There never was another weekend like the one I had passed with Mary Jane. There were however several if not many occasions that happened by where I was teased almost unmercifully, by Mary Jane, my wife and their new found friend Dianna. While there were no situations in which I was asked to participate, there was certainly enough exposure of female nakedness, that I always managed to get myself off, with little difficulty.

Life was very uneventful several weekends following our tryst with Mary Jane, my wife however did arrange her working schedule so that following her 10 PM closing stint, she would meet up with either Mary Jane or Dianna, or both after work. I never did find out who was involved, nor what transpired, but my wife always wanted rough sex with me when she did return to our bed. Then one weekend things became more interesting, my wife explicitly suggested I go answer the door, when the bell rang , not telling me who it was or why I had to get off my ass to do so. I was astonished to find Dianna, standing there waiting in the early morning light for the door to open. Perhaps more than astonished I should say , as Dianna was wearing an outfit that showed, no more like promoted her lovely girlish assets.

She was wearing a black push up half-bra, her vivid pick nipples stuck out straight over the top edge of the material, effectively directing my eyesight from her smiling face. I had to shake my head to clear things, before I could apologize for my rudeness. Dianna was quite the girl, however , telling me that no harm had been done then immediately opening her short jacket asking if I would like to see the rest of her outfit. Well no red blooded man, no matter his age was going to refuse such an offer, so I readily agreed, asking if she would like to step inside . Telling me that it was most probably expected that she remain on the front steps, she backed away from me just a bit letting her jacket slip off her shoulders, allowing it to stop at the crook of her elbows, effectively exposing the top half of her body to my greedy eyes.

Dianna, having allowing me several minutes to gawk at her heaving tits, delicately straightened her arms, easing them behind her and allowed the jacket to float off her body down into a pile at her feet. This of course caused my attention to follow the movement of the material, only my line of sight stopped at the level of her pussy, which I found to be covered only by a slim strip of back cloth. Dianna was wearing a tiny little thong barely covering the crack of her sex. I am sure my eyes widen with approval when she moved her feet apart, spreading her upper thighs quite conveniently and placed her hands on her hips. I could feel a dryness forming in my throat as I stood in the door stoop while this young lady without any inhibition at all, continued to expose her body to me. Once again she allowed me a few moments to gaze at her lovely features, long enough to almost memorize the features of the delicate rose that had been tattooed just off to the right of the folds of her pussy .

Dianna then raised her arms straight up over her head and completed full pirouette and a half coming to a stop, facing away from me, well actually facing out directly towards the city street. Once she stopped she again spread her feet apart, then she slowly bent, well more like provocatively bent her body at her waist exposing the almost non existent thread or string of black material between her ass check. In this position I was able to distinguish the little wrinkles of her anus with out difficulty as it throbbed no doubt in rhythm with the rate of her pulse. Let me tell you, had I moved forward, my cock which had reacted to the very first sighting of her elongated nipples , would not have encounter too much to bar its pathway slipping deeply into the folds of her warm bowels. Perhaps Dianna was thinking the same thing, for suddenly she stood up right, slung her jacket over her shoulder, turned to face me, and excused herself as she slipped past me into the house.

Thinking that I might realize further benefits if I followed her, I quickly shut the front door and moved in behind her. Unfortunately, as she reached my wife and they exchanged those little French welcoming kisses, my wife shooed me away telling me they were running late and Mary Jane was waiting for them. I returned very dejected and assumed my place in the living room knowing that I was only going to reap some benefits later that evening when my wife arrived back home. As the seasons ran their course, I was often afforded the opportunity to open the front door and let Dianna into the house and while she did on many occasions provide me with a quick glance of how she was dressed, or better yet undressed, I never got another show like the first one.

One Saturday in particular still sticks out in my mind, Dianna arrived all dressed in black leather, well in small black leather pieces of clothing just barely covering the essentials, providing just enough to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure. She appeared to be all out of breath, her body heaving up and down as she greeted me when I opened the door. Slipping past me she allowed her firm almost naked body to rub against me in the most nonchalant of ways, providing me with just the slight of a thrill, as she called out to my wife telling her that she was sorry to be running late. Dianna continued on explaining to my wife that she had experienced car troubles that morning and was obliged to use the city transit services to get to our place.

