NOTE : I have indicated that - A trip to Grand dad’s farm – is a TRUE story , well it is my girl, my sister and I experienced a wonderful week end together doing just what I have out lined so far : of course 50 years later you do not remember how everything was said, not exactly the way it was said
but the following parts written more or less from my girl’s point of things is indeed what happened. I had never seen her so excited telling a story, I can still hear her voice as she went on and on spilling out word after word after word while she was busy playing with her own body. Never before had she offered to show me that side of her so while I may have taken a bit of leeway with the wording to try and make it as exciting as it was then the subject matter and explanations are very close to what she actually said ;-

Joyce continued still an excited manner, I was correct relating all this to me had gotten to her. If she had not cum she was certainly preparing herself, her hands were rubbing her breasts, her fingers idly playing with her nipples.

“ We had prepared the lunch with your Aunt’s help, help I would guess, more like following her orders on how to do things, as if Carole and I did not know how to make a decent sandwich. Once we had every thing we thought we needed your Aunt indicated that there was an old wooden picnic basket in the back pantry we could use. We carried everything into the pantry and began packing things properly. Carole told me she would be right back as she needed a few items back up in her room, that would enlighten to afternoon’s activities. Before she took off however she went looking for your Aunt, and came back to the pantry quickly telling me that she wanted me to put my underwear in the picnic basket as a surprise for you.”

“ I looked at her dumbstruck, I am sure she saw the blank look in my eyes . She however , must not have considered this hesitation on my part, because she went on to tell me that when she got back with the items she needed she wanted to see me standing there naked, holding my arms out front with my underwear in my hands. Trying to suppress thoughts of having your Aunt coming back into the pantry, I replied quickly “Yes Mistress” and Carole left. I tried to wait as long as possible hoping I would be able to judge the timing correctly, not wanting to be standing there stark naked any longer than need be. My timing was just right, by the time Carole entered the room my hands were going out straight out in front of me holding my bra and panties, not a minute to soon. ”

“ Carole took the items from me, taking her time fixing the picnic basket with the things she had gotten, then placing my underwear along with another set into the basket, finally closing it firmly. Telling me to follow her quickly she moved out of the panty towards the dining room door stopping suddenly and turning back to me. “Good” she said you are learning, you did not hesitate, nor say a word but followed my order without question. Then she told me to go back and put the rest of my clothes back on. We then joined you for our walk.”

With this divulgence I understood then why the girls seemed to be more excited about the walk than I was, they had already charged their sexual batteries, they had begun the game before me , it certainly explained their enthusiasm as we strolled down the lane.

For a few seconds Joyce was silent, she appeared to be taking deep breaths, I could see her chest moving in and out, then she continued on with “ When Carole directed me towards the dog kennels I realized that I might have taken on more than I really wanted .”

“ I mean I know she had me going the night before with all her dog talk, but talking, dreaming and doing were not quite the same, I was very apprehensive as we moved into the kennel. Carole tried her best to dissipate my nervousness she introduced me to the dogs, leaving them in their cages, letting me touch them through the wire grill , letting them lick my hands. We met with that big huge black fellow Mark, I think she called him. He was very polite and pleasant, he appeared to know Carole very well telling her in broken English that he had missed her visits and much as the dogs did . ”

“ From what I could understand but not quite comprehend he wanted to know if the dogs were going to either be treated special or if they were going to get a special treat. His English was so bad I did not get the drift of what he was getting at, at first that was. Carole began asking questions of Mark, she wanted to know just where and what the owners had planned to be doing today. I guess she was satisfied with the information because she then asked if he would let us into the large enclosure that contained at least a dozen if not more large dogs that looked like German-shepherds to me.”

“ At first he hesitated, trying to tell her something in his broken English that sounded like no, but Carole was quick or at least prepared for his resistance. She ordered me to undo the top three buttons of my blouse . I am certain I turned red, but followed her orders as I had said I would do. I was hoping that she was not intending to have me get naked in front of this big black brute .”

“Once I had completed the task, Carole turned my body so that I was facing Mark . I felt a surging heat roar through my body as Carole placed herself behind me and grabbed at the material of the blouse. Thinking she was going to pull it off my shoulders, baring my breasts to this huge black man I began shaking, most probably from fear. Carole was kinder that that however, and I guess since she knew Mark much better than I , she only opened the blouse a bit, exposing just the beginning of my globes, not baring me completely. She then asked Mark if he thought the dogs would like a treat of all this nice white flesh , pulling the blouse a bit wider at the same time. The smile on Mark’s light up face told me he was more aware of Carole’s shenanigans than I was for sure.”

“ I was sure that she was not showing white skin, as I felt so warm, so exposed ,so humiliated that I figured my body was beet red in color. Carole whispered in my ear, asking me if I had ever been this close, this secluded, this private to a black man, causing me to shake even more wondering just where she was going to take me. I could see Mark staring, I could feel his eyes penetrating my clothing, penetrating my body, looking right into my sole . I felt he was looking at my nakedness, my bared body, even though I was still covered by the opened blouse and my wide legged kaki shorts.”

