Country kids play snowstorm games
JackassTales…Tale #46…Readers; this is the third story in a trilogy of tales which use weather as a background accomplice to sexual mischief. In each narrative a brother and his young sister find an awakening of forbidden lust and love. There is no reason to have read any of the previous stories because no characters or events overlap from any other story. Here a teen brother and his preteen sister find that being stuck at home in a snowstorm offers many opportunities for a fun time. As always, in my rose-colored make-believe world, the circumstances, characters, and dialogue are exaggerated by a Horny Old Dog’s imagination.

Snow Day: Stuck at Home with Little Sis

(Part One) Early Morning Mischief

In the early, early mornings there is an ethereal world of consciousness where a mind begs to awaken yet it refuses the give up the oblivion of sleep. This very morning my mind was experiencing these conflicting phenomena.

While still slumbering, I did unconsciously recall last night’s dire weather report warning of perhaps a foot of snow falling on the ground throughout the night. Hooray, no high school classes for my school-weary, junior-year, 16 year old soul! This euphoria was tempered with the fact that my 12 year old, 7th grade, junior high sister would be stuck with me, too. Hell, I’d probably have to be a babysitter for the spoiled, babyish child!

Okay, so Emma wasn’t really all that bad. In fact, as sisters go, I suppose she is alright. The girl was for sure a really sweet person who had not one mean-spirited, temperamental bone in her body.

Speaking of bodies, why little Emma’s preteen, 4foot 9inch, 90 pound body was getting ready to bust out all over the place! As her brother, I knew I shouldn’t be paying attention to the shape of her maturing feminine form, but devil-be-damned, I was paying attention aplenty! Yes siree, that sister of mine was showing signs of become a hot piece of countrygirl ass!

A blast of wintry wind shook our farmhouse and rattled my bedroom window panes. Although I was sleeping nude, I refused to acknowledge the bitter coldness outside. Snuggling deep into my blanketed, quilt-covered bed, I cocooned myself in warmth and relaxation.

Was I hearing voices or was it only the wind? Surely someone was speaking just outside my bedroom door. If only I were fully awake then I could hear more than I was.

“Emma Kay Allen, what are you doing sneaking into your brother’s bedroom!” an adult voice intoned. “And, pray tell girl, why do you have a hand inside your panties?”

A quivering young voice stammered, “Mom, I’m just…I’m just…”

Caught. Silence. An eternity of stillness.

“You’re just…what?” the adult voice asked. “Spit it out, young lady, and I want the truth! Have you and Ethan been doing ‘nasty’ things to each other?”

Hesitantly, the girl answered, “No, Mom, ‘we’ haven’t!”

“What do you mean ‘we’ haven’t?” the insistent voice quizzed.

With no way out, the trembling girl stammered an answer, “Mom, Ethan is innocent. He hasn’t been doing nasty things to me…but…I have been doing nasty things to him! Only, Mom, he doesn’t know about it!”

Lying in bed, my consciousness now began to awaken. Emma and Mom were talking. My little sister had just confessed to doing ‘nasty’ things to me. Well shit, this is the first I’ve ever heard about it! How could I not know about it?

“How could your brother not know about it?” Mom’s disbelieving voice echoed my question. “Emma, don’t you story to me!”

Speaking forcefully, Emma answered, “Mom, I’m not storying to you!”
Softening her tone, the girl added, “Mom, you know how hard it is to wake Ethan up in the mornings. Sometimes you could blow a bugle in his ear and it wouldn’t disturb him. You can shake and rattle his body in bed and he would ignore you. So, to answer your question, I can do nasty things to him because I know he won’t wake up and catch me!”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you by being a ‘bad girl’, Mom,” Emma continued. “But, you told me to tell you the truth. I want you to know I’ve only been ‘bad’ the past several mornings!”

The wheels inside my head were spinning a mile a minute. I had numerous questions I needed answers to. Apparently, Mom was thinking along the same line as I was. “Dear girl,” she asked. “What kind of ‘nasty’, ‘bad’ things are you doing to your sleeping brother? Tell me.”

Before Emma could answer, Mom interrupted and made an extraordinarily unbelievable request. “No girl, don’t tell me,” she commanded. “Young lady, show me! Show me right now!”

Dumbfounded and dazed, Emma tiptoed across my carpeted floor in a zombie-like state of bewildered confusion. Dropping to her knees, she knelt beside my bed.

Emma jumped when Mom asked, “Girl, just how do you plan on untangling Ethan’s curled up body from its cocooned entanglement in blankets and quilts?”

My little sis gave a four word answer, “Ethan’s ears are ticklish.”

With no warning, Emma’s tongue began tickling my earlobe. Without my mind’s conscious permission, I involuntarily turn over flat onto my back. After teasing my ear, my little sister kissed my cheek with the softest lip kisses I had ever felt. Those silky lips kissed mine with impassioned tenderness.

“Oh Mom,” the kissing girl whispered. “I think I love my brother with a love which is not natural for a sister to give!”

After making this declaration, Emma climbed back to her knees. One by one, quilts and blankets were slowly pulled down to my waist. “Mom isn’t Ethan the most beautiful boy in this whole wide world!” she declared.

