The following story is completely true, the only things that have been changed are names and locations.
Chapter 3 - New Neighbors:

When the Taylor family moved on to our farm I had already prepared a house for them to live in, from the information I had gotten from my father I learned that they only had one child, a daughter who was 16. I was excited not only to have new people to talk to but also another teenager with whom to communicate. I hated to admit it but I had kind of forgotten how to communicate with other people because of our solitude, but I was excited nonetheless.

The day the Taylor's moved in I had woken up early to get my chores out of the way so that I could get to meet them. They arrived in a late model Sedan that was a kind of faded blue color. The parents got out of the car first: Amy the 41 year old mother, and Frank her husband who was 43. I quickly greeted them but I was more excited to meet their daughter. When she got out of the car I was slightly disappointed, she was very plain, very unlike the smoking hot girls I had known in high school. I went to greet her and learned her name was Betty. Betty had light brown hair in two pigtails and the area around her nose was freckled, she had barely a B cup and her ass was flat, but I figured that it was better than nothing.
My father went to show the two other adults their new house and I gave Betty a tour of our farm. During the tour I learned from Betty that her parents had gotten divorced when she was 12 and Frank was her stepfather. Her parents decided to move to our Commune when Frank had gotten fired from his job at a Recycling Plant in Vermont. Apparently they thought that getting away from the hustle and bustle of living in a city would allow them to get to know each other better and perhaps they wouldn't have to work as hard, they were in for quite a surprise however because the house I had prepared for them was only temporary, they were going to have to build their own house and do chores that my father would later assign them.
Betty also told me that she was vehemently against moving here but like me she had no choice, but at least there was another teen on the farm. I told her about myself and my family and by the time the tour was over we were getting along just fine, I started to appreciate her cute face and I realized that just because she wasn't blessed with beauty didn't mean she wasn't sexy in her own way.
Over the next few weeks we got to know each other better and I would take her for walks around the forest. I learned that she was still a virgin and had not even kissed a boy much less seen one naked. One day when we were walking through the forest next to one of the three rivers she pulled me aside and said "Chris I really like you." I was a little surprised, although we had gotten along very well she never showed any interest in me "I like you also Betty" I told her. "Do you think I'm ugly?" she asked me. "I think you're very beautiful Betty" I assured her "I know I'm not, but thanks for trying to make me feel better." I was a little upset, I had meant what I said, throughout the weeks we had known each other I had grown attracted to her, perhaps because she was the only other viable female around but I liked her nonetheless. "Betty you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met and that's the truth" I told her. She looked up at me with her soft brown eyes and started to bring her face close to mine, I leaned in and kissed her, but it was a kiss unlike one I had ever had before. As I wrapped my arms around her waist my tongue slipped it's way in to her mouth and started flicking at her tongue and teeth. She was slightly startled but soon got in to it and soon we were swapping tongues and making out like no ones business. As we slowly fell down to the soft earth I pulled off her shirt to reveal a lace pink bra that was hiding not B but C cups, I'm not sure if it was the way she held herself or perhaps the clothes she wore but she was more voluptuous then I had first thought. As she pulled her face away from mine she looked up in to my eyes and said "I want you to be my first Chris". By then I had already decided I was going to pop her cherry and I pushed my face back against her and started to undress myself.
When I was down to just my boxers and she to her bra and panties which matched the bra she once again pulled her face away from mine. She reached behind her and tugged at her bra letting it fall to the earth revealing a pair of firm and beautiful breasts. The areola were small and a light pink color and her nipples were slightly darker, and they looked like little nubs.
I couldn't pull my gaze away and she got a little frightened "Is something wrong with them?" she asked, in response I said "These are the prettiest breasts I have ever seen in my life."
I then brought my head down to her right breast and started licking the areola and lightly flicking the nipple with my tongue. With my other hand I lightly squeezed her left breast and then started pinching and playing with the nipple. She moaned in pleasure and I brought my head up to kiss her neck.
