Pure fantasy with a touch of mystic powers.
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 11:

A naked Mary walked the last steps to me and looked at my softening cock. It was shiny with Mom’s pussy juice, ass juice, and my cum. I was only able to sit and watch. I was spent from that intense ass fucking of Mom.

Dad said “Go on. Lick it. Like this.”. He pushed Mom back over the chair and planted his face right in her ass crack. I think he loved licking my cum out of Mom more than he did getting off. We heard his tongue slurping at her ass.

Mary looked at my wet cock. It was leaving a trail of slime from my belly to my leg.

I said “You will like it. But only if you want to.”. She knelt.

We heard Mom say “Oh yes baby. Lick me clean. Get you son’s spunk out of my ass. Get that tongue in there. Lick me clean in and out.”.

I giggled. “He loves licking cum out of Mom and Aunt Alice. Their ass or their pussy. So far it has only been his and my cum. But I think soon it will be Jeff’s too. Come on. Kiss it. Taste it.”.

Her tongue pointed out of her lips and she leaned in. She swiped it along my cum trail. She pulled it back in. I watched as she sampled the taste. She moved it around in her mouth. She leaned back down and swiped up a big glob from my leg. She pulled it into her mouth and again swirled it around. Her face had been a mask of concentration. Now it softened and she smiled.

“It is different. Nice. I… It…”. She leaned down again, this time she sucked my soft cock into her mouth. Her tongue swiped all along it. She was polishing it clean. She pulled her head off my cock and licked all the slime from my belly and leg. I watched as she swallowed. She went back down on my cock and sucked. My cock was waking back up.

I looked up and saw Dad sitting on the chair and Mom was throwing her leg over him. She squatted down on Dad and he moaned. Mom moaned. She started going up and down on Dad. I saw Mary look at them. Then back to my cock. It was almost all the way hard. She sucked my cock back into her mouth with determination. Her hand slipped under my balls and played with them. That was it. My cock was back to full song. Mary felt it too. She pulled back and looked at it. She looked at Mom and Dad.

“I want to… Like your Mom and Dad… Uh… Er…”.

I said “You want to make love with me?”. She nodded. I said “Follow me. We can take a shower and get the chlorine off of us.”. I grabbed her hand and led the way. “I also have lube and condoms. Can’t get you pregnant.”.

She giggled and said “I am on the pill already. My mom thinks I am gonna be a slut. I tried to tell her I wasn’t…but after today…”.

I started the shower.

“Sex feels good. Trust me. I’m a slut -- a male slut. And it has just been two weeks since I lost my virginity…to my Mom. And to Aunt Alice. And to Dad too. But my Mom was first.”.

She gasped. “Your Dad? You… He…”.

“Yes. I have had sex with Dad too. You liked sucking my cock, right? Well I like it too. I like pussies, asses, and cocks. The water is warm enough. Let‘s get in.”.

We washed each other and I enjoyed her tiny tits. They were very firm. Her nipples were small, but tight. She rubbed my hard cock and kept it hard. We finally got out and dried. I led her to my bedroom.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 12:

I got the lube out.

She said “I think I am wet down there. Very wet.”.

“This will be for your first time. Mom and Aunt Alice talked to me about taking a girl for the first time. They both told me to use a lot of lube. Even if she is wet.”.

“OK. Eww. It feels all slimy.”.

I pushed my fingers into her pussy and felt her hymen. I smeared lube into her and around her pussy lips.

“When I go through, it…”.

“Yes. Yes. I know. It will hurt as you rip my hymen. Just do it. I want this.”.

I started rubbing her slippery pussy. My fingers slipping into her hole, rubbing her clit. Her hips started rocking up. Her eyes closed. She was enjoying this. I even slipped a slimy finger into her asshole. Her eyes shot open at that. I felt her ass clench.

“Easy. Relax. I will pull it out. Relax.”.

“No. No. Leave it in. I was just surprised. It feels odd. I am not sure. Move it around. Wait! Pull it out. I wanted you in me, but your cock in my vagina. My first time is gonna be the right way. Then maybe later.”.

I didn’t want to remind her that her first time was Dad in her mouth. I pulled my finger from her ass. She moaned.

