My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 10:

I heard my Mom and Dad talking as they slid open the patio doors. Mom said “They look like they are having fun. Good fun. Sexy fun.”.

Mom looked super hot in the white suit. It was even smaller than Aunt Alice’s. If you looked, you could see her areolas -- and I looked hard. And it was a good thing she shaved her pussy now. Dad looked all hot and buff himself in his tight speedos. His junk was pushed out and forward. His cock was not entirely hard, but it was getting there.

Mary pulled off my hand at the sound of their voices, but Jeff was just cumming. Nothing was going to stop him. He humped and humped. Finally he settled down and took in his surroundings. Mary was looking. Mom and Dad were looking. Aunt Alice was turned slightly and looking. He went beet red.

Aunt Alice took pity on him and said “Ah. I see Jeff enjoys a good hand job. I do too. Lindsey, come give me a good rub. I need it bad. Mary, see if your Uncle Harvey wants one.”.

Mary gasped as my mom knelt by her sister and pulled the strings on her suit bottom. She reached in and started to rub her crotch with one hand and her ass with the other. She leaned in and gave Aunt Alice’s ass a kiss as she rubbed.

My hand was still in Jeff’s suit. His cock had barely shrunk. I was just lightly squeezing it. I said to him “Go see if my mom wants a hand rubbing. Go.”. I pulled my hand from his suit, but was able to leave his hard cock mostly out. I went under and pulled his suit off. I surfaced and tossed it by the patio door. I pushed him to the steps…and to my mom. He was like a zombie as he stepped out of the pool.

I turned to Mary and grabbed her shoulders. I pulled her to me and gave her a hug. “We love you. You are safe. Only if you want to. Do you want to see my Dad’s cock? See his balls?”. I kissed her cheek. I felt her shudder in my arms.

I heard Aunt Alice moan loud “Yesssss. Oh god damn, sis. Yesssssssss. Oh fucking shit. YEEESSSSSSSS!”. She was flushed red all over her body and she was shaking hard. Jeff was standing besides them, his hard cock was bouncing as he watched.

Mom looked at him and said “If you want to rub me, I would love it. Please.”.

His hands went up to the knot at her hips. He pulled and it came free. The suit flopped open. He reached and undid the other side. It fell to Mom’s feet.

“Go ahead and take my top off too, please.”.

He reached up and pulled those knots free. The top fell to the ground. Mom was naked along side naked Jeff. Mom laid on the chaise lounge next to Aunt Alice and spread her legs.

“Please, hun.”.

He leaned forward and started to rub her pussy. He stared at her crotch hard. There was not another thing in the world right then for him. His fingers slid up and down her slit. He hit her clit and Mom moaned loud.

“Oh yes, Jeff. Rub that. Use your other hand and push into me. Oh. Yes. Please. Yessssss.”.

I held Mary in my arms and turned her so her back was to me. My hard-on was pressed into her butt crack. She watched her naked brother wank my naked mom. My arms were crossed over her tiny tits. I cupped them and squeezed. I released them. I squeezed them. I humped my cock into her butt crack.

My Dad pushed his suit down and walked to the pool. He walked down the steps watching me and Mary. His cock was hard. It looked so much bigger than Jeff’s.

I heard Mary gasp. She was scared, but was staring straight at Dad’s bobbing cock. He got to the last step and stopped. His cock was still out of the water. I pushed my feet under Mary’s feet and started walking to my Dad. My cock wiggled in her ass. I stopped walking about three feet from Dad. I pulled at her top to free her tits. I think it was the first time she noticed my hands were fondling her. I tugged up and her arms lifted. I pulled her top complexly off. I slung it by Jeff’s wet suit. My hands went back to her tiny titties. Only I did not cover her nipples. I let Dad see them. I cupped her tits. I squeezed them, forcing the nipple to pop out and closer to Dad.

I spoke in her ear. “Do you want to feel his cock? Do you want to stroke him? Make him cum. Only if you want to. Reach for it. I know you want to. I can feel your need.”.

I pushed my cock hard into her butt. I took a step closer to Dad pushing Mary with me. We all heard Mom as she went over the top. Nice thing we live in the country with plenty of room away from any other houses. Mary looked up and watched Mom as she shuddered and wailed. Jeff’s cock was just twitching hard.

Mary looked back at Dad’s hard-on. To Jeff’s. I slipped my hands down to her suit bottom and slid my fingers back under the elastic. I pushed and the suit started to slide down. Her hands shot to mine and held me from pushing any further. I stopped.

“See, only if you want to.”.

I rubbed her belly with one hand. I moved my other up to her tiny titties and started to rub them. One to the other. Dad watched mesmerized as first one stiff, young nipple was exposed, then the other. My fingers at her belly slipped into her suit and I rubbed her clit. She gasped and humped her butt back onto my cock. My Dad stepped off the last step. He came closer to her -- only a foot between them. His balls were almost touching the water. His hard cock was pointing right at Mary. Mary was hunching on my hand. Her butt was rubbing on my cock.

I heard Jeff gasp. I looked up and saw Aunt Alice was naked, kneeling at his feet. Her hands were wrapped around his butt. I couldn’t see, but I knew she was sucking him. Mary looked up and saw also. She looked up and back at me.

