Now more so than ever, I was anxious to see what Carol had in mind to do with Joyce, or rather to Joyce as she lay exposed tied to that frame I had firmly secured her. I quickly guided Carole through the little pass of corn stalks and on to the scene I had set . Let me say, that it was indeed a scene I , brought Carole to. We exited the path , directly behind Joyce. Carole let out a sharp gasp she came upon the view of Joyce’s backside spread wide open, her legs far apart , exposing her ass hole and plump red cunt lips, stuffed with the two corn cobs I had inserted earlier.

I felt Carole squeeze my arm tightly, as she told me how delicious the sight of Joyce spread out like that was. Then she asked me to wait a minute while she took in the rest of the scene, walking up to the frame where Joyce was tied and inspecting the bindings. Carole competed her tour of Joyce’s body, reaching out to touch her naked back side, running her fingers over Joyce’s rump, slipping them around the little corn cob sticking out of Joyce’s ass hole.

Carol then began to speak telling Joyce that since she had found her in this compromising position, just waiting for something to happen, indicated that she had accepted unconditionally the understanding that they had made the evening before. That she was to be dominated by Carole in any form what-so-ever to her liking from this moment on until Joyce was dropped off at her residence. Carole continued to tell Joyce that while they had not really gotten into it last night, Carole was willing to make an exception of not drawing blood or leaving any visible marks that might call attention to Joyce's person, but would not accept any hesitation on Joyce's part once told to do something, even if that something was particularly disgusting, embarrassing or humiliating.

Any hesitation on Joyce's part would bring a punishment that would be most unpleasant. Joyce was to call her Mistress Carole, could not say no, nor could she say she did not want to do what she was told. She ended her conversation to Joyce with, since the accepted understanding was unconditional, she was not even going to ask Joyce if she understood, nor was she going to consider Joyce might be having second thoughts about participating. Carole then bent under Joyce’s face and placed her mouth over Joyce’s, at the same time she pulled the clips on her tits , and from where I was sitting, I could see that this was indeed very painful

Carole let go of the clips, rubbed around Joyce's hanging breasts for a minute or so then broke the kiss, leaving Joyce gasping for breath rather than crying out in pain. Carole walked around once again, checking out my fastenings, pulling at them to see how much give there was or trying to see if Joyce could break out of them, but seemed to have found everything to her liking. She then walked off a bit looking for, I had no idea what , but I quickly found out when she came back carrying a small tree branch. Carole rubbed her hand over it several times, making it flex in all directions, then she coated it with some sun screen.

With this now shinny switch in her hand she advanced on Joyce's bottom and tapped just so lightly or that is what I had thought. Joyce however make her body recoil immediately so I did not really understand, perhaps it was just the built up anticipation that caused the touch to seem harder than it was. Carole went on touching all of Joyce’s backside with the switch, from the bottom soles of her feet, up over her thighs, all over her bum and right up each side of her body. Joyce, looking as though she had stuck her finger in an electric socket , was flinching, vibrating, jumping at each touch, but only making little whimpering sounds.

Carole stopped over Joyce's bottom, bent and placed little kisses all over, at this Joyce began now moaning audibly. Carole on the move again, pulled at the clips of Joyce's tits, again from my point of view, she was not very gentle at all, but before Joyce could cry out Carole had wrapped the mouth gag back in place. If Joyce had cried out, then very little was audible. Carole was looking at me and smiling a wicked smile I was certain. There was a gleam in her eyes that I had never seen before.

Leaving Joyce hanging in suspense, Carole took off her own shorts exposing her young sex to the fresh air once again, when she turned towards the shining sun, you could see the moisture droplets glistening off her sparse pussy hairs, she was as excited as we were all. Again she picked up the switch, only this time her strokes were more forceful. This time you could tell that Joyce was experiencing a bit of pain, her cries however were muffled by the gag

Twice more Carole covered the entire backside of Joyce but this time did not place a bunch of kisses on her bottom. Carole did however pull the clips attached to Joyce's nipples . This time I was certain she not only pulled, but twisted or turned them also. Joyce was bucking her body continuously, pulling at her ties, trying to get loose, to get away from the pain no doubt. Carole relented a bit and stopped tapping at Joyce. Instead she began playing with the little corn cob stuck in Joyce's arse, moving it in and out. It looked like there was no resistance at all, the cob moved easily in and out, in and out, until Carole saw that Joyce was humping her bottom up each time the cob came out.

