know. Then she disappeared into her mothers room
and come back with a dark brown wig. She proceeded t put it on me and then admired her
work. There your a cute little girl. Taking my hand she took me to her bed room where
she had a full length mirror. I looked in the mirror and to my amazement I saw what
appeared to be a young girl. I almost would not have recognized it as me if I did not know
it was me. The next thing I know is she’s on the phone to someone and hung up ,with a
slight giggle. A few minutes later theres a knock on the door. It was her neighbor Laura
she was 13 and Diane’s closest friend. She whispered something to her and she gave me a
look and said OK. Laura was good looking, blonde , maybe 110 lbs, small tits and
squeaky voice. Next thing I know we are all sitting on the couch and Diane says. I want
you to meet Debbie talking about me. Hi Debbie says Laura. I say hi back my voice has
not changed yet so I sound like a girl. Diane tells me your 9 , I nod yes. She says Diane
has told her a lot about me and she would like to know more. Ok I said. Have you ever
kissed a boy? No I say , How about a girl? I say yes Diane , oh you one of those. I didn’t
know what one of thoses was , but I said yes. Good I like to kiss girls too. Would you
kiss me? I said ok. She leaned over and kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth.
I wasn’t sure what to do as this had never been done to me before. I did enjoy how she ran
her tongue around mine. Mumm that was good she said upon our parting. Did you like
that ? Yes I said. She kissed me again this time longer , she slid her tongue into my mouth
and back again I then stuck mine into her like she did me. She began to suck on the end of
it and swirl her tongue around mine. This felt fantastic. When she broke the kiss she said
humm you a quick learner. Then she smiled and kissed me again, this time while she
kissed me I felt her hand on my leg. Then on my crotch rubbing my starting to get hard
dick. At her touch it became hard. Oh my you not a girl she says. Diane laughed and said
your right but he does make a pretty girl doesn’t he. Laura says yes but I don’t understand
, you know I don’t like boys. Diane says you liked him till you found out he wasn’t a she.
Well that outfit would trick anyone. Yea I know she says. Besides the only reason you
don’t like boys is because your brother makes you fuck him. You know it’s true ,it’s
because you don’t have control he does. Maybe but whats that got to do with it? With
him you have control you can make him do anything you want. He can play the part of a
girl and we can have all kind of fun with him. Ok sounds like fun to me she said. I said
don’t have any say in this, Diane said shut up and do as your told. If you don’t I’ll tell
your mom and dad about you peeking into the bathroom while I was bathing. But I didn’t
do that , who do you think they will believe you or me. I knew I was trapped and had no
choice but go along with what ever they wanted. Laura said is she/he going to be
tomorrow , Yea said Diane ,good I have am idea. I’ll be over around 7 pm. see you both
then. Then se kissed me again and pinched my tit through the nightie. Hum sounds like
Laura has some kind of plans for you. She laughed and said I can’t wait. Then she said
go take off your clothes and get ready for a bath. I did as I was told , I got my regular Pj’s
and started my bath. I was hopeing she would come in and wash me, but not tonight. I
came out of the bath and she had her stuff ready to take her bath and went in. Saying go
watch tv while I take my bath. I went into the living room turned on tv and sat on couch.
When she came out she was wearing a red nightie that was almost see through. I could
see her nipples sticking out against the flimsy material. I knew then there was going to be
something come of this. I could feel my dick getting hard , she saw my Pj’s start to bulge
and said no it’s my turn. She sat on the couch beside me and said your going to service
me. Get on the floor between my legs. I did as told but with back to her, no turn around
facing me. I did and she spread her legs wide and took her hand and started rubbing her
crotch through her panties. At times I could see the dark reddish pubic hair through the
material and occasionally at the edges. I’ve got to get ready first. Then she pulled her
pantied aside and ran her fingers up and down her cunt. It was then I began to smell her
pungent odor from her. I could not stop watching as she rubbed the slipped one finger
into her self. She moaned a little and began to rub the very top of her opening. She said
let me see your hand I raised it and she took it and placed where her hand was. I could
feel the heat and moisture for her pussy. Rub me right here and placed my fingers at the
top of her pussy. I could feel about an half inch long bump there. As I touched her she
moved her hips to give me better access. Then said wait a minute and stood up an took
off her panties. Then slid back into place and said that better back to work. I placed my
hand back on the spot she showed me and began to lightly rub it. After a little bit she said
