Laura's partner is forced to give her up to repay a gambling debt, her turning up in a black leather mini was a bonus
Alan is adjusting his tie in the mirror as Laura comes over to him and puts her arms around him, “good luck with the games tonight” she says. “I don’t need luck, I always win” he replies with a smug grin. In fact this is true and his fellow players are secretly pissed off as the smug twat fleeces them every month, leaving them almost broke while he coins the winnings.

She drops him off at the exclusive club and he tells her to get dolled up as he’ll be taking her out on the proceeds of the evening at midnight. Laura goes home and makes a special effort, it’s been a long time since they hit the town together and she wants to look sexy and glamorous.

In the club, Alan is led to the back room where all the usual players are waiting. Stephen, Thomas, Stuart, and John, all pot bellied businessmen in their late 40’s. This time though something is different, they’ve invited another along. Robert, another businessman in his 50’s, is someone who likes high stakes games and is out to win plenty of cash tonight.

At first Alan is winning all the games and looking very pleased with himself, especially as his winnings top a couple of grand. “Like high stakes Alan?” asks Robert. “How high are we talking?” replies Alan, keen to fleece this guy of every penny he’s brought with him. “The kind of stakes that make a difference, let’s say £25K?” replies the latest recruit to the monthly gathering. Alan knows that if he lost he’ll be waving goodbye to the holiday they’ve booked AND Laura's new car but, as he never seems to lose, he accepts and it isn’t long before he’s an extra £25,000 up. “Double or quits?” says Robert, keen to get his money back. “OK” says Alan and the cards are dealt.

However, this time the luck is not with him and he loses both the £25K he’d secured PLUS the holiday and car money, he starts to break out into a sweat as it’s half eleven and Laura's not going to be pleased when she gets there. Nervously, he suggests double or quits himself, realising that they’d have to remortgage the house if he lost, but what could he do?

The tension is high across the table as the two players are dealt cards from a brand new pack. Drops of sweat fall from Alan’s brow onto the cards as the bell goes… it’s Laura, all ready for a good time out on the town. All eyes are drawn to the vision of beauty that stands before them, dressed to impress in a tight grey, pinstriped blouse, a black leather mini skirt that only just covers her buttocks, black, pointed, high heeled stiletto shoes and her long blonde hair waved to perfection, she looks like a movie star who’s just stepped off the red carpet.

Under the table each man is rock hard as their eyes move up and down her shapely legs, never seen before as she’s always collected Alan in jeans. She’s led to a seat where she’s told the story of what’s gone on, “YOU WHAT? YOU FUCKING PRICK!” she shouts as she tries to get up and belt him, but the bouncer holds her into the chair. The tension builds as the game is played to its final conclusion, not in Alan’s favour. Laura looks at him and bursts into tears. Robert grabs this long, pointed brolley and walks over to her. Her face now streaming with black mascara as the tears trickle down her cheeks. She looks up at him as he places the tip of his brolley between her knees. “I’m sure we can sort out an amicable arrangement” he says, parting her legs with it’s tip. “No, no way, NO FUCKING WAY” she glubs. “Well Alan, what’s it to be – your life or your wife?” Realising they’ll need time to discuss it, he ushers the others out. Laura looks down at the crotches of the men as they leave, their cocks bulging inside their trousers. Appalled, she waits for them to leave before her and Alan fight over the situation.

Time passes and Alan opens the door, “you can have her Robert” he says, “but please be gentle”. “Come on gentlemen” he says. “WHAT?” replies Alan, “not ALL of you!” “For that kind of money Alan we’re gonna fuck your little bitch till she’ll be lucky if she can walk to your car” .

They enter the room and find Laura standing there crying, they surround her and one wipes her tears away with his handkerchief as the others’ hands caress her body through her blouse, feeling her leather clad ass, reaching up inside her skirt and fingering her pussy and anus. They pull their hard cocks out and start rubbing them against her as they start to kiss her. Meanwhile Alan is taken to an adjoining room where it soon becomes evident that the huge mirror is in fact two-way, and he can see everything that’s unfolding next door. Two video cameras are catching the action for distribution to club members later. “Nice touch the sexy outfit Alan” says the bouncer, “we’ve never seen her legs before, very nice. You must be over the moon coming back to that every night, I’d fuck her brainless!” Alan makes a swing it him, but he’s built like a brick shithouse and floors him. “For that I’ll tell you the true story, these guys are sick of losing to you, you smug asshole, so they brought Robert in as he’s got the money to cripple you and is a top notch player. The whole thing was a set up for you to lose and her to pay the price, we never expected the sexy outfit though – that’s just the icing on the cake! Leather micro mini, what a horny slut!” In tears by now himself, Alan climbs onto a seat and looks through the window at what’s going on. Robert, standing behind , puts his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees, where each take turns in fucking her mouth. After a while Robert stands behind rubbing his cock against her blonde curls, it isn’t long before she feels a warm liquid running down the back of her head, ruining the hair that took hours to perfect. A fresh tear runs down her cheek but is soon washed away by the torrent of hot cum that is squirted on to her face from either side by Stephen and Stuart, Stuart squirting right over her eye. Thomas then puts his hand under her chin coating it and her mouth with his copious load, as she struggles to keep her lips tightly closed. Next is John who also creams her face, to a level that almost renders her invisible underneath it all.

She kneels down and looks in the mirror, cum dripping down onto her blouse, skirt and thighs. “He can see you through that you know?” says Robert, so she looks scornfully through the glass. With cum still dripping from her face, Robert kneels down and undoes the buttons of her blouse and removes it, as the others come to feel her tiny breasts and lithe body, then they pick her up and sit her on the table. Now totally naked, John and Stephen get behind her on the table and rub their hands up and down her torso as Robert stands at the end and slides his hands up her skirt, gently peeling off her thong. Pulling her body closer to him he lowers his mouth down to her pussy and starts to lick her out. As she lies there, John and Stephen take turns in her mouth and Thomas and Stuart pore her legs and body. With Robert licking and sucking her clit, she starts to become aroused.

