Fortunately I knew the terrain fairly well, coming up with the near perfect location for our picnic. It was not that far either, as Joyce indicated that she did not think her legs would carry her very far, given the positions in which Carole had placed her on that block.
The little butte I had in mind was shaded by several large trees, yet there was sufficient open ground to allow for sunbathing. From that spot when the field had been cleaned of crops you could see far and wide, and no doubt could be seen from far and wide. As the field however were still pushing corn, the site would be fairly protected from the eyes of any one gawking. If however the farmer who had the little airport three lots over was doing any fly bys well we would certainly be exposed to his view from the air as he never few very high.

It was to this spot I directed Joyce. At first I had a bit of trouble locating the pathway as some of the corn had spread growing up in the path itself. Once I found a larger opening I pulled Joyce along with me, until the tightness of the cornstalks made it impossible to walk side by side. I placed the picnic basket in front of me and pushed on trusting Joyce was following right behind. A devious light went on in my head, and I blurted out to no one in particular but loud enough that I was certain Joyce was going to hear. I stated that the corn stocks were high enough and strong enough that if any one wanted to hang their clothes on them , they would be able to dry them out quickly. I then quicken my pace moving at least three maybe four lengths a head of Joyce. I figured that would allow her time to think over what I almost shouted out. If she decided to act on the idea well she would certainly have the time. I had emphasized the clothes part of things not just mentioning her wet shorts in the hope that if she did decide to act she would understand what I had shouted.

Being a couple of lengths ahead of Joyce allowed me to arrive at the spot I had chosen , place the basket down and set out the blanket . I had almost finished flattening the blanket out when I heard a rustling behind me. I turned my head just in time to see a stark naked Joyce walking nonchalantly from the cornstalks. A naked beauty, whose body shone in the golden the sun light it reflected . A most wonderful sight striding from the field of corn to the place I had chosen for the picnic. I wanted to take her and get on with it, I wanted to set her prone and play with her like no tomorrow. I reached out and pulled her to me planting moist kisses on all the exposed skin that was close. I moved toward her mouth where I began to French her. I groped with my hands moulding, pinching squeezing mauling every body part available. Not that she fought me, however she did push at me trying to break my hold, telling me that she was hungry for food, she needed to recharge her body, if she was going to be involved in any more games or love making.

Reluctantly I broke my hold allowing her to get to the picnic basket and watched as she pulled out all these little packages, that were carefully tied with coloured ribbon. The green ones Joyce opened up immediately, as those contained sandwiches , carrots, celery and other odds and ends , along with some containers of water. The other coloured ones she took and placed at the corners of the horse blanket each to it own color. There was a tube of sunscreen, that she placed in the middle along with an envelop addressed to my attention.

Dividing the food, Joyce moved herself back against the truck of the tree, getting comfortable and began to eat, motioning to me to have some of the fare that was in front of me. I sat there waiting, my eyes not leaving her stretched out body as it lay there in front of my eyes thinking just how lucky a boy I was to have such a wonderful girlfriend. Joyce once she finished her meal, began to speak, she told me she was going to relate a bit of the story of last night while I finished eating. With that said she sat up and folded her legs Indian style , opening up and exposing all her womanly attributes as I stared with my mouth wide open no doubt drooling.

Joyce began “ Last night after we got over the shock of your aunt almost falling upon us, Carole and I began talking about all kinds of things, but mostly of a sexual nature. Carole, I think introduced the subject, by stating that she would have loved to have seen our good night kiss. From that point forward the conversation changed direction to include just how, mostly about me, but just how I satisfied myself when you were not around. I tried to explain but was really at a loss of words, I guess I was having trouble talking about things like that. I mean I had never even really discussed what I liked and what I did not like with you.”

“I mean the games we play, are alright, and I know that you like playing them, but there are occasions that I feel my input has been left on the sidelines. To the question of what I like and what I do not like, it has been so far decided by you alone. You start off trying out one way to excite me and if it works I let you know by reacting positively, but I do not guide you nor direct you to exactly where I would like to take things. In most cases you do not continue when I tell you that I do not like this or that, and some times I know you are disappointed that I do not let you continue. The fact that you do stop, is very much appreciated because then I relax knowing that you are not angry, frustrated a bit perhaps, but not angry with my decision not to continue. What I guess I want to say is that I have trouble verbalizing my likes and dislikes when it comes to sex.”

