By the time Joyce had finished telling me her version of things, I had my cock out and was stroking myself, carefully, trying very hard not to come with all this verbal stimulation but enjoying myself immensely. Joyce was watching me as she was busy diddling herself, engrossed in the event of things. I guess neither of us could take any more, as I heard Joyce cry out in passion, no doubt releasing a built up orgasm, I blew my load all over the picnic blanket. It certainly took us more than a few minutes to compose ourselves. Realizing that we had just managed to get our rocks off without touching one another we both commented almost in unison that this had been great, something that we would have to try again some time.

Joyce then suggested that I read the note that had been written earlier that morning by Carole before I decided whether or not I wanted to play, or just lay out in the sun. I of course had no intention of laying out in the sun . I may have thought before I had been privy to the show Carole and Joyce had put on, that I was going to amuse myself to the perhaps degradation of Joyce, but now given the situation I thought otherwise.

I reached for the note, opening it to see that the first sentence following my name was written in very bold letters - TRY NOT TO LET JOYCE SEE WHAT I HAVE WIRITTEN - there was a large space of blank white lines, which I imagined Carole had thought to leave just in case Joyce was close by me when I opened the note.

} The next few lines went on to explain that Carole thought she might be able to get Joyce to agree to participate in a bit of animal sex, if things work in her favour, but if not , she was hopefully going to rectify that if I would be a willing partner. However by the time I would be reading this note it would be known if such an event had taken place. If I was interested however, even if her plans had worked and Joyce had accepted, or had had sex with an animal, to pursue the degradation of Joyce further then I was to try as best I could to complete the rest of the following instructions .

Carole had continued writing that Joyce might have an idea that she would be involved in more deviant games, but she was not certain if she knew that you might not be involved, so try not to coerce her into anything by telling her that you will be there to protect her. If you think she is fighting your efforts to carry out my instructions, because she has had enough or has lost interest then , or is scared out of her wits then feel free to go about your business the two of you together and just throw all the packages back in the picnic basket.

Carole had out lined her instruction in point form

1 . You need to find or fix a place upon which to lay Joyce’s naked body, it should not be too high off the ground, it would be best if laid belly down, her knees would be touching the ground.

( I immediately thought of a set up like there had been back at the kennel)

2. You should use the material in one of the little packages to firmly tie or fix Joyce so that her movements would be very limited, to the point of not being able to move at all.

3. You should gag Joyce so that she would unable to convince you to stop doing what you were doing, for any reason what so ever, or for any promise that she would do just about anything for you later.

4. You are to make sure that when laid belly down, her two tits are hanging free and clear and you are to attach a clothes pin to each of her nipples, making sure that her nipples have extended from her globes as far as possible – You are left to your own means of how to get the nipples to the desired length.

5. It would be appreciated if you managed to put Joyce in an excited emotional state, so that she is ready and willing to accept anything I choose to do to her, if possible to the point that she is seeking to satisfy her needs regardless of the means.

It is suggested that you cover her body in sunscreen so that if she is being held under the sun’s rays for any extended period of time she will not get burned.

If you so desire you can take her, to satisfy yourself, or to satisfy both of you , what ever you chose to will be fine with me , as long as she can be used to satisfy my desires also

And a final item

6 You are to find some objects, as I found nothing adequate to provide, with which you can shove in both of Joyce’s holes, nothing that would injure her , but anything that might cause as much pain as it did pleasure

If indeed you do consent to play my game, then I would ask that you come and get me at the kennel, however I would strongly suggest that you use the blindfold included with the other wrapped objects , making absolutely certain Joyce will not be able to see what is going to happen.

I could feel myself getting hard once again, I guess there are good things being a virile young 16 year old lad . Mind you as I am remembering all that I am writing even at my advanced age my cock has been stirring like it has not done in a long time. I reread the note holding it close to my chest, trying not to let on to Joyce just what I might be thinking while I scanned the area looking for something suitable to use as a block.

I thought in order to disguise what I was going to do it would be best to get Joyce all oiled up and out lying in the sun, so that I could take the time I needed to fix things the way Carole had asked. I was certainly interested in seeing what else Carole had in mind to do to Joyce. I moved over to my love, bringing her to a standing position, attacking her mouth with mine, pushing my tongue roughly into her mouth. I grabbed at the cheeks of her ass and pulled her naked body in towards mine. I held her tightly as I massaged her buns, slipping my fingers into her back crevice , seeking out her little bung hole. I played with her for several minutes, not giving her a change to do anything but receive my manhandling, then I broke from the kiss and pushed her body out an arms length .