Pot bellied old men don’t do it for her, but she resigns herself to the fact that she’s gonna get fucked by them all so she might as well make the most of it, despite the humiliating way she’s being treated by them. She starts to writhe to Robert’s tongue and John says “you’re liking it now aren’t you you little slut”. At which point Robert stands up and, sliding his hands up her skirt, grabs hold of her hips as he rams his cock inside her. The others take it in turn to fuck her mouth from either side as Robert proves there’s life in the old dog yet, pummelling her cunt like a jackhammer. His cock is long and pretty wide and his motions are soon turning Laura on, her nipples start to stick out like sandcastles on a beach. Robert tweaks them with his thumb and first finger as he carries on pumping her. He’s been fantasising about this moment for weeks, ever since the plan was first hatched and they’d showed him the CCTV footage of her collecting Alan at the end of their games.

They pull her right onto the table and twist her onto her belly, then Robert gets on the table and enters her from behind as the others fuck her face, grope her and masturbate. Robert soon feels her warmth build up and realises she’s going to come soon. He builds up his speed, grabs her hips tightly, shouting “come you fucking… little… slut!” At which point she convulses, releasing her warm liquid and Robert pulls out to let it flow down, only to find she gushes out all over him. As she moans in pleasure Robert enters her ass while her juices flow down her legs, he pounds and pounds her tiny ass till he’s ready to blow, pulling out and squirting stream after stream of his hot load up over her buttocks and skirt. With his cum still sliding down her legs Stuart approaches and spins her onto her back, entering her sopping pussy as Stephen moves to her mouth. Her legs now up on Stuart’s shoulders, he pounds her cunt with, again, a thick and meaty shaft, more than adequately filling her. Robert leaves the room and goes next door, “invite a few spectators” he says to the bouncer, “they can look, touch and wank, but no fucking her. She’s getting enough tonight to last her a month!”

Stuart ushers Stephen underneath her, so Stephen lies down and Laura is placed on top, then Stuart enters her ass. The two fuck her relentlessly and she closes her eyes, opening them again to see a crowd of onlookers have surrounded the table and are wanking. Wasting no time, it’s not long before two are standing over her face releasing themselves onto it. Then another two cream her hair and breasts. The two inside her fuck her faster as the cum drips down her body. Two more get on as both men are almost ready to blow, she orgasms again and her mouth opens to release a moan of pleasure – only to be met by two guys squirting into it. She tries to shut her mouth but one holds it open till the other has finished. Stephen gets out from underneath and Stuart releases his load into her ass, she squirms as she feels it inside her, then Stuart enters her ass and comes there too. One guy at the front asks “spit or swallow?” as Laura lets their load seep out of her mouth and down her chin. Wiping his cock on her thong Stuart says to her “you'll be shitting cum for a week bitch”, as Thomas and John get ready to take their turn. Flipping her back onto her back, Thomas pulls her to the end of the table and spreads her legs wide, he enters her pussy as John is inside her mouth. His balls slapping against her cumsoaked face with every pound. Two more guys get on and squirt over her breasts and belly as the two pummel her for all they’re worth. Thomas pounding her hard, fast and deep, one stilettoed leg now high in the air.

The bouncer appears and John gets off the table but watches Laura’s expression as he releases his black python. She knows that’s gonna hurt. He smiles as he climbs the table and starts ramming as much as will fit down her throat, in and out of her mouth. She gags as Thomas holds both ankles in the air and enters her ass, her squeals unable to be heard as his huge cock fills her tiny asshole, and the bouncer is fucking her face so relentlessly. He pulls out and creams her pussy and skirt, watching as his load gently runs down to her ass to meet the other cum seeping from it. Then John steams in, not bothering with her cunt he aims straight for her arsehole, placing her feet on his shoulders. Being the last to get inside her he’s almost ready to blow and lasts about three minutes before he squirts over and over at her leather mini like it was on fire and he was a fireman.

This only leaves the bouncer who also wastes no time and enters her ass, looking intently into her eyes as he grabs her hips so firmly and rams her over and over again. She reaches down and fingers herself. She wants an orgasm to this guy. In the other room Alan is horrified that she’s actually bringing herself off to this guy and breaks down in tears, banging at the glass “no… no…nooooo!…..” The bangs can’t be heard, more onlookers have arrived and are creaming her body as she’s jackhammered in the ass by the longest, fattest cock she’s experienced (and pre-Alan she'd experienced plenty of cock). She comes again, gushing all over the bouncer’s belly, driving him wild as he pumps and pumps her till he pulls out, squirting right up her body to hit her face, then neck, then between her breasts, her belly, skirt and down to her pussy. She’s never known a load like it.

All finished, she lies there completely soaked in the load of about 40 fellas. A couple of blokes pick up cards and scoop some cum off her and drip it into her mouth. Robert, John, Stephen, Stuart and Thomas pick up all the chips and throw them onto her body for Alan to clean up, get dressed and walk calmly from the room. Laura puts her number into the bouncer’s phone before he leaves and let’s Alan back in.

The journey home is silent as Alan’s upset about her finally enjoying her ordeal, and she’s wearing cumsoaked clothes and freezing as she’s all wet, clearly NOT in the mood for conversation. As she showers her phone goes, it’s the bouncer. “Meet me outside in half an hour” she says, packs her bags and leaves. “Once you’ve had black, Alan, there’s no going back” she says, slamming the door behind her.

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