Kenzie was only 15 when she got her first massage and lost her virginity.
Kenzie's First Massage

Kenzie was only 15 when she got her first massage and lost her virginity.

"I just don't feel like going today," I told my mom.

"Don't be silly Kenzie, we always go to church every Sunday morning," my mother stated flatly. There was no room for disagreement in her voice. Yet I persisted.

"You and I go, but Peter doesn't," I argued. Peter was my older brother by two years. Peter was a good solid name, straight from the Bible. Me? Well everyone calls me Kenzie. It is short for Mackenzie, a name not quite as popular as Peter, and I don't remember seeing it in the Bible. I was 15 at the time and a sophomore in high school. Peter was 17 and a senior. He was one of those big-time jocks in all the sports. In the spring it was Track and Field. But this spring he pulled a hamstring muscle and had a partially torn ligament. He was out for a while. Thus he got massages all the time.

"That's different," my mom replied. "He is injured."

"I'll go with him, keep him company," I begged. "Please Mom, please."

"OK, this once," she consented, "but you better hurry. His appointment is at 8:00 AM and he is about to leave."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Peter jumped in.

"No," Mom and I both replied. "I ran back to my bedroom and got ready. When I got out to the car Peter was standing by the door waiting, tapping on his watch like we were going to be late. We had plenty of time, well, almost.

When we were in the car driving away Peter asked me, "Now why did you really want to come along today?"

"I didn't necessarily want to come with you as much as I didn't want to go to church," I began to explain. "There is some kid in my Sunday School class that has been teasing me and I just don't want to deal with it today."

"Well OK." There was a pause. "You know, I could skip the massage and go take care of this bully for you if you want," Peter offered.

"No, that would make it worse," I told him. "Let's go to your massage and I'll just wait for you. It's no big deal."

"It's a two hour massage," he said.

"Do they have magazines?" I asked.

"Just like a doctor's office," he replied laughing.

"Then I'll be fine," I assured him.

We arrived right at 8:00, just like we were supposed to. As we walked in we were greeted by a lady and a gentleman.

"Hello Ms. Martin," Peter said.

"Chloe, remember Peter," she said. "Just call me Chloe."

If Chloe was the one giving the massages to Peter, then he was one lucky brother. Chloe was probably in her late 30s, a tall woman of about 5 feet 10 inches. She was thin with long straight black hair. Her dark skin was from being tanned. She had the brightest blue eyes and the most perfect teeth showing through a wonderful smile. It was the first time I could recall seeing a woman her age and think that she looked beautiful.

"This is my husband Raul," Chloe announced. "It is fortunate he came with me today as I see you have brought someone with you."
"This is my little sister Kenzie," Peter announced.

"Oh no," I interrupted. "I'm not getting a massage. I'm just along for the ride today. I couldn't afford it anyway."

"Well that's alright," Chloe countered. "Raul is training to become a licensed massage therapist like myself. He needs volunteers to practice on. You'll be fine in his capable hands."

I looked to Peter for guidance. He nodded to me that it would be OK.

"Well sure then, if it's free," I consented. "That will be fine."

"I will make you feel like a brand new woman, Senorita Kenzie," Raul said. It was the first time I looked at him closely. He was about 6 feet tall, clearly older than Chloe, probably in his mid 40s, I would say 45. He was average build, but his accent enhanced that Spanish look about him. His hair was long for a guy, touching his shoulders but as I looked at him he pulled it back and bound it into a short pony tail.

I must have been staring because when he motioned me towards the hallway I realized Chloe and Peter had already left and were just entering a room at the end of the hall. Raul guided me to the room near the front.

Once inside Raul said, "Please let me give you a complete rub down so that I can work on mastering all my skills. I will step out for a minute while you undress. You can lay down on the table, face down, and cover your bottom with the towel. I will return in a moment." I must have been giggling. "Why do you laugh," he asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, somewhat embarrassed. "It's your accent. It sounds so…Spanish."

"That's because it is, Senorita," he explained smiling. Then he left.

