I Love Horse Cock’s

I fantasize about a horse cock and then getting the real thing.

I am a 32 year old woman as my parents own a horse stud when I was 12 years old and I never forgot the farm and I worked around horse.
One day I saw one of our horses fucking a mare, I have fantasized about a horse fucking me in my later years.
I have been married for 10 years and our sex life has change but my husband has no idea of my cravings to increase my sexual drive. I love to masturbate and do several times a week. When my husband is fucking me I start let my mind wonder to my secret fantasy, me being fucked by a huge horses' cock.

We live in a small town and there is horse stable all around but as we live on a small block there was no way we could have a horse. I love to ride horses and finally talked John, my husband into finding a stable that was affordable where I could take up my desire go riding. Little did he know the secret reason behind my wants I just wanted to be around horse and specially stallions’, to see those lovely cocks?

I have come across this affordable stable where a Sophie’s the own and she asked what type of horse I would like. Finally found a medium horse who I liked, called Tiger. He was well hung having a very long cock.
I would take him out for a ride down near the stream I would talk to him and telling him how much I wanted him to fuck me with his cock. I would cum as I sat in the saddle riding him as I whispered to him.

Then one day, I had stopped at my regular spot to water the Tiger and was resting him as I talked to him. As a talked to Tiger he would dangle his cock and I’m shore he could under stand me this made me play with my pussy as he always was making me cum thinking that my cunt could take his cock.

"O Tiger you are so big. I bet you would like to slide that huge horse cock into my cunt with easy. You make my cunt so wet looking at your huge cock."

One day I was surprised as I did not see him a Sophie’s young stable hand boy was on the other side of the stream watching me and listening to every word I was saying! And on the day I decided to start to rub Tiger’s cock sheath so I could feel it get aroused as Tiger just stayed still and extended his huge cock for me to stroke it!

"I’d love you to have that cock in side of me you make my so hot”.

A voice came from across the water “He would”

I was the stable boy who had been lessoning all what I was saying and doing

“Would you like Tiger to fuck your horny cunt with his cock?" Said the boy
I did not what to say “How long have you been there” I asked

“Long enough for me to know you want you want to have Tiger to fuck you”.

“I watched you rubbing his cock and as it growing longer and longer as you wanted more and more”.

With this he waded across to me.

I had my hand from inside my riding pants as I played with my cunt while my other hand was stroking the Tiger’s getting a long cock. I had been caught playing make a spectacle of my self with my sexual desire of my cunt and the horse cock!

I tried to hide my hand and was as embarrassed as he smiled at me. I did not know what to do or say.

I could see the boy also had a bulge and he was getting horny as will.

"He is a special horse, you know.’ Said the boy “You have meet the owner the Sophie the owner of the stables she has had him trained to please her." He said, "What” “I know because I help to train Tiger so she could enjoy Tiger’s talent as she loves his big long cock to"

"You mean she trained Tiger to fuck her?" I asked, "She loves playing with his that big horse cock’s and some times suck Tiger till she is coved with juice and she loves to get enjoyment getting fucked in her juice cunt.” “You mean she gets the horse to fuck her” “Yes and she does it for money” “What”

“Letts go back to the stables and I’ll show you her special stall set up”

“He said smiling at me, 'But it will cost you."

"What do you mean, cost me?" I asked.

"You will have to let me fuck you first." he answered, “Before you get Tiger”

"You are so hot and I have wanted your cunt ever since I saw you." “What”

I smiled back at him as he took the reins and led us back to the stables. As we went inside, he pointed to a stall at the end of the shed that had been always locked. I asked is that where you train the stallions as he was telling me that it was a special place.

"This is where the owner has me bring Tiger to her." He said as he opened the locked stall. “Tiger is well trained and he seem to like pleasing”

As we went inside, I saw a padded bench table and several bales of hay arranged around the stall. I also saw a couple of clean towels, a blanket, and a jar of lotion sitting on a stand close to the any action.

