A staff party ends with a terrific first night with a close friend
My stories usually involve the rape and/or gang bang of a girl. Not that i would ever wish that to happen to any of the girls in my stories, or any other girl/woman, they're just fantasies. This time i thought i'd write about a nice consensual moment, but if you'd rather read a more typical PH story about this girl then Come Dine With Tracey in my list will be more your thing.

Let me tell you about Tracey, she is a gorgeous 28 year old - brownish, shoulder length hair, superb shapely legs, slim waist and massive rack!

We met at work, she was dating some possesive jerk that she'd known since she was 15. He was much older and drove, so he would pick her up from school, then college and then work! Not to do her a favour you understand, but to ensure she didn't mix with any other males. Despite having this killer body she was made to hide it with baggy tops and either jeans or long skirts, she had to look unappealing to other guys - all because he was really a sad unattractive guy himself, and realised what a good thing he had in his grip. At work we got on famously but she could never come to the pub afterwards, always being collected from the doorway.

A few years passed and she appeared at my work, telling me the great news that she'd finished with the sad twat and now our friendship could blossom!!

We met several times and she soon got acquainted with my love of leather (and anything shiny) and i bought her an outfit for the staff night out, a black satin shirt and a black leather mini skirt. The night of the party arrived and, with said garments packed into my overnight bag, i arrived at her house. I showered and got changed and then she went to get ready, "i hope i don't disappoint you in this" she said, her confidence still battered after years with that bastard. How sweet, and how could she? She is a beautiful young woman, she just doesn't know she is!

A short while passed (she's not prissy) and she appears... a vision of beauty, adding black high heels and clear tights to the look. I grabbed my camera and started taking some pre-night out pics, which i still enjoy to this day ;) We grabbed our coats and made our way into town, i had such a grin on my face as the guys at work were gonna love the transformation... and she was there with ME!

We arrived at the busy bar and she certainly caught the attention of the male crowd, her mid thigh length leather skirt riding just that little bit higher as she sat down, exposing her sexy legs. I was totally buzzing off the attention she was receiving. We moved to a bar up town with a dance floor and took advatage of the floorspace.Let me tell you, Tracey knows how to dance! It's as if she's practiced pole dancing at home for years, maybe she has - my pole was certainly dancing in my pants. Realising i was hard, she would put her back towards me and grind her leather clad ass into my raging cock. I wanted her so badly, and didn't she love it!

My deputy manager Nick came over (Nick is a total fucking wanker, gave me shit all the time and almost made me quit once) and whispered in her ear "let me dance with you", reckoning he was in with a chance. I knew what he was doing but knew he would get nowhere was she'd known him from school and hated the twat too :D "If Porny says so, you can" she replied, smiling at me. So the tosser had the nerve to ask me and, of course, i had to decline his offer - her still grinding my erection into her skirt from behind. He tried this all night hoping i'd give in, or she would... to no avail. The evening drew to a close and we reached for our coats, "can i grab a quick picture before you go" he asked. She looked at me, "Hell yeah" i whispered in her ear, and she posed on the dancefloor as he filled his 24 reel of film, no doubt wishing he'd brought a 36!! We laughed as we went for a kebab, about how he's going to wank over them forever :D

We stood eating our kebabs and waited for a taxi back to hers, one came quickly - which was good, as i wanted to see how the night would end - and being cold at 2am is NO aphrodisiac! We got into her warm house and she went to the loo, about five mins later she called me upstairs. "You ok?" i asked, running up the stairs. She was sprawled on her double bed, "wanna come and play? (I'd stayed over many times, but always in my own room) That bulge of your's has been needing relief all night" she laughed.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled her belly, looking into her beautiful big eyes as i unbuttoned her shirt. My eyes then lowered to her chest as i opened it up to reveal her mammoth breasts, held beautifully by a silver satin bra with a front clasp. They looked fantastic and i squeezed them with my hands. Her nipples began to stiffen and i tweaked them through the satin till they stood out like studs.

