Sis interrupts big brother’s pool playing game. Together, they find a more enjoyable game to play
This is an incestuous tale of teenaged bro/sis lust and love. Therefore, if you don’t like teen sex or incest, then you can stop now! This is also the fantasy ramblings of a Horny Old Dog of a man so the circumstances, characters, and dialogue are exaggerated and highly embellished.

My Little Sis Is So Cute

I had my shot perfectly lined up. 8 ball in the corner pocket, I had called it. Make this shot and five bucks will be mine along with the bragging rights to have beaten the best pool shark in my whole senior high school class. Of course now, I did have the home court advantage. We were playing 9-ball on my pool table in my basement den.

Just a firm little tap is all I need with a slight touch of english on the right side at about 5 o’clock. Careful, not too much because the path to the 8 ball is too damn narrow! Ready? Hold your breath and let half of it out. Now, take the shot!

“Luke, do you and Billy want some lemonade?” my little sis shouted from halfway down the basement steps. “I just made some from fresh-squeezed lemons.”

Because of the unexpected interruption, my arm involuntarily jerked. The tip of my cue stick hit the cue ball too hard causing the ivory orb to smack into the 8 ball at the wrong angle. The black ball skipped past the corner pocket and the cue ball dropped into the hole instead. Scratch! Goddamnit, I scratched!

The sound of rattling glasses preceded the arrival of an effervescent girl bearing liquid refreshments. At 13 years in age, Crista was four years younger than me, but she seemed to be much younger than that. Her diminutive size contributed to the confusion. At only 4’ 10” and about 85 pounds, the girl child was a foot shorter than me and at least 75 pounds lighter.

“Pay up pal,” Billy ordered after he sank the 8 ball with his next shot. I turned to see an outstretched hand and a grinning face. My friend added, “I’m still champion and undefeated!”

I handed over a crisp 5 dollar bill which Billy pocketed nonchalantly. He was used to winning, but I’d almost beat him. If not for, well hell, if not for Crista’s interference, I would have! I ought to be mad as a wet hen at the girl, but I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t angry. Anger was an emotion I didn’t use around my sweet little sis. I guess I loved the girl more than I loved anyone else on this earth! The little sweetheart was my baby sis to look after and protect from all the evil in this world.

“Sorry Crista, but I’ll pass on your lemonade today,” Billy said. “I’m sure it’s as sweet as you are ‘cutie’ but I’ve got a ton of homework waiting for me at home! See ya tomorrow, Luke. I’ll let myself out.”

With that said, Billy took the basement steps three at a time then ran through the back door and slammed it hard enough for us two downstairs to hear it. My friend had called my little sis a ‘cutie’ but he knew better than to get any more familiar with her than that. My rules had been explicitly laid down to all my friends. No flirting with the innocent doll! No teasing, no joking, and no boy & girl familiarity was allowed at all!

Yes, Crista is indeed a ‘cutie’ but no boy was allowed to think so in my presence other than me! And wow, the babydoll was looking especially adorable today! Ha, she was even wearing the tee shirt I had recently bought her as a gag gift. The shirt’s front had the picture of several plush-toy cartoon animals on its white cloth bosom with the caption “it’s not easy being this cute” emblazoned across in green and yellow script. Of course now, it’s my interpretation that the ‘cuteness’ refers to the attractive girl and not the shirt or her bosom!

That’s not to say Crista’s bosom is not adorable too, because as a matter of fact, it is! This girl has been a ‘late bloomer’ so she hasn’t had her pominent, bosomy chest for long. As this kid’s brother, best friend, and all-around confidant, I know all her secrets even down to the details of her first menstrual cycle four months ago. I even knew that her young female periods were coming sporadically. She had just gotten over only her second one since she began.

