Pure fantasy with a touch of mystic powers.
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 5:

I went naked outside to the shed, I went inside. My hands were covering my wet cock. Dad was standing in the clubhouse doorway in just his underwear. They were pushed down in front so his cock was hanging out, his balls hanging just over the material. He was hard and standing straight out. He was stroking it. His pubic hair was blond, like his head hair. It was like my hair. It was like I was staring at my own cock. He looked at me and smiled. He said “Your window was open. I could hear. You did good from the sounds of it. I’m proud of you, boy. You fucked her good and hard. Made her cum. She is good, isn’t she? She feel good?”.

My dad not only knew I just fucked Mom, but he was smiling and proud of me. I looked at him, at his cock as he kept pumping it. I was confused. But I delivered the message Aunt Alice wanted me to. “Aunt Alice wants you to come in to the house and see Mom. She’s naked on my bed..”.

“Great. Yup. Let’s go on in.”. He pushed his underwear down and off. He shrugged and said “I may was well go with nothing on. Any clothes won’t stay on for long, I think. At least I think so, if Alice has anything to do with it. I had an idea this night was going to rock.”.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a hug. We were naked. Two guys naked and he was hugging me. He had a stiff cock along side my hips. It was touching me. My cock was never all the way soft. But it was hanging down when I walked out to the shed. As Dad hugged me, as his warm naked skin rubbed against me. My cock started to grow and rise again. He smiled at me, looked at my rising cock, and hugged me harder. He grabbed my wet cock and squeezed it. “That is a good, big dick. Mom must’ve loved it. Let’s go in.”.

We walked on into the house and then walked into my room. Mom was where I left her. Her wet ass and pussy, stuck up in the air, were pointed to the door. There was no hiding anything. Aunt Alice was sitting at my desk looking at the photos she had obviously downloaded into my computer. There were shots of Mom and some red headed guy by Aunt Alice’s car. Her blouse was open. There was one of Mom kissing a cock as the guy leaned against the car. This guy had black hair around his cock. There was another guy with blond hair and Mom was sucking him. There were quite a few with fingers in Mom’s pussy as she lay on the car’s back seat. There was one of Mom on top of me, fucking me. There was my cock up her ass, her face grimacing, like I was hurting her. Picture after picture of me having sex with Mom. A close up of my dripping cock head just inches from Mom‘s gaping ass. I looked at the pictures and my cock twitched and rose some more.

Dad looked at Mom, at the screen. Aunt Alice laughed. “Your loving wife says your Little Man here is bigger than you. I think so too. She liked him fucking her. Heck the cocks at the bar were bigger than you. I know that makes you hard and horny. We all know. We can see your tiny cock all hard there.”.

Dad was looking at Mom, at the screen, then back to Mom and her nakedness, her wet ass and wet pussy -- wet from me.

“Harvey, I think your wife would want me to suck you off. Then we will send you back out to the guest house. You want me to suck your little cock? Get it over here.”.

Dad was smiling as he walked closer. His hard cock bounced and wagged. He wasn’t that much smaller than me, if at all. I am not sure why Mom and Aunt Alice were saying that. He walked by Mom and slid his hand up her legs, through the wetness I left. His fingers slipped into her pussy a couple times and then into her ass for a couple times also. He removed his fingers. Mom moaned and groaned. He turned and walked up to Aunt Alice, licking his fingers. She pulled him closer by wrapping her hands around his ass. Her mouth landed on him and I heard him gasp. I saw his butt cheeks flex and relax. Aunt Alice had a hold of his hips and was helping him push his cock into her mouth.

Mom looked up from the bed and asked “Joey, do you want me to suck your cock? Like Alice is doing to Dad? The first time you didn’t last too long. You did better in my pussy. You really lasted a nice long time in my ass. Let’s do it again and I will make it good for you.”.

I moved to where I was close to her head. She scooted to the edge of the bed and wrapped her lips on my cock. She sucked me in…in to her mouth. Half of my cock went into her mouth. I was hard and I felt my cock was a metal rod going into Mom‘s mouth. Mom sucked and licked and stroked me. I looked back at Dad as Aunt Alice sucked him. His head was looking up at my ceiling with his eyes closed. He was moaning.

Mom sucked my cock real hard and got my attention back to her. For the next few minutes, the only sounds were Dad and me moaning and Mom and Aunt Alice making slurping noises and they went up and down on our cocks. I can’t believe that my cock was still able to get hard and stay hard. Yes I am a teenager, but I have already blown my nuts three times this evening. Four times if you count me jerking off before going to sleep.

