This starts off slow but there will be some sexual activity later on. also there is a scene of death here, but has nothing to do with anything sexual.
Chapter 1: First Kill

June 5th 2015. 8:30 am.

"Good morning Lilith, how was your night? peaceful I hope." Jake Merkin says as he turns on the light in her bedroom. Which make the sleeping woman rush under her covers and groan. "Now now, we have a few thing to do today that are rather important, well it is for the military that is." he adds while pulling the sheets off the naked 18 year old woman. Making the tsk tsk sound Jake taps his pen on her forhead.

"Jake don't, I'm not in the mood for you energetic personality. I am not a morning person... thing." Lilith said as she took hold of his wrist and pulled him down onto the bed. She then used her foot to grab the covers and flip them over the two of them. One of her games was to try and make the young lab assistant become her 'play' thing. which was working more and more every day.

"Lilith. now is not the time for your games, the supervising officer is growing tired of your suduction antics. I might not be allowed to see you again if you keep this up." Jake said with a depressed sigh. He enjoyed being Lilith's caretaker, she was a very spontanious and intelligent person although she could be childish at times. Being with her was for lack of a more complex statement, very fun.

"No. you are mine and I won't let them take you away!" she said as she pulled him into a cuddle. Light she kissed his cheek and purred a bit. "You belong to me, not them." she added softly while stroking his cheek and smiling at him.

"Lilith, I'm not a pet you can keep forever. My life is far shorter then yours." Jake said as he shook his head and patted her head. "Now get your lazy ass out of bed or I will make sure you won't get to 'play' with me today." he added with a firm tone.

With a heavy sigh she kissed his lips and let go. Although she had grown used to the constant tests and exercise training it was still a pain to go through it every day for the last two years. "What am I to do this time? more Virus injections or do I get to do something new?" she asked while both of them got out from under the cover.

"Even I am not allowed to know that. the military wants this to be a secret to almost all of the researchers here. I"m not even allowed to be there to watch this new test. However I suspect it has something to do with you being able to kill a target with just a kiss." Jake said softly as he picked up his clipboard and pen. When he stood up Lilith was in front of him wearing a black tank top and tight blue jeans, she even put her long red hair in a braid.

"So I'm going to kill someone? Why? and who is it?" she asked softly while looking Jake in the eyes to confirm her conclusion.

"I don't know, you might just have some blood take then injected into the sample of the target and we will see if your DNA will end up killing a terrorist leader" He said while leading her out of her black glass house.

"Why does it have to be me? why can't they use her?!" Lilith said getting angry that she was the only test subject for everything in this damn complex of a prison.

Jake stopped before opening the door to the testing site, turning he lightly touch her cheek and smiled. "Because you are perfect in every way. I do disapprove of this as much as you, but my voice is never heard in the conferance room. Be a good girl and do as they say, the sooner the tests are completeled the sooner you can 'play' with me." he said softly.

"Thats cheating, you're bribing me." she pouted and crossed her arms.

"Of course I am, it works doesn't it?" he asked while turning back to open the vault like door. As the thick steel door opened Jake and Lilith were greeted by six armed guards and the supervising officer.

"Well I see she is up and ready to begin our test. But what took so damn long this time?" the officer asked as glance at Lilith for a moment before returning his gaze to Jake.

"I was telling her that she should behave and that if she does as told I would go and buy her a gift from the city." Jake said as he wrote somthing down on his clipboard. "Tell your men to lower their weapons sir, they make Lilith become rather protective of me and she might harm one or all of those rookies." he added softly while looking back up at the officer.

"Are you ordering me around boy?" the military's best and most strict officer just had to demand the respect of every person in the complex even if it was just to show who was in control of the place and the funding.

"No sir, merely warning you. You see as her caretaker and only friend here Lilith tends to find me more valuable then all the advanced equipment in this facility. And if I am harmed in any way or if she believes me to be in any sort of danger she will protect me by all and any means she deems neccessary." Jake stated with a calm and relaxed smile.

All of what Jake said was true of course, but the reason Lilith valued him so much was not only because he was her only freind and 'play' thing but it was due to the fact that she wanted to mate with him. So if he did come to be harmed she would go into a state which would end in either the complex being destroyed or killing everyone responsible for Jake's injuries.

"V-very well then." with a quick wave of his had the guards lowered their guns and stood back to let Jake and Lilith through, the Officer however lead them to the desginated area.

Once Lilith was placed in the center of the room Jake let her kiss his neck before he left to take care of his usual deeds. So now she stood along and annoyed in a pure white room with nothing to do but wait as her blood was taken and tested to fit the military's needs. Unknown to Lilith the military already had the target inside the facility, once more that person was just in the next room waiting to be released. Time began to drag on making Lilith rather bored and angry at the pointless need for her to wait in the room along without even a book to occupy her mind.

