My niece & Great niece
This is a true story . I am not a English major so for give the errors and other mistakes.

Unbelievable timing

It began with my niece Angie. We have been seeing each other for about a little over a year and a half now. She has been the best thing in my life, since my wife told me she could not have sex anymore.
She told me to find a woman I could have sex with but she did not want to know about it. I searched my soul for about 1 year before deciding I had to have someone. So I started looking around bars ,internet and such. But it was when my wife went in to the hospital and Angie went to visit her and we were talking that I found out about her situation. Her husband of 11 yrs is Diabetic and has a condition that makes it impossible for him to have sex. I could not believe what I was hearing. I looked at her and said I was sorry to hear it and I knew what she must be going through. She looked at me and said she loved him and never wanted anyone else but it was becoming unbearable not having sex. She said she owned a couple of toys but it's not the same as having the real thing, again I said I understand completely. That's when she said we should have sex. I said that would be wrong her being my niece and all. She said I would rather have sex with you as I know you will respect me and not fall in love with me. The truth be known I have secretly loved her since she was about 16. I always had a very good relationship with her. She and my wife are very close , as she lived with us for about 3 years. While in school and her dad was in service and moving all the time. Now She is 43 divorced and remarried to a man my age. She has a daughter 21 from 1st marriage. Beccka looks a lot like her mom but is slightly shorter and a B cup. Also has almond eyes and skin from her Asian father.
Two days ago I called Angie and told her I had a computer I was getting rid of as I got a new one. I asked if she knew anyone needing one. It's a couple of years old but still a good one. She said yes that Beccka could use it as hers crashed about 1 month ago and could not afford to replace it. I said no problem I would clean it of all my work stuff and come set it up for her. She said cool I need to see you anyway. I knew what she meant I really need to see her too. As it had been about a month since I last saw her and we had sex.
The next day I called to see if she was going to be home. She said yes and told me to just come on in when I got there. When I arrived I let my self in and call out for her. No answer so I started looking around for her. As I went up stairs I could heard the shower running. I stopped out side of the door and listened for a minute. Then knocked lightly and asked if I could help. I asked if she need her back washed, ok she said and slid the shower door open. Then said but you'll have to do it in here. I stood there for a minute taking her beautiful body. For 43 she was in great shape. Her C cup tits sagged just slightly other than that she was perfect. Long slender legs , a slight trimmed patch on her cunt, flat tummy and long dish water blond hair. I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower behind her. I took the wash cloth and soap and started to wash her from the shoulders down. As I reach her beautiful ass I leaned over and kissed one cheek then the other. She jumped and giggled that tickles do it some more. So I got on my knees and kissed and licked her whole ass dipping my tongue into her tight anus. Mm mm that feels good , so I slipped the tip as deep as I could . I brought my hand up to her cunt and slid my finger across her lips and just touched her clit. Oh she moaned and almost collapsed at the knees. Humm I better wait for that and finished washing her all the way to her feet. I said turn around so I can finish what I started. She did so and I worked my way up till I got to her cunt and cleaned it good , then slipped one finger in to see if she was ready. I felt her mussels tighten around it and she groaned. I worked the rest of the way up to her tits and stopped just long enough to kiss and nibble each one. Now we were face to face and she kissed me and about ran her tongue down my throat ,I sucked hard on it. I returned the favor and she sucked mine in return. I pinned her to side of shower as I had hard on lie a steel rod. She raised her leg to give me a better angle to penetrate her. My dick slid in part way and she let her leg down and clamped down. Man that made her so tight I almost was locked in place and couldn't move. She relaxed her grip and let my cock in the rest of the way. We kissed again hard. I started to work in and out and she met my timing . I new as did she I would not last long at that rate. I began to work harder and she knew I was close. She pushed me back and dropped to her knees and took my throbbing cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head a couple of times. Then sucked as hard as she could on the head. I shot a load into her waiting mouth and she swallowed it all. Then stood back up and kissed me with the taste of my own cum still on her tongue.
We finished up as the water was getting cold. I started to dress but she said I'm not done if you willing.
I said I'm always willing subject for you. So we went into her bed room. She sat on edge of bed and spread her legs and started to pay and finger self. I stood amazed to watch her rub her clit and finger her self. I took my cock in hand which was getting hard again and started stroking it. I walked over to her , slipped my cock up to her lips and she began to suck the head. Then licked the length of my dick ,sucked my balls and stuck a finger in my ass , I nearly shot my wad then. I let her g for a minute then said My turn. She pull he finger out and let my balls go out of her mouth and lay back on bed. I knelt between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs all the way up to her cunt. I took my fingers and spread the lips enough to let me tongue her clit. She moaned and her hips jerked at the touch of my tongue and lips on her clit. I ate her for what seemed like an hour. I know she came at least 3 times. Then she said fuck me please fuck me. I told her to get on her hands and knees and back up to the edge of the bed. That put her cunt just the right height to fuck her from behind as I stood on the floor. I slid my cock between her legs and She reached back and guided my cock into her cunt. I slid the whole length in first stroke and she grunted and moaned. I started to fuck her and she was pushing back just as hard as I was pumping. After a few minutes I pulled out and said roll over. She did so without hesitation I immediately slid my cock back into her and she wrapped her legs around my back. I began to fuck her hard , my balls were slapping against her ass and I could feel me bottoming out in her cunt. She began to make a grunting sound with each thrust. Then she said faster I did so and then she started to buck and shake and her cunt muscles contracted so tight I don't think I could have pulled out if I wanted to. God knows I didn't very soon after that I felt my own orgasm coming. I worked hard to keep control but I exploded in to her and collapsed on top of her. Wow that was great she said, and How I said. We rested for a couple of minutes and she said I need to start supper. You need to to go to Beccka and hookup her computer. I whimpered Ok and got dressed. As I left I said I couldn't wait for our next get together. She said I'll see what I can do. She kissed me and said be good. I said only for you.