Aunt Alice pulled her mouth off of Dad and looked over at me. She said “Let’s swap men. Go ahead and let Harvey fuck your wet ass, Lindsey. Good old sloppy seconds. Joey, come over here and help me get my clothes off. I want a dick in me. You want to do me? Please do me as well as you did your mom. Please. I will like it.”.

My god. I was gonna fuck my Aunt Alice too. Wow! I am not sure I can after cumming three times already. I heard a whap noise and Mom moaned. I looked and saw my dad behind my Mom. She was back up on all fours. Dad was slamming into Mom’s ass real hard and fast. As their bodies slapped together, I heard another whap. Her butt cheeks were shaking like jello. Whap! Her boobs were flopping wildly all around. Whap! Whap! She was hanging on to the headboard. Whap! Whap! Whap! Dad was going real fast. He looked like he was an animal, a raging sex starved animal, bouncing his hips hard into her.

I watched the sex scene, transfixed. Aunt Alice made a throat clearing noise and I moved my attention to her. I undid her blouse buttons for the second time tonight. Her blouse was soon off. There were those lovely boobs again. I unhooked and unzipped her skirt. It went down to the ground -- no underwear. Her pussy was almost completely shaved. There was a bit of dark hair at the top of her slit. The rest was smooth and bare.

She walked around me to the bed. Dad was sweating, and pumping into Mom. He was grunting and so was Mom. My bed was slamming into the wall with each thrust Dad made into Mom’s ass.

Aunt Alice put her fingers in her mouth, then took the wet digits and pushed one into Dad’s ass. He growled, but kept butt fucking Mom. Aunt Alice shoved a second finger into his ass. He looked at her, then went right back to hammering Mom. Aunt Alice shoved a third finger into his ass and he howled and slammed into Mom really hard and held onto her hips. His ass just twitched and twitched. He howled again as he came in Mom’s ass -- adding his cum to mine. His fingers were digging in tight to Mom’s hips as he held on and shuddered.

Aunt Alice was still pumping her hand into and out of Dad’s ass. He was still twitching. He started to shake all over his body. “Oh son of a bitch. Of shit! I am gonna cum again. My ass. My ass. Delicious. FUCK FUCK Oh YESSSSHIT!”.

He was one huge shaking mess. He looked spastic, out of control. Mom fell forward onto her belly. Dad followed being pushed by Aunt Alice. Dad was still moaning and crying out as her finger worked into and out of him. Mom was silent under him. He was drooling on her back. He tensed his whole body. He looked flushed red everywhere. He growled and moaned, then went all slack. Mom was still unmoving under him. The only movement was Aunt Alice’s fingers still pumping Dad’s ass.

She stopped, and looked at me. “I think you two fucked her unconscious. He doesn’t look long for this evening either. How about we let them sleep it off in your bed. We will take theirs. It’s bigger anyways.”.

She pulled her fingers from Dad’s ass. He groaned and collapsed onto Mom. Aunt Alice grabbed my hand and led me from my room. My hard-on was still there and bobbing as I followed. Staring at her ass as we walked was fantastic. It flexed up on one side, then the other. I watched to see her crack open a little bit. She turned and looked at me. “We will take a shower and get a fresh clean start at making a mess. It will give that nice big cock and your adorable balls time to recharge.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 6:

Washing Aunt Alice was hot and sexy. My soapy hands sliding all over her body. My wet soapy cock sliding on her legs, her ass, her stomach. Aunt Alice washed me, really taking a long time rubbing her soapy hands on my hard cock. Her fingers played around my asshole, but she did not push in. I felt my asshole open and close. It wanted her fingers in me. I did too. I felt like I could go another round again. I hoped I could.

She shut the water off after we were rinsed. We got out and we dried each other. She pulled me to Mom and Dad’s bed. My cock was hard. My mouth was wet with slobber just thinking about fucking my aunt.

“I am gonna fuck you with all my holes. My mouth. My pussy. My mouth again. My ass. My mouth again. Then I will let you pick where you want to blow your load. Sound good to you, Little Man?”.

I could hardly talk. I was mesmerized by her lush naked body. There was fat on her body, but it was on her hips, her ass, and her boobs. “I hope I can last. But god damn. Yes.”.