slip you finger into my pussy. I took my finger and entered her , now slide it in and out. I
did as told I could feel her getting hotter and moister , now another one. So I put two
fingers in and started working in and out. She started to moan a little I stopped thinking it
was hurting her. She immediately reached down and took hold of my hand and pushed it
back in and started fucking her self with my hand. She said use three fingers so I did she
continued working my hand shortly she said put another one in. I had four fingers sliding
in and out of her. It was kind of hard for me to push them in and out but she seem to
really like it. AT one point she reached down and stopped my hand when it was all the
way in and my thumb was touching the top of her opening. She said take you thumb and
rub my clit. What I said? My clit the bump at the top of my pussy. Oh ok. I started to take
my thumb and rub the bump lightly. Harder and faster she said. I did as told I could feel
her pussy tighting down on my fingers. The more I rubber the more she began to move
her hips and moan. Then she reached down and pulled my hand away and says EAT ME.
What?I said. Put you mouth on my clit and suck it and lick it. I had never been so close to
a pussy before let alone use my mouth on one. Then she grabbed me by the head and
pulled my face into her awaiting pussy. I’m going to make you the best pussy eater ever,
she says. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and touched her slit. The taste of
her juices were pleasant not what I expected at all. Lick it I said , I began to do as told ,
now suck my clit. Again I did lightly , harder I did and she began to move her hips up
and down fucking my face. Stick you tongue into me I did and she moaned yes. Now
suck me hard . I did and she bucked up and down and I felt a gush of fluid flow out of
her. I began to take as much as I could into my mouth and swallow. It tasted good and and
I wanted more. I sucked harder and she reached down and held my head tightly to her
cunt. Almost to the point where I could not breath. Finally she shot another load into my
face and slumped back onto the couch. Dam that was good. I don’t think any of my boy
friends have ever done that good of a job of eating me before. You quite the little pussy
eater, sure you’ve never did that before. No I said I have never been that close to a girls
pussy before I said. Dam your a quick learner, you can eat me any time. I smiled and said
I’d like that too. Oh You like doing that ,OH Yea very much I said. I stood up and my
dick had my PJ standing out like a tent. Looks like you need some working over now. I
looked at her and thought Hell yes, but I just shook my head yes. She sat up and reached
out and pulled my PJ down ,grabbed me by the hips and pulled my dick into her awaiting
mouth. I love the feel of her mouth on my cock and how her tongue swirled around the
head. I immediately cam in her mouth. She suck it all down and continued to suck me till
I was hard again. God you can recover quickly she said. Then she laid back onto the
couch and pulled me to her awaiting pussy. I slid in with almost no resistance she was so
slick from before and I being so small. Still I very much liked the feeling of her cunt. I
tried to fuck her best I could , she adjusted the angle so my dick rubbed clit and shortly
she was meeting my thrusts. I did not last long though, as I started to cum I slipped out of
her and shot my small load onto her belly and nightie. Now you will have to clean up
your mess she said. I started to go for a wash cloth but she caught my arm and said oh no.
Use your mouth and lick it up. I looked at her and said no , then she said yes and pulled
me back and grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees in front of her. Lick it up I said.
I reluctantly stuck my tongue out and touched my own cum and licked a little up. I was
kind of salty but not real unpleasant. Do it she demanded, I licked all of it off her belly
and tried to get it off her nightie. Thats better she said now kiss me and go t bed. I did she
slid her tongue into my mouth and we rubbed tongues. See that wasn’t so bad was it ? I
just shook my head no and went to get a blanket and pillow. I went to sleep on the floor.
Next thing I remember is waking up in own bed at home. I knew if mom or dad found out
what was going on She and I would be in trouble so I never said anything to them. I at
the same time could not wait to go there tonight and see want would happen next between
Laura and I.
Continued part 3

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2010-05-11 16:15:12
really when u were 9 u fucking a 15 yr old n wow she must of been butters to make a 9 yr old fuck her


2010-05-11 09:06:59
If you KNOW it's a block of text, why not just put some arbitrary paragraphs in there. That's all I'm asking. It makes it hard as hell to read otherwise.

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like the first one 100 out of 10


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How big was your dick when you were that age?

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