I left and drove to Beccka thinking of Angie all the way. When I arrived Beccka was out in the yard mowing. She had on a bright blue and red bikini. Hi I said and she came over and hugged me, Hi uncle. I said Great Uncle to you. We both laughed, and she said come on in and bring the computer. I grabbed the CPU and went behind her. As we walked to the house I couldn't help but watch her ass cheeks bounce up and down in the thin cloth. She had a slight sweat going from being out in the sun. The bikini had a wet spot that ran up the crack of her cheeks. I was in a trance watching her walk in front of me. She was making small talk as we went. I just answer yea or what ever I could come up with. Then must have said something that didn't fit. She turned and said HUH? Sorry I said I didn't hear you right , you know I have a hearing problem. More like a focus problem to me. Hard to listen when your watching my ass. I knew I was caught but pretended to be shocked. What my god girl your my great niece and your 37 year younger than me. We entered the house and she said I want it in my bed room if that's ok. I said where ever you want is fine with me. I followed her to her bed room watching her movements all the way. I knew I was getting a hardon watching her. I said I have to go get the monitor I'll e right back. Ok I think I'll take a shower , you go ahead and set it up. I went to car and came back with monitor ,key board mouse & speakers. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom off her bedroom. I couldn't help but notice she had left the door cracked open just a bit. I slipped over and peeked in just in time to see her cute ass stepping into shower. God I thought a beautiful ass. Then I thought what's wrong with you this is your great niece. Then I thought whats the difference between fucking my niece and wanting to fuck my great niece. Either way it was incest. But then neither is blood relation to me. Both are my sister in laws kids. I went to work setting up computer as I listed to her shower. I had a very hard time thinking straight and getting all the wires hoked up. Then I heard the water stop. I wanted so badly to go peek through the crack , but didn't. Beccka came out of the bathroom with a towel around her. I tried to pay attention to what I was doing. I forgot to get my clothes and things,she said. Giving me funny kind of look I could not tell what was on her mind. She went to her dressed and got out some shorts and a top. Then got into another drawer and pulled out a pair of bright red panties and matching bra. Holding them in one hand kind of waving them around. I watched as the towel came down just far enough to cover her cunt and ass but that's all. I was wishing to god she would drop something so she would have to pick it up and maybe give me a peek. To no avail she said I'll be right out. I swallowed hard and said Ok don't hurry. In my mind I was thinking all kind of lecherous thoughts.
What seem an eternity she came out wearing a pair of light blue short shorts and a thin white t shirt. I looked but it seemed she did not put the bra on as it would have shown through the thin shirt. As she
came over to me, she asked is it working yet? Not quite still have a few things to do. As I started to get it to work she came up behind me looking over my shoulder at the screen. Can I get on the internet? I can set it up if you have the cable and hooked up to a server. Bummer she said I have cable TV but not paid for internet. I'll call tomorrow and have it turned on. I like to look at porn a lot she said. What I said does that shock you? Well not really I guess , I like it my self. Then I felt her move s that her tits were touching my shoulders like two hot pokers touching me. I loved it and didn't say anything. Then she says I know you like sex. I just said kind of shocked how do you know. With out hesitation I was over at mothers earlier today. Oh! I said and ???? I let my self in and couldn't find you or mom. So I started looking around. When I got to the top of the stairs I heard some noise for moms bedroom. I sneaked up to the door. It was open so I looked in and saw you and mom going at it on her bed! My cock which was hard as a rock immediately went limp. Oh my god I thought!
Then she spun me around in the office chair I was sitting and looked me right in the face and said. Call mom and tell her to come over here. What I said? You heard me, call her she said in a stern voice. Then she pulled my cell phone out of it's holder and held it to my face. I looked at her and said I'm sorry Beccka I know your upset ,but you need to know the whole story before you blow up on us. She just looked at me for a minute,then said ok lets hear it. I began to tell her how ,Gary and Aunt My could not have sex anymore. How we come to workout our needs so no one gets hurt. It's is safe no chance of bringing home an STD. She started to change her hard looks changed and she said ,I had no idea. I did not know mom and Gary were having sexual problems. I knew aunt May was sick and she had to be on oxygen all the time. I had no idea how you two were suffering. I told her we love our spouses and have no intention of leaving either one. I could tell she was beginning to understand. Then she leaned forward and hugged me and said ,I've heard enough. Call mom anyway she said in my ear, we need to all talk. I could fell her hard tits pressing into my upper chest. She let go and I called Angie. When she answered I said you need to come to Beccka's , why she said I'll explain when you get here. When I hung up I look up at Beccka and she had this kind of evil grin on her face. Now she said I want you to get ready. Huh I said, then she pulled her t shirt over her head and threw it aside. I was shocked and delighted at the sight of her pert B+ tits and puffed out brownish nipples. Then she undid her shorts and stepped out of them standing there only in her bright red undies. A slight moan came from me and she said your turn. I was starting to feel my self get hard again , I could not believe what was happening ,but I was not going to say no. I stood up and took off my shit and t shirt, then undid my belt and pants they fell to the floor. I stepped out of my shoes and pants all in one motion. My hard on was pressing my briefs out like a tent. Beccka came over and looked and said I liked what I saw over at moms let me have a closer look. Standing just inches from me she slid her thumbs under the band of my briefs and slid them down. As she did her face almost touched my cock. It jerked as I watched in disbelief of what was happening. Humm I don't think I've ever seen one this big before. Then she slid her had up my leg and squeezed my balls and lightly kissed the head. Again it jerked and she took the head in her mouth and lightly sucked it. That's when I noticed she had a tongue stud. It felt weird to me but said nothing.