Carole came over to where I was sitting, taking such a standing staunch that there was no doubt in my mind that her pussy was leaking, Carole was just as excited as Joyce. She told me in a low voice, trusting that Joyce would not hear, that I would have to play along if I wanted to reap some benefits of the events that were going to go down there and then. She told me that I might have to improvise a bit, but that if I followed her lead, things would be great. I acknowledged this and accepted to play any role that she so desired. With that said, she took the dog's leash from me and moved him over some twenty or twenty five feet, attaching him to a small tree. She at the same time provided him with a little treat, letting him lick the droplets of her love juices from her fourteen year old cunt.

Again she moved over beside Joyce and called out in a much louder voice “ Marc it was really a good thing that Dougie told us where he had left Joyce, before he was hauled off by Auntie from Hell, right, Otherwise we would never have found this little bitch spread out and exposed like this here in the middle of the corn field.” Then taking a breath she continued “ Imagine what would have happen if everyone had been called out to look for her, imagine what would have happen if some of those bozo farmer's boys had found her first. “`

Carole continued “You like this pretty white bitch Marc, you like the way she is set up, just ready for you to take her with that big black cock of yours. Eh Marc, what would you say if I just give you permission to fuck the day lights out of her and perhaps as a bonus Marc I let you fuck her up the arse with your big ugly dick.” . I was at a loss of words, trying to think best how to reply to Carole, I did not want to say much for fear that Joyce would recognize the voice and figure that we were still playing an innocent game.

So I said with a partly French English verbalization trying very hard to mimic Marc, “Yes oh yes very nice I like, I fuck real good, my dick she is ready, I do it now.” To which Carole replied “No not now wait until I give you permission ok big boy.” Now Joyce was blindfolded, so she had no idea who had accompanied Carole when she first arrived, if Joyce was going over the organized plan that the girls had made last night I was supposed to have come back with just Carole and we were to play a few innocent games.

Now that I knew, from her story telling Joyce had met Marc at the kennel operations earlier that morning. He was a very large muscular black fellow, perhaps not too swift of mind either. Not someone who a young white girl might want to bed her or breed her. Joyce must have wondered for certain what the heck was going on, how did the plans she had agreed to get changed so suddenly. From the story Joyce had related to me, she was well aware of how the teasing had affected Marc. Carole had not only created an intriguing situation about their discussion last night but she had added a factor of fear into the equation.

Carole went back to pulling at Joyce's arse plug commenting on just how loose it was, how considerate Dougie had been to choose one of such small stature so that it would fit so comfortable in Joyce's little bung hole. What was needed was a butt plug worthy of being shoved up Joyce’s beautiful arse. Once again she called out to Marc, telling him ( me of course ) to get that giant ugly black dick out of his pants and bring it over to this little hole.

Marc was then told to stick just the head into the hole when Carole removed the little corncob. “Just the head, nothing more. Not to move, or think about pushing that ugly big thing in any further,” Carole said “ we did not want to split the white bitch in half, not just yet anyway”.

I stood between Joyce's thighs and when Carole popped the corncob out I slipped the head of my dick into Joyce's wet warm hole. Let me tell you as a sixteen old lad, I had one hell of a time trying to keep just the head in past that little ring. I really wanted to push on forward and complete the task of stocking that pretty brown chute with a load of my hot seed. I knew however I had to play the game - I was Marc and had a cock big enough to spilt Joyce in two.

That was the impression Carole wanted Joyce to understand for the moment, if Joyce pushed back she might be injured, but by having just the head of my cock in her chute, it was like having that little corncob plug, and Joyce had already tried to work that to her benefit. Joyce’s arse hole was very slick, very well lubed up. I had a very difficult time holding back not letting my hard cock slip in right up to the hilt. My time standing in this position with just the tip of my cock in her arse seemed like eons, yet Carole was back quickly, with a fairly good sized cob.

Without saying a word, she pushed me back and immediately slipped the cob right in as far as it would go. I am sure Joyce thought Marc had just split her in half, she cried out in surprise or pain, I have no idea, but she cried out. Loud enough that it was clearly audible even with the gag in her mouth.