Then after what seemed like hours the speakers turned on and the voice of the lead gentisist echoed in the room. "Lilith, it has been confirmed that your DNA can implant a virus that will make the cells of the target begin to deterierate at an alarming rate. All that is needed nowis to implant the DNA code into your brain and with just a kiss you will become our best weapon against all terrorist factions."

Rolling her eyes she nodded then laid down on the cool floor to let her legs rest. Now she just needed to relax while some one came in and inject the DNA strand into her body. after that she would be set loose on the world and she would just need to kiss this target of the military's and come back home to be with Jake.

After another hour of waiting some lab assistant wearing a biohazard suit came in and quickly inject Lilith with the target's DNA signature. Luckily for her that no one knew that she was able to find out who the DNA belonged to by creating a mental image of the target. When assistant left she opened her eyes and yawned. "So when do I get to give this person my kiss of death?" she asked in a bored tone.

"Soon, when managed to capture the target a week before today. he shall be sent into the room shortly, we just need to boost his hormone levels to make him want to have sex with you. Just one kiss and you can use your strength or ailen skills to keep him away from you afterwards." the voice echoed.

"So I'm going to have to force him off me? How large of a dose did you guys give this criminal?" Lilith asked even though she knew there would not be an answer to her questions, there never was. Save for what she managed to get out of Jake.

With little much of a wait a door opened at the south wall, then a ragged looking man was thrown into the large testing room. With a shake of her head Lilith walked over to the captive and knelt down beside him. Since she wanted to get this over with quickly she suddenly grabbed the man's shoulders and kissed his chapped lips. Then the speakers on the cieling came on again. "Lilith you will need him in inject your saliva in order for our test to work properly."

Annoyed at this request she rolled her eyes before forcing her tongue into the man's mouth. After a few seconds she pulled away and pushed the man down onto his back before she stood up and walked away. "There its done, can I leave now?"

The speakers crackled but before the lead researcher could reply the prisoner cried out in pain. Lilith turned her head to see why he was yelling, the sight shocked her so much that she fell to her knees and nearly threw up. The prisoner's body was falling apart. blood ran out rom his eyes ears and nose while his skin cracked and fell off. As the man reached out and yelled in pain and confusion the skin on his hand fell to the floor leaving his blood stained bones hanging before they too fell to the ground.

The suddenly Lilith's eyes were covered by some one's hand. "Lilith stand up." It was Jake he managed to gain access to the room and kept her from seeing the rest of the silent decaying body. "Stand up, I'll take you back to your room." He said once more as he moved in front of her.

Slowly her mind focused on Jake and she clung to him while shaking from seeing what her body could do to a person. "W-why.... w-why d-did that happen...?" she asked as her eyes met Jake's. "Ne-ver never again... please do make me do that ever again." she pleaded while getting to her feet with his help.

When Jake returned Lilith to her room she instantly moved to her bed and went under the covers to curl up and stay silent. "Lilith, don't hide under the covers. I know that was a very disturbing thing to witness, but don't hide in your bed." Jake said as he started to pull the blankets off her head.

"I'm not hiding! I just don't want to see anything that is white or has a bright colour." She stated softly while poking her head out from under the blanket.

"Now did you not stay that you were going to make me play with you after the test was done?" he asked with a small smile. he was trying to cheer her up and make her relax a bit more. "So Lilith what is it going to be? stay under your blankets or toy around with me for the next few hours?"

Her head ducked under the cover once more a thought came to her that made her smile. There was no reason she could not do both now was there. "Take off your coat and join me under here for a few minutes. I just want to relax a bit more." she said softly making sure to conceal her smile.

"Just this once." he said with a sigh, he knew that she would not move unless she got this one thing from him. So he removed his lab coat and his shoes, then he laid down on the bed.

"No, you have to be under the cover with me not just on my bed." said softly while hiding her smile. She wanted him to join her willingly so that she would not have to force him into anything, not just yet at least. The thoughts running through her mind would make any woman blush.

With a moment of thought then a heavy sigh, Jake slowly got under the cover and laid next to Lilith. "Happy now?" he asked somewhat annoyed at her little game.

"No, not just yet." She said softly then she wrapped her arms around his waist and back, gently she pulled him closer and cuddled him like a little girl would a teddy bear. "Now I'm happy." she whispered into his ear. Lying her head down on his shoulder her eyes closd and she relaxed almost completely.

Jake stays still for a few minutes until he is sure that Lilith has fallen asleep. With a slight shake of his head he strokes her cheek with one had while the other is somewhat trapped under her torso. It is then that he is able to smell her scent clearly., its a sweet yet potent fragrance that reminds him of a flower garden odd yes but it is still rather calming for him. Then he smiles and knows one of the few things to get her when he leaves to go into the city.

