As Carole directed Joyce towards the small path that led to the back of the orchard, rather than the large tractor path that led directly to the farm house I wondered why she was taking a longer route as I thought we were running out of time. Falling in behind the two of them as we had to walk signal file on this particular path, I thought I noticed movement on the other side of the fence, figuring it was a cow in the other field, who was mimicking the movement on our side.

Carole however seemed to be expecting or at least watching for something in the opposite field as she had Joyce stop beside a clear opening and move closer to the fencing itself. Joyce was told to turn facing the fence, to place her hands behind her head and to spread her legs. Assuming this position naturally brought her young tits upwards to a real firm position, her nipples strikingly evident in the center of her areolae. What ever Carole had planned, someone was going to be afforded a beautiful sight.

Suddenly Marc appeared on the other side of the fence advancing directly towards the spot , his face supporting a very large grin. Carole greeted him, telling him that it was a good thing he had arrived on time, as time was a big factor right then. Unfortunately I was unable to see Joyce’s face as Marc appeared in front of her, but having listened to her earlier story, I could imagine some of the sensations that were most likely running down her spine. Carole told Joyce to kneel and remain still, then told Marc that as agreed he could now play with the young white girl who had teased him so blatantly that morning , however as he had agreed to several conditions, she expected him to keep them.

I watched as Marc reached over and placed his large black paws over her tits immediately causing Joyce to moan out quite loudly. Holding on to her tits Marc forced Joyce to her feet, bringing her back up to a standing position. He proceeded to play with her tits, I watched as he pinched and pulled at her nipples. Once I guess satisfied that the elongated nipples would not extend further from her body, he leant over and began to tongue them. I could see his vivid pink tongue extending from his black face, slobbering all over the white skin of my girlfriend. Far from feeling jealous, I felt my manhood stirring, pushing hard against my shorts as I looked on at this big black man, manhandling my young naked love.

In the silence of the afternoon, the sounds Joyce was emitting were sharp, loud and clear, perhaps the echo was accentuated, by the trees surrounding us, but it was certain Joyce was not objecting to Marc’s manipulations of her young white body. She was repositioned by Marc, her stance widened as he slipped a hand down over her belly , down in between her legs. Taking a few strokes, he brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked them clean of her secretions , it was evident from the manner in which he licked that he was enjoying the cherry blossom taste of my Joyce.

He reinserted his hand between her legs, bringing up more of her special liquid, this time however he rubbed it all over Joyce’s mouth saying something in his native language that I was unable to catch. Joyce immediately turned around facing away from Marc and bent over grabbing her ankles. Then I watched as Marc ran his black hands all over her young white back, stroking like he was giving a massage. I guess her continued for several minutes, before he changed the jest of his rubbing and began working his large black hands over Joyce’s buttocks. As for Joyce well she was moaning and groaning , Marc’s massaging was certainly getting to her.

Marc then settled one hand on the bottom her spine effectively holding Joyce bent at the hips, and slipped the other hand in between her spread legs, drawing a very loud groan from Joyce.
He must have worked Joyce for a good five minutes, he was certainly causing her body to react. If he had not been holding her in position with his other hand she not doubt would have been gyrating all over the place. Once her had Joyce verbalizing her emotions in a continuous stream of excited sounds, he moved his hand back. From what I could see, Marc drew his hand back in a non too delicate manner, apparently from the sounds Joyce was making, keeping his hand firmly pressed against her crack.

When his hand rose back up over her buttocks I saw it glistening with what could only be Joyce’s juices. Marc stopped short of pulling his fingers completely out from between her treasured spot, and I could only guess that he had let them settle some where in the vicinity of her little puckered back hole, as Joyce cried out sharply. Marc looked directly over to us, I am not sure if he was
looking directly at me, trying to get a personal reaction , or if he was looking at Carole to see if she was going to stop him. His face broke into an even large grin, if you could say that , then he moved his hand back towards Joyce’s crack. Joyce let out a howling “Aaaaawwww” and I gasped as I realized that this big smiling black man had slipped at least one of his large rough fingers into Joyce ass.