I did as he said and removed all of my clothes. I'm not the best looking girl in school by any means. At 5 foot 2 inches my 130 pounds made me look, well, filled out. I'm not fat at all, just not skinny either. My breasts are full giving me a 35x26x36 hour-glass figure with a C cup breast. My shoulder length blond hair is one of my assets, being full and easily managed. I have beautiful hazel eyes, high cheek bones, and the most gorgeous curvy lips.
The odd part about this whole massage thing was that I had never been nude in the presence of a guy before, not even Peter as far back as I could remember. And here I was stark naked with the exception of a small towel covering my butt. Raul wasn't some crotchety old man. He was actually quite handsome for a guy his age. It kind of made me a little bit nervous and yet I almost felt like I wanted to be flirty with him. I would have to see how the massage went and play it by ear.

I got on my stomach, pulled the towel over my bottom, and placed my face into a donut pillow hanging out over the end of the table. That's when I heard the knock on the door. "Come in," I said.

The door opened and Raul walked in, closing the door behind him. He put on some gentle mood music. "Comfortable?" he asked.

"A little nervous, actually," I confessed.

"Oh no, don't be my little one," he said. His voice was soft and soothing, like the music. "I am going to make you feel completely relaxed. All your aches and pains will be gone when I am done and you will better than you have ever felt in your life." That's a pretty bold claim, I thought to myself.

He touched the middle of my back with his fingertips and held them there as he walked to the head of the table. His touch was somehow comforting. He lifted his hand only for a moment before placing them both on my back near my shoulders and moving them downward. He must have put some oil on his hands as they easily slid down my back. The touch was warm, like he had heated his hands up beforehand. When he reached the small of my back each hand went outward and then up towards my shoulders again.

As he continued to massage my back he spoke up, "How does that feel Senorita?"

"Please, just call me Kenzie," I told him. "And it feels wonderful."

"You have very soft skin," he said.

"Is that good or bad?" I asked.

"Oh definitely good," he assured me. "I could massage a body like yours all day long. Most people have rough or weathered skin. But yours, it is like touching an angel."

"I'm no angel, I can assure you of that," I laughed.

"No? But you have the look of an angel," he said. I smiled as he continued to massage me, my shoulders, my arms, my sides, before starting on my legs. I liked this Raul guy. We chatted as he massaged me and the time slipped away.

"Oh God that feels good," I told him as he worked on my feet. He moved to my calf muscles next, working his way up my legs. When he got to the upper part of my legs he gently pulled them apart, I guess so that he could get his hands all the way around each upper leg. I did feel a little exposed, wondering if he could see me, could see my pussy. The thought made my heart race a little. I secretly hoped he could see it.

"Do you massage a lot of women?" I asked as he worked on my right leg, his fingers getting dangerously close to my private parts.

"Men generally don't like to get massages from other men," he explained. "They think it is a sign of being gay. Silly, I know, so yes, mostly women."

"I bet you see a lot of pretty women then," I speculated.

"As I told you before, you are an angel," he complimented me. "None are as pretty as you."

I took a deep breath and tried to relax. He placed a hand on my leg as he walked around to the other side of the table and began to work on my other upper leg. I had noticed throughout the massage that he tried to always be in contact with my body.

"Are you doing OK," he asked. "Is the pressure still right for you, not too soft or too hard?"

He had asked that early once early on in the massage. "No, no, it's just right," I told him. As he worked my left leg I could have sworn his fingers barely touched the hair near my pussy. A shiver ran up my back. I swallowed hard.

"I am going to remove this towel so that I can work on your bottom a little," he said. "Is that alright with you?"

Alright? I want you to, I thought. "Of course," I quickly said. "You're the expert here, not me. You can do whatever you want with me." Once I said it I realized what it must have sounded like. He can do whatever he wants. How about whatever I want. Oh, I was the one being silly now. But silly or not he had my heart racing.

