When I came back down all spiffy and dressed for the office, my wife was waiting for me. She had covered her beautiful nakedness, once again with that short light gown, leaving it untied which was almost becoming a habit of hers. As I prepared to exit the front door, I looked for another farewell kiss, but instead she took my arm in hers, moving us both through the door and out onto the front stoop. Now we had been living in this area for some time , and knew most of the neighbours , their peculiarities and their habits. I knew for a fact that each morning Mrs. Brown across the street was in her kitchen window, when I left for work, while we had never actually waved to one another, we did acknowledge one another’s presence .With my wife accompanying me out on to the stoop dressed as she was , Mrs. Brown was going to get an eye full this wonderful morning.

To my further surprise, and delight I must say, my wife continued to accompany me to the car where she backed herself up against the driver’s door, pulling me in close. Somehow, and I have never figured it out, mind you I never spend much time trying to figure it out, but she managed to let her gown slip back off her body, down to level with her elbows as she slipped her arms around my back. She lifted her head and offered her lips to me, embracing us in a hot passionate kiss, pressing my body hard up against her nakedness. I of course did not miss the opportunity, to reach between her legs, insert my fingers into her very wet sloppy box and frig her hard and quick.

I could have continued this all day long, but my wife was first to break contact, pushing me back just a bit from her shaking body, telling me that I had to get going or I was going to be very late. Moving carefully, she eased herself sideways, allowing me to open the car door, while she slipped the gown back on to her shoulders. Once I settled in the driver’s seat she had me roll the window down . She leaned in, I am sure in such a way that the gown rode high way up onto her back, exposing her ass completely to anyone looking our way. Then my wife told me that I saw our neighbour Elizabeth out walking her dog, I should stop and ask her to drop in for coffee on her way back.

I must have made a strange facial expression, for she added that often Elizabeth, stopped by for early morning coffee, they usually let the dog out on the back deck while they sipped , gossiped and, well she never completed the rest of that statement , but continued on saying that perhaps today would be a very good day to change their habits and take their coffee out on to the deck to enjoy the sights as it was still early in the day. She told me to get going and moved off the car. My wife stood there, her gown hanging wide open, as I backed down the driveway, turned on to the street and headed off down the road. I was able to watch in the rearview mirror, as my wife waved to me allowing her gown to flow freely in the air, covering her and uncovering her until I disappeared from her sight.

I wondered if Mrs. Brown was enjoying the show, but then I had not looked to see if she was at her kitchen window that morning. I kept my eye out for Elizabeth walking the dog . I almost missed her as I was about to turn on to the highway. Fortune was with me that morning, I was able to slip the car back onto to the side road and catch her, telling her that my wife had asked me to catch her to invite her to stop off for coffee on her way back. Not really knowing what the kind of relationship there was between her and my wife, I kindly offered up the fact that Mary Jane, our young niece was staying over and had already taken up a fixed position out on the deck.

Driving to work was quite an ordeal that morning, several times I was honked at for being a bit slower off the start when the traffic lights turned green. My mind however was not at all focused on the task of driving. Thoughts were running through my head, at a rapid speed, I was imaging Elizabeth arriving at the house and being greeted by my wife who would most likely still be in her gown, or even perhaps without it. I could almost see the dog pushing his snout up in to my wife private past, sniffing her scent, perhaps licking at what every residue remained from the frigging I had given her.

Let me tell you my day at work was one hell of a day, I had a difficult time concentrating, even on the little tasks that I had to complete. I must have been walking around with the biggest grin on my face, as my coworkers were all commenting on my happy behavior. I had to be very careful , not to let things wander to far, I certainly did not want to spurt in my pants while I was thinking . Imagining the dog being let out on to the deck to find Mary Jane still fixed to the floor, her ass in the air, her body reeking of my piss, her poor ass hole covered in cum. It was all I could to keep my cock squeezed between my legs. I tried to imagine the scene of my wife and Elizabeth stepping out on to the deck, my wife perhaps stark naked, perhaps in her little gown. Elizabeth, well that was an unknown, I knew she had a good body, she exercised regularly, she had a tight ass and from what I could tell her upper rack was sufficient to please any man. Perhaps she also was undressed, maybe naked, maybe in her bra and panties as she accompanied my wife out onto the patio deck.

As the both came through the patio door with their coffee cups, they would move over to the smaller table, and set themselves comfortably. There they would glance over at the sight that was being offered them, Mary Jane , set on her hands and knees, the large I guess it was a German Shepard, straddled up on her back, humping her poor body as he would do any of his other bitches. Pumping her firm and hard until his knot entered and fused them together until he was ready to dismount. Fortunately it was lunch time when these images filtered though my mind, I was able to get to the washroom in time and jack myself off releasing a huge amount of pressure.

The afternoon could have terminated much sooner, it was long in coming to its end. Once out of the office and back on the road I wasted no time getting home, hoping perhaps that Mary Jane had not left and might be ready for a bit more. I was disappointed that she was not there, but delighted by the fact that my wife was all dolled up . My wife had my favourite supper, things had been set up in a cozy way, a dinner for two lovers. All that I could get out of her was her thanks for catching Elizabeth and getting her to stop with her dog. She did add that every one had enjoyed the day immensely and Mary Jane had left later that afternoon a completely satisfied young woman, ready to take on anything and anyone.

Later that evening we enjoyed several glass of wine and ended up making slow , sensual love in our bed, before we both dozed off in to a more relaxing satisfied slumber. I never found out what transpired that particular day, no one, not my wife, not Elizabeth, not Mary Jane ever made reference to that day when I was within hearing distance, even though there was much familiar touching when the three of them were together.
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