“Damn. I think I liked that.”. I rubbed her clit and lightly pinched it. “Oooh. I like that -- a lot.”.

I rubbed and pinched. My fingers play her pussy with all my skills. Skills just two weeks old, but quantity counts some. I had her humping her hips in no time. Her eyes were closed again. She was panting. I pushed three fingers into her. She gasped. I pulled them out. Her eyes pleaded with me. I shoved them back in. She smiled and moaned. Her eyes closed again. Her body was getting red all over. She was close. I kept rubbing her pussy, her clit, my fingers going in and out. But I was moving on top of her, positioning so I can be there when she was ready. Mom and Aunt Alice gave me some very specific instructions on popping cherries. I was gonna follow them to the letter.

Mary was really humping her hips. I could tell she was just about to cum.

“Hmmmm. Ooo hmmmmmm. Oh OOO. HMMMM My my my my oh god DAMN OOOOOOOO EEEK!”. Her body tightened up. Her knees came up. I moved. I pushed her knees up further and aimed my cock at her red pussy. I pushed forward and I entered her. Her eyes tried to open, but they were just slits. She was shuddering from her cum. My cock was just another intense feeling. I push in and felt her hymen. Her eyes opened all the way. She was still shuddering.

“Oooh Hmmmm Fuuuuu EEEEEK!”.

Another hard wave shook her body. I pushed forward and entered her all the way. She shrieked and her arms came up and wrapped around my back. I held myself still. I let her get used to a cock where it has never been before. She was still shuddering from her cum. But I noticed a different look on her face. Her hips were moving or at least trying to move. Her body was still twitching. Almost all her muscles were tensed. She finally let out a gasp and her body went limp. My cock slipped almost all the way out. She took a deep breath and then pushed her hips up. I went in. She grimaced, but then changed it to a smile when she saw me looking.

“You don’t have to pretend. I know it hurts. Only what you want to do.”.

“I want this.”. She humped a couple of times. “Oh yes. I want this. Oh you are so… Your big… Oh hmmmmmm Yes. I want this cock in me. Oh make love to me. Please.”.

I pushed forward until my balls were resting on her ass. She smiled and rolled her eyes back. She closed them. “Yes. That is good.”.

I pulled and pushed. I reached up and rubbed her tiny titties. Her eyes popped open again. I humped her faster. She was concentrating on my cock. Her body was starting to shudder again. I pinched her nipples. She shrieked and her body went all red. She was shaking. Tears started from her tightly closed eyes. I pumped her hard and deep. I made sure to rub my cock on her clit. I rubbed her tits. I pinched her nipples. She hunched up hard and she kept cumming on my cock. Tight does not even do it justice. I was determined to keep her cumming. I pushed and was back in. Out. It looked like her whole pussy was trying to stay with my cock. I pushed in. My balls were slapping her ass.

“Oh damn. Please. Please. Oh damn. Please.”.

“What? Oh your pussy is so sweet and tight.”.

“Please help. Oh god. Please I eeeek No not again EEEEEK Oh SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!”.

Her body went into a big spasm. Her arms were flailing about. Her legs would have also, if I wasn’t hanging on to them. Her eyes opened and then closed. Her body went limp. I fucked into and out of her a few times. I was close. She was unmoving. Was she unconscious? Oh god. I came into her limp body. I convulsed. I spasmed and spurted cum deep into her sweet, body.

I finally went limp and rolled off of her. I rolled her to her side and spooned in behind her. My hard cock was wet with the lube and my cum. I pressed against her butt. I rubbed it up and down her ass. I felt her stir. She looked back at me and smiled.

“Oh thank you, Joey. Thank you. Oooh! You’re at my butt.”.

“Yes I am. I liked your pussy. I loved making love to you. You came real hard.”.

“Yes. I am so tired. Please enough.”.

I pushed my cock head into her ass. Just an inch went in. Her eyes popped open and she looked at me.

“Oh please. Oh please. Oh that is… Oh please, no.”.

I pulled out and whispered to her. “Only what you want. When you want it.”.

“Oh I think I will want it. But I am so tired.”.

“Sleep. I will wipe you clean and then let you sleep. Sleep.”.