I’m sure Mom assumed Crista received help from her friends when handling her newfound feminine ‘stuff’ because she never sought the solace of her mother. The truth of the matter is that my sweet little sis came to the one person in the world whom she trusted the most to take care of her. She came to me! Yeah, there I was at the age of 17 up to my elbows in a runny mess of a teen girl pussy and a supply of ‘feminine hygiene products’.

To be absolutely honest I’d have to say that helping Crista with her period wasn’t the first time I’d gotten her pussy blood on my hands. Two years ago, when she was 11, the two of us were riding and she was thrown from a skittish horse. There were no broken bones, but there was a reddish wetness running out of her panties. The little girl screamed in fright. After I got the panties off her, I realized that my sister’s hymen was busted. I carried her to a stream and cleaned her up the best I could with fresh water and tissues. The only soothing balm I had for the inside of her pussy was my saliva-soaked finger. I doctored her pussyhole as good as I could.

These experiences brought Crista and me even closer together. The girl loosened up and stopped being so self-conscious around me. The two of us stepped into and out of each others bedrooms or bathrooms with no timid hesitation. There were times when one or both of our bodies might have been scantily clad and other times when we weren’t clad all! We two unintentionally became very well visually acquainted with the intimate shapes of the other one’s body. I would certainly hope nobody would get the wrong idea from our behavior. We did not touch! We were a loving brother and sis! Period!

“Hey, Luke,” Crista said from beside to pool tale. “Sorry if I interrupted your game, but now that Billy is gone, can I shoot to a round? I can’t bet 5 dollars, but I’ll bet something else if you want. Okay?”

Looking at this unbelievably cute child, I felt the love just sweep over me. I pulled Crista into my arms, engulfed her in a bear hug, and kissed her cheek with genuine affection. Just for good measure, I tickled her belly and ribs till she squealed for mercy. “You’re on, kid!” I excitedly responded. “Here’s the bet. You lose, you kiss me good! You win, you kiss me anyway! That’s the rules. Still wanna play?”

Instead of answering, Crista kicked off her shoes, flounced her skirt, and sashayed to the pool table. That little sis of mine then proceeded to ‘run the table’ with a skill that would have made Minnesota Fats cry. My heart soared with love and pride.

The barefooted girl danced around the pool table on twinkle-toe feet. Her swirling skirt gathered light into its red-plaid checks then reflected it out in a rainbow shower of magnified multicolor hues. Right before each shot, Crista looked me in the eye, smiled, and called it. Something was different today. When she looked at me, my mind fell into the mesmerizing dark pools of her eyes. My heart dove in, too.

Today, I was seeing something I’d not seen before. A young woman was standing where my young sis had once stood. Had her hair always been that same shade of radiant blonde hue? Had her face been posed so perfectly that she seems to have stepped from a portrait frame? Why do those two tiny pink ribbons look so delicately entwined within her strands? And, pray tell, why is there an uncommon stiffness between my legs that I don’t understand?

“3 ball in the corner pocket,” Crista called it. Oh no, oh hell no, she can’t do it! It can be done! It’s an across the table, up through an alley of balls, shot! It will require using a bridge. She will have to practically lay on the pool table.

Crista grabbed the bridge and set it in position. She took an unbelievably limber right leg and set its foot on the pool table and sat the left foot on the floor. With her left arm, she made the third leg of her tripod. Right then and there, I saw the most outstanding display of sportsmanship and gymnastics I think I’ll ever see. The girl pivoted onto her left arm and right leg. She balanced there by raising her left leg from the ground and holding it straight back.

I can’t swear that what happened next was reality or just the wishful fantasies of a horny young man. I’m pretty certain I heard two pool balls smack together and I’m fairly certain the smackee ball fell into the corner pocket. Crista’s triumphant cry might give these premises merit.

As for what I did, I have no defense. I stood there beside my little sis while she performed her acrobatic feat. I put an arm under her, presumably to catch her if she fell. Did she need me to catch her? NO! Did I do something naughty? YES! I blame her damn panties and bra! Acrobats and circus performers are supposed to wear tights! Crista had on a pair of blue-print panties which fit her female flesh like a second skin and drove me crazy! Her bra was a flimsy contraption more suited to holding marshmallows than budding boobs.

