Pure fantasy with a touch of mystic powers.
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 1:

I am thinking back to when I first noticed my mother’s youngest sister, my Aunt Alice, was sexy. She would give me hugs and kisses. Hugs where she would squeeze my face into her boobs. Kisses on the lips, with her tongue slipping just slightly into my mouth. This was early on. I think I can remember her hugs and kisses since I was maybe 5 or 6. She was always soft, sweet, kind, and sexy.

I was a little over 14 when aunt Alice came over (on what turned out later to be a really special night) and said to my Mom “Lindsey, go get ready for our night on the town. Get ready to knock ‘em dead. Harvey, just go sleep in the guest house tonight. And don’t wait up.”.

It wasn’t common for Aunt Alice to pop in and take Mom out for a night, but it happened often enough that it was no big deal. And sending Dad and me to the guest house so they wouldn’t wake us up was also common. I think this was so when they dragged their semi-drunk asses in, they could stay up all hours and girl talk, then they could sleep it off together in Mom’s bed.

The ‘guest house’ was the large shed in back, on the other side of the house from the master bedroom, nearest my bedroom’s side. My dad had made improvements so it was a shop in front, a clubhouse for me and my friends in back, and yes there was a bunk bed in the club house portion of the shed. It had cooling in the summer and heat in the winter. There was even a toilet and sink. We called the club house portion ‘the guest house’.

My mom started to say something when Aunt Alice looked at her and said “We talked about tonight. You agreed. Just do it. Go with it. It will be fun.“.

Mom closed her mouth. My father didn’t even blink. He said “Me and Joey will go to the shed after dinner. Up for a night of board games, kiddo? You two, don‘t get too drunk. Be safe enough to drive.”. That was the common deal.

“No. Just put my Little Man to bed in his room.”. This was different. “We’ll check on him when we come in. We should be back near 11, midnight at the latest. I don’t want Lindsey to be too tired or drunk.”. She gave mom a gentle shove and said “Go. Get ready. Quick.”. Mom went.

Aunt Alice came to me and gave me a hug into her boobs. She rocked my face back and forth in the low cut cleavage of her blouse even longer than normal. My nose was deep into the gape of her boobs. My mouth was on the bare skin of her breasts. She smelled fantastic. She tasted fantastic. I was getting a hard-on and I hoped Aunt Alice didn’t notice. She pulled my head from her boobs, looked at me, smiled and said “You like that, don’t you? I can feel IT.”. With that, she hunch her hips forward into my hard-on.

My father watched as Aunt Alice pulled my face back into her breasts. I heard her say “Shush Harvey. He is old enough to enjoy this.”. She kissed the top of my head and said “Go ahead and kiss them, Joey. If you need, you can unbutton my blouse some.”.

What?! She wanted me to kiss her breasts? Even wanted me to undo her blouse. I was at a loss. She pulled my hands to the top button and held them there until I started to undo it. My lips kissed the cleavage of her breasts. “Nice. Use your tongue like we do when we kiss. Get the next button too. That should give you plenty of room to get to my boobies, my nipples.”.

My hands slipped down to the next button and undid it. There were only the two buttons -- that left her blouse completely undone. My hands slipped into her blouse pushing it to the sides. There were her boobs. Naked. No bra in the way. My mouth latched on to her boob and my tongue came out and licked her nipple. My hand was stroking the other breast. My hips were humping at her. I was going into adolescent sexual frenzy overload. She pulled my head back. My hands were still on her boobs. My father was closer and looking where my face had just been. My mouth had left a light layer of slobber trails on her boobs.

“Harvey, your Little Man here has got my boobies all wet. Be a good little boy and get me a clean towel.”. Aunt Alice always expected other people to obey her wishes. Even strangers. She asked for things, all innocent and sweet, and they always did what she wanted. She had some aura around her that made anyone want to do what she wanted. Even I noticed it as young as I was then.

My dad left for the towel. Aunt Alice pulled my face up to hers and kissed me. Her tongue went deeper than ever before. “Good job, Little Man. You got my boobs good. Suck them a little more before your father comes back.. Get my nipples nice and hard. Get me horny.”.

My face moved in and I sucked and licked her boobs like there was no tomorrow. I heard her moan and she held my head in tight. She then pulled my head back. My father was back with the towel. “Go ahead and dry them, Harvey. Make sure they’re good and dry.

