Disaster was waiting for me, as I arrived with the menfolk all sweaty and tired. When I saw my uncle helping with the hay, I never gave it a thought that his new wife had come out with him (we kids called her Auntie from Hell). The first thing I heard as I entered the house, before I even had a chance to wipe the dirt off my face, was I should not have been allowed to bring a guest out to the farm, especially not a girl, as it was any of her business. It did not get better as the evening moved along, she watched us like a hawk, and she was as bad as or perhaps worse than my mother. We could not even sneak a friendly kiss without some comment or other. Her arrival certainly put a crimp in my plans, I would have to rethink and rework some of them.

I found out later in life why she had been such a stuffed onion; apparently she had tricked my uncle into marrying her. She had had sex with him then professed that he had gotten her pregnant which was entirely false, but the ploy had worked he married her rather than her friend Anne who was much nicer and well like by us kids. So I guess she was really just making certain that Joyce and I did not get it on and screw up our lives, little did she know of our pact.

So after supper, and being forced, the two of us to helped clean up, instead of cuddling up in a quiet corner of the parlour, we found ourselves playing Hearts with my two sisters. Very boring indeed until my youngest sister was told to go up to bed, leaving Carole , Joyce and I to continue playing cards, not quite Hearts, but a little game of sneak and peek that Joyce made up. We had to be very careful as to what we were going to try and do. The first step, Joyce suggested was we all get into our pj’s which was fine for the girls
but I usually slept in the buff. I foraged through the cupboard in my bedroom and came up with some clothes that passed that evening for pj’s however my delay allowed Joyce and Carole to decide the rules to play of the game.

They had designated certain cards would belong to body parts and certain cards to actions or poses, timing was to be kept by a little salt clock that we had used to play chess with. The joker was to be useful as it would allow the holder to opt out of whatever forfeit they had drawn if they so desired. No two body parts were to be exposed at the same time, and it would be the highest card that called the shots. The game almost sounded like strip poker, however given the fact that we were not sitting too far from the adults who were watching hockey, and our Auntie from Hell who was busy knitting, we could not strip off our clothes.

It worked out fine however , the evening passed pleasantly, with me reaping most of the benefits. The girls had either planned it that way or were very unlucky at cards . They each in turn, well in many turns ended up exposing themselves to me. As we played both Joyce and Carole had to flash a breast, some times both tits, or their young pussies. Mind you it was easier for them as they were sporting button down night shirts. It was kind of exhilarating however watching either girls undo her buttons without appearing to obvious, carefully pulling the material open wide enough to expose their private body parts and holding that pose for the allocated time. Needless to say we were all a bit charged, knowing we were doing this so close to the adults, that all they had to do really was watch us.

The evening passed quickly, as the next thing we knew was that the news was being broadcast on the T V and we were being told it was time to hit the sack. We put everything away in its place, the girls finishing before me, were upstairs quickly, leaving me to follow. As I started up I found Joyce sitting at the top landing, her legs spread wide, and her night jacket bunched at her lap. There it was in all it’s glory, her lovely young cunt, glistening pink, covered with silky blond hairs, spread open waiting for me to arrive. Joyce called out telling me she was expecting her usual good night kiss, but by the time she had finished getting the words out of her mouth we heard my Auntie from Hell arriving from the front step’s landing. Immediately Joyce stood up, taking the delightful view from my sight, and made like she was making for her assigned bedroom.

Auntie from Hell must not have been too happy for my grandmother had given Joyce permission to take the bedroom usually used by her and my uncle now that he was married. The first thing out of her mouth was an order, to stop wasting time, to move off to bed. Then she continued, calling my sister Carole, telling her, she was to sleep with Joyce in the large room. As bad as or worse than my mother, she went on, Carole was to sleep on the side nearest the door, Joyce could have the other half of the bed facing the wall. The only thing she did not tell the girls was to make certain they had put on their chastity belts, giving her the key. I think we all groaned as she finished her spiel, not that we had planned any shenanigans that night, well I had not planned any as I was tired out, especially after having to help load all those bales of hay.