The butt massage actually felt pretty good. Once he had finished both sides he ran his thumbs from the small of my back downward. He must have been oiled up pretty good as they easily slid between my cheeks and across my ass hole. He pulled the cheeks apart stretching me. On the third time of this I found myself tilting my pelvis upward to meet his downward stroke. I know this exposed my pussy to him but it felt too good to care.

"It's time to turn over," Raul told me. I was disappointed that he was stopping his massage of my butt. He held the one towel over my botton and took a second towel placing it so that it blocked his view of my breasts as I turned over. "That's right, now slide down so that your head is fully on the table. Yes, perfect, just like you."

I giggled. "Do you say such nice things to all the women?"

"Only to angels like yourself," he replied. I smiled up at him. He looked so handsome standing there. He released the towels and went to the end of the table. I closed my eyes rather than look at the cealing. We chatted while he worked on my feet some more and my lower legs. But instead of massaging the front of my upper legs, which I was eagerly anticipating, he came around to my head. His fingers worked my entire scalp and forehead. I nearly fell asleep it felt so good.

"Are you feeling good from the massage?" he asked.

"Oh yes. It's wonderful," I replied.

"Some women do not want their breasts touched so I ask first," he stated.

I didn't give him a chance to really ask me. "It's OK. I'm fine with it." If he was going to massage my breasts I wasn't going to stop him. My God, I wanted him to do it, to touch me there.

He pulled the towel away and oiling up his hands he placed them on my stomach. Moving them firmly up towards my head his hands rolled up onto my breasts. He cupped them and rolled down the side, circling around, his thumbs flicking across my nipples each time as his fingers kneaded my flesh. It felt wonderful. Around and around he massaged them. My nipples were hard and I felt hot all over. Eventually he finished and moved back down to the end of the table. He didn't bother covering my breasts again.

Raul took both hands around my left knee and pulled my leg outward a bit. He did the same with my right, opening my legs to him. I fantasized about him making love to me as he massaged his way up my left leg. He repeated with my right. Then he lifted my leg in the air and pressed it up towards my chest stretching the muscles, my knee pressed against my breast. After placing my leg back straight he repeated the same stretch with my other leg. But when he brought it back down he set my foot down so that my leg was bent, knee in the air. This allowed him to massage all around my upper leg.

That's when I noticed the towel that had been covering my pussy had slid up onto my stomach fully exposing my pussy to Raul. His hands very dangerously close to my pussy now. Then I felt it, his fingertips brushing softly against my hairs. I couldn't help but moan. Did he notice? When he changed legs, bringing my other leg up, he left the first one still bent. I wanted him to touch me, to put his fingers on my pussy. While he massaged my other leg I slowly pulled my heels up to my butt and tilted my knees outward, opening myself up fully to him.

Then it happened. He took his oiled up thumbs and slid them across my cunt.

"You are a very beautiful woman," he said, almost in a whisper. I squeezed my eyes shut tight afraid to see what was happening to me, afraid that if I looked it would all stop. His hair brushed the inside of my legs as he moved his head down to me, his tongue sliding across my outer opening.

My God what was happening. I moaned in pleasure as the word "Yes," slipped from my lips.

Apparently that was all Raul needed to hear. He slipped his hands under my legs and up over the top of my thighs. Holding on tight he pressed his face into my bush, his tongue driving in deep. Pulling out he circled around and across and back again. The feeling was ecstatic. Then his tongue crossed my clit and I jerked upwards in response letting out a soft cry. He placed his hands under my butt and held me there while he continued his assault on my cunt. Around and around he went with his tongue for several minutes. I was soaking wet from both his saliva and my own juices.

My whole body was on fire. Never before had I felt anything this wonderful. Oh I had masturbated before, bringing myself to a quick climax. But there was something far more powerful building up inside of me, fighting to get out. That's when Raul bit down on my clit. My body exploded. From the center of my being energy radiated outward to every part of my body. I stiffened up, my pelvis in the air, as an electrical shockwave swept over me. I was immobile waiting for the energy to dissipate. I had never felt a climax like this before. It was the most magnificent experience of my life. I didn't care who or what had caused it, that it was some 45-year-old man. I just didn't want it to end.