My father reached and started to rub Aunt Alice’s boobs with the towel. His face was smiling, his tongue was sort of hanging out a little. My mom walked in right then and I could see she was about to yell him. But Aunt Alice stopped that before it started and said “Oh don’t worry yourself. Your Little Man here…”. She tussled my hair. “…got them all wet when he kissed them and sucked on them. Didn’t you, my Little Man? I asked Harvey to dry them off.”. She removed my father’s hand and the towel from her breasts. “Lindsey, please redo my buttons -- the ones your son undid. Then we’ll leave.”.

My mom looked at my father once more, then at me. She then pulled Aunt Alice’s blouse back into place and redid the buttons. Aunt Alice looked at my mom’s blouse and said “You have a bra on? No, no, no. Not happening. Take if off right now.”.

My mom looked at me, at my father, at Aunt Alice. She was always prim and proper. To go out without a bra was just not done -- not even around the house. She turned hesitantly started to go to her bedroom, but Aunt Alice said “Get that bra off here, please. You should have known. We’re going drinking. You don’t get free drinks with a bra on. Them big ole puppies have to swing free.”.

Mom tried to say something and Aunt Alice looked at her. “Do it now…here. Let my Little Man watch. He will definitely enjoy the show. He enjoyed kissing and sucking my boobies. Didn‘t ya, Little Man?”. With that she patted my pants right over my hard-on. Mom reached in under her blouse and started to reach in behind her. Aunt Alice said “No. Just take the blouse off first, then the bra.”. Mom hesitated, but pulled her hands free and started undoing her blouse.

My mom was going to take her blouse and bra off right in front of me. My father was staring at Aunt Alice and at mom. He was smiling. The final button came undone. Mom shrugged the blouse off and laid it on the back of the sofa. She reached behind her back and the bra popped loose. I was transfixed. First Aunt Alice’s boobs, now Mom’s. Great. The bra came off. Mom’s looked bigger than Aunt Alice’s, but they drooped a little more. Mom’s nipples were much larger. They were sticking out a good half an inch.

Mom reached for her blouse. “No. Not yet. Let your Little Man look at them. Go ahead Joey, take a good look. Give them a kiss and a suck. You used to suck on these beauties when you were a baby. Enjoy them again. But just a quick one and don’t get them too wet.”.

I got up close to Mom and reached and fondled her left breast. It even felt softer than Aunt Alice’s. Soft and nice. I leaned in and kissed it. I sucked the nipple into my mouth. I sucked harder, as if I was trying to get milk out of it, like I would have when I was a baby. I bit it just a little. I sucked harder still. Mom moaned. Aunt Alice laughed.

“Get the other one also.”.

I switched. I grabbed it. I bounced it a little to see what it would do. I leaned in and kissed the top of her breast, the side, the middle of both her boobs, before going in and sucking her right nipple into my mouth. My tongue wagged back and forth on it. I sucked hard and it pulled deeper into my mouth. Mom moaned again. I bit this nipple too. She moaned real loud. I pulled my head back and my hands stroked her boobs. I rubbed across her hard nipples. I left a little slobber on them. My hips were humping on my Mom. My hard-on was poking into her legs. This was fun.

My Mom’s eyes were closed when I looked at her. She was topless in the living room. I had just sucked her boobs and Aunt Alice’s too. My father was just standing there watching the action. He wasn’t stopping it at all. I saw he had a hard-on in his pants too, like me.

“Harvey wipe them puppies dry, quickly.”. My father dried Mom’s boobs with a couple of wipes with the towel. They jiggled and bounced just a bit. “Enough.”. Dad pulled away and Mom stood there with her boobs exposed. Her big, hard nipples looked tight. Her face was blushing red. But she stood there. “Now Lindsey, go ahead and put your blouse on. You can button it up in the car. Let’s go.”.

Mom grabbed her blouse and got her arms into the sleeves. Aunt Alice grabbed her and pulled her out of the house, the blouse blowing open as the front door opened. Mom was trying to button it or at least hold it shut as she left. I looked at my dad. I looked at his stretched pants. He saw me looking and shrugged his shoulders.

“Let’s get some food.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 2:

I felt a bit of the normal world coming back as we ate dinner and I helped Dad clean up. But I wanted to understand why the sudden change in everyone’s behavior.