After a minute she let it go and stood up and said. Go lay on the bed. I did as I was told , she came over to the edge of the bed and slipped out of her panties. The sight of her standing there nude was almost more than I could take. She then climbed onto the bed and straddled my waist. Sitting her cunt and ass down on my cock. I could feel the slit of her pussy along the tip of my dick. She bent forward and kissed me lightly a first then more insistently. I felt her tongue in my mouth again I could feel the stud on her tongue. I sucked her tongue and ran mine over the stud and around her tongue. When we broke the kiss I asked what the stud was for. She said it makes for better giving head. I said how so with that she kind of giggled and slid down to my cock and started sucking and running the stud around the head. Wow it was true the feel of that stud on my cock head was unreal. I groaned and said Oh my god that feels great. She pulled her mouth off long enough to say I told you so. Then went back to work on my tool. I told her she should stop before I cum as I wanted to do that in her pussy the first time. She let go and slid up me ,sitting upon my cock again. Think you ready for me she said ,I just grinned and shook my head yes. I watched as she raised up enough to grab my cock and line it up with her cunt. I could see the head start to enter her and feel the warmth of her. She took her time working my pole into her cunt. My God she was tight. It felt like my wife's cunt when she was younger. I could tell Beccka was enjoying it her eyes were closed and her head was rolling for side to side. She was kind of letting out a small moan with each inch that went it. When it finally was all the way in I could feel the back of her cunt. I just laid there enjoying her tight pussy. Then she began to move side to side and slowly up almost to the tip and slid back down. God how great it felt. I reached up and started to rub her nipples between my thumb and finger. She reacted with a quicker fucking of my cock. I pulled her down till I could suck one into my mouth. The nipple was hard ,as I slid my tongue around it. I started to nibble and suck harder. Beccka responded by working more quickly up and down my shaft. This lasted what seem long time till I could feel her cunt squeeze my dick and she shuttered and cum. I could not take it any more and shot my load deep into her. She collapsed on to me with a sigh. Oh my she said I needed that. I haven't had a fuck in more than a month. I looked at her and said you kidding. No I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago and have not had sex since. It's hard to find a good man. I said if you say so I believe you. About that time we heard a car pullup. I'll bet that's mom Beccka said. You stay here and don't move. I watched as she grabbed her shorts and t shirt pulled them on and went to meet her mom.
I could hear them talking but could not make out what was being said. Then I heard Angie say loudly Oh God Baby I'm sorry. Then I heard Beccka say to her it's alright she knew it all about what was happening. They must have been just out side the door because I could hear what was being said. I want you to know if you and uncle Dick need a place to meet that's safe your welcome here anytime. Beccka said Angie kind of shuddered and said I don't know. I do said Beccka and led Angie into the bedroom. Angie stopped kind of stunned at the sight of me naked on the bed . I was hard again and it stood almost straight up. It's ok mom I just finished with him, now it's your turn. She looked at her daughter stunned and at me. I said she kind of has us over a barrel if we say no and she tells Aunt May or Gary we are fucked. With that the look of shock went away. Beccka walked over to the bed and sat on the edge and said if you not wanting to I'll take care of him. Reaching out and fondling my cock, slowly stroking it up and down. Then pulling her top off and leaning over to lick the tip. Angie I could tell was kind of in a state of shock. Beccka stood up and took off her shorts and climbed onto the bed. Come on mom let me watch you and uncle go at it again like I did this morning . Angie started to move toward the bed and remove her top at the same time. She stopped at the edge and slid her sweat pants down her legs ,she had on back panties but no bra. Most of