I think I'm going to Hell =(
Whata week- Day 2

Micah and Zach came to sleep with me tonight, meaning I got their attention. But they were nervous and didn't try anything, but they did explore my body a little with their cute fingers when they thought I was asleep and their fingers were so soft, I got wet. I'm just glad they didn't explore my pussy and fount out.

Sunday. Both Rob's and my family go to the same Church and so does half the neighborhood.
Rob picks me up so I can go to church with his family and I take Micah and Zach with me because I don't want them with dad, even though mom won't let him do anything.
Rob gave me a really sweet kiss when we were in the car and Zach got up and pulled him by hair away from my lips and Rob started to wrestle him down playfully. These three have had the older brother-little brothers relationship ever since I brought Rob home.
Micah crawled over me and joined in and in 5 minutes of wrestling Rob had them in headlocks. Last time Micah and Zach won. Rob had to let them go though because we made it to the Church.
Rob gets out with both Micah and Zach under his arms, holding them like you would a duffel bag. With this he was able to kiss me all he wanted and he did... till Zach bit him. I laughed my ass off and out of no where Micah and Zach started biting him like piranhas, till he let them go. After that I grabbed Micah and Zach to my side so they'll stop and I brush them down from hitting the dirt when Rob dropped them.
I took Micah and Zach to Sunday school and Rob was close behind me, hand on butt.

"We're in church you, you perv" I tell him sliding his hand off that he wrapped around my shoulders.

"We're not technically in church till we walk through the doors." he exclaims sliding his hand down my back then up my skirt. A gasp leaves my mouth and I try my hardest to hide it because of the family in front us, completely unaware of his hand and smiling at us. I smile back and he sticks his finger in through my underwear making me yelp and they gave me a questionable/confused look. I smile back and push Rob away his hand slipping from my skirt. I push him to the back of the church and when I did, I pushed him against the wall and kissed him as hard as I could, lust taking over again at this sacred place.

He was hard again and I loved it. Last night when I got home I asked his mom to explain to me and she told me she had sex with him! But... mostly every girlfriend he had only got his monster up once or twice and after that it got tired of them. It got tired of her too and I clearly heard the loss in her voice. But his mother always saw his hard on when he was kid staring at me and always knew I'll be the one to satisfy the monster. One way or another she says she would've sacrificed me to the monster, but was glad she didn't have to.

I'm glad. I'm the only one that can get him hard more than once or twice. When he saw me this morning he nearly ripped his church pants, so now, this will be his fourth or fifth time. I grab onto his tie and pull him down harder to intensify my kiss. His hand slips under my skirt, grabs my underwear from the wet spot and inches it down. I start to unbutton his shirt and when I find his chest I lick it nicely, his cock growing harder as I lick his nipple and as the moan leaves his lips.

He stabs his finger deep into my pussy without warning and starts fingering me hard as he unbuttons his pants his cock throbbing excitedly like a dog waiting to go outside and play. He gets his pants down to his hips and his cock smacks my stomach.

"We really going to do it at a back of a church?" I asked between kisses and moans.

"I'm going show God just how much I love you" he says lifting me up by my butt and putting his cock between my pussy's lips. I kiss him hard grabbing the back of his head and he smiles, before dropping me on his dick both his hands on my head, his fingers running through my hair as I engulfed his cock. He moans loudly and starts to slowly move his hips kissing me hard. I moan with the kiss and let him fill me with every thrust. He grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and starts to speed up hitting the base of my uterus and again stretching my cervix and making me cum fast.

I try to keep my voice low, in case it can penetrate the walls, but it was hard to. I kissed him harder and became content with screaming in his mouth and he smiled. He put more force into the banging that I started to cry, but he also put more pressure into the kiss, more passion, more love, but that was coated in pleasure and ecstasy.