I already had a hand inside those blue panties playing with a handful of pussy when the bra started coming apart in my other hand. If this was something I would ever want known then I would tell this as ‘my most embarrassing moment’! Thankfully, Crista took it in stride and shook it off. I lowered her to the ground, congratulated her on her outstanding pool shot, and hoped this would be the end of it.

Crista pulled the rest of the bra out from under her “its not easy being cute” shirt and threw the whole garment in the trash. She walked to the pool table, hopped up, and sat with her skirt-covered legs hanging over the edge. “Hey, Luke,” she quizzed. “Don’t I owe you a kiss?”

“Oh, I about forgot,” I answered. “But baby, don’t you want an explanation from me about me getting that handful of pussy from you? Are you gonna just forgive and forget?”

Crista lowered her head as her face flamed red. “No Luke, I’m not going to forget,” she whispered. “But, I did think we could maybe talk about it. Luke, if I wasn’t your sister, would you want me as a ‘girlfriend’?”

“Hot Damn, you bet I would!” I enthusiastically answered. “Good god girl, you’re cute, effervescent, athletic, smart, good-natured, and more, more, more. Crista, you’re the whole ‘package’ and it’s a goddamn shame you are off-limits to me because of a cruel accident of birth!”

Crista lowered her head and pouted. A few tears flowed from her eyes. “But why Luke, why do I half to be off-limits?” she asked sniffling. “I know as brother and sister we can’t be girlfriend and boyfriend openly. But, can’t we be secret ones? We can do the things real girlfriends and boyfriends do only we have to not get caught. Do you wanna try? Come here and let me give you that kiss I owe you!”

The tone of Crista’s voice indicated that this was more of an order than a request. As I stepped forward, the toes of two barefoot feet tickled my ass and the palms of two soft hands lay on my chest. The girl’s skirt pulled back and I stepped between her legs. It’s now or never. Decide, yeah or nay. Is this going to happen or not?

Suddenly, we two made an unspoken mutual decision. Yeah, it would be! All hell broke loose! I ran my hands under Crista, grabbed two handfuls of female ass, and picked her up. This girl encircled my hips with her short, slender legs and encircled my neck with her short, skinny arms. I saw her lips coming so I rushed to meet them. Girl and boy lips collided in a frenzy of passionate adoration gone wild! I kissed my secret girlfriend with wild obsession and she kissed her secret boyfriend with the same untamed infatuation!

Coming up for breath, I marveled at the pristine beauty of Crista’s unblemished adolescent face. Cute? Yes, she was certainly the cutest girl I knew, but she was more. Why my sis was a drop dead gorgeous specimen of teenaged femininity! Her pouty, unpainted lips were so seductively enticing they seemed to be begging to be kissed. So, kiss them, I did. But, this time, my kiss was no wild, animalistic attack. No, this time, my lips softly melted into the heart and soul of a young woman I had an abiding love for. The right or wrong of the situation mattered no more! Come Hell or high water, this young lady and I were going to be lovers!

I never realized that a tee shirt could be so erotically arousing. Perhaps it was the girl inside the shirt I had my arms wrapped around which was the real attraction. My arms pulled Crista’s upper body against my own tee shirt-covered chest and pressed her so tightly I could swear I could feel her heart beating. I know I felt the swell of her bosom as she breathed and I certainly felt the pokes of her hard little nipples.

“Luke?” a barely audible voice timidly asked. “Could we…could we take our tee shirts off? We don’t have to, it’s…it’s just…”

Reluctantly, I released my bearhug hold on Crista. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, I pulled it up over my head and gave it a fling to who knows where. My little sis sat on the edge of the pool table staring at my shirtless flesh. This girl had seen me without a shirt hundreds of times, but I suppose this was different. The feminine hands which had lain on my chest before now found handholds again.