Carole once again began whipping Joyce's body , light flicks of the switch mingled with sharper ones, with no established pattern. Joyce was kept guessing what would come each time she heard the swish, it might come on her feet or on her bum, I saw Carole touch the sides of her breasts on a couple of occasions.

Carole would stop and pull at the nipple clamps , some times delicately , sometimes twisting and turning, nothing could be predetermined. Joyce’s body was shuddering shaking almost all of the time, her moans and groans were the result of a mixed bag of pain and anticipation. Carole put the switch down, and began to play with the corncob shoved into Joyce's pussy. She would twist it, alternatively push and pull, then try a mix of these motions, the end goal resulted in Joyce leaking body fluids like a sieve.

Carole indicated that she wanted me to hand her Joyce's cotton panties, and then went about sopping up all the cherry blossom love juice that was running out of Joyce's virgin hole. Once the panties were soaked through and through, Carole untied the mouth gag and pushed the panties into Joyce's mouth, immediately retying the gag.

Joyce sounded like she was either choking or drowning in her own juice for a moment or two, then appeared to get her choke factor under control, her gasping for breath returning to a regular rhythm so to speak. After replacing the corncob in Joyce's now engorged cunt, Carole set about giving Joyce a real whipping every stroke was a sharp stroke, some stokes hard enough that little red welts appeared on Joyce's back side immediately following the hit.

Joyce was crying out, yelling into her love juice coated panties, at every hit, screaming perhaps at the top of her lungs, her body reacting violently to each new touch. Carole continued until I was about to say something, thinking perhaps she was being a bit to sadistic a bit too aggressive, a bit overwhelming, when suddenly she stopped. She moved away from Joyce leaving her heaving body riddled with little red marks and went over to look at the watch we had included with the picnic stuff.

I would think she was satisfied with her timing so far, and rationalizing how much she could do with the remaining time, because she then doffed the rest of her clothing, dropping it on the ground. When Carole turned around I was provided the delightful sight of her shining nakedness, her firm breasts, with their elongated nipples. I stared as I contemplated on how long her nipples were. I did not think a fourteen old would be able to produce nipples as long as those sticking out of the middle of her tits. I figured perhaps it was the enjoyment of her sadistic side that had caused this peculiarity; in any case it was evident that she was enjoying what she was doing to Joyce at this moment.

Carole went over to Joyce and began to repeat that since she had found her in this compromising position, just waiting for something to happen, indicated that she had accepted unconditionally the understanding that they had made the evening before. That she was to be dominated by Carole in any shape or form what so ever to her liking from this moment on until Joyce was dropped off at her residence.

Carole would not accept any hesitation on Joyce's part once told to do something, even if that something was particularly disgusting, embarrassing or humiliating. Any hesitation on Joyce's part would bring a punishment that would be most unpleasant. Joyce could not say no, nor could she say she did not want to do what she was told. Carole ended what she was saying to Joyce with, since the accepted understanding was unconditional, meaning any thing Carole decided was to be accomplished without considering if Joyce understood, or not or was having second thoughts about anything at all.

Having gotten that out of the way once again, Carole waited a moment to let it sink in, then told Joyce that she was finished playing with her back side and was going to be turned over for a new round of and Carole emphasized the word, abuse. I watched as Joyce's body responded to this statement, I was sure I saw goose bumps appear over most of her backside, I know her body reacted with several little shivers, or ripples as she lay there tied to the frame.

Carole began once again telling Joyce that Marc (meaning me) was going to unfasten the restraints, stand her up for a moment to allow for some of the blood to re-circulate in her legs and arms. Joyce was then to be placed face up on the set up, stretched out and securely tied back down. Joyce was to make no moves to runaway, she was not to try and make the re-arranging difficult, she was to allow big Marc to manhandle her as he saw fit.

Punishment for any indiscretion that Carole thought might be made, would be swift and deadly painful, perhaps cumulating with allowing Marc to do as he so desired with her lovely young white body. Carole went on to say that if Dougie knew that she had been subjected to any of Marc's desires, he would most likely drop her like a hot potato.