The next thing I distinctively remember is cumming hard, shooting gobs of hot liquid squirm in to a warm wet receptacle. What time it was I had no idea, but then I was so busy plugging my hard cock in and out of Joyce’s virgin cunt, while she knelt over the bales of hay that had been stacked high in the barn. Suddenly I opened my eyes, only to find that I was laying in the bed that I had crawled into the night before.

The most surprising about this event was that I knew I had cum and had cum hard, my viral young sperm seeds had shot out of my throbbing dick , yet had not appeared to have make the usual sticky mess that I was accustomed to. My dick , I was certain was enrobed in some thing hot wet and soft , so I lifted the covers . I was greeted with the most wonderful site of Joyce’s head bobbing up and down on my cock, she had completely engulfed my rigid pole. Now I am not going to admit that I had a small cock, but I will accept the fact that I do not think Joyce was able to deep throat me. I do not think at that time in our lives we even knew what that meant. She was however sucking me dry, not a drop of my seed was left to slip down on to the bed sheets. A wet dream come true.

I guess Joyce felt the covers being lifted for she immediately looked up at me looking at her and blinked her eyes. I watched as she continued to bob on my cock, then satisfied I would imagine, that she had sucked every little droplet from me, she eased it from her mouth. Holding it still in her hands I watched in awe as she licked the underside in a greatly exaggerated fashion with her tongue. Joyce then smiled one of her wicked little devil smiles, drew her naked body up alongside of mine, and planted a wet sloppy kiss on my dry mouth.

I could hardly believe my lucky stars, here we were in the early morning light, both naked as jaybirds cuddling as though were had been born for this event. I never even gave it a thought that my bedroom could be entered by any one at any time, I was in seventh heaven. As we cuddled Joyce started to tell me what had transpired that night, an event that resulted in her deciding to sneak into my room to be alone with me.

At first she and Carole had chit-chatted a bit as they settled themselves in their own bed. The chit- chat turned a bit to into a sexual discussion, which led the girls into a touching session. The touching session opened an avenue to further relieve some of the excitement that had built up during the card game. This Joyce said led to some sexual activity that continued until they fell asleep exhausted, linked limbs in limbs. Joyce however had woken up just a bit earlier, still entangled in the arms of my sister Carole, with a need, well as she said more a lust for more, as she still had tingling feelings way down inside her young body.

She continued to tell me that as she looked at Carole’s naked body spread out there beside her, the feelings of need enhanced her desire for satisfaction. Joyce said she was about ready to move , to place her whole body over Carole’s and take what she thought she needed to ease her craving, when she had another nasty little thought. She eased herself from the bed hoping to avoid disturbing Carole, and listened for sounds of any movement from any of the rooms adjoining theirs. Once she was satisfied that every thing was quiet and no one else was up or moving around, she snuck out of the room and skittered bare ass naked into my room.

She said she was a bit disappointed that I did not stir when she entered the room, nor when she stealthily slipped under the covers pressing her naked soul up against mine, but accepted the fact that I had been exhausted from loading the bales of hay. Joyce continued telling me that she also must have dozed for a bit in the comfort of our closeness. The itch however had not quite subsided , waking her once again . She went on to tell me that this time she noticed that I was moaning and groaning to a tune that was familiar. She watched as I turned on my back, and saw that the covers appeared to be tented around my lower body region. Naturally curiosity got the best of her and she lifted the covers to find my cock standing straight up, pushing against the material of the covers.

Seeing this, she decided to do something about her need, at the same time perhaps provide me with a bit of a sensation at the same time. This is how I had found her, busy sucking my cock, but as she said she had been at it for some time before I woke and was certain that she had drained me pretty well dry. As Joyce was telling me about how it came to be that she was in my bed, she had pulled one of my hands and had been working it down in her nether regions, rubbing her slippery wet cunt, easing my fingers between the folds of her engorged pussy lips. She was once again becoming very excited, her body was rocking to a rhythm that was in sync to her requirements, then she stopped and just shuddered, emitting all kinds of little moaning sounds.