Just to look at it, no one would think twice about anything was different about it, but I was looking closer. I could see there was a lot of use to the bench and that the hay was arranged in a certain way in a cradle in order to have the horse on them with his front feet. That would give anyone access to horse cock as he would be above them. It all fit in as I observed the stall.

"Do you think I can take Tigers big cock?" I asked the boy. "He looks too big for me.”
“I won't let him hurt you with his huge long dick?" I here to make sure that don’t happen to see that he is gentle and you can enjoy yourself." He replied, "And we will get you good and wet first! That is what the cream is for and you will be cumming wet from me!"

I looked around to make sure no one was in sight as I pulled the young over to me, my hand groping his body until my hand went down to his bulge in his pants. His arms were around me and I felt his cock as it was getting harder.

I was rubbing my body against him; he was making feel existed and wanting.

"I can feel a young willing nice cock too," I said, "You feel quite large. Is this for me?"

He took the blanket and laid it on the bench as he then eased me down to the bench on top of the blanket. I raised my hips as he helped me to take my riding pants off as he also unzipped his pants and let then fall on to the straw filled floor. I looked to see his lovely young cock as he held it for me in his hand, the thick head looking as huge as 8in dick, my hands went to it.

I lay there on my back and took his cock as we both guided it to my wet cunt. I felt his big dick as it entered me, making little rapid thrusts as he went into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled his firm buttocks cheeks to me as he slid further up my hot little willing cunt.

He started to fuck me harder and harder as he thrust that nice cock to my cunt like an expert. All I could think about was that big horse next and his cock as I started to blow!

"Oh, yes! That's it! Fuck me!" I cried out, "Cum in me! Fill me with that hot cum! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I was having a young stud ride me 15 years my junior and it made me feel young again.

I felt his sperm started to erupt, his rod throbbing in me as it started to spew forth with his love juices. Filling my cunt with his hot cum all her could give. My ass was bouncing off the bench to meet each thrust he made into me; I was enjoying this cock and thinking how luck I was and I new this was a start of that horse cock I have been dreaming about for years I was to get made me organism much harder than I had ever had before.

He is pumping me full of sperm and the beautiful shot that big load into my hungry cunt. I was working my hips up to take every bit of his cock and hot cum as he fucked me.

Then I felt him start to slow down and knew he was fucked out. His cock started to soften as I felt him withdraw from my wet pussy as he had made me ready for my dream.

Next came Tiger

"Just lay there like you are while I’ll go and get Tiger." He told me, "Now you are going to have that dream of yours a horse cock! So don't clean yourself up yet."

He led in Tiger into the stall with one hand and in the other a stainless steal bucket. As I lay on the specially made bench table, he placed the bucket at the end of the bench.

Next he guided Tiger with his front hooves into a specially build stand and a place for Tiger to feed off a bale of hay.

Tiger then was tether to the post stand and was being move so he was over me.

I watched as the boy took Tiger’s cock and started to play with it, making it longer with every stroke of his hand. Tiger was doing his bit as the horse's cock was getting so long and big! Before I had second thoughts to change my mind I felt his cock coming in contact with my cunt as I was laying down on the table.

"Now, open your legs wider so I can get Tiger’s cock in that cunt of yours." With my two hands I stretch my snatch to open greater than I have had it before “He said “relax” “How can I” As I felt that hot cock against my pussy lips.” Do you love that?"

Then I felt that huge horse cock as it parted my lips, as it lunged into my willing cunt. He was so big! My cunt was spread so wide and I was felling his cock as it was going deeper as he eased that monster to me. I had my legs spread wider than I ever had done before as his long horse cock continued to fill my throbbing cunt. He was making me cum as he stabbed me with that monstrous cock! His horse cock must have been two feet long but I could only take in the first 10 in’s!

There I was, laying on a table in a horse stall, letting a horse fuck me!
"What kind of woman was I?"
I was thinking as my entire body trembled from the climaxes that big cock was giving me.