Without awaiting an answer from her mother, Emma pulled the quilts and blankets down below my knees. “Look Mom, it’s sleeping,” she announced. “Ethan’s penis is limp and sleeping. Look how it’s laying over to one side all curled up and resting.”

“Now Mom, do you want to find out what I accidentally discovered the other day?” Emma questioned. “Watch what happens when I wake it up. Oh god, you won’t believe your eyes!”

Before I could even guess as to what Emma was about to do, I felt five short, slim fingers close around my flaccid penis. Mother Nature’s instincts did their biological magic. The slumbering male member between my legs fully awakened and began growing. My horny teenage cock’s girth swelled inside my little sister’s hand. The stiffening shaft’s length grew into an elongated, rigid rod.

“Isn’t that an amazing sight, Mom?” Emma asked. “Did you ever see anything so gorgeous? I didn’t even know Ethan had one so nice until a few days ago! Oh mercy, I love it!”

Even though her mother was watching, the usually timid girl emphasized her point by leaning over and kissing my penile shaft with her super-warm lips. Nearly a dozen shameless, obsessive, ardent kisses bathed my exposed flesh. The tendrils of Emma’s past-the-shoulder length, shiny brown hair tickled my pubic region and covered it in a cascading shower of curls.

I was rock-hard by now and my skin was quivering with joy. Emma stopped kissing. She spread her hand flat under my cock and gently laid her cheek against its stiffness. My stimulated cockshaft was now comfortably sandwiched between her hand and cheek.

Emma sighed. “Mom, I know I’m bad,” she confessed again. “But, this is some of the nasty things I’ve been doing to Ethan!”

“What do you mean by ‘some of the nasty things’?” Mom questioned. “There is more you do? Will you show me?”

Even though she was doing wicked things in front of her mom, Emma now seemed to be less frightened of her mother’s reactions and more confident in her expressions of sexual discovery. “There is just one more thing,” she said. “Yesterday, I accidentally learned to do this…this fun thing.”

Lifting her cheek from it cock-pillow resting place, Emma raised my cockshaft straight up towards the ceiling. After licking her lips and wetting her mouth, she wrapped this slippery wet oral duo around my penile head. The naive, innocent child started sucking.

In spite of my best efforts to hide my aroused wakefulness, my eyes popped open. Mom had one eye affixed on her daughter’s bobbing head and the other affixed to my startled face.

What could I do? My blameless eyes were as rounded as saucers. I lifted my arms in a gesture of innocence. I shrugged my shoulders. When I looked Mom directly in the eyes, my body language gave the unmistakable message that I didn’t know Emma had been doing these ‘nasty’ things to me until today. I sure picked a hell of a day to awaken too early!

Mom’s body language expressed a message, too. She nodded her head telling me she believed in my innocence. Yet, this mother of a cocksucking daughter shrugged her shoulders, scratched her head, and wordlessly asked me what the hell she was supposed to do about this situation!

I had no answer as to what Mom should do, but I knew for damn sure if I didn’t stop Emma from sucking on my cock I was soon going to start cumming all over the place. God, that girl child sister of mine was a mighty fine cocksucker!

Just in time, Emma released the pulsating rod in her mouth. She again rained kisses on my cock then lay back down and cradled my shaft between her soft hand and warm cheek.

“I guess I should stop sucking on Ethan’s penis,” Emma breathlessly said. “Mom, a friend at school said if a girl does that too much then a boy will shoot gooey white stuff in her mouth! Whispering quietly, my sis added, “Mom, I know I’m being very naughty, but sometimes I wish Ethan would wake up and do these nasty things to me!”

An overwhelming feeling of love mixed with lust swept over me. One of my hands moved downwards and settled itself on Emma’s free cheek. I cradled her face between my blood-racing cock and my gentle palm.

Emma jerked as if she had been snake bitten. She sprang up and stared at me with a mixture of quilt and doe-eyed innocence. “Oh god, you’re awake!” she squealed.

“Come here, Sis,” I implored. Sensing that the now skittish girl was on the verge of fleeing away, I reached out and ran my hands around her thin waist. Lifting with my muscular arms, I sat her pajama-clad ass on the bed beside me. What made me do it, I couldn’t say, but I ran my hands up through Emma’s mop of long, unbrushed morning curls and pulled her head towards mine. I suppose, instinctively, the girl knew what I was planning to do, so just a second before her lips met mine, she licked them.

I kissed my sister. I kissed her hard and I kissed her with an impassioned awakening of love. This was no brotherly kiss I gave and it was no sisterly kiss I received in return. Teen and preteen mouths melded together in an unforgettable bond of forbidden affection.

Emma’s pajamas were made of plain white, comfortable cotton with long flesh-concealing sleeves and legs. The only way I was going to see any exposed female skin would be if I exposed it myself. Toward that end, I unbuttoned every single button on the front of this girl’s pajama shirt and pushed it back over her shoulders.

Boobs, real live braless girlie-girl titties spilled out of Emma’s chest. Peach-sized nectarines they were. Preteen these beauties might be, but god, I had never seen a more beautifully proportioned set of twin breasts as these! Nubile, hot-pink nipples poked out surrounded by strawberry colored areolas.

