An impromptu photo shoot lands Trace in trouble
It was a beautifully sunny afternoon and how nice it was to have Tracey meet me from work, not only is she beautiful and sexy - but she knows how to dress for me. This day her outfit was extra spacial, a short pale blue suede jacket concealing a black leather halterneck top, black leather mini skirt and high heels. I was hard as a rock as we entered the pub, all the more turned on by the stares she got from the men there as she walked to the bar.

I went upstairs and got the table as she got the drinks in, i could almost feel the cocks twitching around the pub as the men couldn't take their eyes off her. She climbed the stairs and up went the strares, then she sat down with the drinks, her skirt riding to the top of her thighs - flashing her panties to the horny males down below.

We chatted away, catching up on each other's news and she made a few more trips to the bar to entertain the crowd. She loved the attention she was getting, and she was getting alot of attention. We went back to the car to move on for a meal somewhere yet to be decided, but as we reached the car in the now deserted car park, she spotted a load of scally lads in their early teens sitting on top of the local community centre roof.

"You got your camera?" she asked. "Let's give them something to think about tonight" she said, hopping onto the bonnet of the car. I don't think the lads could believe their eyes as she shed her jacket and started posing for me right in front of them. As i took picture after picture one wolf whistled at her and descended the roof, followed by his mates. They were young and rough, around 13 years of age, dressed in t shirts, track suit bottoms and jeans.

They approached us and i looked down at their crotches, the bulges were very apparent, she would clearly be feeding their fantasies tonight. Six of them surround us, two were around 5'9 -5'10, three around 5'8 and one little runt was only 5' - but he was the gobby one. "Hey miss", he said reaching his hand forward to grab at her breasts, "you're fucking fit. Wanna shag?" "Piss off you little prick" retorted Tracey, angry at him touching her. The lads all laughed, one said "little is the last thing you'd say to describe Jack, bitch".

With that two of the taller lads, on either side of the car, grabbed her arms and pulled her back to the bonnet. She screamed and told them to get off her, grabbing at the lad nearest me. Unexpectedly he threw a punch to my face, flooring me. My head hit the concrete and i passed out for a moment. Me out of the way, two lads climbed onto the bonnet either side of Tracey as she tried to fight them off, kicking her legs in the air. It was futile, i came round to find one lad was now sitting on each outstretched arm, one had the back of her head in his lap - covering her mouth to stop her screaming while grabbing at her leather clad breasts.

Jack hitched up her skirt to find a pair of silver satin big panties, "where's the fuckin' thong bitch? These are a real turn off when the rest of the outfit is so hot", he said, raising his hands up either side of her thighs into the skirt, and went to remove them. Until one of the lads, Callum, shouted "No, not yet! I love them, hang on". With that he removed his hard cock from his pants and moved between her legs, now held open by two of the others. "Your panties are wet you little slut, you're loving this aren't you?" he said, looking right into her wide eyes. She shook her head, still screaming into the hand from behind as Callum rubbed his cock quickly until it exploded over the front of the panties. The jets of cum seemed endless and he wasn't happy till they were covered in his hot, sticky load. "You've been wanking to your mum in shit like these" said Jack, "you fuckin' weirdo". Callum just winked at Jack, wiping his spent cock on Tracey's jacket.

Jack resumed his position between her legs and , reaching up the skirt, peels down the sodden knickers and tells Bradley to remove his hand from her mouth. She gets a loud scream out, hoping the neighbours overlooking the car park would call the police, but her mouth is filled with the cumsoaked panties. She tries to wrestle herself to freedom and i try to get up off the floor, only to receive a kick in the ribs. Her neatly shaved pussy now on open display, Tracey begs them not to go any further - but her words hardly travel any further than her underwear. Jack drops his track suit bottoms and an unusually large and fat cock springs forth in front of him. "Little prick am i?" he asks looking right into her eyes. She glances down and starts shaking her head, knowing that thing is going to tear her insides apart. I'm gonna fuck you like a porno slut" he declares, before lowering his mouth to her reluctant twat. He starts tonguing and fingering her while the others grab at her breasts, sliding their hands underneath her top to tweak her hard nipples.

Bradley now has his cock out and is rubbing it over her cheek and hair. "I'm gonna blow any minute" he declared, for each of the lads this was their first sexual encounter that didn't involve just masturbating to pornos on the net. A few tugs later and Tracey looked up to watch a thick stream of white fly over her head, landing on her leather covered breasts, bare belly, skirt and the top of Jack's head. Tracey laughed into her panties and finally realised she was getting turned on by what was happening to her. The next lands down her face, the panties and top then, as the amount lessened, just her face, panties and hair were sprayed. Jack climbed onto her and lowered his head to her mouth, removing the knickers, and told her to lick the cum off his forehead. She obliged unwillingly and her mouth was resealed as Jack moved off the car, pulling her closer to him by her hips. He then entered her, gently at first as her vaginal muscles refused to let him in. "What the fuck are you doin' bitch, let me in" he raged, slapping her face till she loosened up.