I cum what felt like my hundred time and I'm embarrassed I can't hold out anymore and let him show God still how much he loves me, because God blessed me with the man I love too dire. I squeeze my pussy tight and he gasps shooting his load far into my womb... womb! Shit!, I can get pregnant... pregnant? With Rob's baby?... A evil grin spread across my face, too demonic that the holy atmosphere around me was stinging my skin.

I squeezed harder and harder and I saw Rob trying to push back tears as I slowly started to ride him. He was clutching onto my back and I was so thrilled with the thought of having Rob's baby my body's only mission in life right now is squeezing every drop of sperm from his balls!
Rob gets out of his trance and started banging as fast as he could, spurting our juices all over the wall of the church.

"Fuck, too tight! You're suffocating my dick!" he yells just loud enough for only me to hear not anyone else. He goes faster and slams his back onto the wall of the church and goes crazy, banging me clumsily but that only made it feel better, his cock hitting in all different angles as if he was rampaging, going wild.

He digs his cock in hard and I felt every movement, hitting every sensitive spot and we climaxed together.

"I love you", we said in unison and that gave us reason to kiss and laugh as he slowly slid down onto the floor, sitting down and leaning against the wall, I, still on his monster that was slowly becoming flaccid.

We sat there kissing then we heard the turn of the doorknob, that was right next to us. I flew off him and ran, him right behind me then taking the lead, grabbing my hand pulling up his pants, both of us smiling and laughing at this excitement of almost getting caught having sex behind the church!

When we're a good half mile away from the church, both of us not even tired of course. He pulls me into him and kisses me before sticking his stiff cock into it's home where they're going to be making a new baby. He leans against the back of this unknown house and softly continues to fuck me, not even caring if the people who live here hears his groans or finds us fucking.

"What would you do if I got pregnant?" I ask him between kisses and he smiles his boyish smile, which he usually do before he jokes.

"Run for my life", he says and I knee his balls before kissing him so he won't yell. We laugh and he bites my bottom lip as punishment. He releases the kiss and says, "That's what I was trying to do last night." My heart rise and I kiss him again and again, our tongues slapping against each others.

"Oh God Rob I want your kids."

"We'll go at it like rabbits and make a bundle", he laughs grabbing my breasts. I smile and lay my head on his chest.

"I love you so much." I groan and he pets my hair before slowly making his way to my pussy, till I gasped of realization. "My panties!" Rob only laughs but I smack him saying, "I'm going to be leaking all over the place you idiot!".

"Then come home with me" he says holding me closer.

"You think dad's going to let me go home with you when I just skipped church! He's going to notice!" I yell silently but he was just getting excited. He pulled off his pants then started to take off his briefs and I smiled at what he intended.

"Seriously?" I ask lifting my leg so he can put them on me.

"I think it's sexy" he says pulling them up and coming to meet my lips. "You're just sexy" he says.

"I don't think I am" I tell him and I know he hates my low self-esteem.

He ignores it though and asks, "You coming to my football game after school?". Dumb question, I haven't missed one... well except when I had a swim meet.

"Would you win if I wasn't there?" I laughed kissing him and it's true, he likes to show off in front of me so he always try his hardest when he plays and I'm there.

"Yes" he lied and got on his pants and I smoothed my skirt to make sure his briefs don't show.


"Hm?" he asks wrapping his arm around me and starting to walk.

"My period is suppose to start in tomorrow" I tell him smiling up into his boyish face that slowly grew into a grin.

"Not no more" he says and kisses me.

To be continued...

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Lol I'm the only one who wanted the brothers added


2010-04-29 16:32:54
I read your other one and I think this is great. But Those guys are right please don't add the brothers, or the story might get messed a bit. But please I want to read more of your story and your a awesome writer!

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This was good, don't have the brothers do things. Don't have her get pregnant, wait till later on in the third or fourth if you can continue. Getting pregnant and married should be the conclusion of the story. that would make it perfect. Overall, amazing!

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Don't add the brothers it would kill the story

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