He was just too good! The boy was stroking the horse cock with vigor. Tiger giant cock was in my beautifully cumming pussy. I was throwing my cunt to get more to take every bit I could as he started to fill me with hot cum. What a feeling like turning on a tap of hot thick pasted never ending.

I felt that huge horse cock as it throbbed inside my tight walls of my cunt, then felt the hot sperm as the boy was massaging Tiger. The boy had worked Tiger cock as hard as he could giving me a feeling and all the sperm my cunt needed. I started to fill me with beautifully horse sperm. It was so hot not like I have ever felt before!

It’s some thing you must try to get an indescribable pleaser.

Tiger was shooting his horse sperm as deep in my cunt as it filled my every crevice! That hot sperm was feeling so heavenly to me! From that day I loved huge horse's cock as they filled me up and I need them!

It’s just keep coming so many times that I was almost senseless with horse cock continued to pump me full of his hot horse sperm. I must have had shot 5 gallons of that hot juice to me!

I had so much in me I started swilling my gut and the next thing the presser being force the sperm out around his big huge cock and making my cunt larger it even been.
There was love pain and giving me pleaser expanding my cunt.

The bucket was catching all my juice dropping into the bucket and the boy was still trying to get more out of Tiger.

My body was till trembling as I felt his huge cock start to withdraw from my aching cunt. I watched as the last of the horse cum flowed out of my pussy. The boy took that monster cock out of my well fucked cunt.

I lay there without moving as the boy helped Tiger down from the stand, his cock limp now but still so long as it flopped to the floor.

What have I done getting pleaser from a boy that making my dream came true which I wanted for such a long time to get fucked by a horse?

Some how this is better that my husband.

I waited until the boy came back into the stall to help me from the bench.

"See. I told you that you would like it!" he said, "did you like it, didn't you?'

"I loved it! That was the best fuck I ever had!" I replied as he helped me to my feet, "He shot so much cum in me! See it running out of my pussy?"

After that day I became a regular visitor to the riding stable and the stable boy would fuck me each time before I had him help me fuck Tiger.


After I had a number a weeks when I came across Sophie again how is the own of Tiger she was in the stall with the stable boy waiting for me. She said “you are doing a first class job” “What?” “Yes you are helping me out” “What do you mean”

“The spurn juice that drops into the bucket I sell for a profit and with you using Tiger I have been able to train another horse so I here to thank you my self”

“You get paid for what I do” “O yes you are very good”

But I want pure sperm from Tiger so my stable boy must only fuck in the ass and only Tiger fuck you in your cunt then I get a better price.

I thought a minuet why not I’m getting what I want.

“Ok I will enjoy that will I get a cut from the profits “

That makes me proud that some thing I love and I’ll get paid of love it

“We’ll come to arrangement with money later?”

“Would you like to see my new stallion” “O Yes”

With that the stable boy went and brought in a magnificent horse that was as frisky I had every seen. What a stallion taller and build for speed more that Tiger could have ever been.

Rearing up with eyes and snorting you could see the tension in the stables.

Us two ladies move out of the way the stable boy with perseverance got the stallion up on the holding box and tethering him in to permission.

The Sophie asks if I wanted to stay so the stallion could get to know us and you can help us out.

“All right”

I had notice she was wearing a dress that was button all down the front.

The Stable Boy got the bench and basket ready and maneuvered the stallion over the table

The Stable boy said “I think he ready” and with that the Sophie started to unbutton her dress and with no under garments she was wearing. Sliding on the bench and poisoning for her cunt so all the drop’s what she was about to receive would go straight into the bucket.

The Stable boy started to rub with cream Sophie pussy then started to finger her till he was fisting her to get her worked up.

Watching I started to crum and when she smiled at my and begging me to come closer I had a strange thing come over me. I started to stroke her firm breast and she was groping my cunt through my riding pants. I took one step back and undo them dropping to the floor with my knickers and stepping out of them.
As I got closer to her I bent over and started French kissing her at the same time rub her tits and she was playing with my cunt and I was opening my legs for more..