With a slight groan Lilith adjusts her position so that Jake is on his back while she uses his chest for a pillow, her leg crossed over both of his and her arms laid either on or by his waist. Jake saw her peaceful expression and he smiled since now she was calm and relaxed. Lightly he stroked her hair and laid still while Lilith slept.

About an hour later Lilith woke up and smiled when she saw Jake, slowly she crawled up his body until they were face to face. "Thank you for staying with me." she said then moved to kiss his lips, but just before their lips met she stopped and pulled back. she looked at him in the eyes as hers began to water. "I want to kiss you but... It might kill you..." she whispered softly then quickly hugged him. "Why am I just a tool for killing people...?" she cried into his shoulder and went silent save for her whimpering.

Jake was to say the least shocked at her words, he always thought that he was just a friend to her he never thought that she wanted to have an intamate relationship with him. his arms held her gently and he kissed the top of her head. "Hey now, you won't be able to kill me. how many times have you kissed and bit my neck to tease me? you drew blood from me once remember, and I was fine." he said to calm her down.

"But wasn't that before I was tainted to be this killing thing?" she asked to make sure he was right and if he was wrong she would end up killing him, even though it would be an accident she could not bare to loose him.

He thought for a moment then patted her head. "Okay then we will just have to try an experiment then." Jake said as he sat up and pulled Lilith up with him. "Now we will need to try this in your bathroom so we don't make a mess of your bed." he added softly.

Lilith cocked her head to the side wondering what he was going on about, what was he planning to do?

"Well go on the get into your bathroom." he said nudging her a bit. he would have moved but she was sitting on his legs, so he could not move at all.

Once Lilith realized this she quickly moved off of him and out of the bed. With a bit of a stretch she went into her bathroom to wait for Jake and to hear this idea of his. "Plese don't let it be something bad that harms him." he muttered while sitting on the edge of her bathtub.

When Jake finally entered the bath room he held a knife and a small glass beaker. He set both on the counter next to the sink and turned to face Lilith. "Alright this is what were are going to do, I will make a small cut on my arm and let it spill into the glass. then after I fix up my arm I want you to spit on my blood." he said soflty as he pulled Lilith to her feet. "and depending on what happens I will be able to tell you if your saliva will either kill me or be completely harmless." he added quickly.

Lilith nodded and looked at the beaker then back to Jake. "Fine, but I don't like seeing you hurt so if my body won't kill you then I'm gonna punish you for harming yourself." she stated with crossed arms.

Jake nodded then turned to the sink. he placed the beack near the edge and picked up the knife, then taking a breath he cut his forearm and turned it so his blood would fall into the beaker. Flexing his fist he was able to force more blood out. Once he was satified with the amount he moved the beaker and ran cool water over his arm. "Alright now spit in the beaker." he said turning his head to Lilith.

With a nod and a sigh she leaned over the glass and spat into it. She then backed away and waited, if her saliva would kill him then a reaction would start fairly soon. If he was safe from her then nothing would happen right? she hoped nothing would happen.

After few minutes Jake checked the beaker and stired the contents. He then waited for another five minutes before checking the beaker again, he sighed and nodded. "Well as it turns out," he started as he looked up at Lilith, then paused for a moment. "Your DNA does not harm mine." he said with a smirk.

She lit up and smiled at this news. She could now be with him and nothing bad would happen, well he wouldn't die anyway. she would make sure he would be rather sore in the next few days.

Later that day Lilith was sitting in one of the smaller testing rooms strapped to a chair. She would be given a new injection that might affect her mind and body rather brutally, which could cause her to lash out at every one in the room. "Now just relax and hold still, you won't feel a thing I promise. However what comes after wards I'm not so sure." the doctor then pushed the needle of the injection gun into on ov her viens and pulled the trigger. The dark blue liquid inside quickly shot into her body and spread rapidly. The doctor backed away and watched carefully.

Shortly after the injection Lilith began to pant and sweat. Her body twitched and she looked around wondering what was happening, then her vision changed. she could see the heat resenating off the doctor and the few working machines in the room. She blinked a few times to get her normal vision back but it did nothing to help, she suddenly felt as though something had shocked her head making her cry out in pain.

All of this was being recorded by the security camera's in the corners of the room. Which fed the video to the supervising offercer in the main observation deck. "Is this supposed to happen? She seems to be in a great deal of pain, why is that?" the officer asked as he watched the footage.