I’m sure Emma was as well aware of Mom’s watchful eyes as I was, but heaven help me, I just had to go ahead and get my mouth on those young tantalizing titties! Even as my lips surrounded a nippled nub, I told myself that if our mother wanted to stop us, then she would do it. Devilish dog, I might be, but I was praying as hard as I could that Mom wouldn’t stop us!

Emma sighed as one nipple after another became victims of my mouth’s hungry assault. Kissing and sucking, my lips gave each tit a thorough oral massage. My flicking, licking tongue traced paths over the mounded tittie hills and explored the unexplored valleys between.

Emma’s body shivered. She shook the pajama shirt off her shoulders. The cotton garment slithered off, slid down her back, and silently fell to the floor. The girl then jerked a boob out of my nipple-sucking mouth so quickly that my lips smacked together with an audible pop.

Seeing the look of heartbreaking disappointment in my eyes, the girl climbed into my bed and jumped astraddle my naked body. Bending towards me, she positioned her perfect peaches in front of my face. “Sorry, Ethan,” Emma said apologetically. “Now you can have them back! I just wanted to know what it felt like to sit on top of your naked body.”

I grabbed for the peachy pair of beautiful boobs, played with them with my fondling hands, and then allowed my mouth to suckle them again. Between suckling breaths, I teasingly asked, “And, Sweet Sis, just what do you think about being on top of me?”

The half naked girl answered quickly, “Oh Ethan, I love it, I do, I do! Can I kiss you now? I love kissing you, too!”

I guess Emma needed no affirmative answer because she went ahead and found my mouth with hers anyways. I jumped as her warm titties touched the flesh of my chest. Soft, feminine palms caressed my cheeks as fiery, licked-wet lips again locked onto mine. Mouths collided, lips kissed, and tongues dueled in a slippery contest for affection. I loved this little sister of mine with a passion born of the Devil and the lust of forbidden sin.

While we were kissing, my hands roamed freely up and down Emma’s back. Before I was fully aware of what they were doing, I realized my fingers had slipped beneath the back waistbands of this girl’s pajamas and panties. I now had my hands full of the nicest little ass God ever created!

Wow, what a fine ass my sis had! My hands greedily massaged, they explored, they romped and played merrily. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew there was something I wanted to do, but I was so happy playing with Emma’s sweet ass I couldn’t think of what it was.

Oh yes, now I recall! Hell, I want to pull this girl’s pajamas and panties down! Without further ado, I slipped my thumbs into waistbands and pulled both articles of clothing down below the ass I was playing with.

Out of undeniable curiosity, one of my exploratory hands slipped off Emma’s ass and sneaked around the side of her body. With the stealth of a serpent, it snaked its way beneath her body and cupped a handful of innocent, virgin girl pussy.

Emma shrieked and the sat up atop me. “Ethan, I’m not sure if I want to let you do that!” she squealed.

The trouble was, this nearly naked girl was sitting on top of my cock. My elongated cockshaft was pushing up between her upper thighs and resting hard against her swelling pussy mound. I knew for sure that I was hot and horny! And damnit, I knew for a certainty that she was, too!

“Mom, I know I’ve been ‘bad’, but should I be so wicked as to let Ethan touch me…there?” Emma imploringly questioned.

Mom surrendered her last bit of hesitancy. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this,” she said. “But yes girl, I think you should! Damnit, mothers don’t watch their kids have sex, but God help me, I’ve never seen such a gentle, sweet, passionate sexual encounter in my life! It’s too bad you are brother and sister because I can tell that you two will have lives filled with love and lust for each other.”

“And Emma, aren’t you forgetting what you said just a few minutes ago?” Mom added. “You said, ‘sometimes I wish Ethan would wake up and do these nasty things to me!’. Well baby, here is your chance. You played with, and kissed, and sucked his cock, so it’s only fair you get the same treatment in return. Go for it girl!”

Turning to me, Mom gave an unexpected encouragement, “Mister, go get all the pussy you want!”

Heading those words, I cupped Emma’s sitting ass cheeks and pulled her towards me. Although still reluctant, I felt my sis grind her pussy mound against the stiffened cockshaft between her legs.

By pulling ever so gently, I caused this girl to stand up on her knees and knee-step until she was positioned over my belly. Finally, I had a chance to get a close up look at the prettiest pussy I ever knew existed. My hands began playing with the bewitching beauty while my eyes described it’s splendor to my brain.

Emma’s preteen pussy was a puffy mound of feminine flesh split down the middle with an erotic crack. Not one hint of the tip of a clit poked out of the swollen pussylips. A scattering of thin, peach-fuzzy pubic hairs surrounded this undeniably seductive female oval. As my hands merrily played, I knew I desperately needed to get my mouth on the gorgeous mound.

I sat up so abruptly Emma fell back flat on the bed with her head pillowed between my feet. Scooting back towards my headboard, I lifted the girl’s legs up towards the ceiling and announced, “Sis, we need to get these bothersome pajamas and panties off you!”

With Emma’s legs up in the air, I slipped every stitch of clothing up over her feet and threw it across the room. My giggling sister made no protests as I manhandled her petite, sexy body. The mischievous young wench began tickling my ears with her unpainted toes. I felt a bit of discomfort between my legs and soon realized this waif of a girl child was lying hard against my cock. The backs of silky legs were pressed to my belly and chest. Good god, what an awkward position we were in!