She was bucking her ass off as she was fingering me and I was more and more feeling the pleasure of my self. The boy had a job keeping his fist in Sophie trying to working madly making her crum. He pulls his fist out of Sophie and guided my hand to take over.

I had not done any think like the before but some how it was natural start to fist another woman she was producing juice making it easy for me to fist her hard. As she was demanding me to work harder on her.

The Stable boy then when to the nose of the stallion and started to rub the juice around his nostrils’. That is when the horse started come aroused. Woo I thought Tiger was huge this stallion had a 40in’s easy and as thick as a big bottle double the girth of Tiger.

The stable Boy came and with his two hands started to stroke the massive stallion cock.
He then direct me know to start rubbing my fisting hand in the horse’s nostrils’, as I did he rammed the cock up Sophie cunt. She screamed “Fuck” and the horse started trying to rear up but could not.

Patting the horse to cram down while the boy was pumping madly and I could see the tears in the ladies eye‘s “Fuckin shit he big” she called out. I said “are you Ok” “Fuck yes I’m getting a ride of my life”

With that see started to buck more “Fuck - Fuck that Fuckin good”

Next minute she scram out “he’s blowing his hot crum up her” Yes the sperm was entering her cunt and getting bowed out around the extra huge cock straight into the bucket. She nearly filled the bucket.

The boy did not stop stroking the cock looking for all the horse fluid could give her.

The horse went limp and he pulled it out of her.

Moving the horse to one side tethering it so it come not move the Sophie rolled over on her stomach and with her legs straddle the bucket where she was dripping sperm out of her cunt.

The Boy grabbing some juice on his hand started to bring his cock into an erection and Sophie started to put her both hands around her buttocks and opening her ass for the boy to fuck her as she promise the stable boy. He did not take long to give one big push and have her screaming “Fuck’ It hurt her but once in side she settled down to” Fuck the ass off me you little basted come fuck me hard fuck me” She was enjoying it and I was happy watching and playing with my self.

He started to push on her hips that was squashed down onto Sophie gut and that was pumping juice out of her into the bucket.

He rode her hard very hard and she was expecting it easy till he yelled out “ hear it blows” and she seam to open her buttocks more to get every drop he had.

With her finial juice coming out of her pussy she got up and said.” That was fuckin extra good”

Un-tethering the horse and leading the stallion out of the stall the Sophie said to me “Do you want he to bring Tiger in so you can be fucked to
” I had been cramming just watching her performance. “Ok “

With that it was the first time a had a another woman help me, and it was not the last, I feel fuckin good, but I thought when would it be my turn to have the stallion in me.

Sophie “If you want you can have a casual job around the stable” “Ok”.

I’m getting job and getting paid for it want love doing.

Over the next 6 month we trained 5 stallions and the Sophie always was the first till on day she said to me “Have you ever tried to fit a 2 liter Coco bottle in your pussy” “O No” “Well I have a customer that want us to extract his stallion and I wanted to know if you could get your self ready if you want to be a first to have this stallion. This one will be extra big and I suggest trying a 2 liter bottle first.”

I thought about it and said so far I enjoyed all I have done. “Will I see when we will be getting the new stallion’ “Next week some time” “I might give it ago.”

The stable boy said “I can help you with plenty of lubrication the new stallion should fit, but to be on the safe side we must stretch you to take all sizes so we will start smaller and build up to stretch your cunt with out any pain just pleasure.”

I thought I was big enough to take any thing but a cock as big as a 2 liter bottle that going to stretch my cunt. What I have done so far I have loved it putting me into trance and bliss beyond I have ever dream of.

He always made me relaxed and caring. Ok lets’ give it ago” He started with and vibrator then over the next week went from 375 can that was the same size the stallion I had been used to then a small bottle 750 ml and then a 1.25lt which I was surprised I could fit easy.