With all these threatening words finish, Carole told Marc to unfasten Joyce, her legs first and then her arms, keeping hold of her by all the force necessary if necessary. I am certain that if the butt plug had not been shoved so far up Joyce's arse, she would have shit herself hearing all this. I would think she regretted providing Carole with what do they say carte blanche to do with her as she wished.

Carole, I did not think explained everything to Joyce last night, or if she did she did not go into to many details of what might and what was going to happen. After all this was going to be over I was afraid that perhaps Joyce would not want to be with me any longer, would not want to be my lovely young lover. We were certainly far enough into the program that what ever happen next would not make too much of a difference how Joyce decided our relationship would work, so I kept my mouth shut and hoped Carole knew just where the limits might be.

Once the restraints had been loosened I stood Joyce up rubbing her arms and legs, forcing her circulation back to some normality as I knew for the next little while she was going to once again be uncomfortable.

I managed to set the lower potion of her back bone on the edge of the set up, leaving her ass hole and cunt completely free to be played with. I tried to arrange the horse blanket to have a bit more cushioning as now she would on her back, and not comforted by her soft stomach. Attaching her arms straight out like she was being crucified , I fixed them so firmly that her chest popped right up sending her nipples with their clamps pointing right up and out.

Her legs were a bit of a problem, where as on her stomach I stretched those down and out, on her back to open her up I would with have to tie them with her feet flat on the ground there by limiting the spread of her private parts, or tie them up right, and each leg to a wrist. This position would provide maximum exposure for any of Carole’s devilish deeds, but would also allow for unwanted movement, Joyce would be able to rotate her body a bit.

In my mind I saw Joyce tied with her legs almost above her head spread wide open, but Carole said for what she had in mind, it would be more acceptable for less openness and more fixture, so we spread her as wide as her physical body would allow and fixed her feet flat, taking as an extra precaution to loop an attachment at each knee and fix it out to its respective side.

Carole wasted no time once we had Joyce secured, and began whipping her in earnest with the little switch. Carole covered every exposed part of the fontal portion of Joyce's body, except those sexual parts, her cunt and her tits. The whipping was merciless, yet Carole did not leave any of the red marks she had placed on the back of Joyce's body.

Then as suddenly as she had started her forceful whipping she began tapping with light touches on the parts she had so far avoided. Joyce just about jumped off the frame work, when the tip of the switch touched her clit. I had tied her down very well, but even so she found some way to stretch the ties just ever so, allowing her body to bounce upward. Carole continued with the light touches, hitting Joyce's tits, trying just to tip the top part of the nipple that was held erect by the clamp, the shock Joyce must have felt then no one could probably describe. The sound that came through the muffled gag was loud and clear. I could see that Carole was definitely enjoying herself, yet I was loathe to ask what she was feeling, I just watched as the action and reaction complimented itself.

As for myself my dick had been as hard as a rock since I had stuck it in Joyce's rear end, it had not softened one little bit, now even when I was involved in moving Joyce's body over, yet I was feeling far from cumming. Today I have to take VIAGRA to keep it hard enough to be useful and now just thinking about some of the antics I was involved with has me shooting what little liquid that I do managed to produce almost immediately .

Carole now had Joyce's body reacting with violent contractions, Joyce was almost having convolutions, you could see her accentuated body movements, it was like watching a wave roll into a beach, ripples after ripple passing down from her upper body, past her tits, through her stomach and ending up pushing her clit from it nature covering, so that you could see it vibrating.

Along side the corncob that has been stuffed into her young cunt; the love juices were running continually. Carole stopped tapping and began making little circles with the tip of the switch, she was almost scrolling, scrolling every exposed part of Joyce's now sweating body. Suddenly the corncob appeared to be moving out from her innards, when Carole saw that she cracked the tip of the switch direct on Joyce's exposed clit, causing her to suck in her stomach, which in turn pulled the cob back into to her swollen love tunnel.

Carole immediately told Joyce, under no circumstance was she to evacuate the cob, if she did Carole was going to ask Marc to push as it and hold it in with his own large black cock, and he was going to push it so far in that it might never come out. Joyce was sweating profusely now, trying with all her might to hold that cob between her pussy lips, while Carole did everything possible to make Joyce evacuate the cob. Joyce was being put through an ordeal that she had never anticipated at all, she was now whining and whimpering like a lost sole, there was no end to it

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