When I heard her say that I stopped in my tracks, holding my position in the hallway, in the hope that I would hear more of her explanation. My mind raced on however, providing me with visions of this lovely half dressed, half naked beauty standing in line waiting for the bus, perhaps running, to catch the bus, her tits bouncing in their loosely held leather fabric. It was easy imaging the look on the bus driver’s face as she boarded, it would have been exactly like mine was when I opened the front door, astonished for sure. Then I began to imagine the treat she would have provided to all the other passengers as she walked the aisle looking for an empty seat. Of course I also imagined her having to stand in a full bus, holding on to the supporting straps, as the vehicle jostled her body along on the uneven road, her young body rubbing up against her fellow riders.

I guess my daydreaming prevented me from hearing any of the details, if there were any she was sharing with my wife, because the first thing I knew was that I had come in my pants. Just the thought of Dianna standing in the aisle of the bus, her hands tightly gripping the overhead straps, while some lucky man, or men allowed their bodies to rub against her, or allowed their hands to take advantage of her. Things perhaps got out of hand when I began to visualize some young girl replacing the images of the men who began to rub her hands over Dianna’s exposed body, while some old stuffy maid watched in disgust. Quickly I made my exit to the wash room to take care of the mess I had released in my pants .

When I arrived back at the lower hall landing, I was greeted by both girls , my wife surprisingly dressed almost exactly as Dianna. Her black leather material however appeared to cover more of her body. My wife told me that they would be back later that evening, but were in a hurry at the moment as Mary Jane was out there tied to a fence , exposed to the elements and she was worried that she would be very defenseless if some unsavory person happened by and found her. Giving me a peck on the cheek she fondled my balls just a bit and told me that she would take care of me later then pushed Dianna out the front door in a rush. I spent the rest of the afternoon just wondering how and where my little Mary Jane was tied, exposed to the elements, then wondering even more, just what my scantily dressed wife and Dianna had planned for the rest of the day’s entertainment.

At Christmas that year, my wife convinced me to accompany her to a store that sold sexually enhanced products, telling me that she wanted my help in purchasing a special Xmas present for her. To my delight, and I would believe also for several patrons, my wife chose and modeled several strap on cocks before she settled on one she liked. Christmas day, after we had opened our gifts, was spent with me fucking her up the ass while she was wearing her new gift. As I continued to pound my wife’s ass, she busied herself masturbating her artificial cock while she related with explicit detail just what she was going to do to both Mary Jane and Dianna with her new fixture.

Over the years, Mary Jane was always kind and considerate to me, when ever we visited her home, for what every the occasion, be it a birthday party for her children or just a dinner occasion. While it never ever got hot and heavy like it had that weekend such a long time ago, Mary Jane never failed to tease me just a bit. She always managed to greet me, pressing her hot body up against mine gyrating it just every so carefully. Then there were those times when unknown to the other guests she would flash me. I was provided occasions to get good long looks, down her blouse. Every once in a while she would be bra less and her nipples would be poking straight out like they had been back when. It was funny because I was sure at times that when I first arrived Mary Jane would be wearing underwear, yet by the time she decided to flash me there was none.

Mary Jane continued to keep her pussy clean shaven. When ever I was afforded a good look up her skirt I was always provided with the sight of bare puffy pussy lips, some times spread as wide as the situation would allow. Each and every time I am afforded these treats, Mary Jane does her best to provide the illusion that she is unaware of what she is exposing, or that it is accidental. Summer time is really the best, because her husband bought a home which includes a large in ground swimming pool. The changing cabin’s door is only a flimsy cloth curtain affair, and has provided us with some real fun Mary Jane wears these tiny little bikini suits that do not cover very much of anything, and it seems that the ties do not hold very well.

So as an old man I sit where I am told, especially when Mary Jane suggests the seating arrangement, I sip on my beverage, trying hard to look innocent as I watch her movements like a hawk hoping to enjoy any sight that she may well choose to direct my attention to.

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2012-03-31 11:55:02
What a disapointment. great story! Terrible ending!

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2010-09-23 03:15:22
Verry hot, a bit too long perhaps, and I didn't really like the ending, but very hot.

tugboat guy

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This is a disappointing end to a decent series.

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