“You’re so beautiful, Luke,” Crista shyly whispered. “All of my girl friends think so, but I make them leave you alone. I guess I’ve just been crazy jealous.”

Suddenly, this girl laid her head on my chest right over my heart. Her supersoft cheek absorbed the thumps of my rapidly beating pump. Lower down on my body there was a masculine organ that was swelling with blood so it needed all the circulation it could get. Crista’s face turned towards my skin. Her satiny lips kissed my pectoral flesh. Her hands played. Before I could guess what she was up to, this girl had my male nipples in her mouth one after the other.

God, she is driving me insane! I had to do something, so I grabbed the hem of her “its not easy being this cute” tee shirt and, none too gently, jerked it off. I sat the girl up on the pool table so I could get a good look at her beauties. Oh, of course I’ve seen them before in passing, but I suppose I’ve never seen them at a time when I had hanky-panky on my mind!

Wow, talk about cute! Hot Damn and get a hold on your libido ’cause the girls are in town! With the tattered bra thrown away, there was no covering to obscure one inch of this young lady’s mammary flesh. Big? Nope, they weren’t all that big at all! Fat? Ha, are you kidding? Why those tiny jugs were no bigger than a peach! Okay, well yeah, to be honest, they were extraordinarily shaped and perfectly proportioned peaches! And, those perky little rosebud nipples provided some marvelous, exotic tit-top ornamentation.

“Sorry, Crista,” I warned. “I’m going in for the kill, and I’m going in hot! I’m going to eat those little titties I’m been drooling over! Sorry Honey, but getting your boobs eaten is just part of your secret girlfriend job!”

Crista could barely suppress her glee. She knew my bark was worse than my bite. Why, I wouldn’t hurt her! As soon as the first rosebud nipple slipped through my lips, my teeth clamped down and my mouth energetically sucked. The girl attached to the tit squealed. Hell, I guess I did hurt her! Slowing down, I gleefully played. I kissed the hilly mounds. I licked the warm mammary flesh. I sucked the succulent skin. Blood raced through hidden veins.

I thought my mind was completely absorbed with Crista’s wondrous breasts and that nothing could cause my hands to stray, but it seemed I was mistaken. Without my mind’s complete awareness, one of my wandering hands let go of a tantalizing tit. It found something else more enticing. By the time I figured out what the hand was doing, it had unbuttoned the red-plaid skirt and was removing it from the female body.

Next thing I knew, Crista was sitting there on the pool table wearing nothing more than a pair of blue-print panties. Hmm, she looked mighty damn good to me! “Hey, Girlfriend,” I said. “Why don’t you lean back on your hands and let me look you over. You might give me some ideas.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Crista leaned back. Although she was a diminutive girl, this female’s body was all woman! Young, yes she was. But, big enough. And, big enough is old enough! Stepping between this nearly naked girl’s legs, I ran my hands all over her body. I loved her short, slender legs. I especially loved the soft flesh of her upper legs and inner thighs. I was sorely tempted to reach inside the panties, but I decided not to rush it. Damn, I’d never forgive myself if I scared her off!

“Luke, whenever you want,” Crista nervously said. “I’ll take off my panties. I am apprehensive, but I think I would be okay if you were naked, too. If you want the truth, it’s this; I would kinda like to hurry up and ‘do it’ with you! Oh, I love you so much and everybody says it feels so good! I just really want it with you!”

Crista turned over on the pool table and softly cried. After kicking off my shoes, I climbed onto the table, lay down behind the girl, and pulled my crying girlfriend into my arms. “Sweetie, I really want to ‘do it’ with you, too! I just don’t want to rush it. But, if you’re ready, let’s do it! Do you want to help me get my clothes off? Then we can get rid of those pesky panties of yours!”

“Oh, you can have them now!” Crista announced. “I don’t know why I’m being such a baby. Goodness, you’ve seen my pussy lots of times! You even had your fingers in it once when I busted my cherry!”