"Sir the drug given to her is meant to boost her mental abilities and physical strength. Since this is a drastic change instead of a minor one the pain is rather hard to bare, but I know she will survive this and she will be a better weapon for your general to put into the field." An elderly researcher stated as he looked over the charts.

After nearly twenty minutes Lilith stopped screams and calmed down. "Fuck... never put that in me again..." she said as sweat flowed down her face, she was tired and her throat was sore from all her yelling. Once she was unstrapped she was allowed to stretch her legs. Which was harder then she thought but at least she was given something to drink, however it was a strange looking substance of a pinkish colour, yet tastes rather sweet. "What is this?" she asked once it was all gone.

"Ah that was a nutrient product which allows the body to gain more stamina and substitutes for any and all meals. You will drinking that for the next few weeks and your body shall gone through a slight change. But you will not feel any pain what so ever." the doctor said as he opened the door so she could leave and get some rest.

That night as she lay in bed Lilith couldn't help but want to touch herself. She groaned in annoyance with her body, she just wanted to get some sleep and nothing else. But her body wanted pleasure and would not let her sleep until it got just that. So with a heavy sigh, she stripped off her clothing and started to play with her clit and pussy. She moaned at the slightest touch which concerned her a bit since she never felt this sensitive before.

She arched her back as she thrust two fingers into her soaked cunt, nearly crying out in pleasure as her body shook from her first and sudden orgasm. "Fuck me.... why am I so sensitive now..." she said aloud hopeing to get answer but she just wanted to cum again.

She moaned like a whore as she finger fucked herself, her juices soaking her sheets along with her sweat. "Oh... yes yes fuck..... YEs!" she cried as the pleasure continued to build toward her next approaching orgasm. All she thought about was pleasure she wanted no needed to orgasm and bathe in the pleasure. Pinching her clit she half screamed have moaned as she came hard, her cum squirting over her hands and onto the her already soaked sheets. "Yes!" she moaned once she took in a breath. Panting her hands fell to her sides leaving her pussy exposed to the cool air. Her eyes slowly closed then she fell into a deep sleep.

The next few weeks were pretty much the same, getting injections that made her weak after screaming in pain then masturbating three times a night just to be able to fall asleep. She noticed that her body was becoming a bit more muscular and her curves were a little more defined, also her breasts were growing again.

"What the hell did they put in that damn drink?" she asked herself while looking at her body in the bathroom mirror. "Not that I'm complaining or anything but damn I'm horny as hell right now and I don't want my fingers anymore." she said softly.

"Lilith its time for your new set of medication." Jake said as he entered her glass house.

Suddenly a mischievious smile crossed her lips and she left the bathroom. Quietly she crept up on Jake and pushed him onto the bed. "Where have you been? you were gone for nearly a month." she pouted while lightly stroking his sides and kissing his neck.

"Yeah I was on leave, it is actually madatory now adays." he said as she let him roll onto his back. he could tell something was odd about her this morning and couldn't help but notice the lusting look in her eyes. "Now Lilith relax a bit alright no need to get so frisk...."

He was cut off by her suddenly kissing him and focing her tongue into his mouth. She then pinned his arms down so he couldn't resist. Then she started to grind her crotch against his, needing him to get hard so she could fuck him senseless.

Once she was sure he was hard and when he started to comply with her. she let go of his arms and held his head lightly, as their tongues danced between their mouths. His arms then wrapped around her gentl, he graoned a bit as she kept grinding onto his hard cock.

Somehow Lilith managed to strip Jake of his clothes without him trying to stop her. Was her body putting him under some kind of trance or was he just as horny as she was? in anycase she was riding him within not time at all and both were loving it. He was feeling her up and caressing her body, while she ground her hips into him thrusting good and hard. She loved having his large cock inside her tight soaked cunt, and she could not wait to feel him cum inside her.

Her moaning grew louder as they switched into a doggystyle position. Jake was fucking her rather hard and Lilith was loving every thrust he had to offer her. Their bodies shimmered with sweat form the pace they managed to keep, which should have been damn near impossible. "Oh fuck yes.... Jake oh oh.... Harder please much harder....!" she moaned while reaching under herself and teasing her clit.

Without needing further encouragement he thrust harder. Pounding her cunt with his large hard cock, and listening to her moans was like heaven to him. "I'm... going to.... cummm!" he announce as he gaver her all he had. Then suddenly thrusting one last time and holding her tight he came shooting his hot thick sperm deep into her tight cunt.

As the first shot of his cum hit the back of her cunt Lilith Climaxed and cried out in pleasure. her whole body shuddered for nearly five minutes before her orgasm slowly ended. Then both of them collasped onto the bed panting and smiling. They stayed together for a few mintues then slowly and exhuastedly climbed into the bed and held each other until they fell asleep.

Will continue if the readers want more.

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