I told her it was time for some sun , but first I had to coat her lovely hot body with some sunscreen telling her to stretch out on her back. I straddled her facing her feet and began rubbing the lotion, first into her toes, then along her calves and all over her muscular thighs stopping short of rubbing at the joint of her legs. I found it pleasing that I could get her moaning and groaning just by massaging her legs. I turned myself around placing the weight of my body on her thighs just below her now quivering pussy.

This time I began at her temples, being careful coating her face with lotion, I rubbed my fingers gingerly over her beautiful unblemished white skin. Applying a bit more pressure as I let my hands roam around her neck over her shoulders and down on to her chest, I added more lotion to the super sensitive area of her tits and those now perky nipples of her. Not wasting my time, I scooted back just a bit on her legs and dribbled more lotion over her belly and into her fine blond pussy hairs. I then began in earnest to work the lotion in to her skin, making sure that my fingers lingered long enough to coat her pussy lips properly and to obtain a series of real intense grunts and groans from deep inside her firm young body.

As my naked girl lay there her body now heaving from the result of my rubbing motions, I took the opportunity to unzip my shorts and release my rigid rod from its confines. When I moved to reach for her arms with the intention of coating them with sunscreen I directed the tip of my throbbing cock to her open lips and slipped it into her warm wet mouth. I manoeuvred my body, raising up on my knees as I grabbed for her wrists, bringing my cock perpendicular to her throat and pushed into her cavity. I rocked my body, not giving much care to any thing other than my needs, pumping my cock up and down into her throat. Suddenly it felt real good, to be holding her down, to be forcing myself , without having asked, upon her young body. As I got closer to my objective, Joyce began to struggle, bucking her body up against mine, trying to pull her writs free , gasping for breath. All this did was speed up my release , I felt my cock jerk and then felt the sensation of my seed erupting deep down in Joyce’s mouth, causing her to gag uncontrollably .

Having satisfied myself, I felt a bit remorse, I guess I was not really cut out for too much rough stuff, I moved my body off Joyce allowing her to turn her head , and spit a good quantity of my spunk from her mouth, at the same time gasping in large quantities of air. I finished rubbing the lotion on her soft white arms, and let her regain a sitting position. I was very much afraid she was going to say something, that would end the day’s activities, but to my relief she said not one word as she licked the remnants of my cum from her lips. I whispered to her telling her that I had to go take a leak but would be right back, and took off in search of something that could be used like that block back at the kennel.

Fortunately, the local farmer had left bits and pieces of his equipment close to the little butte we had settled on. I managed to find a iron frame and sufficient lengths of not too weathered wood to be able to fix up something very similar to the block that I wanted to copy. I hauled all this back to where Joyce had finally taken up sunning her body. I looked on in wonderment at the beautiful creature, laid out in her pure nakedness, her legs open just so, her arms bent, her hand inserted behind her head of bright yellowy blonde hair, my Goddess, my girl, my lover, Christ I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world.

Once I had the frame built to hold her body, I moved it closer to a small clump of trees, that I intended to use as the fixed points to which I was going to tie her limbs. I approached Joyce, telling her it might be good if she turned over, as I did not think she wanted to be bronzed only on one side. Once she had moved onto her stomach, I reached for the gag and quickly slipped it over her mouth. Before she could pull at it with her hands I had them tied behind her back. This time she began to struggle immediately, trying to speak through the gag itself. I had to steel myself to be able continue, my own adrenaline began pumping, yet while I was not a person who was into forcing things, I began to feel tingling of my own .

In the note Carole had left she said I should be able to use one word commands, spoken clearly and sharply, almost like I did when I was giving commands at the Air Cadet meetings. So I shouted our “Stand and be still” and to my amazement Joyce followed through, she stood up , stopped struggling and held her place. This was much better. I guided her off the blanket, still holding her attached arms, I took the blanket and covered the rough frame that I had built to receive her naked body. Once I thought I had padded the frame sufficiently, I pushed on her back lowering the front of her body down onto the blanket. The most difficult part was tying her arms to the roots of the bushes, that took a bit of doing, one arm at a time, each time tightening the tying material until I had her arms firmly fixed spread out wide from her body.

Attaching her thighs proved to be a bigger problem, however Carole had provided enough cloth material that I was able to make temporary chafing pads so that I could wrap the restraining material around them a couple of times then pull it tight to the tree root, spreading her ass crack fairly wide open with out damaging the skin of her thighs.

Once I was certain she was fixed to the frame, I picked up the clothes pins, and began to play with her left tits, which I had made sure was hanging along the side of the frame. Seeing that this was not quite getting the results I wanted, I wet my finger and inserted into the her ass hole. That did the trick, her left nipple popped right out of her tit, and grew to an immediate length that was sufficient to attach the pins. I was certain she yelled out in pain as the pin closed upon her unsuspecting nipple, there was an awful noise coming from the mouth gag.