The dangerously cute girl, lifted her ass from the pool table, slipped her panties down passed her toes, then handed them to me. I threw them across the room. Even as my hand was throwing, Crista’s fingers were unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. Slick as a whistle, she slipped them and my briefs down over my hips and down my legs. The girl dropped the clothing over the side.

Naked at last! My cutie-pie 13-year-old sis and her 17-year-old brother were preparing to become lovers! Despite the forbidden proprieties, we two were ecstatically happy. One look at my swollen erection might give the impression this was all about sex. A look a Crista’s dripping pussy might reinforce the impression. But, it was not ALL about sex! It was about lust AND love!

“Luke, your ‘thing’ is gorgeous!” Crista brazenly announced. “What do you want me to call it? I guess I’ve heard most of the slang terms guys use, but I don’t know which you prefer. My friends Emily and Anna use ‘cock’ because it sounds the most grownup. Do you mind if I use it?”

Without awaiting my answer, Crista tickled my erection with a tentative touch using only her fingertips. When I didn’t rebel or order her to stop, she became emboldened enough that she wrapped the fingers of a hand around my cockshaft. Unbelievably, she filled her other hand with my sackfull of balls! “Boy oh boy,” she merrily sang. “My boyfriend has a nice set of cock and balls!”

Two can play this genital tickling game. I grabbed a handful of drippy wet, barely-teen pussy. Crista’s pubic hair was so thin and so blonde the curls looked nearly invisible. Her pussylips were swollen out to a puffed sized I had never seen before. Oh, I bet that pussy would be nice to eat! The middle finger of my right hand disappeared into a steamy hot hole. Wow, this place sure was a lot more slippery than it was two years ago when my finger was last in here! I sure was glad I didn’t have to worry about busting a sensitive cherry.

“Hey Babydoll,” I said. “I’m going to lay you down on the pool table top and I’m going to eat your pussy up! But first, I’m going to jump down and get a couple of blankets off the couch to spread on here. This slate top is hard. And besides, there are going to be too many messy fluids squirting around here before long! We wouldn’t want to ruin the felt covering!”

Crista scrambled over top me and climbed off the pool table. “No Luke,” she teased. “I’ll get the blankets! Fixing a love bed for her man is woman’s work!”

Goodness me what a glorious sight my nude little sis was running around snatching up blankets, quilts, and pillows! Her hair danced, her itty-bitty titties bounced, and her well-shaped ass jiggled. The girl threw a pile of covers onto the pool table and ran around stretching them out. It was all I could do to move out of the way to keep from getting knocked off. My cock was stiff and straight, but it was flopping around like a baseball bat in the hands of a rookie at spring training.

I was on my knees on the edge of the blanketed pool table when Crista stepped directly in front of me. The mischievous girl’s hands shot out and snagged my flopping erection. “Whoa Big Boy,” she said. “Luke, now I know why boys are told to ‘hold onto their horses’! Why, you could hurt somebody by throwing that dangerous thing around ever which way! Someone needs to tame that frisky stud!”

“Oh, he’s not wild, he’s just a little misunderstood,” I teased back. “I think he just needs a little love. Baby Sis, do you think you could love him?”

The impish little minx pinched my skin and squeezed my balls. “Is that a challenge?” she wailed. “You think I won’t do it, don’t you? Ha, I’ll show you I’m not as prim and proper as you think! I’ve seen a porn movie!”

I couldn’t imagine my innocent little sis watching porn. It better have been with her girl friends and not some guy! Wait a god-blessed minute! What is that girl doing now! Is that her mouth sucking my cock? Holy Shit, it is!

It was sure enough true! About three inches of my stiffened erection was buried inside Crista’s mouth. A long, serpent-like tongue was licking my cockflesh and saliva-wet lips were sucking it. This girl’s mouth was kinda small and my meaty manhood hardly had room to fit in there. As a matter of fact, I think I felt the sharpness of several teeth scraping my skin.