“As I said, I was trying to reply to Carole’s question , well finally she tells me it might be better if I showed her. If I had not been so electrically charged I doubt I would have followed through on that suggestion . As it was , I had never done anything like that with a girl, and as far as any of this goes I had not done these things with you present either. I began slowly, I did not jump up, strip and push my fingers into my cunt. I began touching down below you know , just on the insides of my thighs tracing circles like you have always done. As I eased my hand up towards my sex, I pulled my nightgown upwards also, exposing myself to Carole, and felt a shiver run down my spine. Carole spoke quietly to me, drawing more and more out of me, asking me to try and explain what I was feeling as I ran my fingers over my now leaking pussy. The more I tried to describe my feelings, the more excited I found myself becoming, suddenly I moved one hand up to my tits and began manipulating them also.”

“ I was working my body into the bed, rocking, and rolling the lower portion like I do when I am with you. My eyes were closed as I tried to visualize that it was you doing this to me, so I did not realize that Carole had managed to undo all the buttons on my nightgown. Surprised , would be a soft way to describe the shock that I got when Carole lowered her mouth on my bare naked tit and begun running her tongue all over my erect nipple. Carole must have expected this as she took control immediately telling me to relax, to enjoy , to go with the flow, at the same time pushing my pussy rubbing hand firmly, forcefully , pressing it down against my body, in such a manner that I began humping vigorously. I was close, just so close to my climax, when Carole moved away from me pulling and holding my two hands so that I could not touch myself, I could not bring myself to a finish. I lay there jerking, trying to pull my arms free, trying to get my hands back so that I could once again plunge my fingers into my now slopping wet cunt and go over the brink.”

“Carole was much stronger than I imagined, she held me tightly, voiding all my efforts to make contact with her body. Carole watched as my resolve diminished, my waves of passion levelled off and my rocking, jerking body smoothed out its movement. Once it must have appeared that I had calmed to the desired point, she released my hands, letting me once again try to get back to my peak, all the time asking me to try and describe what I was feeling. I was having a very difficult time trying to think, trying to describe what I was feeling, and trying to get back to the feeling itself. Carole was doing her best to keep my mind busy thinking rather than feeling, she was talking to me asking pointed questions , seeking to retard my physical activity as I found out later that night.”

“ I had not paid any attention to that fact that my nightgown was completely open, my entire body spread , exposed to Carole’s keen eyes, which were, inspecting every pore as it vibrated with my movements. Just as I was once again ready to take the train down over the peak, I was so close. I could feel my juices ready to leak out of every hole in my body, I was sure that if I climaxed I would be coming out my ears, there was just so much built up inside me . I opened my mouth to cry out only to have Carole clamp down on it with her own, her tongue sticking out , slipping down over mine pushing in towards my tonsils. My hands were grabbed at again , forced above my head and held firmly . I then felt Carole’s naked body ease down upon my own , tits crushing down on tits, pussy hairs intertwining with pussy hairs until she was flat against my heaving naked body. In this position Carole once again tried to halt my ride, to bring me back from the edge as she forcefully held me in a fixed position no matter how I struggled.”

“ Dougie at that point I wanted to climax so bad , I needed it so bad that I was ready to do anything, and this is just what Carole had planned. I began to whimper, to beg , to offer almost anything I could think of to Carole to have her let me finish. That is when she got me to agree to allow her to take certain latitudes with me and my body. Carole told me that she wanted to play a few girlie games, that she had heard of when she had been off at boarding school. Carole being two years younger than I, was as far as I was concerned a little girl like I had been when I met you . I figured she knew of some of the pleasantries concerning sexual sensations yet not quite realizing just how far it could take one. I figured I could humour her, and agree to some horsing around, obtaining perhaps a good bit of pleasure myself , after all you had taken me very slowly to some very deep depths and I had enjoyed things immensely.”

“ Carole wanted to command , to have me obey, she wanted to watch me perform for her. She told me that she would eventually participate, but first wanted to experience the excitement of watching someone else climax, rather than trying to look at herself in a mirror when she herself was about to reach her own climax. I did not think anything was or would be wrong with doing some things for her or with her so I sort of agreed at the beginning to participate. Once Carole heard me say OK, she reached up to the head board of the bed , pulled down some rope like material and tied both my wrists spreading my arms wide across the top of the bed. I had not been expecting that. Carole certainly had prepared things either hoping for my co-operation or ready to handle any reluctance that I might show in refusing to play along with her request.”