Thinking of the turkey wishbone my sis and I had shared at Thanksgiving, I grabbed the girl’s feet and spread her legs apart as far as I could. Looking down upon the sweet little pussy mound lying between my legs, I made a wish. I wish I had the pretty pussy in my mouth!

Suddenly, I recalled a porn movie I had seen last week at a friend’s house. I wondered if I could do what the guy in it did. Heck, it was worth a try! With wicked bedevilment spurring me on, I put this girl’s legs back against my body. I let my hands slip under Emma’s ass then with muscular arms I lifted her nude, featherweight body upwards. Legs and ass slid up my chest. I lifted my sis high. Finally, I had the girl’s upper thighs sitting on my broad shoulders with her pouty pussy positioned directly in front of my face.

Emma whimpered with a feeble protest. I imagined the girl was quite surprised to finding herself hanging upside down on a bed with her ass pressed against her brother’s chest and her legs resting atop his shoulders.
The girl instinctively held on by wrapping her bare legs and feet around my head and back. My mouth searched for and found the vaginal treat it sought. I kissed the warm, young pussyflesh with unrestrained, lustful passion. I kissed and licked each swollen pussylip and the tender skin close to the thighs. My tongue penetrated this girl’s seductive slit and touched her hidden clit.

Letting go of Emma’s ass, I wormed my hands up her body far enough so I could manually play with her pussy. I used my fingers to assist with my pussyeating efforts. I spread this girl’s sexy pussylips and found a hidden clitoral jewel tucked inside. The National Mint couldn’t have secreted away a more glorious treasure! My eyes feasted on the bedazzling sight of her clit. My mouth watered in anticipation of sucking it.

So, suck it, I did. I attacked my sister’s protruding clit with a hunger born of lust and need. Perhaps I was a little too rough, but I greedily vacuumed all the clit meat I could into my mouth. My tongue flicked it and licked it. My teeth wanted to chew, but I settled for my lip’s furious pulling and tugging.

Emma squealed softly. Undeterred, I searched for and found the girl’s pussyhole. I knew for a fact my sis had not yet begun having her monthly female cycles. She did not yet use ‘feminine hygiene’ products. Therefore, I assumed, her pussy didn’t get ‘wet’ with natural moisture.

Boy oh boy, was I mistaken! I suppose teen guys can be a bit ignorant about some things! Emma’s preteen pussyhole was indeed wet! Okay, maybe her pussy wasn’t as drippy wet as a more mature teenager girl’s might be, but there was plenty of moistness to bathe my tongue which was attempting to disappear inside her hole. As my moisturized tongue explored this virginal cavity, it rammed smack dab into and obstacle.

Alright now, this just had to be a virgin girl hymen I was poking! Heck, I ain’t that ignorant! Despite knowing this information, I didn’t realize how sensitive and tender the thin barrier of protective femininity was. I was poking and prodding it more forcibly than I should. I only realized this when Emma’s muffled moans and squeals escaped from her mouth.

In order to keep from hurting my little sis, I eased off and slowed down a bit. But by god, I wasn’t ready to stop my oral pussy play yet! As the snowstorm blew outside, I paid it no mind while I continued ravaging my sweet Emma’s pussy. Losing track of time, I had myself an early morning treat of hot, young pussy which I was consuming with delight. Mmm, little girl pussy was a delicious delicacy! In addition to the tantalizing taste, sweet pussy has a stimulating aroma which can’t be beat! God, I love the smell of pussy in the morning! Hmm, I also love the whimpering sounds a girl makes when her feminine vaginal fires are burning hot!

“Don’t make Emma cum yet, Ethan!” Mom begged. “Sit her back down in your lap. I want to talk to you two. I know it’s terribly wrong of me, but you are so beautiful together, I want to see you ‘fuck’ before I leave for work! Oh god, I must be the most depraved mother ever born!”

I think my sis and I had both completely forgotten about Mom’s watchful eyes. Still, neither of us felt the need to make any apologetic excuses for what we were doing. On the other hand, hell we had no intentions of going so far as to ‘fuck’ each other!

“Mom, I can’t fuck Emma!” I explained. “She is too damn young and her pussy is too tight!”

Emma’s words echoed mine, “Yeah Mom, and Ethan’s penis is so big, fat, and long it wouldn’t fit inside my hole!”

While I had absolutely no intention of screwing this sister of mine, I did want to sit her back in my lap. I slipped my hands under Emma’s armpits and lifted her petite body straight up in front of my sitting form. I allowed my sis to slip her legs off my shoulders. Instead of immediately dropping the girl into my lap, I lifted her seductive body higher still then kissed and sucked her pussy with saliva-wet lips and tongue. I kissed her pretty belly bump and tickled her bellybutton. Lowering the girl, I found her glorious titties and again ravished their nippled fruit.

Impish Emma’s dangling bare toed feet teased my belly, they tickled my pubic hairs, and they fondled my cock flesh. Why, the bewitching little cockteaser was cruising for a pussy bruising if she wasn’t pretty damn careful!

