I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
It was after midnight and I was drunk, sneaking down a dark alley trying to make my way back home, from a Halloween Party. I wasn't sneaking down a dark alley, just because I was drunk and didn't want to be stopped by the police. I was sneaking down the alley because I was drunk and dressed like a girl and didn't want anyone that I knew to see me. When dressing up as a girl crossed my girl friend's mind, the week before the party, it seemed like a good idea. Well, at least to her it did, I wasn't to happy about doing it, mostly because I was afraid that someone there might recognize me.

She even gone out and bought all the right clothes for me to wear, along with all of the clothes that she needed, to dress like a man as well.

When she brought them over and handed me the little bag and said, " Here, go try them on in the bathroom and see if I need to take something back and exchange it, for a bigger or smaller size.

I felt like a complete fool, as I took the little bag from her and headed into the bathroom, closing the door behind me but not thinking about locking it.

As I pulled everything out of the little bag I almost fainted because there was a little tiny mini-shirt, along with a wig, a sweater, a pair of nylon's, a garter belt and even a pair of black silk or satin girl's thong panties. I couldn't do it and I opened the door and tried to tell her that I couldn't but she insisted and the next thing I knew, I was closing the door again and slowly, very slowly getting undressed.

If I said that looking at the panties and garter belt laying there, waiting for me to put them on, didn't excite me in some strange kind of way, I'd be lying. I could feel my boner starting to come up and all I had done so far was to just touch them, when I pulled them out of the little bag. She hadn't bought me a bra to wear, I never did ask her why. But she did try and order me some highheeled shoes but they couldn't get here until the following week, so she didn't order them. Instead she ordered some other kind, that weren't quite so high and had left them out in her car.

I felt so strange as I picked the garter belt and hooked it around me. I tried to put the nylon's on but seeing my leg hair mashed down like that, even turned me off and I thought that that looks nothing like a girl, so I left them off. Even though later she tried to get me to shave my legs, so I could wear them, I said, " Nooo," that I wouldn't do that and she quit bugging me about it.

I don't know why I left the garter belt on, as I slipped the thong panties up my legs and felt the strap on them settling inbetween the cheeks of my little ass. That little strap was starting up a sensation in me, that I had never felt before. It was like a sensation of someone teasing my little asshole with their fingertip, everytime I moved in the panties. So, if I said that the feeling of something or someone touching my little asshole wasn't turning me on, once again I'd be lying because it was, the more I moved the hornier I got. Little did I know that after it doing that to me for about 2 hours, that my little asshole would start to feel raw and that I'd wish that it would stop rubbing on it. I couldn't just slip the panties off and sit around like that because then everyone would be looking right at my little dick and balls and the illusion of my being a girl to them, would definately go away.

As I pulled the pale yellow sweater over my head and then slipped the redhaired wig on, I caught myself peeking into the mirror and couldn't believe that it was me that I was looking at. I'm not pretty and I'm not saying that I was looking at a pretty girl but something, I don't know what , was there and I caught myself looking down at her butt and then and only then, did I understand that it was my butt in the panties and garter belt, that I was looking at and not a girl's.

Just then Karen, my girl friend opened the door and said, " Oh no, I don't believe it." " Look at you, wait until I put your make-up on."

" No No, No make-up, please no make-up." " Please don't do that to me too."

" Come on, it won't hurt you, I won't put that much on, I promise."

And the next thing I knew, she had me sitting on the toilet and was doing something to my face and then putting lipstick on me, as she finished the final touches.

When she told me to stand-up and look in the mirror, I thought that I was going to be looking at a clown or something like that. But even I didn't recognize me, when I stood-up. I didn't look like a boy anymore that's for sure, I looked like a girl, a 19 or 20 year old girl and neither of us said a word, as we both just stood there... looking.

When I told her that I couldn't wear the nylon's, she got a little mad at me but she undersood when I explained why to her. But then she made me sit back down on the toilet seat, pull my knees up a little and spread my legs. I didn't understand what was going on and that's when she said, " Oh baby, I thought so, we have to trim your pubic hair, so it will not stick out of your panties,"

" What, no way."

" But look at it, see how it sticks out around the triangle of the thong, you don't want that do you?

" What difference does it make, if it sticks out around it, I'm only going to be wearing them this one time anyway?"

