Off we were strolling down the road to the farm where the dog kennels were. I was happy to be holding on to Joyce that lovely sunny Sunday, however I was indeed dreading spending the afternoon looking at dogs in a kennel, feeding them, petting or playing with them, my weekend goal had been to play with pussy. Joyce and Carole however seemed exhilarant as they strolled arm in arm along side of me. We arrived at the kennel I would guess now about ten that morning. Carole who was a regular visitor knew the people well . She made the introductions and asked if she could show Joyce some of the animals. Not being too interested, I held my ground, dropping the picnic basket and setting myself up again the wall of one of the outhouses.( no not an out house toilet but a building not attached to the main farm house) .

After a bit I got bored, so I figured I might as well investigate and see what the girls had made for our lunch. You can just imagine my surprise when I saw two sets of bras and two sets of panties mixed in with the other wrapped goodies. I could not for the life of me figure out if these were just extras the girls had placed there to get my goat, or if indeed the girls were not wearing any underwear. I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary as we walked down the road swing arms , but then again I was only thinking about the wasted day I was going to have to put up with. It never occurred to me to look closely to see how the girls were dressed. I stopped sorting though the picnic basket then and there and decided to find out just where the girls were.

I noted that Jean Guy and his wife were busy off in what appeared to be a section with very young puppies, it looked to me that they had their hands full. Neither Carole nor Joyce seemed to be in evidence in that section, so I wondered off to the buildings that were a bit further away from the main house. It was frustrating, as I went from one building to the next calling out for the girls, asking where they were . There was no sign of either girl, it was getting late, well it was getting on in time and I still wanted to find some time to play , if I could

My luck changed as I entered a corridor between the fourth or fifth building, it was much quieter than it had been in the other buildings, in this one you could actually hear yourself think. In fact in the corridor building I was able to hear echoes , seemingly murmurs of voices, which I imagined to be those of my two girls. The murmurs however sounded more like moans and groans, than ordinary talking. I hesitated, not wanting to call out again, yet very curious to what was going on, so I crept along the wall of the passage allowing me to more or less sneak up on who ever or what ever was making the noise.

Of course you the reader are now aware of the impact this particular weekend had on me as a young lad of 16. My memories of this weekend have suck with me and are now just as vivid 50 years later as they were back when it all came about.

Turning a corner I came upon a fairly well lit room, it looked a bit like our school gym there was a raised platform set in front of a large set of large windows looking out on to the country road that we had been walking on earlier that day. On the stage like platform, there appeared to be apparatus or contraptions that reminded me of a medieval movie set, or a torture chamber for a Dracula movie it did not appear to be a kennel so to speak, yet it was not much of anything else I suppose. Then I thought that perhaps it was a training set up to teach the dogs to mind their owners or some thing like that . There were a few chairs on the floor that I can remember, perhaps a desk, or table of some sort, but other than that, well there was Joyce and Carole.

They appeared to be sitting an a bench of some sort, they were hugging one another, kissing one another, touching one another. I stopped short in my tracks, not wanting to spoil the scene, not wanting to spoil the moment, not wanting to spoil their fun, and certainly not wanting to spoil the show I was being offered.

Both had their shirts un-buttoned, exposing each a naked torso ( the bras in the picnic basket were indeed the only ones they had) . Each girl was rubbing the other’s tits, playing with her nipples, while they kissed. Carole however flabbergasted me she was sitting at the edge of the bench, she did not have any shorts on, nor for that matter any panties. In between her legs was a , well it looked like a German Shepard , dog. This dog had his muzzle buried in her twat . From where I was standing it certainly looked like he was licking her twat , with vigour I must add. It was she who was making the louder sounds that I had heard, that had drawn me to this room.

I could not believe this, I could not believe that my sister was this wicked . I knew from past experience that she has experimented with getting off, and playing games of a sexual nature. To have gone this far , having her pussy licked by a dog, I just could not fathom it. I certainly was not going to make any move that would bring an end to this show. I wanted to see just what would transpire, just where this would take everyone.
I did not now give a damn about the time, nor about thinking my day was wasted, I only hoped that the farmer and his wife were so busy they would never come to see what was going on.