“ Once she was certain I was unable to free myself, she got out of bed, pushed a chair up against the door blocking all entry from out side and pulled the blankets completely off the bed leaving me with no covering at all. Immediately I felt a cold chill cross over my naked body, perhaps more evident since I had become hot from trying to attain an orgasm ,and shivered nervously. The next thing I realized was that the room was lit up like it was day time, Carole had turned on all the available lights , I was now extremely exposed to her probing eyes. ”

“ Carole got back in bed , straddled my body, placed her hands on my wrists, lowered her face to mine and asked again if I was willing to do her bidding. Before I was able to respond Carole covered my mouth with hers , pushed her tongue in as far as she could and duelled with mine. Leaving me gasping for breath, she raised her body, grabbed at my nipples, pulled and twisted them at the same time, extrapolating a low moan from deep inside my body. I tried to reply to Carole’s questions, but was having a hard time getting my breath in sync, to be able to get the words out. Carole then reached behind her and delicately stroked the hairs on my mound once again stirring up my emotions. Finally I cried out “Yes ! Yes! I agree , let me cum ! Please let me cum!” , only to be told by Carole that the time was not right dashing my hopes for orgasm. Carole untied my wrists one at a time, pulling my arms from my nightgown, then pulled the gown from my body and threw it back onto the floor of our bedroom . I was now with out any protective covering what so ever, my body vibrating in anticipation of Carole’s next move. ”

“ Carole got off me, then told me she me wanted to do some simple tasks for her, she wanted to see if I was really willing do her bidding. She told me to grab hold of my ankles and pull my legs as wide open as I could. I hesitated just a bit, thinking of what it might look like, spreading my sex open like that, with Carole looking on. The hesitation caused Carole to make the remark that it was just as she had thought I was not really ready to agree to her demands, and she started to tell me to forget the whole thing. I suppressed my thoughts , figuring that any humiliation I might suffer exposing myself to Carole in the position I would be in would not cause me to suffer, if she was going to allow me to attain any sort of orgasm I needed to assure her that I was willing to play. I grabbed at my ankles , closed my eyes and pulled my legs apart as wide as I could , holding my breath.”

Joyce , I could se now was fidigeting, she was wiggling her bottom on the picnic blanket, her hands rubbing at her thighs, her repeating of the night’s activities was exciting her. She took several deep breaths of fresh air and continued

“ Carole moved between my legs, pressing her body up against my the back of my thighs, I could feel the hairs covering her pussy rubbing up against my wide spread bottom, I shivered at the contact. Carole placed her fingers on my pussy , spreading the lips wide, then she flicked at my colitis. This surprised me so much that I cried out , letting go of my ankles as I tried to close my legs and squeeze my thighs together like I do when you touch me there. Carole was not quite prepared for my reaction, she was forced backwards, and almost fell off the bed as I squirmed in this manner. Needless to say this displeased her to no end, she told me in no uncertain terms, that if I was not going to even try and follow her instructions then there was no use in taking things any further.”

“ She told me that even though I had agreed to play, it was evident that I did not quite understand the requirements . I would not be able handle the requests or orders that she would be making . All that would happen is that each of us would be angry at the other and neither would attain any degree of satisfaction . Carole , picked up my nightgown, tossed it to me ,telling me that I was free to finish what I stared by myself, and began turning the lights off. I lay there still reeling from her touch, needing to finish the job, yet confused because I was still curious , interested, intrigued, by the opportunity she had put forward. I was uncertain what I wanted, did I want to be touched and played with by another female, would it be that different. Did I want to be ordered to do things that I had no desire to do on my own. Just what was involved, would I regret not accepting her offer, would I regret accepting her offer. ”

“ I do not know how long it was after Carole had crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over us, that I made my decision. I was exceptionally nervous, my throat was dry , my voice crackled as I turned on my side and nudged Carole gently. I whispered softly to her trying to tell her I had made a mistake, that I was sorry, that I really wanted to continue. I do not know if Carole was playing me or not, but I had to repeat myself adding that I would do her bidding just as she required, no questions asked. Carole appeared to come out from a sleep mode, rolled towards me and told me that if I was really ready to do her bidding and not just interested in doing a bit and then chickening out, I would repeat what I just said in a strong and firm voice with some conviction.”