But gradually my body came back to me, relaxing me back onto the table. I could hardly breathe, winded as if I had just run a mile, my heart still pounding. Raul was staring at me, a look of puzzlement on his face, no a look of fear. That was it. Here I was, still half in a dream state of pure joy and he was scared out of his mind.

"My God what have I done," he said, almost too soft for me to hear. "What have I done. Kenzie, I am so sorry. I should never have done that."

I was confused, still not thinking clearly so I just looked at him, letting him speak. "Kenzie, please forgive me. I have violated you. I am so sorry Kenzie. Can you forgive me, please?"

I realized what he was saying and though my climax was wonderful, he was right. He should never have done that. I should never have let him. As the memory of what had just happened raced through my head I realized I had encouraged him, spread my legs to him, lifted myself up to him. I was as wrong about this as he was.

"It was no one person's fault Raul," I told him. "We both lost control."

"No, not your fault Kenzie," he argued. "This is on me. I am the adult here. You are but a child." He was right about that, but I wouldn't let him take all the blame.

"Absolutely not Raul," I countered. "We are both at fault, so no one is. And no one will ever hear about it. This never happened. Do you hear me? We will never tell anyone about this. I came in here today and got a wonderful massage from you. Nothing else happened. Do you understand? Nothing else happened. Agreed?"

"Yes Senorita Kenzie, agreed," he confirmed.

I got off the table, completely nude, and began getting dressed. I didn't wait for him to leave. He had seen it all already anyway so it didn't really matter.

He stared at me as I dressed but it didn't bother me at all. "You are an angel, Kenzie."

I turned and looked right in his eyes. "Stop calling me that, Raul," I told him, "or I'm going to run over there and…and…just don't call me that. I'm no angel." I knew that if I ran to him I would take him in my arms and kiss him, beg him to take me, to make love to me, to fuck me like he should have done a few minutes before.

"I'll stop calling you an angel, but you will always be one to me." At least Raul was smiling again.

When I got back out into the waiting room no one was there. Peter hadn't finished yet. I just sat there. Raul didn't come out with me but stayed in the room cleaning up. Fifteen minutes later Peter came out along with Chloe and Raul. Chloe gave us both a bottle of water with instructions to drink plenty of fluids for the next two days. Then we left.

"Well how did you like your massage?" Peter asked.

"It was OK," I replied.

"Just OK?" he asked.

"Fine, it was really good," I conceded. "And yours?"

"Great," he said, all smiles. "Chloe is fantastic. Do you think you might want another one?"

"No. I mean, I don't know," I said. "Probably not."

We left it at that. It wasn't until Tuesday night when Peter got home from his massage that we spoke about it again.

Peter burst into my room. "What the hell happened with you and Raul Sunday?"

"What are you talking about," I asked, acting all innocent.

"The massage," he stated. "Chloe says that Raul is all depressed. She is worried about him, and when she's like that I'm not getting any..."

"Not any getting any what?" I interrupted.

"I mean, the massage." Peter was stammering. "I'm not getting a very good massage."

"Well nothing happened," I explained. "He gave me a massage, that's all. It was nice. He finished. We left. There's nothing else to say."

Peter turned and walked out. We didn't talk again for two days. He was mad at me. But when he came home Thursday after his massage he was furious. Again he burst into my room.

"That's it," he screamed. "Something happened and you have to fix it. Until you do I might as well not even get a massage, not with Chloe anyway. Look, Chloe says that Raul is like a zombie around the house and it all started last Sunday after our massages. I don't know what happened and I don't care but you are going to fix it. Chloe says that she is going to have Raul there this Sunday and you are coming with me. You two are going to work out whatever is going on between you so that I can get back to my normal sessions with Chloe."

"But," I began to object.

"No buts," Peter cut in. "You are going and that's that." He turned on his heals and stomped out of my room. I guess I was going Sunday. "You'll square it with Mom?" I yelled.

"Taken care of," he yelled back from his room.

