The local slut suffers arevenge attack from six of her boyfriends after they find out she'd cheated on them all
The guest list is planned for Rachel’s big day and it’s not long before it becomes known that Laura & Alan are included, well of course they would be as Rachel and Laura were best mates back in school, when they were 11-16. They kind of parted the last 5 years, as Rachel attended uni and Laura didn’t, choosing to work in the local beauticians.

In those last five years Laura had become the local tart, having many partners and one night stands. Cheating on her boyfriends was the norm, rather than an exception to the rule. She thought each guy wouldn’t know the other but, as time went on and tongues wagged, each guy found out. In fact, each guy got to know the others as the young lads tended to congregate in the bars of the area. It happened like this…

It was a Friday night and the lads were out for the evening, getting shitfaced. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the Friday night crowd, in walked Laura. “Now she’s a good fuck!” exclaimed John, a cocky loudmouth. “I’ve had her everywhere!” “So have I” exclaimed Jason, and it soon became apparent that each of the six guys around the table had fucked her in every conceivable position.

As the conversation continued, each realised that she had cheated on them all while she was going out with them. As it dawned on each lad in turn, the anger inside them seemed to show and John exclaimed how it would be nice to plot some kind of revenge. Jason came up with the idea of bursting into the toilet when she was in there and all fucking her, but they’d most certainly be caught and unable to complete the task. “Nice idea though Jason” says Tim with a rye grin on his face. “You all invited to Rachel’s wedding?” he asks, receiving agreement from all concerned. “Right then, we’ll exact our revenge on her that night in her room, I’ll bring everything we need”. Around the table their cocks start twitching thinking of that one last fuck they’re going to have with the beautiful Laura, now dancing by the bar in a black satin tulip micro mini and figure hugging top, her tiny (yet perfectly shaped) body, long legs and long blonde hair causing every guy in the bar to stare.

The day of the wedding arrives and Jason has booked a room in the hotel and, as luck would have it, Laura and Alan are on the same floor… three doors down. Rachel secretly sees her arse in the evening as Laura totally steals the show with her outfit. Nothing short, but a knee length bubble hemmed white dress in silk, with silver flowers etched on, and a tight bodice top. Her long blonde hair in waves, reaching down her back and to her breasts at the front. She was seriously turning heads, especially when she sat down and that bubble hem slid up, exposing her legs. Thin, but shapely, her legs drive men wild… and the men at this event were certainly giving her lots of attention, much to the disgust of Rachel (it was HER day after all) and Alan, who had begun to hate the attention she received from the opposite sex.

The evening progressed and Laura played around for the wank hungry photographers at the evening do, she loved posing knowing the pictures would be printed and masturbated over in the privacy of the taker’s room. Our six ex-boyfriends didn’t show her any attention though, they’d be getting their own pictures later. They just sat around the table waiting for the evening to draw to a close, discussing more of the things they’d done with her when they were going out together.

It started getting late and it appeared Laura and Alan were going to call it a night, suddenly Jason appeared with a glass of what they’d been drinking all evening. “Cheers! To Rachel and Tommy!” he exclaimed. Quite why Jason would buy them both a drink was a mystery to her, but they both drank up, had a quick last dance, then declared they were ready for bed. Unbeknown to her they’d been slipped a fairly fast acting drug, supplied by an old friend of Jason’s who works in the hotel industry. It would see them both into the land of nod pretty quickly, but would not last long.

The pair retire to their room and our six men wait patiently for ten minutes then, using the adapted key their hotelier friend supplied, entered the room. The scene was perfect, Alan had collapsed into the huge, comfy armchair and Laura was lying on the end of the bed, legs touching the floor and arms outstretched – both fast asleep.

They had to act quickly, Jason and Martin sliding Laura up to the top of the bed and tying her wrists to the headboard, and Tim and Robert tying Alan’s wrists and ankles to the chair, both bound with Gaffer tape. A piece of which was also placed across Laura’s mouth.

Lying there motionless, Jason and Tim get on their knees on either side of her and release their hard cocks. Stroking her hair and body through her dress they masturbate, waiting for the time to arrive for her to awake. Time passes and she hasn’t woken, but a stroked cock can only last so long… “I’m gonna blow” says Tim, “I’m not far behind you!” exclaims Jason and, before she wakes the pair feel their balls constrict and their jizz starts flowing. The first stream from Tim shoots right over her left eye and then the rest of her face, with Jason’s load landing right on her right eye, before continuing to her pretty blonde locks.

Her face and hair a mess, Alan starts to stir. Blurred at first, his vision slowly sharpens to reveal the horror that is unfolding before him. His pretty girlfriend tied up and surrounded by six cock wielding guys, he tries to get up – only to find he’s heavily bound to the chair on which he was so peacefully sleeping. He struggles, to no avail, as Laura starts to come to. She can barely open her eyes with all the cum sitting atop her eyelids and starts to scream, her screams stifled by the Gaffer tape across her mouth.

Jason and Tim each rub their thumb across her eyelids, clearing their shed loads from her eyes and allowing her to actually open her them and take in what was happening. There, kneeling over her, were six ex-boyfriends that she had cheated on. Their hard cocks ready to have one last piece of her action. Jason pulls out a huge kitchen knife and, placing it just underneath the bubble hem of the dress, pulls his arm back ready to slice it up her body.

“NO!” shouts Alan, “that dress cost £500!!” “Hear that lads? This dress is worth £500”, says Jason. “Well, you do look stunning in it Laura” says a voice from the end of the bed, as Robert climbs over her, squirting his load onto the crotch area of it. Stream after stream he squirts, as if he was a fireman dousing flames. “You are one hot chick Laura it has to be said”, Carl agreeing –as he climbs over her, shooting copious amounts of his hot cum onto the bodice and belly parts of this expensive garment. John and Martin then pay tribute to this dress of wonder, and keep firing at it till it’s a mess of sticky cum – Laura screaming into the Gaffer tape gag, hoping they’d stop before it was ruined.