I watched in amazement as Joyce allowed herself to be moved to the edge of the bench, allowing Carole to pull at the baggy material of her kaki shorts, opening the pant leg wide. I knew just how wide the legs of those shorts could open. I had been afforded the opportunity once to have been able to put my foot up inside the leg, and apply pressure to Joyce’s cunt with my toes . The legs on those shorts were real loose. I noticed Joyce tense up immediately, I am certain she felt her vulnerability as soon as Carole had arranged the shorts they way she wanted them. There was almost a sense of tension in the air. My heart for one was beating at a quicken pace. I am certain Joyce’s heart also was pounding away as she waited in anticipation of Carole’s next move.

Not breaking her mouth to mouth duelling , I watched as Carole eased her hand up under the material of Joyce’s shorts. Joyce’s eyes shot wide open as Carole reached the goal
then closed once again . I imagined she had accepted the soft stroking Carole was providing. Carole was quiet some experienced person I thought at that time in her young life to have been able to get this going along so far. Both girls were rocking to some tune that was unknown to me, it may or may not have been the same tune but the rhythm was very similar. Carole was rocking back and forth on the edge of the bench while some dog was licking her twat . She was rubbing, kissing and stroking the living day lights out of my girl, and Joyce was rocking back and forth on the edge of the bench while she reciprocated .

With or without Joyce’s knowledge, Carole brought her hand out from under the kaki shorts and rubbed it all over the dog’s nose, letting him lick her fingers as well. She did this several times, and seemed to accumulating more liquid honey from Joyce with each endeavour. The dog was licking it up for sure, I thought perhaps because the scent was sweeter, as Joyce’s liquid love juices tasted and smelt like cherry blossom. I had a big hang up on her love juice, it was more than just a delight to lap and drink it as it flowed from her young virgin body. Suddenly , swiftly Carole moved her legs, opening them in such a fashion that she was able to grab the dog’s head and ease it’s muzzle inside of Joyce’s kaki short’s leg. Immediately Carole gabbed on to Joyce holding her as firmly as she could, as Joyce just about jumped out of her skin when the dog’s tongue made contact. As she tried to pull away, to move back from the edge of the bench, to bring her hands down to push the dog away, Carole countered every movement. It looked as though they were almost fighting, but as small as Carole was she knew what to do to hold Joyce until the correct moment.

I could hear their voices louder now, but could not really make out too many of the words . It appeared Carole was trying to sooth Joyce, telling her to accept the inevitable, to enjoy the moment, to let it happen and to reap the benefits. I watched as Joyce began to respond to the dog’s workings, her body began heaving and gyrating as it did when I licked her pussy. She was becoming more vocal also, her moans and groans were very distinguishable, her Oooos! and Aws! very pronounced. Then she broke the kiss and yelled out that she was cumming, she was cumming, then quickly added “Stop him and it was too much.” Carole having reached her objective pulled the mutt’s head from beneath Joyce’s shorts , kissed him on the muzzle , told him he was a good boy and to go lay down .

I continued to watch as Carole held Joyce who was still shaking from the experience . She was rubbing her back, cooing her to be still, to ride out the spasm, to enjoy the afterglow, as she kissed around her neck and ear lobes. Joyce appeared to be in a stupor, Carole however was something else, she appeared to be fully aware of what she was doing, definitely in control
of the happening. While making certain that Joyce had her vision directed elsewhere, Carole turned and looked straight at me standing spent dick in hand. Once she had my attention she pointed towards the back of the room, pointed at a mirror, or perhaps a glass that was reflecting a mirror image of me standing there my mouth open and my cock in hand. Carole had set this up, but I did not know for who’s benefit, was it for me to see, or really for Joyce to enjoy a completely new experience.

Carole put her fingers to her lips to signal for me to be quiet, then put her hand up to indicate to stay where I was. She then turned her attention back to Joyce again comforting her asking her if it had been good. Asking her if she was alright with what had transpired , telling her she did good asking her if she was ready to try more, some thing a little different.