It was too. Mom didn't even ask me Sunday morning if I was going to church with her. Peter and I got ready and drove off, arriving just before 8:00 AM at the massage spa. I had time on the drive over to decide how I was going to handle having Raul massage me again. I decided to hell with it. I was going to have some fun.

We walked in and both Chloe and Raul were waiting for us. Chloe grabbed Peter and went off to their room at the end of the hall. Raul gestered towards the room at the front where we were before. I led the way into the room. As soon as he closed the door I began removing my clothes.

"I should step out," Raul said.

"Why?" I countered. "You've seen me naked."

"But, but it's not proper?" he stuttered.

By now I had only my bra and panties left on. Standing facing him I reached around and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the floor. He hadn't seen my breasts except with me on my back and everyone knows how your breasts sort of melt into your body in that position, unless you've had a boob job of course. Mine were pure natural. Now he saw them hanging out right in front of him. His eyes were locked on my chest. Yes this was going to be fun. I planned on teasing him the whole time. I turned slightly as I removed my panties, tossing them along with the bra off to the side.

"How do you want me Raul?" I asked, saying it slowly and then pausing before continuing. "On my back for easy access…or on my stomach so you can work on me from behind?"

"Uh…your stomach," he got out. I could tell Raul was nervous and I liked it. I'm not sure why, but it made me feel a little bit in control, something I didn't feel the last time I was here. Maybe that was it then, I just didn't like not being in control of my situation. Today would be different. I planned on taking Raul right to the edge and then walking away. Why? Because I could and that was enough.

I climbed up on the table, onto my stomach like he said. "How have you been Raul?" I asked nonchalantly.

"I uh I've been OK, Miss Kenzie." He was still nervous. "And you?"

"Raul, we've been through this," I began. "After what we've done together, I think you can just call me Kenzie," I told him, "…or angel if you like." That was a dig. "I'm still your little angel, aren't I Raul?"

He cleared his throat. "You are that, an angel." Raul was massaging my back as we talked. I actually liked getting a massage without any towel over me. It allowed him to make those long strokes the full length of my body which he had just begun doing.

"Did you think about me at all this past week, Raul?" I asked him.

"Yes, uh yes I did," Raul admitted.

"What exactly did you think about?" I asked more directly.

"Miss, I mean Kenzie, we said we wouldn't talk about it," he protested.

"We wouldn't talk about it to other people," I countered. "But we can talk about it to each other. Don't you think we should talk about it, sort of clear the air?"

"Yes, I guess we should," he agreed. "I am really sorry for doing that to you."

"What? Am I that ugly that you didn't like it, that you are sorry about it?" I cried, sounding hurt.

"No not at all," he retorted. "You are beautiful. I meant that I was sorry for taking advantage of you like that. On my God, you are not ugly. You are truly an angel. You are perfect in every way."

"Well that's better, nice recovery there Raul," I praised him. "You did take me by surprise, that's for sure. And it wasn't a completely unpleasant experience I might add."

"So where does that leave us?" he asked as he worked on my legs, getting ever closer to the prize I knew he dreamed about.

"Raul, there is no us," I explained. "There is you and there is me. But there will never be an us."

"I see," he stated flatly. "It is time for you to turn over. I will get the towels."

"No, no towels," I said as I turned over onto my back, sliding down on the table as I had done the week before. Continuing the conversation I said, "But apparently I don't see. It is time for you to remove your clothes."

"Oh no, I couldn't do that, Mi..uh Kenzie," he protested with a stern voice. "I'm not allowed to and it wouldn't be right."

"If you want to continue touching my nude angelic body," I began, "then you will remove your clothes, now." I was up on my elbows staring him down. He stood there for a full minute, no one speaking. Then he removed his clothes.

Raul had a hairy chest. He was muscular but not overly so. His average frame enhanced his already good looks. Then there were his privates. His penis was about 6 inches, limp, hanging down. "Hmmmm," was the only sound I made. I watched as his member grew. First it rose upward. Then as it came to attention I saw that it had grown an additional inch or so and gained in girth. "Is that all because of me?" I asked.