Once inside he took long, slow strokes at her pussy as her wetness increased. For a young boy and a virgin he certainly was making all the right moves and it wasn't long before Tracey felt herself really turned on. His cock filling her well, she started to writhe to his beats. Her breasts heaved and her nipples stood up through the leather like studs. Now completely surrounded by all these teen cocks Tracey was at the height of her excitement. She wanted them to go home and wank over her and that's what they were doing, they just didn't go home!

Her body convulsed, her face grimaced and a moan disappeared into the wet satin as her warm liquid seaped out between her legs while Jack was pounding her. Instantly, not knowing what was happening, he grabbed her top in his fist just above her cleavage and raised her head towards him. "You fuckin' pissin' on me slut?" he asked. Callum laughed, "she's not pissing, she's COMING... dickhead!!" With this he let go, Tracey banging herself back down on the bonnet, and fucked her relentlessly. Her cum still oozing out as he sploshed in and out, finally reaching climax himself. Holding her leather clad hips he pulled her toward him, ensuring his length was totally inside her. Tracey's muscles squeezed his twitching cock and he released into her to more muffled moans, her inner walls being jetwashed right up to her cervix. He held onto her tightly, releasing his young seed till there wasn't a drop left.

His head light from the experience, he removed the panties from her mouth and asked if she liked it. She did, she just wasn't prepared to tell him. Shaking her head, he spat right in her face in disgust - his yock landing atop the cum that had streamed over her.

Shaun then pipes up "get her fuckin' tits outta this top" and a huge knife is passed down from Brandon, he then carefully slides it blade upwards between her massive breasts and slices the top in half. Her tits spring out to rapturous applause from the young crowd, particularly as these are the first they've encountered in the flesh. Immediately Liam takes postion on top of her, placing his hard cock between the huge fleshy mounds. With a hand on each breast, he presses them hard into his throbbing member and rams between them. Her nipples now the hardest she's ever known them be, he pumps them hard before shooting right up to her neck. His constant streams delivering a perfect Pearl Necklace.

I scream for them to stop now, only to receive another kick. I look in desperation to the houses but, instead of calling the police, two men can be seen in the windows - the red flashing light of their camcorders clearly evident, even at this distance. One guy was clearly pleasuring himself, his shadow revealing all through the semi closed curtains.

Nic is next, ushering for Trace to be turned over. Now bent over the bonnet facing forward, her skirt is hitched back up and he enters her ass. She screams out loud as, once again for a 13 year old lad, his cock is huge and causing internal damage. He couldn't give a fuck though and starts ramming her ass with long strokes. To shut up the screaming Damien fills her mouth, following the opposite pattern to the thrusts from behind. Nic's cock is too much to bear and tears of pain stream down her cumsoaked face. Both ram Tracey relentlessly as Callum slides underneath filling her pussy. Now with all holes well and truly filled, the recording neighbours come to the car... still filming.

Each scally piece of shit ramming her harder, faster and deeper for the cheering cameramen, they build to the eventual climax with Nic first - pulling out of her and firing his copious load at her ass. Before it has time to run down the back of her thighs she's thrown back onto her back, as Callum straddles her belly - emptying his load onto her breasts. Over and over he sprays them with his virgin load, as Damien kneels to her right side - squirting stream after stream across her breasts, belly and skirt.

The two cameramen in their 50's, pot bellied and smoking, ask two of the lads to continue filming for them as they stand Tracey up. One enters her from the front, the other the back. Their hungry cocks ram her in opposing cycle until they feel her body contort. She shakes and then releases again as they continue fucking her cunt and arse. Roughly grabbing at her cumsoaked breasts, they pound her over and over for the cameras. They're ready to blow so retract from her, the guy behind using her hair to push her to her knees. The pair then blow over her pretty face until their sacks are completely empty, cum dripping down her chest to her breasts.

That done, bizarrely they all walk away together. I grab Tracey's jacket and mop her down as best as i can. We get in the car and she declares that that was the horniest session she'd ever had, she loved every minute of it! We went back to her's and i fucked her while she recounted how turned on she really was by the whole event. I sprayed all over that leather skirt that night, and she insisted i bought her a replacement halter neck top. Don't you just love Ebay? ;)

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