During a secret observation by the government it was discovered that a small town was infested by mutant virus. Most of the twons folk had been infected by what appeared to be a young girl, however after further observation it was discovered that his so-called girl was indeed the source of this outbreak. with the ability to make others become her obedient slaves she spread the infection as far as possible. this inturn created a new lifeform which was able to possess both human form and alien abilities. such as mind control and some physical change. After a month the town was quarenteened and the citizens were sterilized, however the source was taken to a secure facility in the desert where it was studied.

During its time in captivity the source impregnated itself and bore a child within only a few months. the child grew at an alarming rate to full maturity within a years time. later both the females mated constantly for an unremarkible amount of time. Once they scientists were able to separate them it was later discovered that the milk and semen produced in both bodies was high in protine and many of the other needed nutrients for the average human body to live a full life. But the amount needed to sustain these women was beyond anything the average human could produce in fifty years.

One day the lab decided to test what the mutation could do to an normal human being. So the research team separated the two women once again and placed them in isolated areas. about two hours later each was female was given two subjects to breed with. Two male and two female sudjects seemed to be a rather good idea considering that tests desired the affect on both genders.

Hours passed quickly as the four normal humans were changed, then the breeding seemed endless. notes were taken as the team beleived that the coating on the tenticles had the efect of making the subjescts skin have more elasticity so that a woman could take rather large objects in any hole available and house more children along with producing large amounts of milk. While the effect on a man was a greatly enlarged penis.

Once all four subject were placed in isolation it was discovered that both women were pregnant. course by the size of their bulging wombs how could they not be. AS with the source the women gave birth to the hybrid offspring far faster then the normal human cycle. After the offspring of the two women had grown to the size a one year old the babies were take to another part of the lab to be tested and studied closely. As for the four subject who were changed by the Source Twins, shortly after a few blodd tests they were disposed of in humain way.

Six Months later

The lab has found a way to recreate the genetic code of the Source infection. they have been able to negate the need for sexual interactions and stop the spread of the gene into other subjects. After the military heard about this development they decided to seize control over the project. after the military destroyed the clone mutation they announce that this facility would turn the infection gene into a virus then remade into a vaccine to eliminate all other virus strands and genetic mutation that would harm a human being, or so they claimed.

during the next few months the scientist and their lab assistance did everything in their power to reengineer the alien gene. since they kept the source alive they were able to keep pulling new samples after each test failed. Then one day one sample adapted to the changes made to its dna and was able to regenerate its physical form, however after that had become known to the military they decided it would be best to see what this new and improved mutation could do if given the right motivation to do as instructed.

Several weeks later the mutation was able to take human form. It was a mature and older version of the source infection, her mental capacity was well beyond anything the scientists could expect. as for her physical appearance, she was more then able to be dubbed the perfect woman. Even with her sex drive lowered to a level that would make her prudish she was still yearning for a man to mate with. Later tests and observations showed that she could not inpregnated women but was still able to slightly alter their DNA.

two days later the virus mutation was named in order to keep things simple, also it proved to be more co-operative with a name then a number. The name given to her was Lilith, nothing to do with and religious being even though others thought it was. as for the original mutation she was dubbed Gaia, the mother of the first greek god.

Now that the military saw lilith become more co-operative the ranking officer in charge of overseeing the porject had her placed in a new part of the lab complex. this part of the lab was underground and held a dozens of large rooms for experimentation. first her blood was taken and was given a small dose of the H1N1 virus, to see if the blood would kill the invading virus. After twenty-four hours the H1N1 virus was destroyed in by the instinctive protection cells in Lilith's blood. Through the following days every known virus was injected into samples of Lilith's blood and each virus was destroyed by her immune system.

Then about a month later the supervising officer recieved orders to turn Lilith's blood into a virus that could kill a terrorist leader and only that one person. The lead scientiest thought about it for a few hours before giving the officer an answer. Yes it was possible, however in order to achieve that Lilith's DNA would need to be altered yet again. also it was neccessary to introduce that person to Lilith directly after the tests were complete and all was successful. But this process would take yet another year to complete since Lilith's blood was already so complex due to the mutations which allowed her to over come all know virus strands.

A year and three months later

Lilith's has gone through many experimentations to become the most complex and advanced being on the planet. Her body can regerate from a small peice of cellular tissue, her immune system is able to eradicate any and all know virus and flu strands within a few hours of contact. her mind has absorbed all liturature in all languages, she is a genius with math, science, physics and all subject matter taught on the planet. She fully understands all human emotions and needs. She is in every aspect completely perfect. Now her life will change either for the good of mankind or she will turn on the ones responsible for creating her.

Her actions will depend on how she is treated in the next chapter of Virus Surge.

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