“Dad, why did Aunt Alice let me kiss her boobs and Mom’s too? Why did she tell you to rub her boobs dry? What…?”. I ran out of the words to say all the thoughts I had. I looked at him.

He squirmed in his seat. “This going to be a bit complicated. Your Aunt Alice is… Well… She has a way about her. Your mom has been…ah…doing her bidding for many years. So has almost anyone who meets her. And ever since I started dating your mom, I obeyed her too. You just want to. How about you? Did you want to see and kiss both of their breasts? Even right in front of me?”.

“Yes. Very much so. I liked it a lot. I wanted to do it. I want to do more.” My cock was getting hard again. Now I was starting puberty and my cock was always getting hard. I had learned to masturbate a few months back and did it often. “I liked sucking and kissing hers and Mom’s boobs. Did you like rubbing Aunt Alice’s boobs, Dad?”.

“Yes. I liked it a lot. Any man…well most men -- would love to rub the boobs of almost any woman. Being married does not stop that want. And Alice has a pair that I have admired for a while. It was nice. Real nice. Thanks for getting them wet.”. He laughed and said “Now go watch TV and I will send you to bed around 9:30. Then I will go to the shed and…well…sulk a bit. I am not sure what Alice has in mind. We can only wait and find out. She has something cooking and your mom is in the middle of it but good. I think you are also in her plans. The best I can say is enjoy and go with it.”.

I went to my room at 9:30 and dropped my pants off, got on my bed, pushed my underwear down, and started masturbating. I was remembering how Aunt Alice’s boobs felt, how Mom’s felt, how they tasted. I especially like how they both moaned while I licked, sucked, and bit their boobs. They liked me doing that to their boobs. Dad said I may be getting involved in something else when they come home. More tittie sucking? Great. I wanked off into my crusty wank-sock before pulling my underwear back up over my cock and falling asleep.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 3:

I awoke to the sounds of Aunt Alice and Mom stumbling into the house. They were giggling. I heard Aunt Alice say “That one guy really liked bouncing your boobs.”.

Mom laughed and said “Yes, that was fun. He was nice and cute. He made my boobs feel nice. The other guy pinched them almost too hard, but he made my nipples real hard and tight.”.

“Oh tough titties…oh hee hee hee”.

They went into another bout of laughing. When they settled down I heard Aunt Alice say “Let’s go give Joey a nightie-night kiss and fondle.”.

“What?! No. What you made me do tonight was already way too much. Please. No.”.

“You know I always take care of you. I never let you come to any harm. It is just fun.”. I heard them talking quieter, then “…you will have to remove your blouse again. And I think your skirt too. Think how much Joey will enjoy seeing you.”.

“But that one guy has my undies. That would leave me naked.”.

“No, you would have your shoes on. Do it, sis. It will be fun.”.

I heard more giggling, more stumbling about. Then I heard nothing as I waited in my bed. My cock was hard as I thought of my mom stripping. Wow! She let some guys at the bar take her undies and bounce and pinch her boobs. My Mom!?

I heard them stumble closer and my door opened up. The hall light flared into the room and my eyes squinted. As they adjusted, I saw Mom walking to my bed. Even with the light behind her, I could see she was naked. Her dark, hairy bush was right there, coming towards me. I couldn’t see her pussy lips through her bush. Shucks. Her boobs and legs shined like she had been sweating. She wobbled on her feet as she got to my bed and as she did, her boobs bounced. I was giddy. I was in shock. I was horny beyond anything I had ever felt. Mom was naked -- in my room. I saw Aunt Alice behind her in the hallway, with her hand up to her mouth, trying to stifle her laughter.

Mom made it to my bed and fell onto it as she leaned down to kiss me. I reached up to try and catch her, but only got my hand on her hips. I am not sure I helped at all. I heard her shoes hit the floor. My naked mother was lying on me in my bed. She laid still for a moment or two, then she tried to get up. No success. She fell back down. And in doing so, her sliding hands moved the blankets down and off my chest. She tried again, with similar effect. This time my underwear was uncovered, with my stiff cock stretching the material. Mom’s hand was close to my hard-on.

Aunt Alice walked into the room and turned on the overhead light. Mom blinked and looked back at her. I could see the side of Mom’s ass, her boobs, and my hands were on her naked skin right near her ass.

Aunt Alice said “Give him a kiss. A good kiss. Then give him a kiss like ya did for that big blond fella from the bar.”.