I was pretty damn sure this was Crista’s first blowjob! But, whatever that porn movie she watched was it must have made a lasting impression because this girl was just about the finest little natural-born cocksucker I’ve ever known! Movies might teach you how to do it, but they can’t teach you to like it. And, I knew without a doubt that my secret girlfriend liked what she was doing. Hell, I liked what she was doing, too!

As Crista eagerly licked, and sucked, and chewed, I racked my brain to figure out a way to tell her to stop. I had my heart set on getting my cock inside the young lady’s pussy and spilling my love juices inside my girl. I know my intentions were as wicked as the devil’s own sin, but there they were! It turns out I worried for nothing. This girl was way ahead of the game.

“Luke, Mister don’t you damn dare cum in my mouth!” Crista sternly instructed. “I’ve got another wet hole I’ve been waiting years for you put your cock in. And, that’s where I’d like for you to deposit your juice!”

The girl stood erect and put her hands on her pretty, nude hips. “And Luke, there’s one more thing,” she added. “I’d like to know what ever happened to that promise of yours to ‘eat my pussy up’. I’d say, ‘eat em if you got em’ and Luke, you do! Just do it quick and don’t make me cum unless your cock is in me!”

For such an innocent girl, Crista sure was doing a lotta shameless talk. Where was the naive girl child I thought I knew? I guess all girls grow up eventually and I suppose now is as good a time as any for my little sis to do so. I wanted some of her pussy and she seemed to be eager to give it.

“Gimme those pillows!” I commanded. Jerking the two overstuffed head supports from Crista’s hands, I added them to the pool table love nest bed. Next, I scooped the featherweight girl child’s body up from the floor and gently laid her down in the comfy pool top cocoon. I had a pussyeating promise to keep and I had no intention of wasting any time in doing so!

It took me about 60 seconds to assume the position. When I got set, I was lying on my belly with my upper body supported by my elbows. My head was between two sexy young legs which were pulled up and spread wide. My fingertips tickled a few blonde pubic curls then they parted the swollen mound which opened into two perfectly symmetrical halves.

God, if I knew Crista’s clitoris was so extraordinarily beautiful I would have tried to eat it long before today! Good god, the clitoral flesh was so seductively arousing that I attacked it with more clitsucking frenzy than I had intended to. I licked, I chewed, I sucked, and I tugged and pulled. I had no idea if this girl was whimpering and crying in pleasure or discomfort. She seemed to be making no indication that she wanted me to stop. So, I didn’t!

My kissing lips and my tantalizing tongue explored more pussy flesh from the peaks of bloated, blood-filled mountains to the silky depths of thigh top valleys. Cupping my tongue to stiffen it, I used it to spread the delicate butterfly wings of this girl’s inner pussy wings. Finding a slippery channel, I followed it with my stiff tongue-cock and slipped right past the place where a hymen once would have denied entry. As I penetrated deeper, I tasted vaginal juices drowning my tongue intruder. The sweltering heat from a volcanic vaginal cauldron threatened to burn me. The whimpering cries I heard now were unmistakably sounds of ecstatic pleasure.

“Damnit, Luke!” Crista squealed. “I told you not to make me cum with your mouth! Don’t suck me any more! Luke, I love you for what you’re doing, but please stop sucking me! Climb up here and kiss me! Then brother, I want you to fuck me! Please, don’t even think about it, just do it!”

I crawled up in our pool table love nest bed. I kissed a couple of cute girl breasts then I kissed my sister lover’s luscious lips. “Crista, don’t tell me to do it without thinking about it,” I fussed. “I want to think about making love to you! I love you, too! And Miss, if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”

The cutest girl in this world kissed me back with a fiery passion that set my loins afire. She spread her legs and her pussylips apart, then just as natural as if it was the sun going down at night, my elongated cock sank down into her vaginal hole and began its sinful sister-fucking work.

