My entire family Mom (Trisha), Dad (Mark), Me (Zach, 14) and My brother Jordan (11), are a nudist family. We live in a small town in New York full of white people and few nudists. We did not know of any other nudist family in the town before my dad started to go on live chats with nudists online. He met two families from our town. We talked for a long time before finally renting a cabin with four bedrooms. Each room had a king sized bed in it. In the Simons family was Karen Simons and Cliff Simons were the parents. Rachel (14) and Jake (11) Simons were the kids. The other family was the Newman’s whose parents’ names I never got too know. The kids were Matt (13) and Nate (11).

After the 2 1/2 hour drive in our clothing we were finally able to take them off. As we got out of the car and threw our close back in. We went inside with our bathroom bags and nothing else. My brother and I looked around and realized the bed situation. Our parents told us that we were going to go three in each bed. Matt Rachel and I in one, Jordan Nate and Jake in another and the parents would split up how they wanted too. I didn’t care. We heard someone pull into the driveway and ran outside. It was the Newmans who jumped out and stripped down just as we did. Matt’s mom told us that the Simons’ got stuck in traffic and wont be here for at least an hour. I led Matt up to our room while my brother talked to Nate. Once we got inside the room we jumped on the bed and started to talk about a nudist teens favorite topic, sexuality. When you’re around so many naked guys and girls you can never be sure you only like one completely. I asked him what he was first and he told me a little bi but mostly gay. I then told him how I am a solid bi. He said the only reason he was bi was because he had Rachel as his nudist cousin who was smoking hot and great in bed as he said.

He than said but other than a few nice occasions I am gay. I replied well than aren’t I in luck and kissed him hard on the lips, pushing my tongue in and explored his mouth after a while I started to kiss down his face and when I got to his neck I started sucking. I was going to give him a hickey. He let me and then started to touch me and slid his hands down to my 6-½ in. hard dick. He started to stroke it and I moaned into his neck pulling off to examine my work, which was only my second hickey. I kissed down his chest spending extra time on his nipples and down his little bit chubby stomach to his dick. He had less pubic hair then me but not none. His dick was 5 to 5 ½ in. long and extremely wide. It was actually shocking the width of his cock.

He continued to stroke my dick as I kissed his head. I licked down the underside of his cock to his balls taking them both in my mouth and started to hum. He threw his head back in satisfaction and moaned so loud it could be heard all around the house if everyone was just sitting having a drink (there was a huge orgy of adults, Nate and my brother downstairs). I then came off his balls and went for his prize. I took his head in my mouth and slowly stated to work it in. once I got it about ¾ in I gagged. I started to move him in and out of my mouth as fast as I could. He screamed that he was going to cum and I shoved his dick as far into my mouth as I could get it. He froze and pushed his cock down my throat shooting at least six times. I swallowed a lot of it but left some in my mouth for matt. I went up and French kissed him sharing his tasty cum with him.

I then turned him around and put my face in front of his ass. I put my face in his crack and stuck my tongue in his hole getting it nice and wet I then stuck my finger in to stretch his ass out for my dick. I stood up and lined my dick up with his ass and pushed my head through. He let out a small yelp but then calmed down and started to moan. In one fluid motion I pushed my entire cock into his ass. He let out a loud quick cry but once again calmed down to pleasure. I started to pump into his ass as fast at I could and looked out the window to see the Simon’s pulling in. I started to pump as fast as I could and came really hard into his ass. I pulled out of his ass and got down on my hands and knees to catch my leaking cum. I took it and spit it into Matt’s mouth for him to drink. Once we came out of our ecstasy we went down to meet the rest of our group. Once we got outside Jake was already out of the car naked talking to Jordan and Nate. Rachel then got out of the car and started to strip and the eight guys watching all got instantly hard. I was somehow hard again even though just a few minuets ago a had a ridiculous orgasm into Matt’s ass.

Rachel had the most beautiful Tits and the perfectly shaved pussy. Once matt and I had came off of our high from looking at Rachel's gorgeous body we went over to say hi. After some small talk the three of us headed out to the small pool in the backyard. We jumped in and started to talk about the vacation and what we were going to be doing. We decided it was probably just going to be different venues for sex.
Rachel said that we should just start now so I immediately started to kiss he and matt went under water, ender my legs and to her pussy to lick and finger her. When he came up for air his finger was still in her pussy.

I lifted her out of the water and started to eat her out as matt fingered my ass. I grabbed her tits with both my hands and jammed my entire dick into her cunt in one motion banging her as hard as I could matt slowed me down so he could shove his wide dick into my small ass hole. I screamed and then moaned. I shoved all 6 ½ “into her pussy as she stared to shake on my dick entering a huge screaming orgasm. At the same time matt started to cum into my ass and it was all too much for me. I exploded my seed into Rachel's cunt we all cleaned up and went inside to relax our tired sex organs we knew we would be back to each other for more.

If you want a sequel then comment well!

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There is a story similer to this one but not gay i havent finished reading the entire series any suggestions?

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too fast. moree detail

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2010-08-03 00:07:02
Slow down and give more details. Keep writing about their adventures together.

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nice story, maybe spend a little longer describing the characters looks and definitely spend longer writing the sex scenes, they didnt really last long in this ")

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Must not have been too bad, it gave me a hard on....

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