The morning sun was now streaming through the eastern window, sending it’s warm golden light over the bed letting us know that it was indeed going to be a very nice Sunday. We heard the others rousing, moving around and about, and realized that Joyce had not quite closed my bedroom door firmly. It was then decided that we should wait before we made any moves to get going . First of all Joyce had come to my room naked, her night clothes remained where she had left them, and there was still a chance that Auntie from Hell might stick her nose in my room to see if I was awake, ( more likely to see if I was alone).

We arranged the bed covers and pillows so that they were more or less bunched up along side of me and Joyce placed herself as close to me as possible in the hope that should any one look in on me they would not see her in bed with me. The game plan was to wait until we heard Carole and get her attention, hoping she would be able to help cover for Joyce, so that Joyce could get into their bedroom to dress. We certainly did not want my youngest sister to pop in and see us , we could just imagine her started speech yelling “What is Joyce doing in your bed Dougie !!!!”.

Fortunately Carole, was quick enough to figure things out, once she realized she woke up naked as the day she had been born, and found that she was alone in the room. She made certain that her bedroom door remained closed until she was sure that our Auntie from Hell had left the upper floor and was busy downstairs. After covering herself she grabbed Joyce’s nightgown , headed for my room where she quietly tapped on the door and asked if she could come in. Carole who was unable to see Joyce asked me if I knew if Joyce had gotten up early and had gone down for breakfast, or if she was hiding in the closet. In a laughing manner I told her to go look in the closet if that is where she thought Joyce was, as she moved over and opened the door to look inside, I pulled the covers partially off Joyce as she lay naked beside me in bed. When Carole turned back, the look of surprise on her face was well worth the effort.

Carole stood there her mouth open, her tongue hanging just on her lower lip, then she brought her arm up to show us that she was holding Joyce’s pass to get out of my room and back to where she could dress for the day. As I reached out for the nightgown Carole moved it back towards her, waved her finger at me and told us she wanted something first. Now I knew Carole could be very devious, so I cautiously asked what she meant rather that what she wanted. Still holding Joyce’s nightgown close to her body , away from our reach , she eased herself over to the bedroom door and closed it properly. While she leant back on the door itself she told us that it had been great fun last night, to have been involved in our little card game and then afterwards to have enjoyed her solo session with Joyce.

This said, Carole went on to state that she knew we were going to try and play more games today even with Auntie from Hell watching over us. She said she would be willing to help but wanted a something special, a treat for her, that she had thought about for a long time, but the opportunity to obtain it had never presented itself, that was until now. Wondering what she could really want, I offered to hear her out, but added that given the situation as it stood, Auntie from Hell could barge in on us at any moment and we would pay dearly for her discovery. Carole cleared her voice and spoke directly to the both of us, she wanted to watch me eat Joyce out, she wanted to see how a male did it with a female . She wanted to see how a girl reacted to being eaten, when it was being done by a third party. I told her she must be joking, we were not in a position to do such a thing right there and then. I had not counted on Joyce, who I thought was going to back me up . When she whispered in my ear that perhaps we might be able to accommodate Carole’s request , I was astounded . I never thought Joyce would really want to have someone watching us play our little games. I mean I would never have tried to fix it so that we were being watched, I thought that would put Joyce completely off all together.

Yet here she was sort of agreeing to allow Carole watch me eat her out. Just the idea had my little man springing straight up between my legs, a sight that was not lost of either of the girls. They both made comments that perhaps I would not really mind if Carole watched. Given the options I had to agree, only I told them that we should hurry in case Auntie showed up. Joyce surprised me as she quickly pulled the bed covers completely off and away from our bodies, and squirmed over to the edge of the bed. She pushed me down on the floor and set her bottom on the edge of the mattress, spreading her legs as wide as she could. Her little flower opened up and with the sunbeams streaming into our room I could see little droplets of her love juices had formed along the other edges of her pussy lips. Joyce was as ready for this as much as it seemed I was.