“ Without thinking or considering what kind of situation I was now getting myself into, I raised myself on to my elbows , swallowed as best I could and said “Carole, I made a mistake, I am sorry, I really want to continue to play your games, to do your bidding, to carry out your commands no questions asked.” Carole told me to get out of bed. To turn on all the lights in the room. To take my night gown and hang it on the wall hook. I was then to take the covers off the bed , place them on the chair in the corner of the room and then come back to her side of the bed, kneel down with my hands behind my head. Once I had taken this position I was to say “Mistress I am ready to proceed”. ”

“ Without giving myself a chance to change my mind I got out of bed and followed the instructions to a tee. By the time I placed myself beside the bed pronounced the words Carole had asked , I could feel my pussy juices running down between my thighs. Carole leaned over towards me , telling me that she wanted to hear me repeat “ Mistress I am ready to do your bidding, unconditionally, without hesitation, without thought of refusal no matter what, until I am returned home .” I again repeated these words to Carole , who smiled like a Cheshire Cat. She told me to repeat them once more, very slowly , making sure I understood each and every word I spoke. Having accomplished this Carole told me to go stand facing the window, place my hands at the upper corners and press my bare tits against the window pain. She told me to stay there until she told me otherwise.”

“ Dougie do you know how thrilling it was standing there with my bare tits pressed against the window, I figured that where we were, was not too dangerous, because I doubted any one would see me , but I was thinking, boy if I had the guts to do this at home in my own room, or perhaps be forced to do this at some else’s window. As I let these ideas run though my head I could feel more of me leaking out and down my legs, it was just fantastic. Suddenly however I was brought back to reality , feeling two sharp bites on my back side, causing me to cry out in pain. Carole was telling me dream time was over, and that I had better get myself back on to the bed , taking up the same position I had before the interlude. When I turned to move to the bed, I saw Carole standing there holding what appeared to be a whip like object, that was what she had hit my behind with.”

“ I climbed back on the bed and took hold of my ankles, pulled my feet up and out spreading my private parts wide open as I had done before. Carole told me that I would have to remember that this position was to be called the inspection position. Any time she told me to assume the inspection position I would arrange myself like this, no matter where I was, or who was there, other wise I would be punished. While the anywhere registered , I do not think I caught the meaning of the who was there part , but I questioned neither, I just confirmed with a sharp “Yes Mistress”.”

“ Carole assumed the same position she had taken before, pressing her warm naked body up against the back of my thighs, her pussy pushing at my crack, her pussy hairs tickling my ass hole. Carole moved swiftly, she had my writs tied to my ankles before I knew what she was doing, then I felt her push me harder , almost lifting my bum straight up off the bed, consequently she bound my legs to the headboard of the bed, I was now in a very decadent position , hog tied to the top of the bed. Carole started delicately stroking my pussy with her long fingers. She eased them down below my butt hole then slowly dragged them to the top of my mound. Carole began talking, telling me what she thought she might do with me or to me. She was telling me that perhaps her father , well your father would like a piece of me, or even your grandfather.”

“ As I listened, I felt shivers riding through my body, as she explained that perhaps I could suck one while I was fucked by the other. Imagine she said , if they found me hog tied like this out in the garage, just waiting for them to come in. The she suggested perhaps, my own father would love to find me in this position one evening when my mother was not at home. At the mention of my father I just about exploded I was just so ready to let go. Just then Carole pinched my nipples so hard that I had thought they had been separated from my tits, immediately stopping any thoughts of orgasms. I had to concentrate on the pain, trying to soften it or stop it , my entire focus was directed to the pain.”