Mom shook her head “Oh no. I couldn‘t do that with my son.”.

Aunt Alice came in closer and patted Mom on her butt. “Do it, sis. He will enjoy it and so will you. You can tell. Just look at his boner. Kiss him.”.

Mom turned to me, looked down at my hard-on, then leaned in to my face, and gave me a kiss. Her breath smelled like alcohol. Sweet, fruity, but definitely alcohol. I kissed her back and started rubbing my hand on her bare hip and her tongue went into my mouth. I returned the passion of the kiss and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She scooted and twisted so she was more on top of me and I felt her straddle my hips. Using her hands on my shoulders, she finally was able to sit up. I held her sides just under her boobs to help support her. Her boobs were laying on my thumbs. I moved my thumbs up and down, softly stroking my mother’s chest and boobs. My hard cock was between her legs, near her…hairy pussy. I looked and could just see her opening. It looked shiny also, liked her boobs and legs.

Aunt Alice giggled again, but I didn’t care. I barely noticed. My naked mother was on me. The only bit of clothing between us was my underwear. I moved my left hand up and fondled her right boob. Mom sighed at my hand’s full touch and fell forward again.

Aunt Alice said “Now the other kiss, sis. And make it good long kiss, like that blond fella. Help our Little Man enjoy the night as much as we have.”.

“Oh god.”. She looked at Aunt Alice, then at me, then at my covered hard-on. “OK, Alice,. You always know what‘s good.” Mom said. She scooted off of me and reached for my underwear. I was in shock as she slid them down to below my knees. My hard-on was exposed to my Mom and Aunt Alice. Mom looked at it and a smile crossed her face. “He is bigger than Harvey.”.

Mom and Aunt Alice broke out into more laughter. Mom’s hand was wrapping around my hard-on and she stood it up away from my belly. She leaned in and kissed my hard-on. She slipped it into her mouth and sucked. She bobbed her head just a couple of times. “Oh shit!”. I closed my eyes and exploded into her mouth. My hips jerked and jerked again, shoving my hard-on deeper into Mom’s mouth. My first blow job and I lasted two seconds, maybe. Aunt Alice was laughing loudly and clapping. Mom was just staring at my hard-on as it dribbled the last bit of goo out the tip and onto her hand. She kept stroking me, licking my cock head to catch each dribble. She was licking her lips. My goo that went into her mouth must have been swallowed. I couldn’t be sure as my eyes were closed when I came. She leaned in and licked the head and her fingers clean. She definitely swallowed that bit after she ran her tongue around my mouth.

Aunt Alice leaned down and swatted Mom on the ass. “Feel good to suck your Little Man’s cock? To get a mouthful of cum? Taste good?”. She taunted Mom, but Mom was still staring at my hard-on in her hand. Her hand was going up and down stroking me. My hard-on was not going down like I normally do after I wank it. “Suck it some more. Or do you want to ride it? Ride your Little Man’s cock? Let him spunk up into your pussy?”.

Mom groaned and looked at Aunt Alice. “Please, I have done enough? Please?”.

Aunt Alice leaned in, kissed Mom hard, pulled back. “Hmmmmm more cum from your lips. Nice.” She looked at Mom up close, face to face. “You don’t think you‘ve done enough. I know he wants more. And you want more too. You are still stroking his cock. Your tongue is licking your lips and his cock, making sure you got all of his cum -- your son‘s spunk. You want more. You want his cock in you. Tell me. Tell me you want it in you. Fucking you with his big hard cock. Tell me. Tell your sis.”.

Mom looked back at my cock in her hand. Her hand was still stroking me. “Oh god damn it Alice, yes! I want more of this cock. It is a nice big cock. Shit, it’s my son’s and yet, I want it. I want it bad -- in me -- fucking me.”. She looked at me and said “I hope you want me to do this. It will be oh so good.”.

“You just…well…you just sucked my dick. It felt great. Better than great. Your ass feels good. I like rubbing it. I liked rubbing and kissing your boobs. Aunt Alice‘s too”. I looked at Aunt Alice and then back at Mom. I reached out with one hand to rub Aunt Alice’s boobs through her blouse as she was still near us. “Your boobs are real nice. I would love more of this.”. I reached for Mom’s with the other hand. I had both Mom’s and Aunt Alice’s boobs in my hands.

