The following story is completely true, the only things that have been changed are names and locations. This part doesn't contain much sex as it is important for me to give you the entire back story before I get to the good parts. If you don't like long build ups please press the back button and find a different story.
Chapter 1 - Beginnings:

My name is Christopher I was born in 1969 during the war in Vietnam. My father was an officer in the Army and I didn't even get to meet him until the US started pulling large amounts of troops out towards the end of the war, around 1973.
My parents got married in '59 and my oldest brother Richard was born a year later in 1960. My Richard was a mirror image of my father: Brown hair, blue eyes, 6' 1" and a heavy build, he looked very much like a tank, a handsome tank. My second oldest brother, Hank, was born 5 years later in 1965 when Richard was 5 years old. He too looked like my father although he was shorter only 5' 9" and he was noticably smaller.
When I was born Richard was about to turn 10 and Hank was already 5. Unlike my brothers I took after my mother, fair skin, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I was only 5' 7" and I never weighed more than 150 pounds.

When my father returned home in '73 I had only seen pictures of him and communicated with him only through letters, at first I was scared of him and he was like a stranger to me and our relationship only improved to the level of perhaps an estranged father and son. Although throughout the year we got closer we never had the relationship that he had with my brothers.
When I was 7 my little sister was born and that changed everything. Until then we had lived in a small apartment in New Jersey where my brothers and I shared a bedroom, but when Lucy was born my Aunt Edna paid for us to move in to a very fancy apartment in Manhattan where everyone had their own bedroom and for the first time we had more than one floor in the house.
Lucy also looked like my mother but even at a very young age she was the absolute most beautiful girl in the world. Her soft blonde hair framed a face that had the most pretty baby blue eyes and her cheeks retained a cute amount of baby fat until she was 6. Lucy was my father's princess, he would do anything for her and give her anything she wanted whenever she wanted it, and because of that she was slightly spoiled. By the time I was thirteen my oldest brother Richard had already finished college and was living in Washington D.C in a small apartment as an intern for a prominent political figure, and I never really got to see him.
Hank was in the University of Virginia studying Psychology and I didn't get to see him much either, because he was scared if flying and hated the 7 hour drive up to New York. At that time it was only my parents, myself and Lucy living in our little mansion. By then I was 13, 5' 6" and had started to develop sexually. I started noticing girls in Junior High at that time and they found me attractive. I lost my virginity to Natalie when I was 15, Natalie was a very pretty brunette who was 2 inches taller than me and even though she was only 14 already had a pair of 34C's that made her a total hottie. When my parents found out I was having sex my father had a talk with me about using condoms and not turning in to a sex maniac because I was only 15, I didn't really enjoy the sex that much because neither of us were experienced and we were too young for any emotion other than lust to affect our fucking.

Lucy was 8 then and was already extremely beautiful, her hair was very long and her body was so slender that everyone in school loved her, students and teacher alike. She was the perfect student and daughter and although I probably was jealous I was also very fond of her. At that time my father decided to start working again because he had stopped after he was Honorably Retired from the army. He got a job as an Executive in a very rich and powerful company and was making very good money. A year later in 1985 my father's company moved us to California where we lived in a large mansion. Until then I had never worked a day in my life because of our wealth but my father decided I needed to learn some work ethic so he got me a job in his company as a mailboy delivering mail in his office to the employees. I hated working because I thought it was a waste of time and it made me have less time to spend with my current girlfriend Rose. Rose, like Natalie, was extremely beautiful. She had very dark red hair and was shorter than me by about an inch. She had DD cups and a perfect ass. By then I had started experiencing romance and was deeply in love with Rose. We would make love every chance we got. Other than my job my life was perfect and I was in bliss.
In the end of 1985 however everything took a turn for the worse, my mother got sick with breast cancer and passed away very suddenly. My father was heartbroken but eventually he moved on. In February of 1986 I got Rose pregnant and when her parents found out they forced her to have an abortion and they moved away and I too had my heart broken. The worst was yet to come however, because on April 16th disaster struck. Rose was walking home from school with a friend and was killed by a drunk driver. After that my father was a wreck he spent the rest of the year drinking, he got fired from his job and we had to sell our house, for a time we lived with my Aunt Edna back in New York, and I dropped out of 11th grade to get a job as an intern in a local law firm. My father was still in shambles he couldn't function, he had lost the thing most precious to him and he spent all day at home in the recliner looking in to the distance and crying.