“Push it in again. A little deeper. Then pull out.”.

I pushed and entered her ass. My whole head was in and another inch. I held still. Her ass was clenching and unclenching.

“Oh yes. I am gonna want to do this.”. I pushed farther in. “Oh oh. Please pull out. Pull it out. I’m so tired. Please.”. I stopped pushing and held still. I had just two inches left to go. I wiggled just a bit. She moaned. “Oh please. Not now. Soon. Please I need to sleep.”. I pushed another inch in and then pulled slowly out. “You are a devil, Joey. Oh damn. I miss it already. Push it in again. Just once. Just once.”. I pushed in this time my hips were against her ass softly. “Oh god. Is it all in? Oh I am gonna like this as much as you in my pussy. Oh yes. Tell me it is all in. I am not sure I can take any more.”. I pushed the last bit into her. I pulled her hips back and my cock was all the way in her. I pumped in and out just an inch a few times. “Oh god enough. Please. I like it. I love it. But please. PLEASE.”. She started shuddering. I could feel her stomach muscles going real tight. I pulled back slowly. She moaned. My cock was almost out of her. Just the tip of the head was still in her ass. I twitched my cock. She yelped. “Oh damn yes. Push it in. Go on. Just fuck me. Do it. Please. Please fuck me. Fuck my ass. You devil. You evil, evil devil.”.

I pushed into her tight ass. It was heaven, she wanted it. She liked it. I humped in and out of her ass. I pulled all the way out and held it an inch from her asshole.

“What?! Put it back in. Don’t be mean. Give it to me. Please”.

I pushed back in. Her ass hole felt tighter as I slipped back into her. She purred. The only way to describe the sound was a purr. I went back to going in and out.

“Mary. Your ass is very nice.” I pushed hard, deep. I held myself still.

“More. Damn it move. More.”.

“You do it. You fuck my cock with your ass. You fuck me.”.

She looked over her shoulder at me, then grinned. “You are a very mean devil. You are one mean, nasty devil.”.

Her hips started to rock off and back on my cock. Her tongue came out of her mouth as concentrated on moving her ass. “Oh yes. That feels so good in me. Oh god yes.”. I felt her shudder and she stopped moving. “Damn. So close.”. She started moving again. It was only a couple of strokes and she shuddered again. Again her hips stopped moving. “Oh damn. SO CLOSE. Help me. Oh please. Help me.”. I held still. She started moving her hips back and forth hard, fast. She was determined to get off. Her body was deep red. I saw goose bumps all over her. She was panting as she humped on my cock. Her body started to twitch again. This time she grunted and forced her hips to keep moving. She started to wail. I grabbed her hips and started pumping my cock into and out of her ass. She was cumming hard. I could barely get my cock into her overly tightened ass. I was close. I felt my balls tighten up. My cock grew harder, thicker, longer. Mary was wailing loud. She was humping back at me fast and hard. She was cumming over and over and over. I felt it. I started to blast into her ass.

“Oh god. I feel it. I feel it shooting in me. Oh god.”.

She shuddered hard and then she was crying, big sobbing tears.

“Oh that was just so damn good. Oh I love it. I loved it way too much. Oh you sweet, mean, vicious devil. Oh damn your cock feels so good in my ass. Oh damn. Oh… I mmmb mnnb ssssss”.

She stopped moving and I think she fell asleep -- mid sentence. Mid cry. My cock softened and slipped out of her ass. She fluttered her eyes, but hardly moved. I eased off the bed and covered her with my robe. We had never got under the blankets. I left to go see what the rest of my over sexed family was up to. I was getting hungry.

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i've fallen in love with Sister Wants to Learn, My Ability to Sense Minds, and My Youngest Aunt, I think you should write as much of these as you can, and bring out even bigger sexual moments from your stories

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i've fallen in love with Sister Wants to Learn, My Ability to Sense Minds, and My Youngest Aunt, I think you should write as much of these as you can, and bring out even bigger sexual moments from your stories

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i've fallen in love with Sister Wants to Learn, My Ability to Sense Minds, and My Youngest Aunt, I think you should write as much of these as you can, and bring out even bigger sexual moments from your stories

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great great great my cock hurts from reading

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