Marc who was certainly more experience in these matters than I, did not miss a beat, when Joyce collapsed down on to her knees, he followed keeping his hand in position, his finger no doubt locked in her rear entrance. Once Joyce had settle to the ground, her head in the grass, her little white ass sticking up in the air, Marc afforded himself the luxury of taking his reward. He had Joyce grunting , squealing like a pig, panting like a bitch in heat, as he worked his finger in her back chute.

I could not help myself, watching this scene unfold right in front of me. I released my manhood and began stroking as I watched this black man bugger my girl with his finger. I was certainly surprised when I felt another set of fingers grasp my hard cock, looking to see Carole, reaching over to touch me. As I turned my attention to Carole , I saw that her blouse had been unbuttoned and that she was rubbing her breasts with her other hand. This of course only added to the excitement of the moment causing my cock to surge.

Both Carole and I turned our attention back to Marc who was once again talking in his broken English . I guess he had satisfied himself as he pulled his finger from Joyce, pulled her to a standing position, facing him, and pushed his large black finger into her mouth. While her mouth was occupied sucking his finger we watched as Joyce reach for and undid his work pants, letting them drop to the ground. Marc then manoeuvred Joyce back into her kneeling position, effectively lowering her face level with his crotch. He had her reach up and tug at his under-shorts, bringing into our view the biggest cock I had ever seen. I mean I had seen the cocks of the jocks at school when we took showers after gym classes, but nothing I had seen at that time could even be compared to Marc’s cock.. It was huge, and not even hard, as it was hanging down between his legs.

Again we heard more broken English being spoken and watched as Joyce took Marc’s manhood in both hands, pulling it up, trying to hold herself steady as she manipulated his manhood. Joyce brought it to her mouth , and licked the tip with her tongue, unfortunately from our vantage point we were unable to observe her facial expressions, but it did not appear that she was doing anything against her will. As she brought the tip of this monster black cock to her lips, we saw her push her hands down along its length as far as she could.

I groaned as Joyce’s lips touched and I saw her pick tongue extend to flick at the head of his monster sized cock, at the same time sensing movement on Carole’s part. The scene had not only gotten to me, but had affected Carole perhaps even more. She had dropped to her knees before me, her clothes left lying on the ground, she was as bare naked as Joyce. Carole was now using both hands to delicately stoke my cock almost mimicking Joyce in her actions.

Joyce having completed this operation several times, to the delight of Marc from the look on his face, reached between her own legs and brought some of her liquid honey up to coat the big black cock she was stroking. This appeared to help increase the ease of Joyce’s manipulation, for almost immediately Marc’s cock grew in length sending the head passed Joyce’s lips and into her mouth causing her to release a muffled gasp. Once his cock head passed her lips, Marc grabbed hold of the remaining portion of his cock and began stroking in unison with Joyce. It did not take long before Marc was grunting and groaning, speaking words in his native tongue. Suddenly we noticed Joyce’s cheeks bulge, then Joyce jerked her head back, allowing Marc’s rigid cock to slip from her mouth. While a vast quantity of liquid leaked from her mouth, Marc continued to shoot gobs and gobs of his sperm from his tool. He managed to cover Joyce’s face, and chest with his black seed, as he stroked and pumped the last drops from deep in his sac.

It certainly did not take me long to follow suit, by the time Carole had coated my rod with her juices and let it slip into her soft warm mouth my seed burst forward ,but in much less quantity I do have to say as she managed to swallow it all, with out any problem.

Joyce knelt there as though she was in shock, her body quivering , as she gasped for air. I must say she was quite a mess covered in this black man’s sperm, the ejaculation was quite impressive, in fact the whole scene had impressed me.

Reality however took over as Carole , popped my cock from her mouth, licking her lips , telling us all that our time was up we had to get a move on. Carole in her beautiful naked form straightened herself went over and placed a sloppy wet kiss on Marc’s mouth, taking the opportunity to grope at his softening cock, allowing him to let his hands roam over her nakedness. Carole then broke contact and covered her little body. She raised Joyce from the ground, trying her best to avoid getting her hands covered in the sticky mess running down Joyce’s naked front and started off towards the larger path back to our farmhouse. It took shout from Carole to me to realize that we were on the move again, so I slipped my limp spent manhood back into its placed and followed.

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