the time she didn't wear one. Beccka again said come on have some and took my tool in her hand and started to stroke it. Angie climbed onto the bed and reached out and took a hold also. Beccka leaned in and licked the tip witch was oozing precum . I was out of my mind with lust for these two nieces of mine. I could not believe they were both going to work on me but I knew I was going to be in heaven for the next hour or so. Angie leaned in and joined her daughter as she licked at my cock their tongues working around the head of my cock . Beccka lick her way down to my balls and I spread my legs to accommodate her. Angie sucked the head the worked as much into her mouth as possible. Beccka sat up and watched as Angie sucked my dick. She said he's the biggest cock I've ever had. How about you mom? Angie pulled her mouth off long enough to agree. I said I wanted in on the action s Beccka turned around and put a leg on either side of my head and her cunt was inches from my face. I could smell her scent and I raised my head and began to lick and suck on her wonderful cunt. I felt Angie move on the bed and straddled my waist. I felt her hand take my cock and guide it into her. I cold feel it slid into her and bottom out against the back of her uterus. I could reach up and just touch both women's tit's. I played with each breast comparing Beccka to her mom's. Both felt great but Beccka's nipples were harder and more fun to play with. Angie started to clamp down on my cock and I could tell she was starting to cum. I sucked hard on Beccka's clit and she moaned with delight. She kind of squealed and I could feel the juices flow from her. I sucked them all down. Beccka Climbed off and lay beside me watching as her mom continued to fuck me. She giggled when Angie finally cum and collapsed on me. He really can last a long time can't he, yes he can Angie said as she rolled off of me. I still had not cum and hard as ever. Can I finish him? Asked Beccka go right ahead said Angie. She got on to and guided my cock to her steaming tight hole and started to pump it with all she had. I held off as long as I could but in short time shot off my load into her tight cunt. She came just as I shot my load into her. She actually screamed at the moment she came. Angie said my that was very interesting to watch my daughter get fucked right before me. I said I don not believe there is a luckier man on the face of the earth at this moment. Both Angie and Beccka laughed and Beccka said I think this is the start of a really great friendship. Angie said I have never felt close to my daughter than now. They leaned across me and kissed , then they both kissed me. I hate to break this up but it almost 4pm and Gary will be home soon,I've got to go. Call me later she said to Beccka as she dressed and left. Beccka and I lay there for a while talking and talking. I said I better go also ,she kissed me and said. I'll call the cable people tomorrow and have them run internet to computer. That means you will have to come back to set it up in a couple of days. I call and let you know when it done and it will give you reason to come see me again. I said I couldn't wait for her to call. She giggled and said me either. I got dressed and went home thinking of what just happened , I was dead tired but still wanting more.


2010-05-07 16:20:18
I am sorry if you think sticking my tounge up her ass was sick but it was clean and she loved it.

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2010-04-28 16:01:59
Many men would stick their tongue into a clean cunt but not the shit hole. I had an affair with a woman 8 years older than me and she was the cleanest woman that I ever licked and fucked. She took a bath every morning. She tasted great even at the end of the day. Never and odor--Just a nice, inviting clean cunt. Best of all, she would suck my did at any time, no matter where we were. She always swallowed--Even the first time that she gave me what was her first blowjob.

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2010-04-16 12:38:38
this is bullshit who could stick their tounge in a shit canal


2010-04-15 21:57:36
Loved the story. Niece and great-niece, two generations wow.

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2010-04-14 18:14:46
great read is there more

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