“Yes. He is getting a blow job. Aunt Alice loves oral sex. Giving and getting. Grab Dad’s cock. Feel it.”.

Her hand came up and reached. She watched as her hand grabbed Dad’s cock. He moaned, but stood still.

“Let me take your bottoms off. Please? May I? You want me to. Don’t you.”.

Her head nodded and I pushed her suit bottoms down. I knelt behind her as she stepped out of the suit. I kissed her ass right at the water line. I slid my suit off as I knelt. I slid my hand up her leg as I stood up. I threw our suits to the wet pile. My cock was back at her ass, but now she was naked. I was naked. She gasped and looked back at my face. Her hand never left Dad’s cock. She was stroking him. He was rocking back and forth gently.

I would have tried to enter her, but Mom and I tried pool sex. The water washes away her fluids. No slip. It just caused pain as our skin stuck and unstuck. I just pressed into Mary’s butt. My cock was like a sausage in a bun.

Jeff howled. We looked at him. His hands held Aunt Alice’s head. His ass was twitching. Aunt Alice held his ass and one of her fingers was in his asshole.

I laughed and said in Mary’s ear. “Trust me, a finger or two in your ass feels real good. Your brother is enjoying himself big time. Stroke Dad faster, get him off. When he gets close, I will tell you, and you push a finger into his ass. Reach around. Find his butt hole.”. She moved to Dad’s side and slid one hand around his ass.

Dad moaned. “Yes. Oh yes, sweetie. Yes.”.

“Faster now. Slam that hand down. Go ahead and bang his balls on the down stroke. He loves it. Lean in and kiss his cock head. Kiss it.”.

Her hand was wanking fast. And yes she was slapping down on Dad’s poor nuts. Her finger was rubbing his ass. He was real close.

“Kiss it. Now.”. She kissed Dad’s cock. “Suck it in. Lick it. Rub your tongue on it. Suck.”. Dad was humping hard. He was moaning loud and non-stop. “Now push that finger in. Hard. Now!”.

Dad howled “YESSSSSS!! Damn!! Fuckin-A YES!!!”.

He blew his load into Mary’s mouth. She pulled back and a shot of cum hit her in the cheek. Dad was staring up eyes closed. He spurted another jet of cum that his Mary’s tits are she stood up. He reached out and hugged her to him. His cock was pressed between their bodies. He shuddered some more. He finally calmed down. He kissed Mary on the top of her head. Then he lifted her face and kissed her on the lips. They started a heavy kissing session. His hands were all over her.

I swam away and got out of the pool. Jeff was laying on top of Aunt Alice. He looked asleep. Three cums in a very short time. Aunt Alice smiled at me. She looked at my mom then at the house and smiled. I got the hint and took Mom into the house. Mom went eagerly. I got her into a kind of doggie position with her hands on a chair seat. I knelt behind and got my cock lined up. I slid into her with one slow, firm stroke. We both gasped and moaned.

All these bodies I had rubbed. It was my turn now. My cock was sliding in and out of Mom, her juices slicking her cunt nicely. I banged into her hard.

She turned her head and said “You need to get off. Don’t you? Little Mary, did she feel good? Shame Dad got her mouth first. Maybe you can get her pussy first. Or maybe little Jeff gets his first pussy with his sister! Oh, harder. I think I need it rough today.”.

“Rough huh? How about your ass?”. I pulled out of her pussy and slammed my cock into her ass. She shrieked. I pumped into and out of her ass hard, deep. I slapped her ass. I fucked her and felt the power and mood like when I raped Aunt Alice’s ass. Oh yes. I slapped her ass hard. I could see the hand print welt up quickly. I grabbed her hips and pulled my cock out, then I slammed it back in, all the way and then some. Mom shrieked and wailed. I was close. Too much foreplay. This was gonna be a quickie. I slapped her ass again.

She spun her head and looked at me with a wild fierce look. “Rip my asshole. Fuck me. Ram that big cock into my ass. You lovely mother fucker. Oh fucking delicious.”.

I could see drool coming out of her mouth. My cock was screaming in and out of her ass. My balls tightened up. My cock expanded. Mom howled as my larger, thicker cock plowed her asshole. I grabbed her hips tight. I was gonna leave bruises, but didn’t care. My cock head felt bigger than ever. I was as hard and as big as my cock’s skin would allow.

“Oh fuck. Shit FUCK. DAMN!!!”.

I came in Mom’s ass. I shuddered and blew another blast into her. Mom was watching my face as I came. There were tears on her face. Drool dripping from her mouth. Her eyes rolled up in her head. She shuddered and came. Her ass clamped hard onto my twitching cock. She squealed. Her feet were toe dancing quickly. I was still hanging on to her hips. I was actually lifting her up as my cock was depositing the last of its load deep in her asshole. I finally reached the top and let loose of her hips. My legs felt weak. I pulled my cock out of her ass and sat down on a nearby chair.

Mary was standing close by. Dad too. Mom was slowly standing up. Her hand was at her ass, holding my cum in. She saw Dad and said “I think I need a towel or something to clean this mess up.”.

Dad pushed Mary at me. “Lick him clean. I will take care of Lindsey.”.

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