My niece and I

I don't know how to start this, but to say I have dreamed of having sex with my niece since she was 16.
Angie cam to live with us when she was 15. Her mother and father ( my wife's sister)were moving as he was in the service and was being sent to Texas. Angie wanted to finish school here and had baby sat our son many times. She in 14 years younger then me and we were always close. She would confide anything in me as she knew I would never tell her mom or dad of what she did. I accidentally entered the bathroom one day as she was just getting out of shower. I got the show of my life as she never said a word only stepped out and grinned at me. Now I am an average looking guy and and have had my share of women but the sight of her soaking wet and perfect C cup tits was almost more than I could take. I told her I was sorry and that she should lock the door while showering. She just kind of giggled at me and said OK . I went back out the door. Later that night she and I were alone outside and she said she was glad I got to see her nude. I told her if Her aunt found out we would both be dead. She promised not to tell. She lived with us for almost 2 yrs and during that time I had a very hard time keeping my hands off her. She was too young and I loved my wife , I sue did not need that kind of problem to deal with. She moved out when she was 18 and got married. She had 2 kids and we saw her at least 2 times a month over the next 25+ years. She and her husband got divorced about 10 years ago and she remarried a man about my age. They seemed to have a good marriage and we seen her quite often. Family get to together and such. She and I talked all the time as we have very good relationship.
About 4 years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer and her sex drive went to shit. Of course I was going crazy during that time. Both worried about her health and at the same time I have high sex drive. She had lost all desire to have sex. This has made me crazy I jerk off daily but it's not even close to the same thing. At one time I considered a prostitute but I'm to chicken shit for that. I also had no idea how to find one. Then about 1 ½ yrs ago my wife went to hospital for surgery and was in there for 2 weeks. I was going there every day to see her but it was about a 70 mile drive each way. After the surgery and she was recovering , I got a call from Angie asking if she could go up with me to visit her. I said sure she would be very happy to see her. The day she went with me we talked all the way there, abut most everything. It wasn't till we went the second trip that we got to talking about our relationships with or mates. Her husband it seems is diabetic and had as rare problem with getting a erection. It hurts so badly he cannot have sex any more. She was telling me how she had not had sex in almost 2 yrs. Not that she has not had offers, I'm sure she gets hit on regularly . She is a very attractive woman even at 42 she is a knockout. 5'7” 125 or so at least C cup tits, perfect skin and blond on top of that. She said she will not cheat on him as she still loves him. Also she is afraid if something happed and he found she could never for give her self. Also was worried of catching a std. I told her I know what she's going though and explained my problems also. She said she had no idea we were having any problems. As the wife and I do not discuss our personal problems with others. Especially family members as it is no ones problems but ours. She said funny how things work out. I said what do you mean? She said she had always envied her aunt ,as I was the perfect mate according to her. I laughed and said hardly if you only knew. She said she knew better than most because of the fact she lived with us for that time. She said that I was the one who helped her to get by when she had home problems. I did help some times both around their home with fix ups. We also babysit ted her 2 occasionally over the years. She told me when she looked to marry she tried to find a mate just like me. She told me but there's only one you. I said I was flattered and wished she and I were not related. I told her I would loved to have found a woman like her as I knew we would have been perfect together. She told me she need to stop and go to the bathroom. So we stopped I got a couple of drinks and munchies. When we got back in the car she asked if I was serious about what I had said before we stopped. About us being perfect for each other. Hell yes I said.
That's when it happened she looked me right in the eye and said , I want to go somewhere and fuck. I was floored all I could do was stare. Are you serious I said , hell yes she said. Like I said I have nothad sex in 2 years. I said I don't know . She says whats the matter we both need it badly. No one needs to know it happened. I know you want to you have wanted to since you saw me naked when I was 16. Getting out of shower that one day. I wanted you to see me and hoped then you would have tried something but you didn't. I was kind of shocked when she said that because I had no idea she felt that way. I said are you really sure about this? Then I felt her hand on my crotch and I was already getting hard. He's willing it feels like rubbing my dick through my pants. I know he wanting to but ,I also know if anyone find out we are in deep shit. We are still 50 mile from home and I'm not expected home at all if I call Gary and tell him I'm staying the night at hospital. He will never question it. Then she moved closer and kissed me. The warmth of her lips touching mine and I was done. My dick was getting hard as a rock and there was no way I could say no. I found a motel and got a room.
As we entered the room all I could do is look at her beautiful ass as she walked in front of me .I still could not believe this was happening. It was all like a dream (a dream come true). I said I need a shower first as I had not had one in 2 days. It was a good thing I had my shaving kit and things with me. I turned the water on and got undressed. I stood there thinking how lucky I was. I crawled into the shower and let the warm water run all over me. I started washing and shaving ,then I heard the door open. Can I help Angie said , let me wash you back. Nervous I said OK ,she slid back the curtain and to my surprise she was still dressed. She took the wash rag and began soaping it up all the time looking at my nude body. I like your body she says for a man in his 50's you still in good shape. I work hard to keep it that way , work out daily and my job helps. I walk about 5 miles a day. Turn around I'll do you back. I turned and she started at my shoulders and slowly washed my back. Working her way down to my ass as she started washing my buttocks, I nearly cum. She worked between my legs and started down the back side and back up to my crotch and almost touching my balls but not quite. When she finished my back side she said turn around. When I did my fully erect cock was almost in her face. I'm not huge I would have to say I 'm average 6-7” long and 1 1/2” diameter. Humm that looks inviting she said and leaned forward and kissed the tip. Oh god I said in a low groan. Mummm you liked that huh? Oh yes ,Oh god yes. She stood up and stepped back a couple of steps and started to unbutton her pants. As she unzipped them then stopped I could just see the red of her panties. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse as it opened I could see the red bra she had on. As she slid the top off and placed it to the side, I was frozen in place as I watched her ass as she bent over to put her top on a small rack for towels. Then she turned and hooked her thumbs on to the top of her jeans and slowly slid them down her beautiful legs. As I saw her red panties come to full view I could not help but let out a little moan of appreciation. She gave a slight grin of approval and continued. I coI began cleaning her c lit she started to shutter and a little moan came out of her. I could tell she just had just cum. I slipped a finger into her and rued her clit little more and she cam again. I then started working my way up her body washing up to her tits. At that point I dropped the wash cloth. Soaped up both tits with my hands and started working on her nipples. Rubbing and squeezing them between my fingers. Then I felt her hands on my cock and balls as she started to slowly jack me off . Squeezing my balls and began t kiss me on the lips. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and play with my tongue. I kissed back I was totally lost in a lustful embrace. She moaned and I did too. After the kiss I looked at her and said I can't take this any longer I have to have you. We got out of the shower and I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Placed her on her back and with her legs hanging off the bed I re adjusted my self to match her cunt up with my cock. I reached down and spread the lips of her cunt and I felt her had grasp my cock and guide me to her cunt. I slowly pressed the head into her cunt. She was very tight I could tell she had not had a cock in her for a long time. I tried to work slowly in to her and at the same time I began to fondle her breasts. Squeezing them and slightly pinching her nipples. She started to move her hips and helped me work the full length into to her. I leaned forward and we kissed again
I began to stroke in and out as she met my thrusts. I reached down and lifted and slid her fully on to the bed. Then began to drive home my cock to the hilt. She bits my lip and then lets out a little scream of delight. Then she rolled me over and climbed on top and began to ride me. This was more than I could stand and I told her I was going to cum. That made her work even harder. I shot off in her so hard I thought it would come out her mouth. She kept working my dick till it was soft and slipped out. God damn I aid I haven't fuck like that in so long I thought my nuts were going to explode. She said Is that all I get. Well I said no but it will take some time and stimulation to get back up. She looked at me and said well I guess we have all night. God I thought I was going to cum again right them. For the next few minutes we laid there talking about how much we missed not doing this sooner. All the time she was playing with my cock as I fingered her and nibbled on her tits. After about 5 minutes she said I can't wait any longer I need it up again. I just said I'm trying as I was about half hard again. That's when she kind of slid down and took my dick in her mouth and began to suck on the head and run her tongue around the head. With in a minute I was hard and ready to go. This time I want it from behind as she rolled over and got up onto her knees and elbows. So I got behind her but first I had to kiss that beautiful ass and run my tongue up the crack and lick her asshole. She said that feels good but I need that cock in me now. So I took my cock and rubbed back and forth across her cunt opening. Reached around and spread the lips appart and started to slip my cock into her. I slipped the head in and began to work it around . She said stick it in just a little deeper and she said there and began to work her hips around I could tell I was rubbing on her G spot. I felt her cunt start to squeeze my cock and and her body tremble. Oh god I'm cumming she said and started to push back against me hard. So I started thrusting my full length in and out. She was so worked up she let out a pretty loud FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!! then collapsed forward on the bed. My god that was great she said. I said but I'm not done roll over. I crawled on top of her and slid my cock between her tits and pushed them together and began to tit fuck her. As the tip came out between her tits she would lick the head. At one point I just let my cock slip out of her tits and she took it into her mouth and began to suck it like a lollypop. Running her tongue around the head and taking it a s deep as she could from that angle. I could feel my self getting ready to cum. I told her I was close but she just sucked that more intently. I came in hes willing mouth and she swallowed almost a fast. When I pulled out she grinned and said Mumm that was good.
Over the night we had sex at least 6 more times. Now we see each other at least 1-2 times a month. It's easy to get together when her husband works opposite hours from me and my wife also works same hrs he does. There have been times even at family affairs when we can get away to have quickie or have oral sex. But that's another story.

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2010-05-11 22:34:58
An all right story. Could have been better if the sexual connection between the two of you happened earlier. Fucking 1 or 2 times a month just isn't going to hack it tho. Get her pregnant and start sharing your life together.


2010-05-07 16:27:52
I'm sorry not to have fucked her when she was 16 but it didn't happed that way. I am just happy to have gotten to have sex with her now. We still do every chance we get.


2010-04-22 16:25:31
You should have whipped it out and fucked that cunt when you saw her naked in the shower. That's the story I want to read, not this nonsense waiting for her to grow up.

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2010-04-08 16:22:42
wall of text. edit the format

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2010-04-08 00:52:22
This may well be a great story, however, I may never know. I did not attempt to read it because of the way it is set out - try paragraphing it to make it easier to read

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