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Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 8

Life was good. I had Cat and Natalie to fuck. Sometimes Cat spent the weekends at my place. Sometimes both of them stayed over. Sometimes I stayed over at their place. Sometimes, Jenny was there and we behaved. We tried to keep our fun to just one weekday and the weekend. Cat had to keep her homework done or her mom wouldn’t let her play. I think she just wanted me to herself every now and then. I was getting way more sex than I had ever before -- even when I had a live in girl friend.

One Friday evening, I was at Natalie’s house. Cat was at her friend Jenny’s house working on a school project. Natalie and I had just finished fucking hard on couch and then on the floor. I was spent, sweaty. I was laying on her, with my cock still embedded in her ass. She was also spent and breathing hard. The front door opened and in walked Cat. She smiled at me. I smiled at her and just then saw Jenny entering behind her.

“Oh shit! Cat! Damn.”.

I was frantically trying to get my spent, naked butt up off of Natalie and Natalie was also trying to get up. My wet cock was swinging around and I felt some cum drip on my leg. I was finally up and helped Natalie up, we ran to her bedroom.

I heard Cat laughing and she entered the bedroom and said “I brought Jenny over. She wants to lose her virginity also. Will you fuck her, Bruce? You guys looked all silly trying to get up so fast.”.

Natalie said “Cat, you were supposed to spend the night at Jenny’s.”.

“I know. But like I said. Jenny wants to have sex. We brought condoms as her dad doesn’t think she is old enough for the pill. He overruled her mom. She is almost 13. Just another month and a half.”.

I was speechless. I was holding Natalie’s robe over my crotch. Natalie was somewhat wrapped up with her blanket. One breast was still exposed. I saw Jenny standing in the doorway, staring at me. Her straight black hair was cropped short and she had on a red t-shirt and a black short skirt. He hands were behind her back. The t-shirt was old and thin and it showed her nipples. They were prominent. Her nipples seemed to be in a constant state of erect excitement. I had perved on them more than one time.

“Hello, Bruce, Mrs P.. I didn’t expect to…well…in the living room…I didn’t expect that. I was going to talk with you and bring it up -- a whole lot more graceful than Cat did. Like way more.”.

She glared at Cat. Cat just smiled.

“But since…well…uh…it’s out. I do wanna have sex and with you, please. I think you are sexy. You are already doing Cat. Yes, I know. She tells me everything.”.

This time I glared at Cat. “Oh young lady are you going to get a paddling. We talked about the need to be circumspect. Oh you are in trouble.”.

Natalie started laughing and looked at me. “My little girl pimped you out to herself, and then to me. And now she is doing the same for her friend. You may become the biggest male slut in the county. Especially if Cat has anything to do with it. I hope you like the taste of young quim.”.

“That is not helping.”.

Cat said “Oh it is if you say yes. Please. Jenny was the one who popped my hymen and I popped hers. She won’t bleed and it won’t hurt her and I just know you will be sweet to her…”.


The room went silent. All three girls were looking at me.

I looked at Cat. She smiled with a fake innocent smile. I then had a thought -- how did the girls get here from Jenny’s? I dropped them off. It is a few miles away, too many to walk. I said “How did you girls get here? Who dropped you off? Did they drive away -- I hope?”.

“Jenny’s mom drove us.”.

A new voice from the doorway said “You must be Bruce. Nice to meet you. I am Glenda. Hi, Natalie. And no jokes about the Wizard of Oz, please. My parents were not kind when they named me.”.

Behind Jenny now stood an older version of Jenny. It must be her mom. The same black hair, the same small chin, the same quirky smile. Natalie pulled the blanket up tighter around her, covering herself completely finally. I also pulled the robe tighter around my waist.

“I brought the girls over. They finished their project ahead of schedule and they asked me to bring them over here. I bought the condoms for Jenny awhile ago. Her dad thinks she is still a little baby. But, I know she’s just about to burst if she doesn’t get laid. We’ve talked and she doesn’t want any little boy to do it. She and I want her first experiences to be with a loving man, a kind and gentle person, who’ll make her enjoy sex. We’ve been trying to get my dumb husband to notice her and fuck her, but he is just too dense or prudish. She has told me how kind and loving you are to Cat and her mom. And before you ask, she didn’t tell me you were doing Cat, but I read between the lines. Jenny can’t hide much from me.”.

“I uh…well…”.

“Yeah, I would pose in front of Dad after showers and have him comb my hair. I would let my towel slip. Nothing. Just my undies and bra in the morning. Nothing. You’re my last hope. Please.”.

“Oh I um…”.

Natalie laughed. Cat laughed. Jenny laughed. Thankfully Glenda didn’t laugh.

“I asked her if she would like to have sex with you for her first, and would Natalie and Cat feel jealous if she did. You should have seen her face when I said ‘Cat’. Precious. She thought she was hiding something from me. As if.”.

Cat looked at me and said “I won’t be jealous. Promise. I’m already sharing you with Mom. And I do fine with that. I love to watch you do Mom. Mom loves to watch you do me. She won’t be jealous. Please make Jen feel good. She’s just dying for it. She cums real good. I rub her off a lot, just to ease her frustrations.”.

I now had four ladies staring at me with various forms of silent pleading. Natalie let the blanket slip down and again her breast was exposed. Cat went and sat by her mom and started to rub her nipple. I know I was just staring. I looked up and Jenny and Glenda were also staring at the incestual sex scene in front of them.

