Carole turned to me and told me it was now time, time for the big final?nd with that she stopped touching Joyce's body with the switch. I do not know if Joyce thought Carole was talking to Marc, or just saying things out loud. I am sure Joyce had no idea of what the big final?ould involve, hell I did not even have a clue. I knew it would not involve me fucking Joyce as she laid spread out like that but I had no clue as to what Carole was referring to.

Carole pulled me aside so that Joyce would not hear the rest, and told me that she, when ready was going to call out numbers. As these numbers were called I would have a task to complete. Sounded simple to me. Carole told me that at the number called ONE I was to pull both corncobs from Joyce’s innards, at TWO I was to release both nipple clamps, at THREE I was to pull the gag from Joyce's mouth and hold her head firmly and finally at FOUR I was to pull the blindfold from her eyes.

I positioned myself ready for the command number one, I had my finger fixed each on a cob. Carole had gone and gotten her mutt and was busy trying to control his movements so that his body did not come into contact with Joyce's legs. Once Carole felt certain she was in control, she said in a loud voice, “Marc go get the pony the time is ripe now” .

We both watched as Joyce rocked her head from side to side as though she was trying to say no, we could hear some sound emerging from deep inside her throat that sounded like No! No! No! At the same time she was pulling, pulling in a very panicky way at her restraints. I am sure the thought of what Carole might want to do with a pony had Joyce going through nightmares, especially since her experience with the dog this morning.

As Joyce thrashed around in her attempt to loosen her bonds, Carole yelled “ONE !” and I pulled the two cobs out of Joyce, bringing with the one from her cunt so much liquid love juice that even the dog received a mouth full. Mind you that just got him more excited, causing Carole a bit of a problem as he advanced on Joyce's cunt, just a bit before Carole was ready, and sent his tongue right up her love hole.

At that moment I would not even try and guess what Joyce thought that was, even though she had experienced the rough tongue this morning, she may have well thought it was a part of a horse. Joyce was now howling at the top of her lungs, her chest was heaving so quickly that you might think she was having a fit. Once the dog had created a pattern, of licking from the bottom of her bung hole through her engorged pussy lips up on to her clit, her body reacted in a different fashion. Her breathing was erratic, but the rhythm of her lower body part was more in tune. Joyce was responding to the dog's tongue just like she had this morning. I just wondered if she was able to tell from the texture of the tongue that it was the same.

The dog’s pattern established , it was a bit easier for Carole to take the next step. She repositioned herself over Joyce’s head, holding the dog by the front well holding him basically just behind his ears. Once she was settled as she wished, she grabbed at the dogs forelegs and as she did this morning, stood him almost straight up on his hind quarters. She told me to get ready for the next number, when she yelled out “TWO!”, I unclipped simultaneously Joyce’s nipple clamps, allowing a torrent of blood to flush back into them , causing her tits to glow a shining deep pink and her nipples a deep almost chocolate color. This task was competed as the same moment Carole advanced the dog towards the goal, the tip of his long red penis touching Joyce's virgin hole just as it had done this morning.

Almost automatically Joyce bucked towards the feeling of the penis which I am sure Carole knew would happen. I was now very much intrigued, not only that but I was feeling the build up of my own hot spunk, I was hoping I did not spoil things before I found out the end game plan. Carole caught my attention telling me it was time for another number, as she fixed her cunt down onto the gag in Joyce's mouth .

She asked me if it had been untied, and if I was ready to hold Joyce’s head firmly in an upright position, then she yelled
“ THREE”. Immediately as she closed her cunt on Joyce's mouth but not before I heard Joyce take a gasping breath, most likely sucking the innards out of Carole at the same time This time there was a double reaction, once Joyce began gasping for air she sucked in whatever Carole was sending down through her own cunt.

Carole straightened up just bit more, advancing her doggie friend forward so that now a good long part of his throbbing penis became implanted in Joyce's warm wet cunt. Now both girls were rocking to a tune of sexual sensations, Carole to the workings of Joyce's mouth, and Joyce to the flexing of the dog’s cock. Carole was as vocal as Joyce had wanted to be all day long, it was very fortunate that we were way out in the field, and that the corn stocks were so high that we could not be seen.

As Carole came over her peak you could see Joyce's mouth over flowing with liquid, it was dripping down all over her face. I watched the continuous bucking of Carole on Joyce’s mouth , I could no longer hold my own and I shot forth such a load of hot jism, that I covered Carole's back with most of it running down into her ass crack and on to Joyce's face. When Carole quieted down from her ride, she pulled back off Joyce's face, leaving a trail of gooey love juice, mingled with her brother’s hot sperm all over Joyce’s face forehead and hair.

Carole having established herself in a firm position back on the ground, eased the dog’s forward legs on to Joyce’s outspread arms, well perhaps her shoulders, but before she let go she said it was time for the last number. I grabbed hold of the strap of the blindfold and at four being yelled pulled it off. Joyce's eyes light up like the rockets at a forth of July party, and screamed bloody blue murder as the dog pushed all the way into to her, reaching the unknown depths of her now not so virgin cunt. He was now in charge, all alone plugged into this, his bitch who was firmly secured in place allowing him to use as her as he pleased. His humping increased in speed once he hit bottom. I had watched animal shows showing wild animals mating, but watching it then, right there before my eyes was another thing all together .

Carole and I looked on in amazement as Joyce began to respond in kind to her new mate, calling up in so many words, “ Oh Gawd! , Oh My! Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Don't stop ! Don't stop! Oh Gawd! Oh Gawd! Oh Gawd!” .