I proceeded to attached the second pin, having not trouble at all, her nipple was standing straight out ready to receive this painful contraption. I was a bit disappointed as I really wanted to shove my finger up her ass once more but alas there was no need. I looked over my handy work, thinking Carole was going to love this. Joyce was spread our wide, open for any devious trick Carole wanted to play. I was trying to imagine my sister Carole standing there with a large dick between her legs pushing, no shoving it right up Joyce’s virgin cunt. Telling myself I had better hurry and figure out what I could use to fill Joyce’s exposed holes so I could go and get Carole. I was now very anxious to she what she had planned.

It was too bad that corn cobs had their tassels growing and the wrong end of the cob. I had grabbed two that I felt would do and came back to where Joyce was laid out prone, waiting.
It was too bad that corn cobs had their tassels growing and the wrong end of the cob. I had grabbed two that I felt would do and came back to where Joyce was laid out prone, waiting. I watched as her eyes widened when she saw me with the corn, surely she knew what I was planning. Once I had husked the corn, I could not figure a way to fix the tassel so that it would be hanging like a horse tale once I had fix the cobs in place. I licked and spit on the tapered end of the smaller cob then eased it into to Joyce’s bung hole, causing her to scream out into the gag in her mouth. Each time I pushed it in another row of kernels, she would try her earnest to flex her bottom, her ass muscles, trying to keep it from going in further. Once I had all but the last two inches securely planted beyond her anus ring, I stopped.

While it seemed that I was causing her great pain slipping this small object up her ass, you could see and increase in the amount of fluids that were leaking from her cunt. I proceeded to husk the larger cob, at its girth it must had measured two inches for sure. It was a good nine inches long, and was filled with huge corn kernels, which had grown unevenly. Not needing any lubricate I slipped the tapered end in first, causing Joyce to moan as best she could given the gag in her mouth. Slowly but surely I pushed this monster cob into her womanhood, watching with intrigue as she allowed to penetrate, past her puffy red pussy lips, were where contracting and vibrating on the bumpy little kernels as they passed through . Joyce was working her sex, trying to control the movement of the cob as it was slipped into her wonderful nether region.

I figured it was time to coat her nakedness with a film of sunscreen, trusting that if I massaged it into her lovely young body, I would be able to create a pleasurable feeling, perhaps overcoming the pain she was experiencing with all the items I had placed on and in her body. I began rubbing at her neck, then down on to her shoulders where I applied as much pressure with my fingers as I possibly could. I hoped to relieve any of the anxious tension that had built up. I then ran the palms of my hands down over the back of her rib cage, with my thumbs rubbing down her spinal cord.

I expressly avoided touching below the small of her back, but went instead to rubbing lotion on the soles of her feet, and then alternatively on to the exposed flesh of her bound thighs . Only when having covered all of her that was in the sun, did I squirt large gobs of lotion onto her ass cheeks. I took my time moulding , massing rubbing the lotion into her bottom, being very careful to apply a good amount of pressure with my fingers to the area around the corncob plugs. Each time my fingers past along side of her two holes, she bucked or at least tried to buck her bottom back to keep in contact with them. Her moans and groans were greatest when my fingers stopped for a moment in that little spot between her two openings.

I had not placed my cock back into my shorts properly, so it did not take much before it was popping right out straight, ready, hard and rigid. I took the opportunity to run the length of my member along her ass crack. Applying just enough pressure to make me feel real good. I began to wonder if I should just forget about Carole, leaving her up at the kennels with her animal friends, and continue on playing with Joyce, my naked love. I was curious however, as to just where Carole might take things, how far she would push the limits of Joyce’s tolerance , of her aptitude to accept sexual stimulations, that we had not experimented with in our relationship.

Then I guess, thinking more like a big brother than anything else, I figured Carole had done good by me, by allowing me to have witnessed her little trick with Joyce and the dog, so it would be probably better if I went and got her, even if was just to she what she had planned. I fixed my cock back into my shorts and zipped up. I picked up the blindfold that had been included in the things Carole had supplied but before covering Joyce’s eyes, I planted several sloppy kisses on her mouth. Telling her I was going to go get Carole, I tightened the bond on the blindfold, making sure it was as snug as possible. Thinking that I should perhaps increase her anxiety just a bit, I told her I should not be too long, and hoped that leaving her tied like that, spread out like an offering, did not present any danger of having a animal find her, or worse some farmer.