I was sure I saw Joyce shudder, at least it appeared her body vibrated in a spasmodic manner. Carole then proceeded to remove Joyce’s shirt, baring her torso completely so I assumed Joyce had replied in the affirmative. The girls then stood , bringing Carole’s mouth almost in line with Joyce’s tits as she was a tad shorter that Joyce. I watched as Joyce was made to place her two hands behind her head, causing her breasts to rise to the exact position Carole desired. The girls had turned their bodies just ever so, that now I was afforded a profile view of my love, her tits protruding upwards and outwards, her little nipples as perky as I have every seen them. While Carole, lavished kisses on Joyce’s tits, her hands were busy at the waist line of the kaki shorts. I do not know if it was voluntary, or if Joyce was told to suck her tummy in, but as soon as she did the shorts fell way and dropped to the floor.

My beauty was standing there in all her naked glory, on the receiving end of what looked to be some very loving caressed, administered by my sister. I just could not believe I was being allowed to watch all this transpire seeming without Joyce’s knowledge.

Carole directed her naked Joyce over to the platform, had her move up the steps and towards the center of the stage in plain view of those large windows. I remember thinking, if the farmer or her farmhand had been any where out front they would have been in for a sight. There were several rectangular blocks that looked similar to the bales of hay that Joyce and I had romped on the day before. They were not really hay but some kind of wood that just resembled the shape and form of the hay bales . Carole , directed Joyce to her knees at the end of one of the blocks , her hands still locked be5420hind her head. This I thought was a nice position to have Joyce in and filed it away in my memory for the next opportunity of our own game playing.

Carole then pushed Joyce’s torso onto the block causing her to bevel forward, lifting her buttocks up on to the edge , her thighs sliding to the outside, spreading her wide open. There was a real audible gasp when Joyce realized just how open she had been made to be as she slid her upper torso along the block, her head coming to a stop at the opposite end.
Carole turned Joyce’s head towards me however it was apparent that she told to keep her eyes shut as this what transpired. The next thing I knew , Carole had placed one hand in the small of Joyce’s back and with the other she signalled the dog to advance.

Well my cock pulsated like no other time, drawing on muscles that I did not know I had, and engorged itself with newly found red hot blood . I had gotten ahead of myself imaging what might be going down in the next few minutes. I mean I knew for a fact that Joyce was a virgin, we had not even attempted to get my cock into her pussy, we had put many things in her pussy including ping pong balls , but nothing that would have broken her hymen. We had agreed that would remain until we were off together in our own private married world. Now I thought I was going to be treated to a scene of debauchery.

Carole still holding her hand down on the small of Joyce’s back, managed to get control of the mutt, placing it’s muzzle not at Joyce’s cunt, but further up her crack more level with her little back hole.
The dog got the drift or the whiff of things and I saw him tentatively touch Joyce’s anus rim with his long narrow tongue. If Joyce had not been held down I am sure she would have jumped fifteen feet of the ground, but Carole had foreseen that. Once the initial contact had been made, the dog began to work in earnest, he appeared to be much quicker with his tongue than I was and he was slipping it inside of Joyce’s ass like he was searching for a doggie biscuit.

There was just so much happening that it is almost impossible to describe it all, now some fifty years later as I try and put the scene that unfolded before me in written terms. Carole was having a difficult time controlling her two play things. Joyce was bucking almost violently, bouncing her body in all directions, even her legs were now splayed out as though she was attempting to crush her body into the block on which she had been laid. The dog you could see had become very agitated a well. I could see his long pinkish cock stretching out below his belly. He was causing problems for Carole with his humping, he was raring to go.