She laid on the bed on her belly, her head near the edge. She pulled me close. I watched as she slowly sucked my hard cock into her mouth. It went in. I felt the back of her throat. She looked right into my eyes and she pushed harder. My cock was going into her throat. She was hunching her belly like she was going to throw up, but she kept pushing. I finally felt her lips at the base of my cock. She had it all in. She looked at me and started to hum and move her tongue around.

“Oh shit. Oh god damn. Aunt Alice. Fuck!”.

She started to pull back slower than she swallowed me down.. Her stomach kept hunching. She began to suck my cock in and out of her mouth. She was picking up speed. She was making guck guck noises.

“Oh please don’t puke.”.

She smiled around my cock and held her head still. Her tongue was really swirling around my cock. She still had the tip of my cock at her throat. She pulled back and gasped in air. The cool air felt downright cold after the warmth of her mouth and throat. She pulled back and my cock popped out. It bounced into her nose. She giggled.

“Oh I don’t puke too often. I try real hard not to. I just cannot control my stomach from flinching. It doesn’t like it when I deep throat cocks. Yours was one of the longer and wider ones I sucked. I wasn’t sure if I could… …I did though. Did ya like it?”.

“Oh fuck yes. I loved it.”.

Aunt Alice lean forward and kissed the head of my cock.

“Now, round two!”. She rolled over on the bed and pulled her legs up into the air and towards her chest. Her ass and pussy where splayed wide open. She giggled at me as I stared. I leaned in and smelled her pussy juice. The aroma was heady. I had been smelling this all night longer since they came home. Mostly Mom’s. But this was intense. It was right up close.

“Lick me!”. I did. I pushed my tongue right into her open pussy. I licked her pussy up and down and I pushed it into her wet slit. She watched and moaned. “Lick me all over. Lick my asshole too. Do it.”.

I looked at her wet pussy, felt her juice all over my face. Her little patch of pussy hair tickled my nose. I pulled her lips apart and there was her clit. It was stiff. I licked it. I sucked it. I even bit it. She was wiggling and moaning and mumbling.

I looked at her ass. I thought I could see some dark stains. She opened her eyes when I stopped licking her and saw where I was staring. “Do it, Little Man. Be a big man. Lick my dirty ass. You’re gonna fuck it later. Start getting it wet and ready. Lick me back and forth. My pussy, my clit, my ass. Oh please, lick me hard.”.

I leaned in and licked her asshole. I pulled back and tested the taste on my tongue. It was a kind of tangy. Not musty like her pussy. It wasn’t bad. I dove in again with more vigor. I wanted to feast on her ass. I wanted to show her how much I was in love with her, how much I loved what she and Mom did tonight.

I was going to town in her ass. I was slobbering into her ass, forcing my spit into her back hole. I was in love with licking her ass. She moaned and said “Oh god. Enough for now. I want that big ole dick in my cunt. Push my legs wide open. Fuck me, Joey.”.

I crawled up and my cock slid along her butt. It flicked up when I cleared her ass and it slapped my belly. We laughed at the sound. I had to kind of stand on the bed finally to get my cock lined up with her pussy. with her legs pulled up by her head. I grabbed her legs and spread them. I held on to them with one hand to help stabilize me. I aimed my cock down and started to slide into her warm ,wet, tight pussy.

“Shit yes. Oh god you are tighter than Mom. Even her ass. FUCK!”. Aunt Alice clamped her pussy muscles hard around my cock. I could barely move in or out. She squeezed harder. I could not move now. She let out a gasp and her pussy let loose. I could move again.

“Now that is tight. I had ya stuck.”. She laughed and then moaned as I slammed down into her.

I was doing squat thrusts down into her. I was happy the school coach had us do tons of squat thrusts and deep knee bends in P.E.. I had developed strong leg muscles that were being tested. I was crushing my hips into her. As my body slammed down on her, her legs would fold more. Her ankles we now above her head. Wow! Her boobs were squished between her arms and legs, but were still moving wildly about. I was getting closer again.

“Oh god. Damn. Aunt Alice. Fuck.”.

She pushed her legs up and I was forced out of her pussy. I tried to force my way back in. I needed in her pussy. Her tight, wet fantastic pussy. “Easy, my Little Man. Easy. Remember you have got to do my mouth again, my ass, my mouth yet one more time. Then you can cum.

I groaned in frustration. She moved on the bed and while still on her back, she tilted her head over the edge of the bed. “Come here and fuck my face. But don’t cum. I will try and guide your speed so you can last.”.