Next Jason takes control, pulling down the sodden silky material covering her tiny breasts, and hitching the soaking skirt part of the dress up, to expose her beautifully crafted, yet ultra thin, legs. He buries his face between them, sucking on Laura’s clean shaven twat. Disgusted, she tries not to react, but Jason had always been able to tongue her into ecstacy – and tonight was no different. Only a few well placed prods of his tongue, and sucks of her clit, brought her firing her orgasm into his face.

They all take turns at licking her sopping pussy, before Tim climbs onto her and starts to fuck her. The squelchy sound of him ramming her and the smell of cum and sweat drives him wild, he grabs her puny hips and rams as far into her as possible. Alan screams “NOOOOOOOOO!” as Tim’s seed gushes into Laura’s wet pussy. He holds onto her tightly ensuring nothing escapes. She looks up at him and a tear rolls down her cumsoaked cheek, as he retracts fom her – leaving the way open for Robert, who throws the skirt part of her dress up to her waist and the back of her legs up on his shoulders. Looking at Alan he says “it’s her ass I want, I never took it before”. Alan begs for him to stop, there are two things she doesn’t do – anal and facials. Robert ploughs deep into Laura’s ass, grabbing hard at her hips, as he fucks her relentlessly. Her stifled screams disappear into the tape as Laura feels Rob’s cock explode inside her, filling her ass with stream after stream of his hot load. Finally pulling out, his cock covered in blood (she REALLY doesn’t do anal!), he wipes his bloodstained cock on her pretty dress.

Next John slides underneath her and starts to fuck her pussy from behind. Checking if it’s possible, Carl enters her pussy at the same time, and both pound her as Alan begs them to stop. Tears roll down his cheeks as he watches two guys fucking his beautiful girlfriend’s pussy, they look to him smiling, as they empty their load into her at the SAME time!

Laura cries with disgust at what’s being done to her then, with horror, she tries to scream out. Following her stare, each guy looks across the room… to see the tent that’s erected itself in Alan’s pants. He was secretly being turned on be the ordeal that was befalling her.

“Woah! He’s lovin’ what we’re doin’ to his bitch” says Tim, getting his second wind and, grabbing her hair away from her face, emptying his load onto her right cheek. Jason gets between her legs next, spreading them as wide as possible and, holding her heels up in the air, rams her pussy with long, deep strokes. It’s not long before Laura’s second orgasm starts, her vaginal muscles tighten around his prodding shaft and he rams her hard and fast as she moans into the tape. Tim rips it right off her mouth just in time, and she gasps in pleasure as she releases from her cunt a wave of combined juices onto the pure silk duvet cover. More turned on than ever Jason reinserts his cock and pounds her mercilessly, the squelchy noise of pounding her well oiled pussy resonate around the King Size bed.

“Like this do you?” shouts Jason, looking over to Alan, “then fucking come in your little slut’s face”. Martin slashes the tape tieing her wrists to the headboard and Jason brings Laura over to Alan, as Martin frees his right hand. Without hesitation Alan frees his throbbing cock from his suit trousers and Jason rests Laura’s jizz soaked face in his lap, and starts to fuck her in the ass. Right in front of Alan she takes it deep in the ass, her tiny hole taking the huge cock of Jason that she had loved having inside her pussy when they were dating. He grabs her hips tightly, ramming her with wreckless abandon. He gets faster and faster and, as she remembered, that meant he was about to come. A tear runs from her left eye as she looks up to Alan (now masturbating furiously) and grimaces as her asshole is filled with the gushing load of Jason. Alan releasing stream after stream of his pent up, hot and sticky come onto Laura’s face in unison with the load streaming up inside the walls of her ass.

Alan, still tied to the chair, watches as Laura gets her ass filled. He’d never got her to agree to that when they fucked, so he was secretly happy watching her be taken this way. Only one remained and it seemed they were saving the best till last, as John’s cock was so long and fat. She feels suddenly grabbed back by her hips and he wastes no time with the pussy he’d had so many times before, filling her tiny asshole for his first time. He grabs her long wavy blonde hair hard from behind as his cock pushes right up inside her ass, Alan smearing his load across her face with his still rock hard prick. “You’re actually loving this aren’t you?” she weeps, as John builds up speed and eventually pulls out of her, squirting his load up the back of her bunched up dress and all over her buttocks.

All done they stand Laura up, the cum dripping off her and out of her to the hotel carpet. Martin unzips the dress from her and it slides to the floor then, thinking she was being led to the bathroom, she starts to squirm as she’s led back to the bed and told to get on her knees. Her hands are tied to the top of the headboard and she kneels there naked, their cum seaping from her ass, down her inner thighs. Jason slashes the tapes holding Alan as he says “you may NEVER get this opportunity again, fuck her ass!”

Alan makes his way to the bed, climbs onto the mattress and, placing his firm hands on her tiny hips, rams his hard cock in and out of her asshole. Taking Laura’s camera out of her handbag, Carl takes pictures of the cumsoaked blonde as Alan thrashes her ass vigorously, finally emptying his second load deep inside her.

The lads each wipe themselves down using whatever dry bits of her dress they can find, and get dressed. Leaving the room they pat Alan on the back saying “you got there in the end eh? You have us to thank for that”.

Alan frees Laura and they shower together. She never really forgave him and this was the start of a decline in their relationship.


2010-04-10 12:00:18
Shouldn't screw around I guess? Still Laura's ass is reamed now- maybe she will find her relationships improve in future? Shame the hotelier didn't get in on the act though!

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