With his help and two day before that when I was introduced to a 2 liter bottle, at first with the neck end and when I excepted that Ok he turned it upside down lubricated well and I my self squatted and enter it in my cunt the big end. Tears come to my eyes as I want to, but my cunt was saying no. It told a lot of trial and encouragement for the both of them till I was taking it with out any strain of my cunt.

Next day the new stallion came in to the stable “O shit it was a Clydesdale” the biggest I had every seen. Sophie said if we can we are getting double the money for his sperm’
Know I now why she needs me to expand my cunt with a 2 liter bottle.

The stable boy got the Clydesdale in the right position and I lay under think shit what have I put my self in for.

The Sophie fisted me easy and to get the smell for the horse and I product more than every she made me crum more that once while the stable boy put more of lubrication than he had before so the horse cock would slide in my cunt.

When they both roused the Clydesdale to him maximum his cock was true as big as a 2 liter bottle in girth but was a good 45 inch in length but I still only could take 11 inch’s

I was ready. I was surprised that how easy it fitted and how soft not like the hard 2 liter bottle It feel good and surprised the best I had so far’

Lying underneath him he was huge but gentle tell until the two of them was rubbing is huge cock to get him to blow his sperm into me.

He blow and I thought that he was going to blow me up and gut swelled making me look like I was 9 month pregnant it 30 seconds. Because he was so tight fitting in my cunt the juice could not escape at first then my skin could not expand any further I could feel my cunt opening even more just like I was having a baby. “Fuck he filling me” I cried out.
Sophie said “You are Fucking you are good” with that the Clydesdale went limp so the stable boy pulled it out and I squatted over the bucket.

The stallion must have been holding back for years but when her let go it was like a freight train going in a tunnel straight in straight out.

The stable boy said you have done a good job so I will not fuck you to-day and turn to the Sophie and said “I’ll take it out of you I’m going to fuck your ass off so I can get the promise” She look at the boy as she had given the orders before this time the boy was giving orders. “She has done a very good job so I’ll accept your dick to-day”

With that the Sophie got onto the table next to me as I was still squatting and dripping crum into the bucket. The stable boy started to rub her pussy and it was not long before fisting her and she was garbing his arm making him pump it in more and harder. She was still excited after watching me take on that Clydesdale and want to get her cunt rammed as she was climaxing and climaxing.

With me sitting on the bucket and just inches way a stable boy man hood that was erection stiff with 9in in front of me I had to suck it. I found my self grabbing his buttocks so I could deep throat him while he was fisting Sophie. I was making fool of my self. I was chocking as I could feel the whole 9 in and his balls. I was taking it all down my throat and was putting me in a world of dreams. My gut was pumping and then he blow when my throat I was excepting all his sperm. It was warm and I did not waste a drop it tasted fuck good.

By this time Sophie was dimming to get fuck but with a limb cock he come up with the idea to use the large bottle that was on the side that I had practice with. After his fisting hand was extracted a huge cunt was open to take any thing. So he pushes the bottle in the cunt and made it disappear than then made the Sophie close her leg so she could feel the enjoyment of fulfillment. He tuned her over and she straight way moved her hand to open her buttocks and I was surprised the boy had come alive with his cock erection in such a short time. Ram it in her ass as she screamed out with. ”fuck it all the way in you little prick”

His ball was hitting to bottle as Sophie was ridden like I had never seen before and she was screaming out for more.

Sophie got so hot she order the stable boy to bring in another stallion to please her.

I thought I was sex mad she was insane it was so easy for Sophie to take on more that one stallion in a day and I think all the owner of the stallions fuck her as well.

I cleaned up and so did the others and the day I would never forget.

I would go home to my husband and let him fuck my well stretched pussy, not knowing that a few hours earlier I had had a Clydesdale and suck a boy and fisted my boss Sophie.

Just in a days work.

I was so happy over the time I worked there and I was filling my cunt by a different stallions and a stable boy using my ass and a huge bottle that please my wants.

My husband is happy that at last I found a job I like.

Try you’re dreams and felling out it will blow your mind.

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