Then she let out a long low guttural moan followed by a howling scream as the dog made one last trust filling her with his seed ,and forced his large knot into her hole to block the liquid from running out. He collapsed his furry body down on to Joyce's chest, and with his tongue licked all the remnants of the gooey mixture of almost dried love juices off her face.

Joyce either just went limp or indeed had blacked out temporary for we saw no movement on her part at all. Once the dog had decided that his knot had reduced sufficiently in size, we saw him trying to pull out, dogs of course have no concerns when it come to mating, so indeed he was rough with Joyce as he pulled and pushed trying to exit for her now well used hole. A very audible pop was heard as he finally completed his exit, running then over near the tree to lick himself clean.

Joyce on the other hand must still have been experiencing after shocks, as her body was rippling all over, jerking as she lay prone on the frame, her body sweat quite in evidence. Suddenly Carole realized that we were very close to running out of time, so she told me to get Joyce out of her bindings and pick up as quickly as I could.

Carole, still in her awesome nakedness walked over to her little animal friend and began stroking his head. Once I had the blanket , picnic basket and a pile of used restraining material ready to go, I told Carole that we were all set. “ Not quite yet” she called back, telling me to take some of the remaining water and use some of the cloth material to freshen up all of Joyce but her precious sex.

I set out to complete the task at hand, wiping her face, under her arms, down over her torso, and most of her legs, staying away from her pussy as best I could. I really wanted to re-rinse the cloth and wipe that special area, as it smelt real rancid so I asked Carole about it. Her immediacy replied that I should leave well enough alone not to forget Joyce had agreed to be her plaything until we dropped her off at her house and we were not there yet.

She then yelled at Joyce telling her to get on her hands and knees crawl over to where she was and lick the dried cum off her back and that which had run down into her crack. Joyce was still a bit groggy, so Carole issued a threat telling her that there was still time for a punishment. Hearing that Joyce made a concentrated effort to do her mistress’s bidding, as she licked Carole's backside, Carole allowed the dog to lick between Joyce's legs, cleaning the entire residue from her private parts.

Before anything else happened Carole was up on her feet dressing when I held up Joyce’s panties and bra asking if I should dress Joyce as well. Carole told me that Joyce would not need those, but that I should hang them up on the tree branch in plain site, so that any one passing this place would wonder what had transpired, and if either of us returned anytime soon we could sit and reflect on the memories of this day's events.

Every time I pass by my grandparents farm which has now been out of the family hands for some forty years, I look over toward where this clump of trees still stands, I look to see if I can make out any trace of white cloth floating on and of the branches and I do remember that day so long ago.

Ready to go, Carole instructed Joyce to walk in front of us, not too fast, not to far ahead . As Carole and I followed she let the dog move forward on his leash just enough so that he could stick his muzzle in Joyce’s sex and lick to his contents desire. Each and every time the tongue made contact, we could hear Joyce moan but as we were looking at her naked backside we could not see her facial reaction to judge if she was feeling pleasure or remorse.

Coming upon the spot where Joyce had tied her top and shorts, Carole asked her to pick them off the corn stalk and hand them to her for safe keeping as Joyce would not need them for a bit. This time we heard Joyce give a deep unconditional sigh, realizing now no doubt that she certainly had bitten off more than she could chew, the fourteen year old had taken much more from her than she ever she thought. We exited the small cornstalk lined path and made it up on to the county road walking towards the kennel farm, perhaps a five or six minute walk away.

Just at the approach to the farm lot there was a very small set of bushes, arriving there Carole told Joyce to stop and get down on her knees as the she was going to say good-bye to her doggie mate. I knew Carole was well versed in the way of dogs, it was more or less an obsession with her, studying them, their habits and so on. I did not realize however that even though once a dog had spent his seed it took more than a few moments to be vigorous enough to repeat the act, but he would still hump away at anything he thought worthy of this deed.

Joyce , I am certain did not know this, so when she set herself on her hands and knees in front of us, you could see her body trembling. Of course I could not tell if that was from anticipation of fear, or perhaps a bit of both, as we were hidden from any view from the farm house, but as we were still along side the road, any one driving past would certainly get a good show. Right here in the open space, a mongrel dog humping a naked girl, nice scene if you happen to come upon it I must say. Carole loosen the leash just enough to allow the dog to raise up on Joyce's back and hump like there was no tomorrow, I do not think he was aiming at one particular spot, he was just trying to get it in one hole or the other, as Joyce grunted and groaned .

We had but a few minutes leeway as we still had a fifteen minute walk back to our farm, but Carole was adamant that she wanted to leave the dog enough time to satisfy himself, never minding Joyce's situation, she was just a receptacle for his fun. Finally he backed off not having been able to fully complete his task, but then Carole knew that he would not in any case. The one thing that I took notice of was when he dropped back down there was a thin stream or fiber of liquid running from Joyce's asshole to the tip of his retracting cock,. The dog had put it in her back chute this time. it was a nice send off , a real to goodness thank-you, Carole had allowed him to take, it sure got my cock hard once again

Telling us to wait, Carole took the dog back to the kennel and probably thanked the farmer for allowing us to take him for a walk as he was a quiet, wonderful animal one that would be appreciated by any young woman. Upon her return Carole told us that now she knew exactly where the three people were situated on the lot so we could continue our trip home with out any problem, telling Joyce to get up and get a move on.

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