I wasted no time in getting my mouth attached to this lovely young cunt, sticking my tongue into her crevice as far as I could and lapping at what every I could find. I dropped my tongue down towards her bottom hole and dragged it back up to the top where I flicked at her clit. Joyce had reclined her torso back down on the bed so I brought my hands into play and grabbed each a tit, thumbing at her now pencil hard nipples.
I remember thinking that Joyce was really into this, she had been ready almost immediately to do what Carole had asked. I thought perhaps she either had been thinking quicker than I or she had always wanted something like this to happen . In any case it was not long before she was moaning and squirming on the bed, her hands had seized the sheet and she was holding on hard.

Carole had advanced closer to us, trying to get a better view, leaving the door temporary unguarded. Joyce was just about to ride high over her peak, I had brought her to that level several times, but had stopped short of letting her loose it. Suddenly we heard the thundering voice of our Auntie from Hell, it sounded like she was standing right there in the room with us. Needless to say the three of us froze , I backed off of Joyce who let out a loud howling disappointment, while Carole stepped back towards the door jamming her body up against it. Then we held our breaths.

Once the thundering had stopped, Carole quietly open my bedroom door to see what she could. As there was no one there she squeezed out shutting it behind her, leaving Joyce and I to wonder what we should do next. Carole tapped quietly at the door and opened it, she threw Joyce her nightgown, and told us that Auntie was only calling out from the bottom of the steps We still had time to gather up our perspective emotions and move along. I grabbed for my clothes exited my room and headed for the front fleet of steps, telling Joyce to go get dressed, while I headed down the back steps to counter any more actions from Auntie . Joyce just looked at me ands told me that I owed her big time, having stopped her from cresting .

Disaster avoided, we all managed to get sitting at the breakfast table, Carole having told Auntie that Joyce was a bit shy about dressing with other person in the room and that is why things were a bit held up . A likely story but Auntie bought it as far I could tell. During breakfast Carole bought up the topic of animals, something really particular to her, especially dogs. I remember thinking Oh Boy ! , breakfast was going to the dogs. Once I heard Joyce say that she also liked dogs Carole got into a triad of something that I never even bothered to listen to. However when Carole offered up the information that the neighbour’s house down from us had a kennel, that she was allowed to visit at times, I clued back into the conversation.

Carole asked Joyce if she would be interested in visiting the kennel, and I just about choked on Joyce’s affirmative reply. I wondered just how the day was going to proceed, I had not brought Joyce out to visit a kennel . I had asked Joyce out to the farm so I might have a chance to get at some pussy. With the arrival of our Auntie from Hell, I knew I was going to have a hard time, working a plan, but then as Carole asked my father for permission to visit the kennel , I figured I had lost everything to a bunch of dogs.

I sarcastically stated that perhaps they could go visit the dogs and spend the afternoon, staying there for lunch as it was indeed such a nice day. Carole taking up on my statement, not the sarcasm, suggested perhaps a picnic lunch would be in order.
As Carole received more attention I guess is the way it would be put, from my father than I thought I did, he not only agreed with the request but told me that I had to accompany the girls to make sure they were taken care of and I could carry the necessities for the picnic. Man was I burned my day was finished before it even got started. I thought it was a good thing I had gotten a blow job earlier on, because that was all I was going to be able to get now.

Auntie from Hell, being her usual self did not appear too happy with my father’s permission to allow us to wander off to the neighbouring farm, but once my Grandmother spoke her piece it was a fait accompli , end of discussion. Auntie for Hell always seeking the last word told us that we had better help cleaning up the breakfast remains, before we sauntered off any where. I guess she was hoping to dampen the girl’s enthusiasm. The girls however threw her a curveball, by politely telling her that they expected to do so, and asked if she would be kind enough to help them make a picnic lunch as she was well know for her culinary arts.

