Exiting the orchard, we could see that everyone was doing something at the front of the house, so Joyce was directed to the rear entrance near the outside wash facilities . Carole instructed her that she was to wash herself as best she could, to clean all that black man’s cum from her body . Carole was playing with fire now; we were so very close, to being seen, caught, a perhaps better word. Carole told me to go scout ahead a bit to see if they could continue. Returning from inside the house I told her all adults were accounted for. They appeared to occupied sitting out in the afternoon's sun. Carole proceeded to push Joyce inside the house making her walk still bare ass naked through the kitchen, then the dining area and into the parlor room where she had her stop.

There were several large windows in the rooms that looked directly out to where the adults were sitting , creating an atmosphere of tension that was felt by me for one, and most likely the girls. Anticipation, fear and excitement had been the key actions of the day and Carole was still unwilling to let go. She placed Joyce in such a position standing where she would be seen immediately if any one came into the house from the front door. Carole and I however , being hidden from view by a protruding side wall. Joyce was told to undress her Mistress slowly , but completely and place the clothes one piece at a time and place them on the chair near the bay window. A task she completed in her best interest without hesitation. Carole then told her to undress me and place my clothes on a chair located further away. Joyce would have to pass in front of the bay window . There was no other way to get there. When Joyce realized just where she was going to be walking she let out an audible gasp, but to her benefit she completed the task very well indeed. Now all three of us were butt ass naked in the parlor room. It was very near our four-thirty return deadline, and we could not be sure that an adult would not walk in on us at any moment. Carole and I would be fortunate enough to be able to exit directly up the stairs with out being seen at all, but Joyce well she was out in the open

Carole told Joyce to get on her knees and suck both of us off, I was of course standing with my dick hard, pointed directly out to where Joyce would have no trouble at all getting it into her mouth. Carole told Joyce that she had better make us both cum before anyone came in and found us. Well I had not seen a girl do anything like this before, had not read any stories either about a girl sucking both a male and female at the same time. I was pleased to see that Joyce put in a very concentrated effort to complete the required task. Joyce was having a devil of a time, with me, as Carole had already taken care of me not 15 minutes earlier. Seeing Joyce’s frustration , I looked at Carole who was watching , that little smirking smile in evidence. I then knew that she had set Joyce a task that she would not be able to complete no matter how hard she tried.

Finally Carole spoke, telling Joyce that since she appeared incapable of getting her boyfriend off, she should concentrate on her Mistress. So I watched as Joyce expertly worked Carole's cunt with her tongue, when Joyce reached around Carole's behind and pushed a finger into her crack I saw Carole's eyes open bright and wide as she also came to the manipulations of Joyce.

Carole thanked Joyce then told her she might as well redress her boyfriend, but again retrieving one article at a time. I do not think I had been dressed so fast, Joyce wasted no time retrieving my clothing and returning for the next piece. Again Carole her that she had done well, and that she could now do the same for her mistress, but with more finesse, and at a slower pace, Carole really pushing the time limitation. Once we were dressed Joyce was allowed to follow us up to our respective rooms to pack for the trip home

I acted as a complete gentleman bringing the girl’s bags down along with mine and placing them in the trunk of dad’s car doing just what Carole and Joyce were trying to , avoid Auntie from hell. We all thanked my grandfather and grandmother for their hospitality Joyce telling them that she was overjoyed with her visit and very pleased they had allowed her to accompany us, hoping one day to be asked back. Unfortunately that never came to pass. The next think I heard Joyce say was “ Yes Mistress” when answering a statement from Carole so I knew the game was still on and wondered what else Carole was going to do with her charge.

It did not take long to find out. Even though we had left on time, even early, the route was heavy with traffic. My father while using his review mirror to watch the traffic behind us was more or less concentrating on driving safely looking out for all the other fools on the road . We had already had a head on collision back a few years when we were hit by some drunk so I would imagine that since dad had an other child in the car who was not his, he was being extra careful. Carole called my name to get my attention, of course sitting in the front seat the first thing you do is turn to your left, however this is not what Carole wanted so she made signs with her head telling me to turn back on the right side.

When Carole was satisfied with the set up sure that dad was not able to see, she tapped Joyce lightly on the arm. Joyce fidgeted just a bit then turned a bit red or pink in the face, most likely embarrassed. I watched as she reached behind her like girls do when the undo their bras. Then it was very evident what she was doing when she pulled the shoulder straps out through the arm of her short sleeved blouse. Once it had fallen forward, she slipped her hand inside, pulled the bra from her body and passed it over to me. I took it not really thinking, then realized that my father just might be wondering what was going on so I dropped or rather stuffed it beside the seat and the car door and turned back to my regular sitting position

Perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes later, Carole tapped me once again, this time I figured that I had better turn the right side over in the first place. This time I was rewarded with watching Joyce squirm out of her panties which she immediately handed over to me. When we left the farm I had noticed Joyce dressed a skirt, she had come in slacks, been taken for a ride on Sunday wearing kaki shorts and was now dressed in a skirt. I did not know if she had brought all this or if Carole had found something for her to wear so that she could carry on with her little games. It did not really matter to me where she had gotten the skirt, I was just so happy to have the panties in my hands .

This time I was a bit quicker of mind and immediately brought them to my nose, pretending that they were my handkerchief instead of blowing my nose, I inhaled her scent. The scent was strong, the fact that Carole had Joyce undressing like that in the back seat perhaps had something to do with it. It was a scent that I had fallen in love with, to me it was like a drug. We headed into a traffic detour that fouled things up so bad that our father missed the exit for Joyce's place and ended up before we knew it in front of our house. He excused himself saying he was sorry for that, but as it was late, it might be better if Joyce ate with us and he would drive her home later. I do not think Carole could have been more delighted, she let out a little cry of excitement, knowing that she had Joyce's full attention for a bit longer.