While I was doing all of this sucking and kissing and Emma was doing her tickling and teasing, Mom was speaking. “Ethan, Emma is not too young and she is not too tight!” she informed. “Girl’s pussies are really elastic like a rubber band! Emma baby, yes Ethan’s cock is kinda large for a preteen pussy, but honey your vaginal hole will stretch to take it in!”

Raising my head to look Emma into her eyes, I could tell that the girl didn’t believe our mother’s words anymore than I did. Her pussy ‘WAS SO’ too little and my penis ‘WAS SO’ too big! I think this shared understanding inflamed the love we had for each other. My sister’s legs wrapped themselves around my chest. Her arms encircled my head. We kissed. The flames of aroused passion burned anew.

I could have held Emma’s supersexy, lightweight body up in the air like this all day long, but I decided to go ahead and allow her to slide down into my lap. Mom might want it, but as far as this girl and I were concerned, there would be no fucking for us this day!

Sometimes events occur in which circumstances conspire to thwart even the best laid plans of brothers and sisters. Hell, the thought that the opening to Emma’s moisturized, saliva-wet pussy was headed straight for my cockshaft never even crossed my mind! I’m sure the sliding girl was also unaware of the penile shaft she was about to sit on!

Mom knew! How she knew it, I didn’t know, but I know she did! Why the hell didn’t she warn us? When Emma sat down in my lap, a red-hot stiffened poker was rammed up into her pussy! The girl shrieked as her ineffective virginal barrier was torn apart! When supertight pussylips clamped themselves onto my cock flesh and virgin blood flowed, I realized that I had accidentally busted my little sister’s cherry!

What were we suppose to do now? Who do we turn to for advice? We couldn’t turn to Mom because she wants us to fuck! We had no one else. Yes we did, we had each other! Pushing aside the curly tangle of Emma’s long, lustrous hair, I kissed the injured child and whispered comforting words.

“Don’t fret Emma, the worst is over,” I said. “Babydoll, we don’t have to do anything else. I’m sure your pain will go away soon!”

Emma hung onto me with a constrictive bearhug. “Really Ethan, do you think so?” she asked. “Will you hold me until it does? Will you rock me in your arms? I love you, Ethan!”

“I love you too, honey,” I responded. “Now, lean against me and relax.”

I supposed my little sis wasn’t yet too old to rock, so rock her back and forth against me, I did. As I gently rocked, a realization came to my mind. Emma and I were still conjoined together at the loins! My cockshaft was still impaled deep into the girl’s pussy! Cock-hugging vaginal muscles were squeezing this uninvited, but welcomed, penile visitor.

I was wondering if Emma was feeling some of the things I was feeling, too. Each time we rocked my shaft slid in or out of her a bit. The blood running through my cock veins was racing faster and faster. If I wasn’t mistaken, this girl’s pussy muscles were involuntarily constricting and releasing the tender flesh of my meaty cockshaft.

Hey, this was actually feeling pretty good! I was beginning to believe that Emma and I may have been wrong and Mom may have been right.

Unconsciously, my hands began roaming. I gently played with Emma’s back, I ran my fingers through her hair, and I kissed her upturned lips. Occasionally, I managed to get a boob in a hand and fondle it a bit. Several times I tickled this girl’s thin pubic curls. Wonder of wonders, she began tickling and tugging on mine, too!

I’m not exactly certain when the tempo of Emma’s rocking increased, but increase, it did. Actually, it was more of a thrusting push than a rock we were doing. I seemed to be meeting thrust with thrust. I had a hold on the girl’s ass and she was sort of pushing harder against me when I pulled on her.

If I were to venture an opinion, I’d say my cock was having a mighty fine time inside the sweet little pussy I had believed was too small. And, emboldened by facts, I’d say Emma’s pussy was having a good time holding the cock she thought was too big.

“Good god, Emma!” I exclaimed out of the blue. “We are fucking! We’re doing just what Mom told us to do!”

Emma glared at me with timid, yet smiling eyes. “I guess we are,” she coyly admitted. “Ethan, do you want to stop? I’m feeling much, much better, so if…if you don’t want to stop then that’s okay, too!”

“I don’t want to stop!” I said with enthusiasm. “I want to screw the brains out of my sweet little sis! Sweetie, I just don’t want to hurt you!”

Now that I knew where I stood, I felt more emboldened to proceed without an overabundance of caution. I wanted to lay Emma down and fuck her properly, but heck I didn’t want to take a chance on her changing horses in mid-ride! Besides, I was too horny and hungry for pussy to even slow down for a minute!

I didn’t slow one bit. In fact, I furiously rammed my cockshaft up into Emma’s pussy in a series of quick, deep plunges which penetrated to the very core of her womanhood. This girl was probably still quite a bit sore from her ripped hymen, but if she wanted to get fucked then she would have to bear it.

She was a real trooper, this sister of mine was! The inexperienced girl was probably relatively naive when it came to the mechanical technicalities of fornication, but my goodness, she was an eager-to-learn student! Before I could even instruct her, Emma took the initiative and began enthusiastically riding the rigid cockbone rammed up inside her. This girl’s slippery pussy slid up and down in an effortless rhythm. Ha, if this girl child thought she was going to beat me in this race for orgasmic release then she was badly mistaken!

