How does romance collide with the reality of sex, food and a living?
Amanda gazed nervously into Richard’s eyes, God how she loved him! She knew that this meeting was crucial and her lower lip was trembling slightly as she bit it gently and looked at him.


...This was the man she loved, and she loved him for what he was. That included his dreams and ambitions and she knew he had to realize these to become the man he truly could be. She knew better than to stand in the way of his goals, even if those dreams and ambitions would surely take him away, overseas and across the ocean to New York. The distance seemed immense and the pain of the unspoken and imminent separation was sharp in her breast. Even so she knew that her love for him meant that in the end she would put away her own feelings and let him go.


...Richard had not declared his feelings for her. However, hers had been growing steadily from their first meeting in the garden that fateful day. Even so, every now and then she fancied she caught a glimpse of a slightly greater concern for her than he might show for a mere friend, a greater interest in her activities than the simply passing. Perhaps a glance or a raised eyebrow, a considerate remark that could indicate he thought of her more caringly and more deeply. Then again had she simply imagined it all? Nonetheless, despite herself every now and then she dared hope that the depth of her feelings might yet be reciprocated; and after all, it was he who had suggested this private conversation beneath the arbor.

“Ughhh! Oh God Lovely!”

... Might she occupy as unique a spot in his heart as he had surely come to occupy within her own? The scent of blossom hung heavily in the evening air and fireflies darted hither and thither like tiny shooting stars missed from the canopy of heaven. Could there be a more romantic place? Had he realized the effect this would have? Her breathing was short, almost panting. She felt intoxicated with the sights and sounds and most of all by the closeness of this man whom she loved. Her eyes moistened as she looked at him, but the stabbing pain of his inevitable departure grew in her breast once more and forced her to look away. What must he think of her and such foolishness?

Emma felt that the thrusts behind her were getting harder now, increasing in pace and becoming more urgent. Her whole body shook as she received each one, jerking her up the bed, transmitting the force to the book in her hands. The words jumped in rhythm before her eyes, it was difficult to focus on the print. She pouted her bottom backwards and tried to open more fully, to absorb more of the shock of each thrust with her body in order to keep her hands still so that she could continue to read. The change was appreciated as if it had been made for his benefit.
“Ughhh Ughhh or fantastic, that’s great!”

...Roger reached out tenderly to stroke her face with his hand. Gently he caressed her before resting her chin on his finger. Gently he lifted her face, tilting her head back to look at him once more

Ughhh; Ughhh!
The breathing behind her was becoming more labored, more rapid, a drop of sweat fell on her cheek, Yuck! - She wiped it away at once.

...Amanda’s eyes were moistened with the starting of tears of longing. She looked into Richard’s face. His rugged features seemed softened with concern The steely blue of his eyes had changed, they had become more limpid and yielding. She felt she could look deep within him and search his very being.

Uuughhh; Ugggh; UUGGGGHHH! Animal grunts of satisfaction assaulted Emma’s ears. The penis within her was jumping and twitching; pulsing streams of semen into her vagina, each spurting tickling inside her like the fluttering wings of a trapped butterfly. Garlic breath washed around her as his mouth popped open with a sigh at his release.

...Amanda gazed deeply into Richard’s eyes, she felt she was falling, she could see into his very soul and that moment she knew that hers had found its mate.
“Amanda, come with me...” began Richard, but however that speech was going to end Amanda never heard it, cutting off his speech with her lips as they met his in a luscious circle of warmth that sealed their union and melted her fear of separation. Her hands caressed his neck and entwined his hair.

Hands grasped her shoulders and thrust into her again, not so deeply now, the member softening. The panting behind her was subsiding as well; the breaths were becoming fainter, more regular.
“Christ you’re a good fuck!”

...Amanda’s eyes were moist again, but now with tears of happiness
“Yes, Oh Yes my darling”
There was no shadow of fear now, simply the beckoning of a bright new dawn and the excitement of a new country. She held him tightly, burying her head in his shoulder she sighed with contentment.

Emma released herself from the grasp, his hands slid easily from her shoulders. She closed the book and put it down on the bedside table. As she stretched over to do so the now-flaccid penis plopped wetly out from inside her, its owner already asleep. She turned out the light pushed the inert body away and lay back to sleep. Even as she did so her newly acquired gift from the oaf beside her made itself known. The emission began to ooze slowly from within her, puddling as a sticky wetness on her thigh. She grimaced and tried to ignore it. God! She’d really had a bellyful of the man! Tomorrow she would send him on his way.

“Yes, definitely tomorrow, get rid of him!”

She thought of her daughter asleep in the next room, she needed new shoes.

“After he’s taken me shopping” she thought to herself, and even as she settled to sleep she started mentally to compose a list.
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