" Yes but what if someone happens to look up your skirt, when your sitting down or while your getting up, think what they'll see and there goes the illusion of you being a girl again." " Wouldn't it be nicer if they saw a nice pair of panties, instead of a shaggy mess, which is exactally what it looks like now?"

" Well, yes."

" Ok, go in and laydown on the bed and I'll be there in a minute."

I felt so weird, as I laid across my bed with a pair of girl's panties on, waiting for my girl friend to come and join me.

When she finally came in, she had my razor, shaving lather, wet towel and a tiny pair of sizzor's, with her.

As I watched her coming over to the bed, with all of those things in her hand, I had a feeling of being frightened or something like that.

Taking ahold of the top of the panties, like it was something that she did everyday, she whispered, " Raise your hips baby " and as I did, she slowly slipped the panties down and then pulled them all of the way off of me. Laying them on the bed, right there next to me.

I couldn't watch, it was like going to the barber for the first time, worrying that she was going to make it look even worse than it already did.

I even closed my eyes, as she spread my legs and gently pushed them up to where they were bent up like a girl's knees in the sturups, at a doctor's office. I felt totally vulnerable, laying there on my bed like that, with my legs spread and her looking right at my pubic area.

As soon as her little fingers started moving around in my pubic hair, trimming here and shaving there, I lost it and started getting a boner.

" No silly, we'll do that later, make it go away."

" I can't, what do you mean, make it go away?"

" Never mind, I like looking at it anyway, I'll just keep moving it, until we're finished."

I don't have any idea how long I laid there, while she trimmed my pubic hair to fit inside of the panties. I don't know that the longer that it took her, the hornier I got. That was pretty clear, as she looked at my boner.

Finally she was through and pulled my legs back down, grabbing the panties and slipping them up my legs again, as she said, " Raise your butt and slipped them all the way on me again. Covering up, what she had just done.

When I said, " Well, can't I even see it?" She said, " No baby, wait until after the party, we're running late,ok?"

" Ok."

I didn't understand until later that night at the party, when they pulled my panties down,what she had done to me. She had trimmed and shaved almost all of my pubic hair away, leaving only a tiny little triangle, about 2 inches high and 3 maybe 4 inches wide. I can't even describe the embarrassment that I felt, when everybody at the party saw it trimmed that way and thought that I had done it. And wouldn't even listen, when I told them that she had done it and not me.

As soon as she had me ready, she put the mini- skirt on me and made me go into the other room, so she to could get ready.

Once again I was turned on in some strange kind of way, as I sat there watching tv, waiting for her to come out and caught myself with my hand going up under my mini-skirt and rubbing myself, on my panties.

When she finally came out, I do have to admit that she did kinda look like a man, Kinda. So, I told her that she could sure fool me, to make her happy and it did. As she giggled and we went out the door to her car and headed for the Party.

We hadn't even been there an hour, when Karen's beeper went off and she had to leave and go back to work. I wanted to leave since she was leaving and wouldn't be with me but she wouldn't let me and made me stay. Something that would really bother me later.

It was already late when she left, so everybody was well on their way to being drunk or smoking pot or whatever. I don't even remember when they brought out the Extacy and started passing it around. All I know it that somewhere along the way, the little drunken Halloween Party, turned into a sex party and all of the girls were fair game to them and that included me.

People were in the bedroom doing it, the kitchen doing it and even in the bathroom doing it. But they had me and 2 other girls [ real one's ] still out in the livingroom, with 6 or 7 boys having their way with us.

I remember when they pushed me to the floor and one of them reached up my skirt and jerked my panties down. Yelling, " Oh fuck, look at this, he's got his pubic hair trimmed like a girl."

And the ones that weren't already fucking the other 2 girl's surrounded us, as he held me down on the livingroom floor and let them look.

I was screaming and crying and telling them, " I didn't do it, I didn't do it, Karen did." But they didn't believe me.

All at once the one that was pinning me down, yelled out, "Come-on help me turn him over " and the rest of them grabbed ahold of me and twisted me over onto my stomach and that's when I felt him crawling ontop of me.