Chapter 2 - The Roots of a Community:

2 months before I turned 18 he snapped out of his disfunction, but at the time I thought he had gotten even crazier. He decided to spend all the money he had gotten from selling the house in California and move us to the countryside of Oregon. He bought a very large piece of land and one day while I was in the middle of work he came to my law firm told me we were moving to Oregon that night. I shouted at him, called him a madman telling him that I was happy here in New York but he would have nothing of it and because I was still a minor I was forced to move with him.
When we got to the land he had bought I noticed that we were in the middle of nowhere and that on one side we were surrounded by trees and on the other by a large prarie. I also noticed that there wasn't a house to be seen anywhere, when I questioned him on this he told me that we were going to build the house and everything else that would be part of the farm. Until then I had never done any manual labor and my hands were as smooth as a baby's bottom.

We slept in our car that night, a white pickup. In the morning my father drove us to the closest hardware store which was about 60 miles away. We bought all the equipment we would need to cut down trees and build a house out of them. I still thought my father was crazy and that he would soon snap out of it and we would go back to New York, but I thought wrong. When we got back to the farm he gave me an axe and told me to start cutting down trees, that we would need a lot to build the house he had in mind. I had never used a tool and after just one swing at a tree I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and started whimpering in pain. My father approached me and explained to me the proper way to swing the axe, holding the axe by the middle so that I would get the right mixture of momentum and raw power. Even though I was swinging the right way it took me a very long time to cut down that first tree because my muscles were so small from neglect. By the time the sun started setting I had only cut down 2 trees and my hands were all blistered, I ached all over and I was dehydrated. When I got back to where the car was parked it wasn't there, I panicked, I was scared that a wild animal would come through the tree line and attack me and when I heared a low growling noise I shrieked and ran to the nearest tree and climbed about 10 feet. I saw the animals glowing eyes move slowly closer but then I realised it was just my dad in the truck returning from wherever he had gone. There was a problem however, in my haste to climb the tree I didn't pay attention to how I was going to get down, and when my father parked the car and started calling my name and I called back, he came over and when he saw where I was and why I had climbed he started laughing so hard I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He told me to jump down and that he would catch me, when I fell in to his arms and he put me on the ground he explained to me how the only animals that lived near us were deer, and squirrels in the forest and some prairie dogs in the prairie.

My father explained that he had gone to buy supplies and food and after we ate we put up a tent which was very hard to do in the dark but we managed to get it done and even though I was in a scary new dark palce I slept like a baby becasue I was so tried from chopping down the trees. The next morning we ate canned corn and he boiled some canned soup on a fire my father had made from some branches I had cut down. He deicded that if we were going to live in the wilderness I was going to have to learn some survival skills and over the next two weeks whenever I wasn't chopping down trees or sawing them in to the shapes he told me to, my father started to impart on me the skills he had learned in the army.
By the end of the two weeks I was starting to develop muscles on my entire body and my hands were firmly calloused. I had gotten to the point where I could chop down about 20 to 30 trees every day and after a month of living on the farm we finally finished building the house. I'm going to go over the next 2 months in brevity because I don't want to bore you but in a nutshell: I became very physically toned, I was very strong and from my father's training I had learned to survive by myself in the wilderness with nothing but my bare hands if I had to. We built furniture and were living in the house, my father had erected solar panels and we had electricity for appliances like a fridge and oven. My father planted lots of different fruits and vegetables and when he was working on his farm he was at peace as if he had never lost his wife and daughter. I didn't help him with the produce because he never asked for help and I was busy enough building a barn for the animals my father wanted to raise. I had become very handy with my hands (No pun intended) and I fashioned myself a bow to hunt deer with.

At the end of these two months we had an operational farm with livestock and produce, we were entirely self sufficient with power from our solar panels and water from 3 nearby rivers and a well we had dug. After the two months my father had an announcement for me, he had decided to use our large piece of land to establish a commune, he was going to allow other people who wanted to lead a lifestyle like ours to come live and work on the farm, this was news to me and I was excited because I had seen very few faces other than my father's for 3 months.

A week later the Taylor's moved in and this is where the story really begins.

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