"You coming?" a voice came from our van. We were going to visit our relatives in Florida for Christmas. It was a long plane trip. When we got there, we got a hotel room. My parents left to go to see my cousins down the hall. They said that they may take awhile. As soon as they left, I herd a knocking. I went to open it. In walks this HOT,13 year old girl. She started to sit on the bed, but instead she fell into my arms. I laid her on the bed. When she came to, I asked her if she was okay. She nodded. I asked her what her name was. She replied,"Bianca." "Thats a nice name," I said. She smiled. I waited for her to ask my name. It seemed like an eternity. Finally, she asked,"'What's your name?" I replied,"David." She said," Thats a nice name too." She said that she had to get back to her room. I took a chance. "What room are you staying in?" She grinned. "Number 459," she replied. I smiled back at her and said,"Bye." I got a girl's number! I must have fallen asleep, because I heard somebody calling,"David,David!!" I woke up. I rubbed my eyes. I saw my Mom. She looked discusted. She said,"Your in big trouble!" Looked down. I saw the biggest erection I had ever had. I looked away in embarrassment. I asked if I could go down to the pool. Surprisingly, she said yes. So I went by room 459. I knocked on the door. Bianca answered the door. " I'm going down to the pool. Do you want to come?" I asked. She said," Sure." She started to walk out. I said,"Don't you have to get your bathing suit on?" She said," I already have it on." She pulled up her shirt and showed me the bottom of her breast. Then she let it back down. We walked down to the pool together. We passed a few people. They looked at me like," You scored." When we got down to the pool, I took off my shirt.She went to put her stuff on a chair. I walked over to her. Hey," I said with a smile. She looked at me and said," What?" " Don't you want to swim with me?" I asked. "Ya. Hold on. I have to take my clothes off first!" She replied. When she got her clothes off, I jumped in and motioned for her to join me. She just sat on the edge for a while. I finally said," If you jump in I'll catch you." As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew that I shouldn't have said that. She looked down at me and said,"Okay." I couldn't believe that she was actually going to let me touch her sweet, sexy body. She got into position to jump in. She looked like she couldn't make up her mind whether to jump in or just splash water in my face. She finally decided to jump in. I caught her and felt every curve in her sweet little body. She rested her head on my shoulder for a while. When she finally looked up, our eyes met. She started to kiss me. Somebody started yelling her name. I looked at her, She sighed. "What?" she asked. "What are you doing?" her mom asked. She saw her in my arms. She just smiled. "Oh, okay. I just wanted to check on you guys," she said. I took a chance at my luck. "Are you going anywhere this afternoon?" "Why as a matter of fact, we are," she said with a smile. "Could we go into your room when you leave?" I asked. Surprisingly she said,"Ya. Just make sure that the bed is made." "Okay," I replied. I looked at her. "How did you get her to say yes?" she asked with a look of shock on her face. "I don't know," I replied. We immediately got out of the pool and dried off. We walked down the hall to her room. She pulled out the key. The door swung open. The beds were still not made from them getting slept in the night before. She climbed in the bed she slept in. I started for the other bed. "Where are you going?" she asked. "I didn't know if you wanted me in the same bed as you," I said. "Get over here," she said. I got in on the opposite side of her. She moved closer to me. I gulped. "Are you nervous?" she asked. "Have you done anything like this before?" I asked her. "No," she replied. "But I'm not nervous." "Okay," I said. She leaned in and kissed me lightly. While she was doing that, I started to take her clothes off. When I finished with her clothes, she started on mine. When we were totally naked, We started. She started to kiss me again. I found one of her nipples and gave it a lite pinch. She moaned. Just then I heard a knocking on the door. "David," my mom yelled through the door. I pulled out of her, Got dressed, and went to the door in less than 2 minutes. "What?" I asked as I tried to keep my breath steady. "Its time to eat," she said. "Could Bianca come too?" I asked. She paused. "Sure," she replied. "Thank you," I said. I shut the door. "Get dressed," I told Bianca. "But we're not done," she frowned. "We'll finish tommorow," I told her. She hung her head and got her clothes on. We walked down the hall. She grabbed my hand. 'You can't be holding my hand when we get t my room," I said with a hint of a smile. When we got to my room, my parents had ordered KFC. We ate. When we got done, my parents went into the bathroom. She said she had to go. I kissed her goodnight. I got down to my boxers. I took off my shirt and got in bed. As I was laying there, It hit me like a ton of bricks, I wasn't a virgin anymore.


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Great story but it needs paragraph breaks,

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