I slowly started kissing down her body until I got to just above her panties. I slowly pulled them down to reveal a shaved pussy with glistening lips, it was a beautiful sight, she had gotten wet from our kissing and playing with her breasts and I slowly stroked her pussy with my right hand while lightly teasing her swollen clit with my left. She started moaning loudly and squirmming so much that I had to use my arms to push her down so she would stop moving. As I slowly pushed my index finger in the her vagina she squealed a little from her first penetration, she had never masturbated before and was very sensitive.
I slowly brought my finger in and out of her pussy and at the same time flicked her clit with my tongue, I felt her hot and tight pussy clench on my finger as she screeched out in pleasure as she has her first orgasm ever. As she lay there panting I pushed another finger in to her and went very slowly while I gave her time to catch her breath. After a minute she pulled herself up to me and gave me a really hard kiss. She then pulled away and exclaimed "That was incredible, I've never felt that way before" I kissed her and then she said "I want to return the favor". She had learned from her friends that a girl is supposed to suck on a guy's dick and that's called blowing him. Now while I wasn't very tall or heavy I did however have an impressive penis, my dick was around 9 inches long and about 4 inches in girth. When she pulled down my boxers to reveal my large cock she gasped audibly. I chuckled a little, the very first dick she ever saw was quite large and she just looked at it for a while, stunned.
After a while she recovered and slowly started stroking it's length. I shivered a little and she asked "Oh my god I'm sorry did I hurt you?" I laughed a little and said "No that feels great it's just been awhile" she nodded and then started stroking a little harder and faster, after about a minute of this she brought her face close to my cock and licked the tip, by then I was leaking precum and she exclaimed "It's salty!"
She then slowly put the tip of my dick in her warm wet mouth and it felt amazing. Even though it was only her first time sucking dick she picked it up easily and soon started bobbing her head up and down although she could only fit about 5 inches in her mouth. After a few minutes I felt my seed start to churn in my balls "Oh god I'm going to cum soon" I warned her. Just then she started sucking even harder and stroked furiously with her hand, after 10 seconds I really hard and started squirting ropes of sperm against her throat, because it had been so long since I had sex I just kept cumming and eventually she couldn't swallow anymore and she started choking so I pulled out and she coughed a little.
"That tasted good" she exclaimed "That was incredible!" I told her "You're a natural at this"
She got a little embarrassed but then I pushed my face in and started kissing her as hard as I could. Soon my dick was starting to get hard again and I told her to lie down. I brought my face next to her pussy and slowly start licking it, she started moaning again and then I started pushing my tongue inside her pussy feeling the heat and tightness of her virgin pussy.
"I can't take it anymore I want you to fuck me" she exclaimed. Happy to oblige I brought my dick up to her cunt and started brushing it up and down. She squirmed again and then I slowly started pushing it in. It felt incredible even though only the tip was inside I felt like I was going to cum right then and there. She gasped a little at the large intrusion inside her vagina but slowly relaxed. I started pushing in slowly going deeper until I felt the wall of her hymen, when I brushed against it she squealed a little. I slowly started moving in and out making sure not to go too deep, but after a while it was not enough and I decided I had to be fully inside her. "I'm going to push it all the way in now" I told her "O..okay" she said sounding frightened. I pushed myself back against her hymen and stopped when I was fully against it, I took a deep breath and then pushed all the way in. She screamed in pain and I didn't dare to move. After a minute of just being inside her and her whimpering she calmed down and nodded at me. I started thrusting very slowly at first but soon she started pushing against me and I sped up, soon I was going at a normal rate and she started moaning in pleasure once again. I sped up and even though I had just popped her cherry I started moving at full speed, we were both groaning and after half a minute I felt myself getting close again. I had to make a decision then, I didn't know if she was on birth control or not so I didn't want to cum inside, however when I started pulling out she said "Don't worry I'm on the pill you can cum inside."
That was all I needed to hear as I thrusted as hard as I possibly could, she shouted out and I felt her cunt clench my cock so tightly and then I emptied it in to her womb. We both lay there panting for awhile, neither of us moving, me still inside her. Eventually I got soft and plopped out and we both laughed a little.
When we finally recovered we noticed it was starting to get dark and I said that we needed to get back to the farm before our parents started worrying.

(This is my first time writing about my sexual experiences, I am very open to constructive criticism, and if you guys want I will continue the story, it gets a lot more exciting and dirty later on.)


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