“ The sensation was awesome, I could feel my own wetness, I was sure I was dripping liquids down my legs, streams of liquids he could readily see. I was having difficulty controlling my body, I knew I was shaking, I could feel my nipples harden and push out into the material of the blouse, a blatant exposure of a my wantonness. I was thinking did I want to be offered to this huge black man, if I was offered what would he do to me.”

“ I felt Carole pulled the blouse a bit wider, now it was evident that half of each tit was exposed, any more and my elongated nipples would pop out for his viewing. Again she whispered in my ear telling me to undo the rest of the buttons on the blouse . Not thinking, I began to speak or at least utter some words of dismay when her rebuttal was that if I said any more she would strip me naked and leave me with Mark for the rest of the afternoon. I changed my mind and quickly undid the remaining buttons allowing the side of the blouse to drop straight down, exposing my stomach, allowing Mark to see just how far my firm young breasts stuck out from my body. As all this transpired I had not really taken my eyes off Mark, now I watched in terror as he moved his manhood around in his work pants, from where I was standing it looked like the end of a baseball bat. I became very afraid, afraid that he would rush at us , push Carole away and fuck me right there in the dog kennel. ”

“ Once more I felt Carole move her hands down off the blouse allowing it to bunch a bit and come off my tits, I do not think any thing more was exposed, but then I did not look to see . I was having trouble trying to control the amount of liquid that was leaking out of my now very itchy pussy. As her hands touched the bare skin of my stomach, I sucked in causing my shorts to loosen , to slip downwards a bit. Carole whispered once more into my ear, saying “That it was alright, that it was good, to take it slow, let him see just a bit at a time, not too much, not too fast, look at his cock see it flexing, see the effect you are having on him ” . She then slipped her hands in the top of my shorts and pushed them a bit lower, calling for Mark to look at my belly button, asking him if he liked it . I held my breath, as I knew that I was very close to having my shorts drop down off my hips exposing every thing to Mark. Some thing I was not sure I wanted to happen .”

“ Fortunately I was not in control of the situation, Carole was, as she drew little circles around my belly button, keeping all of Mark’s attention fixed at that point, her arms brushed against the material of the blouse drawing it away from my from my tits, bringing my nipples in to full display. I thought there were about to burst as they came in to the open. Mark however had not noticed this as Carole was still talking to him talking about my belly button, keeping his attention fixed on what her hands were doing. Having been so concerned that my nipples had popped into sight, I did not realize that Carole had been very busy, until I felt my shorts slack loose, Carole had undone the waist button.
Now I panicked, was she going to intentionally allow my shorts to drop, exposing my most private parts to this black beast who would surely not allow himself to be teased any longer and would seize the opportunity to take me with his base ball sized prick.”

“ I felt Carole press her body into mine effectively trapping the back of my shorts between our bodies as she played with the zipper at the front, lowering it just so slowly, that you could almost hear every tooth of the zipper come apart. Keeping our bodies firmly together, she went about folding the side of the shorts just enough to expose my lovely blond pussy hair to Mark’s gawking eyes. I watched as his cock rod grew to immense proportions, jerking back and forth in his pants, I did not think men got so big, it was beyond what I had been taught to believe .As Carole played with the hairs of my pussy, she asked Mark if it would be alright to go into the main enclosure with the dogs, telling him that the dogs also might like a treat , asking him if he would like to touch the treat first to see just how wonderful it would be. ”

“ Hearing her tell him that she was going to allow him to touch me got me to shuddering almost violently, Carole was having a hard time keeping her body pressed into mine trying to hold my shorts from falling down my legs . At that point I do not think I really cared if I was indeed naked in front of this monster, or if he was going to touch me , I was boiling, I was going to erupt in a fabulous orgasm , I just needed, just needed the touch.”

“ I felt my shorts slipping further down my legs then heard Carole telling me that I had better spread them a bit wider if I did not want them slipping right to my ankles. As I moved to adjust my stance Carole backed away from my body allowing the material of my shorts to loosen over my ass. In the nick of time I managed to spread my legs wide enough to catch my shorts from dropping below the level of my knees. In this position however I was indeed grossly exposed to Mark. The blond hairs covering my cunt did little to hide the puffiness of my shining wet pussy lips. Mark was certainly taking it all in with his gleaming eyes.”

“ Suddenly we heard the farmer calling out for Mark , he needed his help, he needed him right way. Poor Mark he was now if a dilemma, here he was almost going to be allowed to touch a pure white lily of a girl who had been pretty well stripped before his eyes and he had been called away by his boss who was going to spoil his chances.”