It was easy to see Carole forcing with as much effort as she could to make things happen the way she wanted them to . She manoeuvred her body so that she could place her knee onto Joyce’s back, holding her down, leaving her the chance to grab at the dogs head with both hands. One she had a good grip, she disengaged the dog’s tongue from Joyce’s rear entrance and guided things down on to her young cunt. At the exact moment of contact between the dog’s tongue and Joyce’s pussy, Joyce opened her eyes wide , with her face turned in my direction. It goes with out saying she demonstrated intense surprise to see that I was watching what was transpiring. Joyce emitted a loud howling sound, immediately followed by Carole yelling “ Holly shit !!!!. I found out later that Joyce had climaxed at that particular moment, either from the resulting touch of the dog’s tongue on her cunt, or from the fact that she realized I was standing right there taking all of this in. Apparently she released such a gusher of love juices, that even the dog pulled its head back trying to avoid the force of the flow that sprayed from her girlish innards.

Carole later explained she had never seen , nor experienced such a flow of love juice as Joyce had that moment forced from her body.

Carole at that moment realized that the time had come, the time was ripe, so she reached for the front legs of her pet mongrel . I looked with immense intrigue, deep into the eyes of Joyce, waiting to see just how she was going to react as Carole advanced her pet on it’s hind legs. Carole advanced him in such a position that there was no mistaking what was going to transpire right then and there. I looked to see Joyce’s eyes roll just a bit so I knew she had felt some thing, perhaps just tip of the dog’s cock touch her sensitive pussy, or perhaps it was the anticipation of the touch I do not know, but I was certain her eyes were reflecting some sense of physical contact. Just as Carole was to pull the dog the last quarter distance, and have the dog plunge his long spear into my love’s virgin cunt, we heard the Jean Guy calling to us from the other end of the corridor. He wanted to know how we were doing and if everything was alright as we had been gone for some time.

Well let me tell you, never have you seen three people panic, unless you were perhaps making a police bust on some gang or something. Carole just froze, she was trying to hold the dog from his goal, while he was trying his best to hump his way in to the warm hole upon which the tip of his cock was resting. He was growling, not too friendly at Carole I must say. It only got worse when she with all her force set him back down on his four legs, his long red cock splaying doggie goo all over the floor. To make matters more complicated Joyce was now trying to hump herself back, trying to make contact with that which had been pulled so suddenly from the entrance of her love tunnel.

The dog I would say was very disappointed in deed, myself well I was somewhat disappointed . I was still not too sure that I had wanted the dog to take Joyce’s virginity, or if I wanted to reserve that for myself like we had planned once we got out of school ,and were settled in our own place. From what I could see Joyce herself was disappointed, as even though she had also heard the farmer calling us she had not made a move to extract herself from her very exposed position on the block. She still seemed to be humping or at least was now rubbing her cunt on the block itself. Carole had to lay a quick intense slap on Joyce’s exposed bottom to bring her back to reality. As for Carole, well I figured that she was disappointed also, more or less than we all were I cannot say, but certainly hearing her spill out all those foul words, that I did not think she knew, indicated to me she was far from pleased with the turn of events

Once Joyce was roused somewhat Carole told her to grab her clothes , pull them on and set herself on the bench, she told her not to waste time buttoning things up . Carole then motioned to me to move to the bench also pointing to Joyce, then to the seam on her own blouse, trying I suppose to make me understand that I should hold Joyce’s blouse together as it was evident that she was still a bit groggy. Carole herself grabbed her own shorts pulling the dog up on to the block as she slipped them on and fastened them. She had the dog laying on its belly and was stroking his underside talking to both Joyce and I as though she was pitching a sales program . She went on and on about some kind of training program for animals, which for horses it was called whispering in their ears or some silly thing like that. It certainly was a spiel that she seemed to know as she really sounded professional, with what ever she was trying to demonstrate to us.

As the Jean Guy rounded the corner and entered the room, he was met with three young people who outwardly appeared to be very composed. Myself at the end of the bench , in a proper sitting position, Joyce on the bench length wise, her back leaning against my side, her feet flat on the seat and her knees firmly held together. I could still feel spasms running through her body as she tried to calm herself from the events of the day.