She unzipped my bulging member from my combats and moved her head forward to allow her to tease the top of my head with her tongue. I climbed off her and undressed, then climbed back on - this time between her legs. I slid up her leather skirt to reveal matching silver satin panties beneath the sheer tights. Sliding my hands up her skirt, i pulled off her tights and slid my fingers over her satin crotch. She was wet, very wet. I mentioned this and she said she'd been feeling horny all night from all the attention she'd been receiving, and the anticipation of how our night together would end. I massaged her satin lips before moving the crotch and inserting a finger inside her moist pussy.She bit on her bottom lip in pleasure as i moved it slowly in and out of her, then entering a second and building up the pace, rubbing at the inner roof of her vagina with my fingers in an upward motion. "Stop now and lick me out please" she asked, so i got between her legs and started licking and tonguing her sticky, wet twat - occasionally sucking on her clit. This drove her wild and it wasn't long before i felt the warmth inside her pussy build up. She screamed, convulsed and released a torrent of wetness over my mouth, me still licking her as she came.

I got onto my knees and looked down to my throbbing cock, now weeping pre-cum. I climbed back on top of her - straddling her chest this time, as i slid my prick under the front clasp of her bra and squeezed her heaving breasts into it, as i fucked them with great gusto. "Oh yeah, fuck my tits!" she said with a smile, "i bet you've thought of this since we met?" Of course i had, almost every night!! I rammed in and out her satin clad mounds vigorously till i felt my balls constrict then, quickly moving down her body and straddling her right thigh, i jerked back hard on my cock - sending my first load streaming through the air, landing with a huge "SPLAT" right over her left eye, streaking across her chin and cheek en route to it's target. Then i hit her left breast followed by her right, moving down to the lovely leather skirt i'd bought her, now placed over the bottom half of her belly. I shot stream after stream of my load onto it until it was a sopping mess of cum.

Sitting on her right thigh i take a deep breath, "that was amazing, thank you!" i said. She said that the last time i'd stayed over (in my own room) she's spied on me through the keyhole, lying on the bed masturbating to her picture - tonight was the night to satisfy my fantasy. "Go and get a towel" she said, "clean me off and fuck me". Still hard, i went into the bathroom and returned with a towel. I wiped my generous load off her face and body, then moved to her skirt. "I think you'd rather leave that messy wouldn't you?" she asked with a smile. "Oh yeah" i replied, straddling her legs once again and moving in to kiss her, something else we'd never done. We kissed passionately and i moved my mouth down her neck, to her chest. I unclasped the spunk covered bra and her ample breasts spilled out, they were splendid. I squeezed them and sucked them for ages before moving down her belly and between her legs once again.

She played with her tits while i ate out her pussy, occasionally slipping a finger into her ass - with no complaint. "Yes!!" I thought to myself, "i'm gonna get to fuck her ass tonight too". I licked and fingered Tracey into another orgasm and she said she wanted to give me the fuck of my life. I lay back on the bed, my pole standing to her attention, throbbing and twitching in the air. She knelt over me and took it in her mouth, licking up and down my shaft, teasing the rim and tip, sucking and fondling my balls. She stopped and looked up at me "now fuck me!" she demanded, sitting astride by throbbing member. I slid my hands up her wet skirt as she guided herself onto me.

Slowly at first, i moved in and out of her pussy, feeling her warm wetness envelop my cock. She bucked up and down, her huge breasts jiggling around as i rammed her, holding her leather hips. Then i turned her onto her back and, holding her feet in the air, thrashed in and out of her pussy. She was biting her lower lip, moaning in pleasure as i pounded in and out of her. Time passed and i got her on all fours, spat in her asshole and entered it. She gave no resistance as i slid my length in and out of her tight ass, i never realised she would do this - despite talking about anal sex she'd never admitted to doing it. Holding onto her skirt, using it like a belt this time, i rammed in and out of her arse hard and fast. "I want you to come inside me, but not in my ass" she said. Not able to hold on much longer i flipped her back on her back, placed her legs on my shoulders and entered her pussy once again. I pounded harder and harder while she played with her breasts, then i felt my body contort, my balls constrict once again, and my cock twitch. Her vaginal muscles gripped my throbbing prick as my first load of the second session shot through into her, she sighed as my thick jizz jetwashed her inner walls over and over again. My load seemed unending, i pushed my cock as deep inside her as far as i could until my sack was bone dry. "Fuck me!" she said, "I've never had such a huge amount inside me. I thought your first load was impressive, but that was your second". I was impressed myself. I lay there on top of her motionless, my cock still hard inside her. She started kissing me and the night continued in that vein.

The following day, at work, i could hardly move. "Good night then?" asked Nick. I looked at the twat and smiled, nice of him to notice :D

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amazing story shame about the msn style emotions

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