“ Carole stopped stroking my sex, and released my nipples, letting the blood rush back into them causing a feeling of shearing heat. She let me get my breathing back in rhythm then proceeded once again to stroke me , this time concentrating on my little puckered ass hole, that had been drenched with liquids flowing from my cunt. Once again I felt myself climbing that staircase to orgasmic bliss, one step at a time , ready to shoot off and release my passion. When Carole slapped my ass cheek I let out a loud gasp reeling from the sudden pain. Carole told me that I had better not cum, or I would be punished. ”

“ She got out of bed, put her nightgown on and told me that I had better be quiet if I knew what was good for me. I watched as she removed the chair we had used to block the door with, then she unlocked the door and opened it wide. I was now near panic, after all I was hog tied naked , laying there , my legs in the air , my ass lifted off the bed , my sex spread wide exposed to any one who might be walking down the hall and past our bedroom door. Carole told me to wait she had something to do, and exited the room. Dougie I do not think even if I tried to explain it to you all day , just how scared I was at then moment thinking what would happen in someone other than Carole came back into the room.”

“ It seemed like hours, agonizing hours, all kinds of awful ideas were rushing though my mind, not one with a sexual connotation. I was completely and utterly void of any sexual sensations at that time. Finally Carole herself, came in alone, allowing me a bit of relief, I watched however with a bit of anxiety as I saw her shutting the door only, not locking it nor pushing the chair back into position. The next thing I knew Carole was blindfolding me, causing further apprehension. I , as a person , was seemingly taken out of the equation.”

“ Carole began once again to draw my potential orgasm to a peak, I felt several different objects rubbing against my pussy, once I was sure it was a brush, as I could feel her drawing it through my cunt hairs, dragging them upwards on to the top of my mound.
Each time Carole felt that she had me ready she would tweak my nipples, pinching them tormenting them , pulling at them , causing such pain that I would divert all my senses to try to stop or at least lessen the pain. She told me she had spoken with your father, offering him a treat before he went to bed if he looked in on us later that night, this revelation immediately sent shivers down my spine, right to the end of my fanny bone.”

Joyce was not rubbing her entire body, sending her hand all over her chest, down her tummy onto her wide spread cunt, I could see her drawing her finger through her folds and was certain I could see a streak of juice follow then when she again pulled them up over her tummy. She took several large gasps of air and went on

“ Carole had me crying for release, asking her , pleading with her, telling her that I would do anything she wanted , anything, unconditionally, no questions asked, any where, any time, with anyone, or anything she so desired, I needed to cum, to release my built up orgasm. I continued to babble on telling her I would let your father do what ever he wanted to me that night, the next day any time, any where, I cried out saying that she could tie me up for my father if she wanted, I would do anything if she would only let me cum, I needed to cum. Carole told me I was not quite ready, the night was young, then she pinched my nipples long and hard. There was no release from the pain , it was constant, yet I could feel Carole, playing around with my sex, she was inserting things into both holes, turning them twisting them pushing and shoving them. I could not understand how she was able to do this and keep pinching my nipples at the same time. Then the thought stuck me there was another person in the room. Carole was turning me into a side show, the hog tied sex fiend.”

“ The pain was excruciating, and constant, yet I was able to sense the feeling of my sexual sensations building far inside my racked body. Carole then asked me if I had ever had a dog sniff under my skirt, had I ever felt a cool muzzle touch the sides of my legs, the center of my sex, the round curve of my ass. As she was saying this I felt a cool rough something or other rubbing at my thigh. God I thought, Carole had brought a dog into the bedroom, what was she going to do to me, and my mind when bizarre, I began imagining my neighbour’s the dog , a fairly large one , who when he came over to be petted always managed to get his head between my legs . I tried to visualize him as Carole continued talking about how the dog would lick me with the flat of his tongue, how he would seek to slip it into my sloppy wet cunt, as I felt an intrusion there at the same time.”

“ My heart was pounding, I was gasping for breath more and more, the pain from my nipples had diminished, the sensations of pleasure were building . I tried as best I could to hump at what ever was playing in my cunt, be it a dog’s tongue or not. Once Carole realized what stage I was at , she made every thing stop again, leaving me hanging. I began to beg her to let the dog push his tongue back in. I was crying out, Let the dog go, let him lick me, Oh! Oh! Let him lick my sex, Please Mistress, Let him bring me off ” .”