I crawled and fell of the bed onto the floor. I was spent. But my hard cock was not done. It needed to get off, so it commanded me to get into her face. I squatted by her face. My cock was right at her mouth. I pushed and she sucked me in. My hips started pushing in and out. I grabbed her boobies and held them from flopping about too much. My hips were slamming into her. I used just my fingers to pinch her nipples and pulled up. She squealed onto my cock. I pinched harder. Damn if I was going to take this laying down. I was gonna give her something for the frustration she just gave me. I used her tittie nipples as handles and I fucked her mouth. I was not being gentle. She was taking my whole cock into her throat each time. She was taking my hard abuse of her tits without any tears or anything. Her slobber was drooling out of her mouth. I watched her stomach tighten and loosen as it flinched. If she threw up, I was going to keep fucking her mouth. Damn it.

Squealing, guck guck noises, and my grunting were the only sounds as I humped and humped. I didn’t think I was close enough to explode. The stopping and starting must have been the trick -- or cumming so many times. I was so close in her pussy. Her mouth felt great. I felt super human, super fuck man. I felt in charge. I was the fucking man. I was fucking her mouth. The power of being in control was great. I was moving Mom and Dad’s bed. I was slamming into Aunt Alice so hard. I kept at her. I heard the bed hit the wall. Bam bam bam. I was finally starting to feel close again. I let loose of her nipples and she squealed and grabbed them and started rubbing them. My hips hunched hard.

“Oh god damn. Here it comes. Take it!”.

Aunt Alice used her hands and pushed me off her face. She twisted around and got her lips away from my thrusting cock. “Damn it Aunt Alice! I was so fucking close. Damn it!”.

She looked a little scared, but still smiled and said “Now my ass. Rape it. Fuck it real hard. Just like you just fucked my face. Rape my ass. No mercy.”.

She went into a fetal position face down, ass up and pointing at me. I climbed up onto the bed. I was angry at not getting to cum. I was horny as all hell. My cock was beet red and throbbing. The air was cold and harsh on my twitching cock. I aimed. I slammed in. I did not care if she was wet back there or not. I was mad. I was beyond horny. She screamed, but held her fetal pose. There was some slipperiness so I didn’t rip her asshole or my cock. I guess it was from when I licked her. I didn’t care. I was instantly banging her ass as hard as I could. She was wailing and crying. “Yes! Ow! Fuck! Do it! Oh fucking OUCH oh god.”.

I slapped her ass hard. I fucked her ass. I raped it. I was giving no mercy. It was what she wanted. But I didn’t care. It was what I wanted. I slapped her ass again, then I just kept slapping it as I fucked it. This was not my Aunt Alice anymore. This was an ass for my rabid use -- a fucking hole to cum in. I was breathing hard. My cock was being rubbed raw. I paused and pulled out. Her body shuddered and she moaned.

“Put it back in. Please. More.“.

I spit a big loogie into her red gaping asshole. I watched it slide in and start to slide back out towards her pussy.

“Nope. That loogie is for your ass.”. I rubbed my cock on the slime and pushed into her ass again. I picked up the pace and was again raping her ass. The spit made it much easier. I spit again this time as I was still in her ass. I swatted her ass. “OH GOD FUCKING DAMN!”. I bit my tongue and shut up. I was not going to let her know I was going to cum. I just gonna cum and she was going to take it. I hammered her ass. I felt her start to shudder. She was wailing into the blankets. She was red all over her body. Her ass tightened up. Damn, real tight. I slammed hard into her ass. Damn if it was gonna keep me out. In. Out. Slap. In. Out. Slap slap. I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard to me. I felt my cock let go in her -- deep in her. I held her tight to me and blasted a huge jet of cum into her ass. She realized I was cumming and she tried to pull off. I held tight and shuddered into her over and over again. When I was about done, she stopped trying to get me off her. I spanked her again a few more times.

“There. God fucking damn. There. Shit. Oh yes.”. I spanked her ass again. “You mean slut. You vicious bitch. Don’t do that again. If I want to cum in you, you let me.”. I spanked her some more.

“Yes sir.” she sobbed. “Thank you sir. That was fantastic.. It was the best ass fucking I ever had. Thank you thank you thank you. I may not be able to sit down for a while.”.

I spanked her some more. Hard slaps. Her ass was red and getting redder. My cock was still hard in her ass. Still twitching and dribbling cum into her ass.