Mom groaned and said “Shit, Alice. Not again. You somehow make we want to do so many…bad things.”.

“No, not bad things. Fun things. You, sis, are a horny lady. You’re a slut. You’re now your son’s slut. I’m just helping you do what you really want to do. Tell him he can do what he wants with you. Tell him.”.

Mom looked at Aunt Alice, then at me. “Oh god. Joey. I am a horny slut. I’ve always been one. I’m so horny all the time. Your father does what he can, but I wear him out. Please help me. Help him. Oh you will never have to jerk off again. Make love to me. Now. Tonight. Every night. Whenever you want me.”.

With that she twisted and turned so she was again straddling me. She lifted her hips over my cock, lined it up with her pussy, and slid down onto me. One long, smooth slide. Oh god it was great. Her mouth was fantastic. Her pussy was beyond that!

“Oh. God. Yes. Joey. Oh. Shit. Nice. Cock. Nice.”. She was chanting this in time to her going up and down on my cock. I saw a flash of light and looked up to see Aunt Alice with a camera. Mom kept fucking me. My first fuck was Mom. She was fucking me. My own mother took my virginity. She looked at Aunt Alice and smiled. The camera went off again. She started playing to the camera. Aunt Alice was moving around, getting different angles. Mom kept pumping up and down on me…on my hard-on.

I had erupted almost at once when Mom sucked me. I had felt a bit of embarrassment exploding so quick into her mouth. I was lasting longer this time as she fucked me. It felt forever, but only just a couple of minutes. But it felt so damn good, I was getting close real quick. “Oh mom. Oh mom. Oh I…I….I….”. I erupted into my mom. My cock was pulsing. It was over the top great. I was yelling, but I don’t know what I was saying. More just sounds of glee than anything coherent.

Mom stopped moving on me and looked at me and smiled. The camera flashed again. Mom leaned in and almost feel on me. She gave me a kiss. My cock was still in her. The camera flash went off again.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
My Youngest Aunt, Chapter 4:

Aunt Alice moved near our joined bodies. She reached in and I felt Mom jerk her hips and yelp. When she pushed her hips forward, my cock was forced deep into her again. Mom jerked and yelped again. Again Mom humped onto my cock. What was Aunt Alice doing? Again. My cock which had started to go soft was growing back again.

“He is still hard in you -- his nice big hard cock. I can see it. I can also see his cum as it drips out of your cunt -- your son‘s cum. His virginal cum is slipping passed his cock out of your pussy. Out of your son fucked pussy. You horny, incestuous slut. His cock is still there, stretching your cunt. Is it nice?.”. Mom jerked again and yelped.

“Oh please get your finger out of my ass, please.”.

Aunt Alice had her finger in Mom’s ass?! Mom jerked again and yelped yet again. This time I knew what was going on. My cock was getting harder than ever. Aunt Alice started moving Mom up and down at a faster pace. Mom stopped yelping and started to moan. Then she shrieked louder. Her head spun around. She shrieked again and again. What did Aunt Alice do now?

“Get off of him and get in the doggie position or I will shove my whole hand up your butt instead of three fingers. Let him do your little ass. It will be fun, sis. You want it. He will just love it.”.

Aunt Alice swatted her ass twice, mildly with her free hand. She then pulled her hand out of Mom’s butt. Mom sighed. Then Aunt Alice swatted her ass hard. Mom yelped and quickly got off me and got on her knees and hands. I moved over to the side of my bed to allow her to get centered and just looked at Mom. Her boobs were swaying under her as she waited on her hands and knees. She looked at me.

“Go on, honey. Do it. Do my ass. Go ahead. Mommie likes it.”.

She smiled at me and wiggled her butt like a dog wagging its tail. Her boobs banged together. Cool. I climbed around and got behind my mother’s naked ass. I could now see my cum dripping out of her wet pussy. Her pussy hair was matted with our juices.

Aunt Alice whispered softly in my ear “Use your dripping cum and her pussy juice to lube her ass up. Use your fingers to scoop it out of her wet cunt and work it in and around her ass. If it is not enough, spit into her asshole.”.

I followed instructions. Two of my fingers went into my mother’s wet pussy. I pulled them out and rubbed them around her ass. I saw it open and close. Cool. I went back for more. This time I pushed three fingers in my mom‘s pussy. She moaned. I pulled them out after wiggling them around. I took and shoved one finger into her ass, then a second, finally the third wet finger went in. She yelped as my third finger entered her. I pushed my fingers in and out. She was shuddering as I worked the fingers in her ass. I spit a good gob into the crack of her ass. I rubbed around her hole and then into it. The slickness was making it easy to slide in and out.