“ Carole needing his approval to go visit the dogs, found herself being out maneuvered by the sudden action of the farmer, and yet not wanting to play all her cards, told Mark to wait just one more minute. She then grabbed his hand and shoved it down onto my leaking cunt , Christ did I cum, that was all it took I exploded, sending a torrent of my pure innocent love juice all over his fingers coating them completely , allowing it to dribble down my legs into my running shoes. Mark was not at all stupid, he took the opportunity to rub a nipple between his thumb and finger, before dragging his hand up my body, over my clit, over my mound over my belly button and exiting the kennel, shouting back to Carole that she indeed had permission to visit the dogs.”

With this said Joyce let out a series of little Ohs! and aws! And closed her legs trapping her hand between them, she shuddered noticeably them relaxed, gulping more air, before she continued

“ I had gone limp in Carole’s arms, forcing her backwards making her bend her body to try and support me. All this did was loosen my hold on my shorts so that they fell down my legs and on to the floor of the kennel. I was now stark naked for sure, and in big trouble if Mark came back. That did not happen however Carole managed to hold me long enough for me to regain some composure allowing me to get my thoughts together. Finally I understood her to be telling me to pull my shorts back up but not to button anything as there were things to do.”

“ She dragged me along in to the large enclosure with all the dogs, who began immediately licking at my legs, licking all those love juices that had escaped through Mark’s fingers . Carole told me to stand still, other wise the dogs might bite, or otherwise show an aggressive behaviour , tear my clothes from my body and do heaven knows what. Several of the dogs tried to push their snouts up under my shorts, seeking to lick further up my legs, close to my still pulsating pussy. ”

“As the dogs were doing this Carole questioned me as to what I was feeling, were the tongues different, were the sensations different, would I like to spend more time with the dogs, would I like to be stripped naked there in the enclosure with the 15 or so dogs . She asked if I had dreamt about dogs last night after my episode. I answered most of her questions with an “ I do not know, I am not sure” . The dogs continued to lick at my legs, and several of them pushed their noses either into my kaki covered cunt or my kaki covered ass, sniffing at what every flavor I was emitting as I tried desperately to hold the shorts up. ”

“ I did notice one, however, this dog was busy sniffing at Carole, trying hard to get his snout up under the material of her shorts. Carole was not stopping him nor was she particularly helping him, but she was indeed talking to him like an old acquaintance. As suddenly as the dogs had become interested in me, they fell back, I guess they had figured they had licked all there was to lick and since I was not providing any more incentives they might as well go back to laying down “

“ Once there was a bit more room around me Carole came closer bringing her doggie friend with her and asking me again if I would like to spend a bit more time with all those dogs. Before I could answer she had her dog stand up on his hind legs , had moved him close enough to me that she settled his front paws on my shoulders and allowed him well more like incited him to slobber his large tongue all over my face. ”

“ Carole said that we made a good looking couple, as standing on his hind legs brought his face almost even with mine, he did not have to stretch his neck up nor down as he did with her she said. Once again she moved behind me, placing her hands on his paws holding him steady, his panting mouth resting on my shoulder. Carole then eased my blouse open, pulling it away from my heaving breasts exposing my hardened nipples. She then grabbed to dog’s front legs, providing him with support as she lowered him until his snout was level with my tits. Let me tell you Dougie , he wasted no time licking at my tits. It did not take much to get me moaning as his rough tongue rolled over the sensitive ends giving me the feeling like someone was rubbing them with sandpaper. Carole asked me if I liked that but I could only moan in response as the dog continued to use his tongue on me. ”

“Carole knew me perhaps better than I knew myself, she was able to tell exactly when I was at that point where she could take me further, without me resisting or even showing signs of resistance, a point where my defensive system was neutralized, a turning point where my decision making skill was at odds with itself . As Carole lifted the dog from his licking position, and placed his paws back onto my shoulders, I let out a series of whimpers, followed by several “ No!, No! No!s” and “ a please let him continue.” Music to Carole’s it must have been, for before I knew what was happening my shorts had fallen from my body and I could feel the dog’s fur rubbing up against my pussy, his throbbing dick pressed into my lower belly. Terror struck me, as I felt him humping violently against my body, wondering what was going to happen next . Then we heard you calling out, asking us what was going, where were and so forth.”

“Carole let out a loud vocalized ‘SHIT’, and dropped the dog onto it’s four feet, telling me to pull up my shorts quickly and follow her and the dog into the next kennel section. Once there she sat me on the bench and told me that I was going to perform for you, but that I was to act as though I did not know you were there, she told me she wanted to see if I could be a real good tease.”

Joyce then finished saying that was about the best she could explain in detail how things had occurred, up until the time I began watching them from the door way trying hard to keep out of sight and letting the action unfold. Joyce then asked me how I had enjoyed the show she had been made to put on, spreading her pussy lips to show me just how much she had leaked as she was relating all this to me.

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