Oh hell, it seems like I was the one to be mistaken! Perhaps I had done too good a job pussysucking this girl. Maybe this first-time cockfucking experience was turning her on too much. Whatever the reason, Emma was catching her breath and squealing, “Oh Ethan, its happening! I think I’m cumming, oh yes, I know I am! Oh, no boy has ever made me cum before! Oh, it’s so nice, Ethan! I love you! Please don’t stop screwing me!”

Old Devil come take my soul to Hell, but I had no intention of stopping! With a nude, seductive, young female’s pussy providing a comforting home for my cock and the memory of her wake-me-up cocksucking, I began cumming, too. My cockshaft summoned forth seminal juices and expelled them in pressurized streams. Emma’s tiny vaginal cavity soon overflowed with semen and sperm.

Even though a messy sludge was being squished and squashed out of her little hole, Emma still bounced upon my spewing cockshaft. The fullness and pressure she felt spurred her young pussy into another orgasm. The girl squealed over and over as multiple waves of euphoric pleasure thrilled her.

The incredibly tight vaginal muscles wrapped around my buried cockshaft squeezed and milked my meat. Creamy liquids freely flowed from male loins to female loins. Ecstatic orgasmic elation swept through my heart, mind, and soul.

I didn’t yet have my watch on, so I had no way of knowing just how long I fucked my sister or how long she fucked me. I knew that the blissful copulation was now about over. Emma’s arms were around my neck, mine were around her back, and we were kissing with the passion of lovers attempting to eat each other up.

“Ethan, why don’t you and Emma snuggle up under your covers for a little while,” Mom said from beside the bed. “I’ll call you in a bit. You can wash the sticky mess from each other then come to breakfast.”

When Mom reached for my bedroom door handle, she stopped, turned, and whispered, “My children, I didn’t know that sexual intercourse between a brother and sister could be such a loving and passionate experience! You two have the right to call me a terrible mother for encouraging you to do this, but I hope you can forgive me. Besides, Emma, you would have eventually seduced your brother anyway! Right? And, Ethan, you would have let her! True?”

Emma smiled with a wicked grin. “Yes Mom, you’re right,” she answered. “I’ve wanted this with Ethan forever!”

I chimed in. “Yes Mom, what you say about me is true,” I answered. “I would have let Emma seduce me in a heartbeat!”

(Part Two) Mischievous Midday Magic

Winter winds blew. Diving under my covers, Emma and I cuddled. We didn’t sleep. Instead, we kissed, we fondled, and then we tickled and teased.

“Ethan,” Emma innocently whispered. “Am I your girlfriend now? Are you my boyfriend?”

Pulling the sweet girl child tightly against me, I answered truthfully. “Emma, we can’t be girlfriend and boyfriend,” I explained. “Besides honey, girlfriends and boyfriends come and go in people’s lives. We have something better. As brother and sister, we can have a relationship filled with love for the rest of our lives! Best of all, we can spice our love up with lots of bedtime fun!”

Teasingly, I whispered in my young lover’s ear, “Babydoll, if Heaven ain’t any better than this, then at the end, let’s stay here and screw for eternity!”

Mom’s shaking awakened us. I guess we did finally sleep. Emma and I washed off quickly. We were starving. Breakfast was relatively uneventful. That is, unless one counts playing footsie under the table. I did slap Emma’s pajama-covered ass a time or two as she walked past me. Each time she gave me one of those ‘I’ll-get-you-back-later’ looks.

“Ethan, get your boots on,” Mom said. “I need you to shovel the drive and help me get the car out. I can’t afford to miss work today. Thank goodness I have 4-wheel drive!”

Emma jumped up. “I’m going to help, too!” she announced. “Wait Ethan and let me get my snow clothes on!”

Maybe I should have waited, but I didn’t. Mom had to go, so I went to the garage, started the car, and then began shoveling the drive. When a well-aimed snowball careened through the air and smacked the back of my head, I knew Emma was on the warpath.

“Damn you, Ethan!” the girl fussed. “I told you to wait for me!”

Playfully, I tossed a snowball back at the infuriated girl. “Little girl,” I teased. “Mom’s gonna spank your ass for cussing! Hey, that sounds like fun, so I might even help her!”

“Ha Mister, you’re not too big to get your own ass spanked,” Emma mischievously warned. “Next time I catch you with your pants off, I’ll turn your ass red!”

The ensuing snowball fight was fast and furious. “Boys and girls,” Mom interrupted as she walked to the car. “Save your fussing, and fighting, and ass spanking until after I leave.”

“Have fun with each other today!” Mom added with a winking smile. “Oh sinful me, I dearly wish I could stay and watch what happens!”

Jumping into her car, Mom slipped and spun down the drive and disappeared down the snowplowed country road. I don’t believe either Emma or I would have minded if our voyeuristic mother had stayed to watch whatever happened. We both realized our mom was that one in a million mothers who accepted and understood the fact that their kids are going to be sexually active. Thank goodness she had one of those ‘so what if they screwed each other’ attitudes!

“Hey, Ethan,” Emma asked. “Can we go ride our sleds down ‘Suicide Hill’ out behind the barn? I’ll trust you to make sure I don’t get hurt.”

Suicide Hill was so named because if a snow rider lost control of a sled he or she might get injured by a drop-off on one side or soaked by the creek on the other. Actually the name sounded more dangerous than the hill really was. At most a rider would get a bruise or two or get icy wet.