Jean Guy seemed very pleased that Carole, at her young age, had managed to grasp the idea behind this new training and told us that she was doing a very good job of explaining the principals . He told us it was just near lunch time , inviting us to come eat with him and his wife. He then exited the room leaving all three of us to breathe much easier , our game had not been detected, even though I thought perhaps the room reeked of sex.

Allowing a few minutes to pass , mostly to assure herself that Jean Guy was well on his way out of the building, far enough so that it was clear he would not be coming back. Carole then motioned to me to raise Joyce to her feet and advance towards the stage. Prodding my girl, up off the bench, I eased her carefully towards the raised platform on which Carole was standing. As I eased Joyce up on to her still wobbly legs, I had to hold her firmly around her waist failing which would see her fall to the floor. Carole was watching us get a hold on the situation when she commented that Joyce had better be very careful how she walked because the front of her kaki shorts showed a huge dark wet spot. Once we pulled a bit at the shorts to straighten them and try and cover up, I noticed that from the back also you could see a large dark wet spot . Joyce had still been leaking like a sieve while she sat on the bench recovering from her dog lapping episode.

While we were busy adjusting her shorts, trying to figure out how to hide the telltale signs, the dog must have caught the still fresh sent of Joyce’s sex, for the next thing we knew he was pushing his muzzle towards the conjunction of Joyce’s legs trying in earnest to push his nose once again up under the material of the short’s leg.
Carole being quick as a wit, noticed that Joyce had not said any thing, nor had she made a move to stop the dog, so as we took the few more steps in her direction, Carole stepped down off the platform to meet her charge. She called the dog away from his sniffing and sent him back onto the platform. Carole reached out taking Joyce’s head in her hands, slipping them under the beautiful locks of her bright blond hair. Telling Joyce she had done just so well, had responded with intensity, had shown us that she was ready to submit as she stroked her around the neck .
She then told Joyce again in a very soft voice to consider just how much pleasure she might she might receive if she were to continue . Carole seizing this moment of reflection moved her hands onto Joyce’s blouse moving the material open and off her shoulders. She ran her hands down over Joyce’s arms , down over her elbows forcing them to fall straight. This movement caused Joyce to release the hold she had on her unzipped shorts which fell immediately to the floor. Carole always in control allowed the blouse to slip the rest of the way off Joyce’s arms, completely baring her young body once again.

Carole took hold of Joyce’s hands, pulling, lifting and directing at the same time. She backed up on to the platform, obliging Joyce to follow, leaving her fallen clothing where it had dropped to the floor. Naked once again, Joyce was lead to the center of the stage, closer this time to the main set of windows . Carole manipulated her so that she was exposed for all and any to see from the front of the buildings.

Carole again began telling Joyce how such a good girl she was, how wonderful it had been to have things transpire as they had done so far. How much she had appreciated Joyce’s giving over to her, letting her guide Joyce through different experiences .
Knowing I am sure that we could not then , as time did not permit it, Carole asked in a soft voice. “ Joyce would you like to take up where we had left off ? ” Carole added that the dog could be made ready very quickly. The thought of `Yes , let’s do it ` crossed my dirty mind immediately. I had photo flashes of a naked Joyce spread out once again over the block, her virgin pink pussy being ravished by this good sized German Shepard, only this time I was busy feeding my steel cock into her mouth.

Again Carole, cooed slightly to Joyce, rubbed her hands over her shoulders and down her arms holding her steady as she called out the dog’s name. The dog did not miss a beat, he came immediately and suck his muzzle right into the exposed crease between Joyce’s legs, his long flat tongue licking at what ever he could get.
Joyce jerked when he pushed his nose right up as far as he could, but she neither encouraged him, nor stopped him. Carole took note of this also, as Carole sensed the dog’s contact with Joyce, she immediately placed her hands on Joyce’s tits, closing her mouth over Joyce’s at the same time . I watched in awe as these two girls began to make love to one another, hoping that Joyce would be convinced to follow through. When she raised her arms , around Carole’s neck, Carole quickly moved her own hands down to cup the lower potion of Joyce’s bottom, and pulled her cheeks apart, allowing the dog greater access to the sensual parts between Joyce’s legs.