"In the presence of your perfection, I just can't help it," he tried to explain looking a bit embarrassed. "I am sorry."

"Don't be sorry," I teased. "Just be good." Smiling I added, "or bad."

He returned to massaging me, starting on my breasts. This time he worked them deep and hard, pinching my nipples then twisting them between his thumb and forefinger. It didn't take much to get them hard. "Oh, that feels nice. I will expect as much attention on my legs, especially my thighs."

After working other parts of my body he did work my upper legs very well. I was going to let him get close and then terminate the massage. I wanted to keep calling the shots. But when his thumb brushed across my pussy hairs I instinctively pulled my legs apart. He must have seen that as an invitation. He took his thumbs again and ran them across my pussy. A moan escaped my lips. Raul kissed me on the stomach and then began kissing his way up towards my head.

"Raul," I said, my voice breathy, but that's all I could get out. I wanted to tell him to stop. He was kissing my breasts now, sucking on my nipples then the whole breast, first one then the other. My body pushed upward on its own, forcing more of my breast into his mouth. After some more licking and sucking he moved to my neck and again I said, "Raul, please." He kissed my ear and then my lips. He gently sucked but I tried not to respond, tried to remain in control. Then I felt the head of his shaft touch the hairs of my cunt and I kissed him back. I began to speak again. "Raul, we can't…" but he cut me off kissing me hard and then pulling away, my lower lip still between his teeth. I moaned and he laughed at me. See if I ever kiss him again, I jokingly thought to myself.

I felt the tip of his erection press against my opening. He slipped his hands under my arms and up over my shoulders. Holding me tight he said "Yes we can," and then he thrust once hard, penetrating me deep and in that instant changing me from a virgin to a whore, from an angel to a demon.

"Ahhhhh," I screamed as a sharp pain cut inside my vagina. He pulled back almost all the way out and then thrust in again, deeper this time. My scream went silent. Once more he pulled back and thrust in, so deep I thought he would split me in two. I was breathing in short gasps now, unsure how I had lost control, not knowing if I should scream rape or embrace him tighter. But Raul knew what to do. After holding inside of me for a long minute he began to move himself first pulling out and then back in again, a slow steady rhythm. With each movement he slid in easier than the last and it wasn't too many minutes before I actually began to enjoy the feeling I was having. Soon that same familiar buildup I had had a week before started to resonate throughout my body.

I knew Raul was taking me down that same path as before but this time from within me. He didn't change his rhythm but continued to move in and out at an even pace. But I was getting hot, the electricity in my body setting me on fire. Finally my senses couldn't take it any longer and my whole being shuddered from the climax that ran through me. I had thought that last week was the epitome of climaxes but this outshone that one by a mile. My whole body went still and rigid as every muscle in me wanted to flex at the same moment, to show how strong it was. And yet Raul continued on, increasing his speed now that I had climaxed. He was thrusting harder and faster with each stroke. My legs were parted wide, laced over the back of his, my arms around his neck. I held him down close to me as he continued to fuck me.

He lifted his head and I knew what he was about to ask, so I just answered it. "Yes, cum inside of me." And he did, holding himself deep within me as he unleashed load after load of his cum. The feeling of it hitting deep within my vagina made me climax again, not nearly as strong as before, but wonderful none-the-less. After five or six spurts he collapsed on top of me, exhausted.

It was several minutes before he lifted himself up, his softening cock still within the grip of my pussy walls. "You are an angel, I swear it," he whispered to me.

I smiled at him and lifted myself up, kissing him on the lips. He broke that kiss and pulled himself out of me. It was a terrible feeling, leaving me so suddenly empty like that.

"We need to get cleaned up, quickly," he warned. "Chole should be done soon with your brother Peter." He handed me a warm wet cloth that I used to catch the cum dripping out of me. It only took him a minute to get dressed. I took a bit longer, so he left me to it alone. I had so many thoughts running through my head. What had I just done? I just gave my virginity to some old guy, not my husband on our wedding night, not some kid from high school, hell not even to my brother whom I have had a few fantasies about. I gave it to a 45-year-old married man. I was 15. He was three times my age. This man not only committed adultery with his own wife not but fifty feet away, he committed statutory rape. I could put him away forever. But that's not what I was thinking. I was thinking about fucking him again. I was thinking about next Sunday.