“Race you to the back porch!” I challenged. “I think we left our sleds there yesterday.”

Being a gentleman brother, I let Emma have a head start. Remembering the joy she had given me earlier, I even let the diminutive, but all-female, child beat me.

“I won, I won!” my sweet sis victoriously shouted. “Oh Ethan, you let me win, didn’t you?”

Winking mischievously, I answered, “Yep, but now I want you to let me do something. My hands are cold. I want to warm them in your panties! Okay?”

I had no intention of awaiting an answer. Spinning the girl into my arms with her back to my chest, I searched for the waistband of her clothes. My fumbling hands had to unbutton and unzip one layer of insulated jeans, dig through a thickness of sweat pants, pull aside pajama bottoms, and slip inside panties. Wow, what an ordeal just to get a hold of a pussy!

Oh but when I cupped that warm pussy in my cold hand, I felt a fiery thrill of heat burn through me. With not enough room for both hands inside the panties, my other settled for running up this girl’s belly and cupping a handful of tittie.

For the next five minutes, I rotated hands. First one hand then the other held and massaged either a tittie or a pussy. I suppose Emma was as aware as I was that snow was steadily falling. The temperature was pretty damn cold, too! But heck, at least my hands were toasty warm!

“Ethan, my hands are cold, too,” Emma suddenly announced. “Have you got room in your pants for my hands? Tell that big boy of yours to move over because I’m coming in!”

That little minx of a sister of mine wiggled out of my clutches, spun around behind me, and then started working. Her job wasn’t made easy because I had on two pair of pants plus a pair of insulated long underwear. Finally, the determined girl got both small hands inside where she wanted them.

Oh glory, the feeling of Emma’s silky smooth, but cold, fingers wrapping themselves around my cock was heavenly! While five fingers massaged my cockshaft, the other five played in my pubic hairs or attempted to juggle my balls.

I hold no claim to being a contortionist, but somehow I managed to twist enough to get at least one hand back inside Emma’s panties. The other hand captured a handful of hot young ass. Standing in the cold, we merrily played our hand-warming games. Cock and pussy warmed with the promise of meeting and mating in due time.

The insistent ringing of a telephone inside the house interrupted our fumbling finger’s thrilling goosey-goosey play. Ordinarily, I would have ignored the persistent sound, but this time I didn’t. “Emma, we’d better get the phone,” I explained. “It could be Mom and she might be stuck in a snowdrift somewhere.”

“Race you for it!” Emma teased. Out of my grasp and in through the back door the quick girl child flew. Beating me to the wall-hanging kitchen phone, this mischievous kid stuck her tongue out at me, giggled, and then smiled from ear to ear.

Snatching the handset off the wall, cheerful Emma melodiously sang, “Hello?”

Right before my very eyes, I watched as the rosy blush of radiant happiness quickly faded from my sister-lover’s face. An ashen pallor of stone-cold fear and disappointment replaced all traces of joy. “What the hell!” I said aloud.

“It’s your Bitch!” Emma practically screamed.

I had never heard such spiteful, hate-filled, venomous words coming from my sweet sister’s mouth! She dropped the telephone, turned her face against the corner wall, and then began crying.

Bending to pick the phone up, I forcibly questioned, “Who is this?”

“Ethan, it’s me, your girlfriend Becky,” a feminine voice answered. “Hey, did Emma just call me a ‘bitch’?”

Holy Shit, Emma was jealous! She was hurt and she was crying.

“If the shoe fits, Becky Sharp, then wear it!” I furiously responded. This teenaged girl had picked the wrong damn day to call and upset my sis! Okay, maybe she didn’t deserve it, but I was going to ream this young lady another asshole!

“Listen here Bitchy Becky, you’re not my girlfriend!” I ranted. “Don’t you remember slapping my face last week just because I goosed your ass? All you do is flaunt your pretty face and cockteasing body in my face, yet you never let me get my hands on a tit or some pussy! Boys want tits and boys want pussies! Boys do not want prudish bitches that promise but never deliver! I’ve been checking out a girl who will give me all the titties and pussy I can handle! Becky dear, so long because I don’t need you!”

I slammed the telephone back into its wall cradle. God, I had never treated a girl like that before! It was inexcusable behavior and I detest guys who talk like that to girls!

“Ethan, I thought you liked Becky,” a mouse-like voice whispered. “Did you break up with her because you like…me…better?”

My feet moved me toward the girl. “You bet your sweet little ass I like you better!” I answered without hesitancy. “Come out of the corner and give me a kiss!”

Emma might be burdened down with multiple layers of snow clothing, but the girl coming out of the corner was an energetic wildcat who jumped into my arms. Pant-covered legs encircled my waist, coat-covered arms flew around my neck, and then sweet warm lips pressed to mine.

As Emma and I kissed, I knew for a certainty we each desperately needed to fuck the other. Carrying my precious cargo, I walked to the sturdy kitchen table and sat my lightweight burden down. Somehow we managed to become disentangled from each other long enough to begin throwing clothing off.