I had gone about 20 yards from the exit of the small corn covered path when I saw Carole walking down the dirt road towards me. She was walking with , it looked like, the same dog that she had had at the kennel, the same one that she had introduced to Joyce. Carole increased her walking speed, almost to a running form when she saw me. She grabbed hold of my neck, slipping her arms up and around me, and pulled me into a kiss that was much more than a brotherly-sister kiss. Breaking off her kiss , gasping for breath, she told me that she was so glad that I had decided to come looking for her. She had begun to wonder if I had changed my mind, and was going to forget letting her join in the afternoon’s fun and games with Joyce.

Carole said that she was really concerned , once it appeared that I was taking much longer than she had thought, she started out on the road hoping that she might be able to find the spot we had chosen for our picnic. Sputtering her words just a bit she continued on to explain to me that she was going to try and spy on us, if she was not to be included in the fun, that way she would have at least been able to satisfy her desires, her own needs. She said she brought the dog along in case he might become useful in her quest to succeed. She then leaned her body into mine once again squeezing us tightly together telling me that she loved me.

After several minutes of feeling her warm body vibrating against mine, Carole grabbed for my right hand once more telling me how much she appreciated my coming for her. She went on talking about how much it pleased her that her brother was willing to share his girlfriend and as she was saying all this I felt her pull my hand in under the material of her blouse and fix it firmly to a bare naked tit. Carole began to rotate our hands, applying pressure to her fingers to contract mine, telling me to feel how delighted she was , how excited she was as she rubbed my fingers over her little nipple.

I could hear Carole taking deep breaths , I could feel her body pressing hard into mine as she continued to play our hands over her bare breast. I began to wonder just where this was going, but I was certain I did not want it to stop. It had been many years since I had been allowed to rub my hands on my sister’s naked body, playing those childish games brothers and sisters did as little tykes. Carefully Carole moved her shoulders back pushing her body away from mine just ever so. Surprising me even more, she took my free hand and brought it to her other naked breast then released both my hands, leaving me hold on to beautifully formed 14 year old tits.

Carole was now shaking as she turned her head up and again sought my mouth, I returned her kiss, it was solid , warm and sensual , yet still not quite like the kisses Joyce provided. The kiss lingered , so I continued to rub the two naked tits I had been offered, flicking at the little nipples intending to get them standing out as far as possible. I sensed movement on Carole’s part but I could not see nor tell what she was actually doing. It did seem that she was wiggling the lower portion of her body however. At first I thought the dog had decided to take advantage of the embrace we were in to shuffle his nose into Carole’s bottom, but I allowed my eyes to roam the area I saw him laying quietly at the side of the road.

Now to say the least, my cock had not really returned to a normal polite stature since I had left Joyce splayed out on the frame. I was sure Carole could feel the huge bulge in my shorts as she pressed her sweet body against mine and noticed that her kissing me caused it to throb pointedly . Whether Carole was just testing the waters or was innocently caught up in the moment I do not know, but it was evident she was enjoying herself as much as I was. Taking a bold move. Carole once more adjusted her shoulders, this time however causing her blouse to fall completely from her body, heightening the thrill for both of us.

Knowing she was half naked, I thought I might be able to leave go of one of her tits and run my hand down over her back in an attempt to provide further stimulus, Carole however had other ideas, as soon as I started to move a hand, she grabbed it, then to my astonishment , she eased my arm down between our bodies and placed it on her bare naked 14 year old pussy. Carole was not half naked she was completely bare, she had dropped her lower covering as well and she stood there making out with me on the side of the dirt road. She broke her kiss long enough to say

“ Finger me big brother ! Please make me cum!’’ and spread her legs to allow my hand to slid down in to her very wet cunt.

I do not think we had been standing there any more than 15 minutes, may be perhaps 20 minutes, it sounds like it was much longer when you put it in written words, but I doubt we held this position for much longer. Let me tell you, once my fingers found their mark Carole let out a loud loving screech cuming immediately, covering my fingers, my hand with her young juices, allowing a good quantity to run down the inside of her legs. She then collapsed her body into mine holding me in an almost vice like grip as she told me how good that had been, how much she loved me, how much she had enjoyed these few moments. Fortunately for me I was so busy concentrating on getting her off, that I did not even consider releasing my seed, I am certain it would have stained the whole front of my shorts.

Gathering her composure, Carole pushed away from me and picked up her clothes, but before she put them on she called the dog over and allowed me to watch as he licked the remnants of her love juices from her legs, not missing the opportunity of licking right up to the source . Carole did not stop him as he sent his long pink tongue into her sweet center, but she did blush a deep red, knowing that I was staring at the two of them.

Once the dog stopped, Carole slipped on her clothes, slipped her arm in through mine and said it was about time we went to play with Joyce.

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