When I got out to the waiting room everyone else was already there. They all seemed in a good mood and I was too. Peter and I left, Peter yelling to Chloe that he would see her Tuesday evening after school for their regular session.

In the car on the way home Peter asked, "So how was it today?"

"It was OK," I said.

"Just OK, that's all?" he queried.

"Well, it was nice today, probably nicer than last week," I confessed. "I think having these massages are good for me. I think maybe I should come back next Sunday, if that's OK with you."

"That's great," Peter said. "Listen if you're happy then Raul is happy. And if Raul is happy then Chloe is happy. When Chloe is happy I get pretty much anything I want, I mean I get a really good massage."

"Good, then it's a date for next Sunday," I said. "I expect you to take care of Mom just like you did this week."

"Of course," he agreed. "Just leave it to me."

The week couldn't pass fast enough. Peter came home very happy from his massage Tuesday and Thursday. He said he told Chloe on Tuesday that I would be returning Sunday, and said that his Thursday massage was the best he had ever had. I guess when Chloe broke the news to Raul, the happy meter rose up a few notches and he was the benefactor.

Mom didn't give us any trouble and Sunday at 8:00 AM we found ourselves at the massage spa. Chloe took Peter right back without comment. Raul, always the gentleman, motioned for me to enter first into our room. But when he followed and shut the door I spun him around and kissed him standing there. We couldn't get our clothes off fast enough but it was a struggle. We didn't want to break the kiss while we were undressing each other. Finally we had to stop and take a moment to remove our clothes. Tossing them aside I started to get up on the table.

"No, stand there facing the table," he instructed. He sounded excited, even his accent was more noticeable than normal. "Bend over, yes, just like that."

He had me with my elbows on the table, my butt in the air and my legs somewhat parted. Reaching around my stomach he guided his dick to my pussy and got it started barely in between my pussy lips. Then gripping my hips with his hands he pushed forward, hard and fast. He took my breath away with that first forceful push. A moment later he was deep inside of me, ramming me hard and grunting with each thrust. I had anticipated this moment all week and it only took me a couple of minutes before my first climax hit. I was dripping wet and he was sliding easily in and out. My head went to the table as my climax swept across my body but he didn't care. He just kept pounding me for a couple more minutes until he was filling me again with his cum. He didn't even ask this time, just let it fill me up.

I stood up before he was done cumming and pulled off of him. Turning around I knelt in front of him, taking his rigid member into my mouth, in time to get the last of his now dribbling cum. I worked him shaft in and out, licking and sucking, keeping him hard. When I knew I had him nice and rigid again I said, "Get up on the table, on your back." My voice held authority and he didn't hesitate. With him on his back I mounted him sliding my dripping cunt easily down his throbbing cock, his own cum squeezing out of the sides.

I rocked my hips back and forth, sideways, forward and back, even around in circles, feeling those solid 7 plus inches all around my insides. When I brought my knees up, my feet flat on the table it put him so deep inside me that I could feel him against my cervix. At first it hurt but I soon learned that a little pain made it all that much better.

Then an idea hit me. "Get up, let me lay down there," I told him. "I want you to fuck me as deep and hard as you can. Don't hold back."

"I don't want to hurt my sweet angel," he protested.

"Right now I am a demon witch and I want you to fuck me like one," I commanded. "Do you understand?" The tone of my voice left him no room for objection.

"Yes my little vixen," he joked. But his movements weren't a joke. With me on my back on the table, he brought my knees all the way up to my shoulders. He then slipped his cock into me, sliding all the way in. I could barely feel him against my cervix. I needed more.

"Deeper," I ordered.