By the way Crista and I were kissing and rolling around in the covers an observer might correctly assume that neither of us were feeling any remorseful shame. A casual onlooker might rightly get the idea that our undulating bodies and male and female copulation was being done by mutual consent. A spectator to this pool table celebration might accurately guess that the joyful sounds coming from our fornicating hearts was orgasmic ecstasy.

Of course we had no observers, onlookers, or spectators. Did we? Ha, made you look! Made you look again! No for real…Luke, is that Mom sitting on the basement steps? Isn’t she drinking a glass of that lemonade Crista brought down a while ago? Holy shit, it is!

Now, ain’t this a fine kettle of fish! Well hell, Mom has seen this much, she can just watch the rest! I wasn’t going to tell Crista yet and, by god, I couldn’t stop myself now if my life depended on it!

It’s a good thing Crista’s super-slippery pussy had plenty of lubrication. This dollbaby girl was so sexy cute that she was making me hornier than I’d ever been in my life. My cock was swollen up to an engorged girth and an elongated length. My little sis was a maturing teen girl, but still she was small in size. What her pussy lacked in size it made up for in slippery elasticity.

Tight vaginal muscles constricted all around the length of my penile shaft. Frictional fires burned smoldering hot. My cock summoned forth seminal fluids and they came pouring in abundance. Semen and sperm raced out through my urethral tube and spurted in long, cummy streams of cream into the womb of my young lover.

Crista’s own female fluids were pouring, too. Vaginal moisture flooded her hole. Pussy cum squirted as a heavy, misty spray. Squishy, squashy fluids made a mess of our naked bodies. This girl squealed as orgasmic cheer made her laugh, made her cry, and made her sing with joy!

I sang, too. I laughed at everyone in this poor, pitiful world that wasn’t me. I thanked God, I thanked Satan, and I thanked my lucky stars in the heavens for blessing me with this wondrous girl to love and make love to.

My baby sis and I finally came down from our euphoric cloud of happiness. I don’t believe either of our lives will be the same again. Please don’t break us up Mom, I silently begged.

Crista and I cuddled in our cushy, comfortable pool table bed. We snuggled, we tickled, we teased. And, best of all, we kissed with the awakened passion of newly discovered love. A sense of maturity finally made me realize the seriousness of this life-altering step my sis and I had just taken. This was a bell we couldn’t un-ring.

I couldn’t imagine what Mom must have been thinking while setting there on the steps watching her children fornicating. Without a doubt, it was a sinfully wrong thing to let happen. And, of course, no mother wants her daughter to be misused as a sex object by an immature, self-absorbed, fuck-em-and-leave-em, asshole boy! Hopefully, Mom knew I was better than that!

“Crista, I have something serious to say to you,” I said as much for Mom’s benefit as my sister lover’s. “I’m in this for real! My love is true! I think it would be irresponsible for either one of us in this room to deny that what has happened today won’t happen again. Tomorrow, you and I are going down to the family clinic and get started on birth control. If we are to have a relationship, we will have to keep it under control.”

Crista’s arms squeezed my neck. Her lips kissed me ardently. “Yes my love, your wish is my command,” she said. “Luke, my love for you is true, too! And, you’re right about this happening again! All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t keep me from making love to you again!”

I felt a fondling between my legs and I realized that the cutest girl in the world was playing with my half flaccid cock! This angelic vision’s voice spoke, “Luke, I have a lot to learn. How about telling me how long it will be before you can get this fella up and in again? I’m getting kinda wet and hot again already myself!”

Mom up stood on the steps. I hugged Crista so she wouldn’t see. Instead of being angry or upset, Mom had her hands over her mouth trying her best to stifle a smile. Was she going to go along with her kid’s plans to have a secret forbidden carnal relationship? Without giving a definite yeah or nay, she looked me directly in the eye. One second before she turned away… she winked!

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