“ That statement provided Carole with another million possibilities I would imagine, because she then straddled my chest, her lower body positioned close enough to my face I could smell her sex, which just excited me more. I heard her calling out “ here doggie, here doggie, come on big boy, put it there” .As I steeled myself to receive the dog’s tongue in my pussy, I was shocked to feel something press at my ass hole, trying my best to buck and rotate my position to get the pressure to move up towards my cunt, I was rewarded with several sharp slaps on my buns. Carole told me to be still or I would be sorry, I rescinded then to allow her to proceed and felt my ass fill with what ever it was that was pushing in. ”

“ Carole moved her body back a bit, her cunt was dripping onto my chin and down my neck, when she asked me how it felt to have a dog’s cock in my ass. At first I did not understand what she was saying, until what ever was in my ass began siding back and forth with quick rapid movements and Carole said “ So I see you really like having a dog’s cock up your ass “ When I heard that it clicked, I was being fucked by a dog, something that was really foreign to me, I started to protest, to agitate my body in any way I could to get this to stop. Carole, however had a solution for this rebellion, she simply adjusted her body and placed her cunt over my mouth cutting off any verbal protest I was trying to evoke.”

“ I was simply overwhelmed, not only had I never thought of having sex with a dog, I had never ever had sex with a girl, certainly not like this, I had never placed my mouth on this female body part. Carole told me to stick my tongue up her hot cunt, if I knew what was best for me and to lick her to orgasm and it had better be good. While I tried to concentrate on doing it right, pleasing her so that she would take the dog out of me, she continued talking. She went on to say that perhaps I would prefer two dogs at the same time, she said the other dog could take my in my cunt. Immediately I felt something fairly large enter my sloppy wet cunt, I tried to gasp out but only succeeded in sucking more of Carole’s leaking cunt into my mouth.”

“ Finally I heard and understood the words Carole was saying, “Cum for me baby, Cum for Carole, Cum for your father , Cum for the dog, let it drain from you, Cum for your Mistress” . With that I let loose, the pressure built up inside just gushed out of me I felt like I was pissing, I could feel torrents of liquid squirting out from my love channel , never had I cum like that, even with all you have done with me Dougie. I am almost sure that I yelled out “ Yes Daddy, Please Daddy , fuck me harder ” . I must have blacked out, because the next thing I remember is Carole cooing to me telling me how well I had done this first time as her submissive, telling me to sleep tight, as I would be needing all my energy the next day. The constant pain that had been throbbing through my nipples stopped only to be replaced once again by the feeling of a sheering heat as I felt my blood rushing into them. Carole told me to sleep and dream, dream of dogs, dream of my father, dream of her father, dream of every one doing me as I was tied spread eagled on the dining room table. Then finally she said “First thing in the morning, I want to watch you suck off my brother, then we can proceed with the day’s events” .”.

“ Dougie I dreamt, I dreamt of everything Carole suggested, I was just so horny, that I could not sleep, so that is why I came and crawled into bed with you. Most of the rest you know except for a few details.”

As Joyce finished telling me all this, or appeared to have finished I was sitting there my rock hard cock ready to burst, ready to shoot my seed , feeling that I could most probably shoot it across the blanket so that it struck Joyce’s naked body. Had it not been for the fact that I was still dressed that was what would have happened.
Joyce herself must had cum also as she finished the last sentence she appeared to be holding her body firmly as it jerk and vibrated .

I was curious however I really what to have Joyce tell me the details of her visit to the kennels, her version of what it was like, how she felt and so on . I was enjoying the show she was putting on, her body heaving, her nipples staring at me hard and elongated so I told her since had lots of time ,was there any more she wanted to relate to me.


2010-08-16 08:52:21
I know this replique to the 2010-05-08 comment is a bit late in being posted, but for the record - I will state that none of you really know just what we did at Grand dad's farm to entertain ourselves I am however sorry I missed correcting the proper term for stalks . indeed it was always hot like hell at the farm, unless it poured rain. but it never bothered us and as to the picnic, well if you would like to come on out and pass along North Beech and the cut off , you will see that there is a small patch near where that tree is that while not covered in deep soft grass, is not quite dirt between the rows of corn. I am sorry perhaps I should have paid a bit more attention to describing the landscape for my readers. The location of this spot is very clear in my mind, so I perhaps assumed things I should not have.


2010-05-08 00:21:13
damn, no one ever had a picnic in the dirt (no grass) between rows of corn Stalks (not stocks) if the stalks r high, its at least mid-summer and hotter than hell with no breeze in a corn patch..


2010-04-14 15:36:13
too jumpy difficult to keep track of location

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