I stood there fixed to my place, watching Joyce’s body vibrate, well shake and shudder, I guess you could say, as she was being manipulated by these two adept sex machines. Joyce was once again making whimpering noises, her breathing had become short and sharp, After a few minutes Carole broke her intimate contact , stepping back and holding Joyce at arms length leaving Joyce , moaning and groaning gyrating her body between the two of them .

I heard Carole then ask in a firm voice if Joyce would place herself like a big girl on the block , reach back and open her sex wide, ready to accept the dog’s long rigid cock. Carole provided a few minutes for Joyce to absorb the jest of this statement, rubbing continually at her shoulders. Then I heard her say that she could order Joyce as had been agreed that morning, to get back on the block and receive the services of ‘ Rufus ‘ as she called the dog, but she wanted Joyce to make the decision.

Looking at Joyce’s facial features you could tell she was having difficulties, she certainly was in a dilemma. There perhaps were more probabilities than the obvious , do it now or don’t do it. She was perhaps thinking that a similar situation could be created later on in life, or that she was really too afraid to follow though , now that things had been stopped. However since there had been a sharp stop to the happening that may or may not have caused great disappointment , she might have been thinking that she was not quite ready for all this

Suddenly I saw Joyce shaking almost violently, her whole body was reacting, you could see tears running down her cheeks and then Joyce begged off stating that she had had experienced a great deal so far, but she did not think she was ready to proceed further at this moment in time, dashing my hopes of seeing her being taken by a dog. Joyce did add however that had we not been interrupted she no doubt would have continued to let the dog have his way with her until she could not have taken it any longer. She said the sensation of having the tip of his cock sitting on the edge of her pussy lips, had been out of this world.

Carole shrugged her shoulders, accepting Joyce’s decision not to proceed, telling her there might not be another occasion that would come her way but that every thing was set to go now if she would change her mind.

Perhaps Carole had gone a bit overboard with her explicit statement, perhaps it was on purpose, or perhaps Carole was just speaking first without considering what she was actually saying. Joyce’s body was still shaking in an uncontrolled manner, at first I thought the dog had made her cum, but then she let go of a loud fart, and pissed herself, covering the dog’s head as he had not been quick enough moving from between her legs. Once however he began to move away from the stream of piss that was emanating from where he had been busy licking, he headed into the corridor leading back to the other building with all due haste, his tail between his legs.

It would be next to impossible to get back into the set up with out one of the main players, even if Joyce decided now to go and lay herself out on the block. If nothing was going to come about all this Carole suggested then that we move along to lunch with Jean Guy and his wife. Carole seemingly frustrated over Joyce’s hesitation to allow herself to be taken by the dog went on and suggested that perhaps she alone should eat with the Jean Guy and his wife, while we took the picnic that had been so carefully put together and buggered off to some secluded space. This would certainly solve the problem with the wet spot on the shorts being in evidence. We could find an away spot in one of the fields and Joyce could doff her shorts and lay them out to dry , while we ate lunch. This was then exactly what we did that wonderful Sunday so many years ago.

Carole told me to go fetch the picnic basket as she wanted her underwear that had been hidden inside. She wanted at least to be properly attired when she was lunching with the neighbours . As she sorted through the basket, she told me that there was many more things wrapped up, beside the sandwiches and that I should be careful when taking the stuff from the basket. She went on to say that there were written instructions in there that I might want to read and perhaps follow if I so desired. She went on telling me that there was also a large tube of sun screen, and that if Joyce was to be exposed in any way. I was to make certain that all her body parts received a good coating of protection.

By the time I got back with the picnic basket Joyce had pulled her clothes back on . We took off hand in hand, walking slowly , providing Joyce a chance to recovery a bit more of her muscular momentum . I was desperately trying to think of a quiet out of the way spot given to some sort of privacy, yet open enough to be a bit daring, should we decide that Joyce be oiled enough to tan her entire body, leaving no untouched spots or might want to agree to resuming some sexual orientated games.

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