Whether it was two minutes or ten, I couldn’t say, but the two of us ended up jaybird naked! Emma again climbed into a position with her legs and arms wrapped around me. Our two bodies became as securely entwined as a couple of nightcrawlers after a rain.

This was no time for extended foreplay. Besides, hadn’t we just come in from the back porch where our hands had played aplenty? I was hard, hot, and horny for some pussy right now and I could tell from Emma’s demeanor that she was wet, hot, and horny for some cock.

Lying Emma on the edge of the oversized table, I pushed her back to her elbows. My fingers went to my mouth to wet them then I applied a bit of saliva moisture to the girl’s tiny vaginal cavity. At the same time, the quick-study girl was applying saliva wetness from the fingers in her mouth to my cockhead.

Guiding my cockshaft homewards, I let slippery moisture do its job. As slick as a knife would slip into a tub of butter, my rigid erection slipped in through Emma’s delicate inner pussylips and dove headfirst into her squishy honey pot.

Elasticized vaginal muscles stretched and contracted. Emma’s supertight little pussy demanded more meat to consume. Barefooted feet dug into my ass and pulled my cock even deeper as the wanton girl child bucked up to get it.

All this erratic thrusting and bucking soon settled into a steady rhythm of loving and lusty intercourse. I was so happy with this girl I just had to tell her, “Oh god Emma, you are the joy of my life!”

“And, you are mine, Ethan!” the girl volunteered without question. “Oh goodness, you’re making me cum now!”

And, so she was! And, so was I! For the second time within a few hours Emma’s and my loins were glorying in an ecstatic age old fornication celebration. Orgasmic fireworks lit our world. Joyous exhilaration shook our bodies, hearts, and souls.

With toenails digging into my ass, I slipped my hands under Emma’s bottom, scooped my lover girl up into my arms, and pressed her breasts against my chest. My sis clinched her hands around my neck, raised herself up, and planted kiss after kiss on my lips.

My cumming cock was still buried within the feminine depths of Emma’s young vagina. She was still cumming, too. With the exuberant energy of a studhorse stallion, I began prancing around the country kitchen carrying my naked filly rider. The girl’s pussy slipped up and down on my lubricated cockshaft with every trotting step I took.

Glancing out the back window, I noticed that the skies were dropping an abundance of oversized snowflakes. I suppose carnal enthusiasm overruled my better senses. Without considering all the consequences, I flung open the backdoor and, carrying my female studcock rider, I sprinted out.

Across the porch and out into the yard, I did race. More than a foot of snow covered the ground and additional inches were quickly accumulating. I ran around bucking and jumping like a wild bronco just zapped with an electric charge and released from a rodeo chute.

Emma was game, I’ll say that! Yeah, it was pretty damn cold, but this girl never complained one bit! In fact, my sis was sitting in her saddle giggling uncontrollably.

Safely cocooned inside a nice, warm pussy, my cock finally shot its last load of creamy cum. Emma’s cold body must have felt it because she too began shuddering with orgasms.

When the euphoria of our orgasms ebbed, I whispered, “Emma, before I take you in, lean backwards into my hands and let me watch the snow fall on you.”

Just as I hoped, the girl didn’t question, she didn’t object, she just did as asked. I held my arms and hands out at an angle behind Emma and she simply laid back into them.

Falling snowflakes dropped gently onto the unblemished canvas of this young girl’s nude flesh. Nippled nubs, tittie mounds, and a bellybuttoned abdomen were soon covered in white. Her mop of long, uncombed curls was blanketed in a halo of flakes. The most adorable angelic face in this world gazed up at me. Green eyes shimmering with the effervescence of happiness and love stared into mine.

There just wasn’t any doubt about it! I had a real life Snow Angel in my arms! And, right or wrong, I loved her like the Devil loves sin!

(Epilogue) Playtime Plans and Bedtime Dreams

Pulling Emma up, I kissed her right there in front of God and all the world to see. Abruptly, I turned and ran back into the house carrying my sweet sister lover. After a long, warm bath, we two had a lunch snack of hot chocolate, cookies, and cake in front of a blazing stone fireplace. We two had to be extra careful of wayward embers because we had not yet put our clothing back on.

Taking full advantage of the situation, I reached for Emma and started a wrestling match. We tickled and teased, we fondled and groped, and we hugged and kissed. This was not yet the time for more intercourse because I need to let my cock get a little rest.

“Babydoll, let’s go work off some of this restless energy,” I announced. “I thought you wanted to go sledding! Let’s go!”

Emma and I once more donned layer after layer of outdoor wear. I was so disappointed to see all that sexy female flesh covered up, I nearly cried! But, the lure of Suicide Hill was calling to us, so we had to go.

“Ethan, may I ask you something before we go?” Emma quizzed. “If Mom will allow us, will you let me sleep with you tonight? I mean all night?”

Reaching out, I pulled the irresistibly seductive girl to me. “Girl, you bet your sweet ass you will spend the night in my bed!” I answered. “Whether or not you get any sleep is another question altogether! If my horny hard cock has its way with your pretty wet pussy then it’s highly unlikely you will be able to walk tomorrow!”

Kissing my cheek, mischievous Emma smiled. Determined to get in the last word, she winked then said, “Oh, I suppose I can take my chances! Mister, when I get though with you, you just might end up limping around tomorrow yourself!”


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