" Nooo, Nooo, what are you doing?" " Stop, stop, don't do that." " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The scream that came out of me, as the first one pushed his swollen cock up into me on the livingroom floor, was unreal. I tried and tried to crawl out from under him but he had me pinned down underneath him and wasn't about to let me go.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." " Noooooooooooooooooo." " Stop stop, noooooooooooooo." " It hurtssssssssss." " It hurtsssssss." " Please stop, please."

But he wouldn't, he had it up inside of me and was going to fuck me in my ass, until he was through with me and drained his full balls up into me. As it stretched my tight little asshole and stretched my warm soft rectum. Working its way up into a place up inside of me, that no man had ever been before.


" Oh shit lookee here, she likes it, listen to her." " You like that dick up your ass don't you baby?" " Oh you do, you do, I can feel it." "Work it baby, work it."

Crying as he jabbed it into me harder and harder, faster and faster, so embarrassed because the hurt was going away and it was starting to feel good, really good to me and he knew it. Whimpering as he'd pull it almost all the way out, leaving just the big head of it up inside of me and then lay back down on top of me, pushing it's way all the way back up into me. Until I could feel his pubic hair, touching my little asshole.

I couldn't hide it as my cries of pain, turned into little moans and little groans of pleasure.

" Oh yeah, Oh yeah, you do like it don't you?" " That's it, come on, come on, fuck me, fuck meeeee." " You wanted to be a girl, so here's what it feels like to be a girl and get fucked up the ass." " How's it feel bitch?" The [ Extacy drug ] had taken over and I couldn't answer him but my little moans and groans everytime he'd push it up into me and pull it back out, push it in and pull it back out, told him what he wanted to know, [ That I liked it ] and that there was no way that I could deny it. Just as it was starting to really feel good, he screamed, " Noooooo, Nooooooooo, Oh Shit, Here it come's Bitch, here it comes." And all at once his swollen cock started jerking again and again and eventually eruping " Once " AGHHHHHHHH, " Twice " AGHHHHHHHH, " Three times " AGHHHHHHHH, up deep inside of me.

Even though I was screaming and begging him not to cum in me, he did it anyway, covering the inside of my rectum with his warm sticky cum, making me moan even louder, as everybody watched him.

Just when I thought it was over, I heard someone say, " Get off of him, I want to see how tight he is and what it feels like up inside of there."

As the first one crawled off of me, the second one got up ontop of me and pushed his warm boner up into me. Fucking me on the livingroom floor, just like he would have, if it was a girl he was fucking and not a boy. Not caring what I felt or how much he was hurting me. Just needing [a fuck] and saw that I was available and took me, right there on the livingroom floor with everybody watching him.

Before the party was over all 6 or 7 of them had had their way with me in one way or another. The last 2 that did me were black and both of them did me at the same time, one getting me to take his black cock in my ass, while his horny black friend did me in my mouth. Each of them fucking me in his own way, until the one in my ass screamed, " NOW " and not even 30 seconds later, the one up inside of my ass started erupting, pumping its white cum up into me, just before the one in my mouth erupted too. Screaming at me, [ Eat it, eat it ] and without even knowing what I was doing, I did.

" Ohhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, did you see that?" " He ate it, he ate it."

The shame that I felt, knowing that a blackman had just gotten me to [ Eat him ] was unreal. But it was nothing compared to the shame I felt, as my little ass started to buck and jerk, squeezing my now swollen little asshole and rectum around the huge black cock that was way up inside of it. Everytime it would jerk and squirt up into me again, a little moan would come out of me and there was no doubt to the people watching, that he was cuming and that I was liking it, even though I was a boy and not a girl.

When all of them were finally through with me, they let me up and as I was making my way to the bathroom, I saw my girl friend Karen sitting on one of the couches, with a strange little grin on her face and I screamed, " Nooo" and ran into the bathroom. I knew that she had set the whole thing up, just to see what I would do. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't come out of the bathroom, until everyone had left, except the hostess. And as I was going out the door she whispered, " That was nice and you liked it, didn't you?" I felt my face getting all hot because she knew and so did everybody else that had been there and watched. As they got me to [ Take it ] again and again and again. Not stopping until all 6 or 7 of them had done me and left me with their white sticky cum oozing out of me. Most of it from my little asshole but some of it from the corners of my mouth.

I broke-up with karen over what happened but 3 months later we got back together and that's when she started preparing me, for the next party.
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