Once the car was parked in the driveway I was told to unload, as he was going to get supper started and our little sister immediately quipped in that she wanted to help. Carole spoke up as my father disappeared into the house telling me that gentlemen always opens the car door and helps ladies get out and that she thought that I was a real gentleman. I did not think she was playing me, more than likely just joking with me, but I decided to comply with her request. She told me that I should let her out first from the left side of the car then I could go open the door and help Joyce slip out. All’s fair play when you are in a good mood so I followed through, opening her door, extending my right hand to her and helped her exit the vehicle.

Carole followed right behind me as I went to open Joyce's door and help her out. As I open the door I noticed that Joyce's skirt was bunched up around her tummy, exposing the lower portion of her body. This of course caught my attention and I hesitated a moment or so until Carole tapped me and said I should extend my hand to Joyce. As I reached in she reached out, and her blouse fell open exposing her beautiful tits and those lovely pencil like nipples. Pulling her toward me she extend one leg at a time spreading herself wide open, allowing me to once more look at her young cunt coated with a shining liquid. Carole was clapping her hands with joy, she was delighted the way things were going so far.

Now we were playing with fire, Joyce was not allowed to re-button her blouse; it did however fall straight over her torso so that it hid much of her exposed body. Carole told me to unload the car as my father had wished, but to take everything in though the garage, which was unusual, as it was always much quicker using the front do. Once I realized Carole must have had a plan, I opened the garage wide and carried in some of the stuff. When I came back for more I noticed Carole had Joyce backed up against the wall and was kissing her on the mouth.

Carole told me to take my time and stretch things out a bit, so next trip up I took only one bag. When I came back Carole still had Joyce backed up against the wall, but her blouse had been pushed off her shoulders and was hanging at her elbows while Carole was placing kisses all over her exposed breasts I looked for a moment or so and was certain Joyce's chest was heaving at a quickened speed, I could see that her eyes were closed. The next load in I took in a rush, so that I could get back to the garage to see what followed. As I entered, I was aghast to see that Carole had taken things so far, especially there in the open garage, where it was possible to be seen from the street. Not only that, but my father and always curious little sister were only several steps away working in the kitchen. Joyce still had her blouse hanging on her elbows, but her skirt was lying down around her feet, her legs were spread and she was holding her pussy lips wide open. Carole was diddling her clit which you could see extended from its protective shield . Joyce was moaning and grinding her ass back up against the wall. I made my presence known to Carole and told her that I had finished unloading. She immediately pulled her hand of Joyce's clit extracting long loud “`No! No! Not yet! ” That of course was part of Carole’s plan she told Joyce to fix her clothing and to follow us into the house.

Father suggested that Joyce call home to explain things, so both Carole and I stood and watched as a still very shaken Joyce called home to explain and was told that there was no problem at all as her parents were going out the movies. I could not tell if Joyce was pleased or not , but she told us she had her parents permission and that it looked like there was no real rush to get home because they were going out. Father told us to go wash up as we would be eating in a few minutes, Carole once again extracting maximum use of the agreement Joyce had accepted unconditionally, told Joyce to give her, her clothes , then she could go upstairs and wash her body parts, especially those private parts. Carole would bring her some other clothes to wear in a few minutes.

I watched in amazement as Joyce again turned beet red and stripped right there next to the kitchen, next to where my father was, then made a bee line up the stairs. Carole followed right behind . Using the master bedroom faculties to clean up the dust, I returned first and was helping set the table when Joyce came back down followed by Carole. How I held my breath I do not know, my father sure looked like his eye sight had gone astray. Carole had dressed Joyce in a tight tank top of hers, no bra of course so you could clearly see the out line of her beautiful breasts, with the little nipples poking out into the material. As for a bottom covering, well indeed there was not all that much. Joyce was wearing a pair of Carole's old jersey type cut off shorts. It certainly looked like she did not have any underpants on at all, but with that type of material no one is ever sure. Carole was on top of things, and knew her father better than I, stating that Joyce seemed to have soiled most of her clothes so she had loaned her some of hers that had been stretched enough to fit.

During supper there was lots of small talk, with Carole making sure she brought up the dog interest and the fact that dogs bore puppies after they mated. Turning the conversation in that direction caused Joyce's lovely nipples to enlarge and poke further out front . I noticed my father had difficulty actually chewing and looking at Joyce, and I could only guess at the reason why. I do not know how Carole turned the conversation around but some how she got into a situation where she was able to ask our father if Joyce could stay over that night, sort of an extended pleasure trip, or some thing to that liking. Since our mother was not expected until Monday night some time, father did not really wanting to argue with Carole , he caved in and gave her permission to have Joyce stay, stipulating that Joyce was to share Carole’s bed and not mine he joked. When he said that he looked directly at Joyce who turned a bright red, and her nipples increased in stature once more.

Once more we called Joyce's place leaving a message this time with her eldest brother, because her parents had already left for the movies. Delighted with the fact that there was no reason Joyce could not stay Carole stated that after we cleaned up the dishes we should go for a walk to the park, after all, we had not yet delivered Joyce to her residence. It do not remember if Joyce cringed but I hoped for sure that I would be included in some of what Carole had on her mind. Carole suggested that it would be better if Joyce and I cleared the dinner things, leaving her time to fix a few things for our trip to the park. Once everything was put away, Carole arrived back handing me a back-sack, telling me if I was to be part of this adventure I had to participate in a more physical way.

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