Once we had all the dishes washed and put away our Aunt suggested that the girls go freshen up a bit before they began making things for the picnic. She told me to go and get some nice clean water from the pump and take it up to the girls room for them, and if need be bring down the chamber pot to be cleaned. At the mention of the potty-pot both Carole and Joyce burst out in little girls laughter, and headed up to their bedroom.

The door to their room was closed when I arrived with the large jug of cold fresh well water, so I knocked politely and pushed my back into to it to open it. As I turned to face the inside of the room I was greeted with the sight of two lovely bare naked girls who were, it seemed to be in an passionate embracing position, each with a hand down between them appearing to be fingering one another. In unison they told me that they were providing the kindly manservant with a treat. I almost dropped the pitcher of water on the floor, but caught myself just in time. I am certain I let out a loud groan as I took in this wonderful scene.

The girls broke their embrace telling me to hurry up as they had thing to do. With both of them standing there facing me with their sweet cunts and firm young breasts on full display, I was not even able to think straight. I know for a fact that my pecker, pushed out in a straight line almost immediately. Once I had set the water pitcher down, they girls told me not to forget the potty . I saw the handle under the bed and bent down to pull it up, only to find that it was bone dry. It had not been used. I told the girls that there was not much I could do with a clean potty and began to place it back under the bed.

Joyce stopped me telling me that they would fix the problem, if I set the potty out in the middle of the floor. Not quite understanding what the girls were talking about, I mean the potty was dry, it had not been used, what was the use of setting it in the middle of the room. Joyce raised her voice a bit and told me to do as I had been told. So shaking my head a bit I did just as they had asked. Once I had set the potty on the floor, I stood back and started for the door. Joyce ordered me to stop , to turn around wait for a minute.

I stood there my arms folded and watched as Carole set herself over the potty and squatted. Joyce knelt down along side of her, took her fingers and spread Carole’s cunt lips so that all I could see was pink innards. With her other hand Joyce gently stroked her finger along the middle of Carole’s pink slit, causing a torrid of bright yellow piss to issue forth and thunder into the potty. The things I was experiencing that weekend had no end, I had never seen such a beautiful display of sexy sensuousness. I mean I had read stories in the Playboy and Penthouse magazines but never had I given it a thought that I might be party to such happening.

Carole finished her business, got up and was replaced immediately by Joyce. The scene was repeated, but as Joyce evacuated her body of those lovely golden streams of liquid, she sought out and sucked on Carole’s pussy, licking it clean of all that had just flowed into the potty. I was having a difficult time controlling my own little man who was about ready to explode on the scene shooting all his little wiggly baby making creatures into my shorts and making a mess. It took all my stamina to hold off until Joyce had finished her business and stood up offering me the now half full potty for disposal.

As I took hold of the enamel potty I could feel the warmth of the girl’s piss, I could smell the odour of their bodies as the warm vapours rose from the potty This was an entirely new experience for me , usually when I emptied the pee pots, it was old cold stale stinky pee in them. I was now holding a container of almost living remnants of these two lovely girls. I was told to hurry up and do my thing, and to make certain that I freshened up all my body parts, just in case someone might want to suck on them later during the day . That statement blew my mind as I flew down the stairs and out back to the container of rain water where I proceeded to clean the potty and set it to dry.

I then dropped my shorts and underwear taking the large cake of the almost industrial soap that was there and scrubbed my body parts until they were reddish in color, almost raw. I cleaned under my arms, over my belly and down around my ass hole, not part of me was left to chance. When I finished, I brushed my teeth ( with tooth paste not soap) and went back to the kitchen where it seemed everyone, well those who counted, had congregated. The girls were laughing with our Auntie and Grandmother, as they fixed up a picnic lunch for three growing children ( horny ones I must state). I was told to get the old horse blanket out of the rack and was shown how it could be attached to the picnic basket, that my grandmother had used during her courting years. Every thing was set and we three took off, hand in hand, well Joyce was arm in arm with my sister, in a more than familiar way. We had been told however that under no circumstances were we to be back any later than four thirty, or we would be severally punished.

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