Raul took my knees, one in each hand and forced them outward as if he was going to drive them into the table beside me. It forced my pelvis upwards and spread my legs even farther apart. That's when he began to fuck me, hard and deep just like I wanted. Every stroke he hit my cervix and beyond. I thought he would pierce me, drive his fucking cock right into my womb. It hurt every time he shoved that prick in and with every shock of pain came an ever increasing shock wave of ecstasy, until all I could feel was the intense rapture of pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt before. I was climaxing now and had been for a full minute. The pounding continued, the pain but a faint memory, the joy complete, my body held in one continuous climax. I nearly fainted from it all when I felt the warmth of Raul's cum filling me once more. This time I didn't interrupt him, letting him feel the pleasure himself.

As I came down from my climactic high, I noticed my vagina pulsating, gripping his cock tight, then releasing only to grip again. It was like my body knew what happens when a man climaxes, knew that he would go limp and was countering it the best way it knew how, to try and keep it strong and stiff. It must have worked because the softness I was beginning to feel a moment earlier was becoming hard again. I knew he wouldn't be able to cum again for a while but I didn't want him to pull out of me like he had done the week before.

"Keep fucking me, don't stop," I told him. He did, slowly and easily but he kept moving inside of me, kept me tense and on edge, enough to send micro orgasms throughout my body, one after another. I would go stiff with one and just as I started to relax another would hit and I would go stiff again. This went on for a quarter hour before I felt Raul's shaft suddenly seem to enlarge inside of me. He pushed into me deep and held himself there while he came once more, not nearly as much as he had before but enough to give him some pleasure.

After a couple of minutes he pulled out of me and rolled onto his side. I followed suit facing him. We kissed, holding each other. "That was wonderful Raul," I told him.

"Only because you are so wonderful," he replied.

"Raul." I said his name almost as a question. "Does Chloe know that we, that we made love?"

"Yes, she knows," he confirmed.

"But you just committed adultery," I stated. "Doesn't she care?"

"We have an open marriage," he stated as if that explained everything.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Though we make love together all the time, we also allow ourselves to have outside lovers," he stated. "You are my outside lover."

"Then who is…oh my God, Peter." It became clear to me now why Peter loved his massage so much. "Chloe is fucking Peter isn't she?"

"I thought you knew that," Raul said.

"God no," I cried. "He's only 17."

"You are only 15," Raul countered. "Yet more mature in your lovemaking than most I have been with."

That made me smile. I kissed him again. "I don't know anything at all Raul. I was a virgin until last week when you fucked me. Now all I want to do is fuck you some more."

"Come back next Sunday and I will make that wish come true," he promised. "But now it is time for us to clean up and go."

I kissed him again.

Ten minutes later, we had taken our time getting each other dressed, we were back out in the waiting room. Peter and Chole showed up about five minutes later. We said our goodbyes and left.

In the car on the way home Peter asked me, "How did it go today?"

"It was OK," I replied, smiling to myself.

Peter looked over at me and smiled. He knew how it went. I looked up and smiled back.

"I guess it was pretty nice today," I conceded.

"Next Sunday then?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied. "Next Sunday."

The End (of Kenzie's first massage, but not the end of our story)

Readers: I love your comments, yes both good and bad. Tell me where you would like to go next with this story. More Kenzie and Raul, Peter and Chloe, Kenzie and someone new? Tell me and I will consider it. Thank you for your positive votes. It gives me the incentive to continue writing.

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2013-06-07 09:00:18
I really looved this stoory

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2012-02-21 14:01:04
i would love to read more please write more

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2012-02-16 01:54:07
Keep writing about Raul and Kenzie for now. Then maybe one day by "accident" Kenzie and Peter just somehow get hooked up (=

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2012-02-03 16:26:15
15 is the perfect age to lose your virginity. I was 15 when I got my first cock. It was 8 inches and so thick. To my tiny body, it felt even bigger. Please keep her 15 as long as you are writing this story.

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2012-02-02 18:21:33
15 is the perfect age to lose your virginity. I was 15 when I got my first cock. It was 8 inches and so thick. To my tiny body, it felt even bigger. Please keep her 15 as long as you are writing this story.

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