“Now about that final blow job. Get your ass off my cock and get your mouth there. Do it, bitch! NOW!”. I was still enraged. I was still the mad rapist. I started really spanking her hard and fast. She was crying each time I hit her ass. She got my cock out of her ass. It swung up and hit my belly. She was trying to unfold and twist around. My hand followed her ass until I couldn’t reach it. Her mouth sought my cock. It slid around her face, leaving little gobs of cum here and there.

She got her lips on it and started licking it. My Aunt Alice was licking my cock, freshly out of her ass. My cum. My spit. Her ass. She was ravenously licking and sucking. I was breathing hard. I was winding down. Her face was going up and down on my cock. Good god. My cock was still hard. Not possible.

Guck guck guck guck. Damn, I am loving that sound. I am loving her body spasm as I went into her throat. Fucking bitch pissed me off. I grabbed her head and started slamming her face again. Her mouth was open wide. She was just staring up into my face as I took her face to my cock. She had her hands down between her legs. She was rubbing herself. I took pity and let her. My cock was sore. It was on fire. It was a huge mass of nerve ends. It was torture to fuck her face. It was glorious. It was intense. Minutes went by. Her face were streaked with slobber and tears and some of my cum. I felt my balls tightened up yet again. They hurt as they pulled in and my cock spurted my cum one more time. Deep in her throat. I held her head. Her body twitched. My cum spurted and dribbled into her throat. I held on. She started to buck and thrash around. I held on and shuddered. My last bit of cum was going to go into her throat. I held tight and grunted. She was flailing about wildly. Her throat was clenching on and off my cock. I finally felt the last release of cum.

“Oh Fucking damn!”. I let her head loose. She pulled off, rolled over to her stomach, and gasped for air. Her stomach was in solid puke like spasms. My cum dripped from her mouth. She was a well used, well fucked bitch. I fell back on the bed and laid totally spent. My god what a night.

I heard clapping and looked up to see Mom and Dad in the doorway. I looked at Aunt Alice. She was still hunched over. Her body was twitching. Shuddering.

When she calmed down some, she looked up at Mom and Dad. She smiled. She coughed. She said “He was a marvelous maniac. I never ever was fucked that hard. He raped me. He possessed me. I am his fucking slut bitch. Oh god. I am his bitch. I never…” She coughed again and went into more stomach spasms. She got up and ran to the bathroom and slumped down next to the toilet. She waited and her stomach kept flinching. But she was spared. We were all spared. She did not puke. But she held onto the toilet bowl for dear life none the less.

Mom and Dad walked to the bed. Mom leaned down and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then another on my nose. Then she pressed her lips onto mine. Her tongue slipped into my mouth. I was too tired to resist her. Her hand reached for my cock and I about jumped out of my skin. It was so very sensitive.

“Oh god damn. No! Please NO!”.

I heard Aunt Alice laugh from the bathroom and Dad chuckled too. He came close and swatted my ass. I saw his face was shiny. Was there cum on his face? My cum? His cum? Did he lick Mom clean? I looked at her pussy. It was shiny and saw no cum there.

“Good job son. You did a fantastic job on your mother and your aunt. You fucked them damn good.”. His hand stayed on my ass. He started to rub my ass, his fingers sliding into my sweaty ass cheeks. His fingers probed into my ass.

“Oh god, Dad. Please no more. Please. Tomorrow. Maybe. I will do anything tomorrow. Please no more. No more.”.

Aunt Alice came out of the bathroom -- she hadn’t throw up. She came along side the bed and said “He said anything -- tomorrow. Harvey, take your fingers out of his ass. Tomorrow you can lick and fuck your son‘s ass. And then lick him clean of your cum.”.

What?! My dad was going to fuck my ass. My dad’s fingers worked in and out of my ass. He grinned at me and nodded. Then he pulled them out. He grabbed me and pulled me up and out of his bed.

“You said anything. Tomorrow. Go to your room and take Alice with you. Sleep. We all need sleep.”.

Mom was already crawling under the blankets, trying to straighten them out enough to cover herself. Dad was right behind her.

Aunt Alice and I walked to the door. I turned out the light, closed the door. We walked to my room. My bed was in total disarray. We straightened the blankets -- mostly. I turned out the light. We crawled in. The room was not in complete darkness. There was some light coming in from the window. What time was it? I tried to look at my clock, but Aunt Alice was in the way. I gave up and spooned behind her. My cock was right at her ass. It was wet from my cum. I closed my eyes and was asleep.

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