“Oh god, son. Yes. Nice. Delicious. Oh fuck me. Fuck my ass now. Please. Fuck your slut of a Mommie. Fuck my ass.”.

I positioned myself and the camera flash went off. Aunt Alice got a close-up shot just as my cock head was at her asshole. I slid into her ass. “Oh damn, Mom.“. I shoved until my hips were close to Mon’s hips. It was tight. “Oh god damn, Mom. I’m in your ass. It’s so good. So tight.”.

Aunt Alice got behind us and I felt a wet finger slide into my ass crack and push. It went into me. This caused me to push harder into my mom. Somehow I went deeper into her tight ass. It was hard to push in. So tight. Aunt Alice pushed. I went forward. I was all the way in her ass. I was in Mom’s ass. I was ass fucking my mother! Aunt Alice crooked her finger and pulled and I pulled almost out. She pushed and I pushed in. Back and forth. Aunt Alice used her finger in my ass to control my cock in Mom’s ass.

“How does your Little Man feel up your butt, sis? He is bigger than Harvey. You’re his first true piece of ass. You are one ass fucking loving slut. Your own son is fucking your ass.”.

“I like it. I like it a lot. Oh damn baby. Fuck Mommie. Do it. Do me harder. Harder. Oh god damn. I am a slut, but I love it so. DO MY ASS HARDER!”.

I started to hump her harder and harder. Aunt Alice’s finger was still in my ass, but I was the one doing the work, running the pace. I was breathing hard. Pushing into her tight ass was hard work, But It felt so damn tight and good. My cock was screaming joy. I was lasting longer than the first two times. I humped and humped into Mom’s ass. Mom was groaning and mumbling. My cock was rock hard. It felt bigger than it had ever been. It was so sensitive. It was amazing. I watched my cock go into Mom and as I pulled out, her ass sort of came out with it. I was getting light headed. My cock was just one big happy nerve and I felt it getting ready to blow again.

“Oh shit Mom. I am… Oh gees. Oh shit. Oh shit oh oh uh uh Oh God OH DAMN!”. I erupted in her ass and I kept humping her. My cock was spewing inside Mom’s ass. Mom fell down onto her face, but her ass stayed up and I still pumped into it. Aunt Alice’s finger was still hooked in my ass. She was working my ass in and out. I was unable to stop. I was still pumping into my mom. My cock was still pumping goo into her.

“Oh god Mom I can’t stop. I can’t. Aunt Alice is pushing me. Her finger…in my ass. Oh god. I can‘t take much more. Oh god damn, again.”. I was cumming again. More goo poured into Mom’s ass. Aunt Alice kept pushing and pulling. I was screaming. I was hanging on to Mom’s hips. Trying to stay in, trying to get my over sensitive cock out. I was fighting myself. Aunt Alice kept her finger in my ass. She kept me in Mom’s ass.

Mom was shuddering and moaning. I don’t think she was going to be any help. She was getting louder. And she was shaking harder. Her body got all stiff and my cock felt like a wet, hard clamp had just grabbed it. My mom was making odd noises, kind of a gurgling hick-ups. She finally relaxed and my cock slipped out. I was freed from her ass. My cock was still spewing little driblets of goo all over her ass and legs. It joined the mess that leaked from her pussy. Aunt Alice was still pushing and pulling in my ass. I leaned back on my heels, and her finger slipped out. I breathed in hard and just watched Mom‘s ass. Aunt Alice snapped another photo. Mom looked up at Aunt Alice and asked “Can I go take a shower? I want to go to bed. I‘m so tired.”.

Aunt Alice laughed and said “Joey, go get your father and bring him in. Sis stay there, just like that. Go. Go get him. This is going to just rock his world. He’ll love that his son just fucked you in both your pussy and ass. I bet it’ll make him get real hard.”.

I grabbed my robe and started to put it on. She took it from me. “Go like that. Naked. Show your dad you’re a man now. Let him see your wet cock. Let your last bits of dribbly cum show. You just fucked your mom with your big sexy cock. Be a proud man. You’re a mother fucker now. A good one too.”. She laughed.

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