Jenny spoke up first. “Bruce, I know this is an awful way to broach this. But please. PLEASE! I know my boobs aren’t near as big and nice as Cat’s or her mom’s. I know I’m younger than Cat, but not by much. Oh god I am sooo very horny. Please.”.

I heard a slurp and looked over at Cat and Natalie. Cat was suckling Natalie’s breast. I heard rustling by the doorway and I looked back there. Glenda was pulling Jenny’s t-shirt up and off. She didn’t have any bra on. Cat had A-cup boobs. Jenny’s weren’t even that big. But her nipples seemed to be twice as long as Cat’s or even Natalie’s -- and her areola’s weren’t even crinkled yet.

Glenda said “There. This ought to get things rolling.”.

Glenda knelt behind her daughter and I heard a zipper. Jenny’s skirt hit the floor. She didn’t have any underwear on. She was naked. No hair on her young pussy yet or she shaved already. She stood there, stripped by her mom. Offered to me for the taking. I heard a moan from the bed and looked and saw Cat had her mom’s blanket off completely and was fingering her, it looked like most of her hand was in her mom‘s pussy. Natalie was arching her back, eyes closed, legs spread. I felt a hand grab my wrist softly and lift it. I turned and saw Jenny moving my hand to her left nipple.

“Oh your hand feels nice. Stronger than Cat’s. Rougher. A man‘s hand. Please.”.

My fingers moved on their own. I was amazed as they started to pinch that long, long nipple. My other hand was moving and it reached around Jenny and slid onto her ass. It pulled her closer to me. The robe I had around my waist fell to the ground. I was now naked and my cock was hard. As I pulled Jenny closer, my cock pressed at her belly. Her hands wrapped around it and started to stroke me.

I felt Glenda move us apart. I looked in confusion at her.

“We need to get this condom on you before things get too far out of control. We squirted some lube into her before we left. You should slide in easy.”. Do all mothers plan so thoughtfully to lube their daughter’s deflowering?

Her fingers rolled the condom on. My cock jerked. Glenda pushed me back towards the bed. Cat and Natalie moved out of the way. I laid down on the bed on my back. Jenny was climbing on also. Glenda had a hold of my cock and was holding it up. She helped Jenny align herself with me. Jenny eased herself down and felt my cock touch her virginal lips. Half of my cock head slipped in. Glenda let go and pulled her hand out from between us. Jenny sank further down.

“Oh shit she is tight.”.

“Oh, Bruce. So full. So full. Oh god. How much more is there? Oh god so full.”.

Her mom said “You got more to go. Two or three inches yet. You can take it. Just go easy. Raise up a bit and slide it in and out. Then push a little more. Do that and soon it will all be in you.”.

I watched as this little girl moved up and down on my cock. Glenda looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you. You are being gentle. Easy, Jenny babe. Easy. Take your time.”.

The condom was thankfully taking some of the sensation away. Otherwise I think I would have blown my load already in this tight, tight pussy.

Jenny crashed down hard on me. She screamed “OH SHIT!”.

Jenny’s legs had let lose and she had slipped down on me. She was almost all the way down. Her mom grabbed her and held her down.

“Stay still. Hold it there. Get used to it. You got it all, babe. You got it all.”.

Cat leaned in and gave Jenny a kiss on the cheek.

“Told ya. I knew you could get all of him in. Feels so good doesn’t it?”.

I was gonna tell them that I still had maybe an inch left, but thought better of it.

“Oh god, it’s so full. I hurt, but it feels so good too. I -- oh my god!”.

She started shuddering. Her body was flushed red. She was orgasming without any movement. Just me being in her so far did it. Oh and if she was tight before…she was ultra tight as she came.

“Oh damn girl. You’re so tight. I’m not sure I can last.”.

Glenda started to lift her daughter up by her hips. Then she pushed her down. Up and down. She was moving her daughter like some tiny rag doll. Fucking me - with her daughter.

Jenny was quietly crying a soft moan. Her lips were pulled back. Her eyes tightly closed. Her mom’s efforts suddenly forced the remaining length of my cock into her. My cock head was suddenly in a tighter place. Did I slip into her cervix?

Jenny’s eyes popped open wide and she screamed. It wasn’t a pain scream -- I hoped. It was more a hyper awareness scream.

Glenda held her daughter still. I was so happy as it staved off me cumming.

“What, babe? What?”.

“He…uh…oh god. He went in…fuck…FUCK… He slipped in further. Oh Mom. Oh fuck. He punched into me. Oh god I…”.

She started shuddering again -- real hard. This time she was completely out of control. She stayed on me because her mom and Cat held her. Her movements were causing me to slip in and out in tiny movements. But each time in, I would feel my cock head hitting and going into that tighter place. Her pussy was rippling up and down my cock.

“Oh shit. Too much. I can’t hold it any longer. Oh damn…ahhhhhhh”.

I exploded into her. I felt my cock get larger as it pumped my semen into the condom. Again and again. Jenny screamed again and went limp. I tensed every muscle in my body pushing my cock as deep as it could go. Then I also fell lifelessly back to the bed. I felt Jenny being lifted of me. My body jerked. My cock pushed back in just a bit. Jenny jerked. I slipped almost out. They kept lifting and soon my cock slipped out and slapped my belly. Jenny let out a small yelp when I was finally out of her. I felt her laid besides me. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her in and kissed her. I rubbed her sharp, tight nipples. I stroked her hair. I felt a blanket being laid over us. I moved us more onto the center of the bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 9

I woke up and felt my cock being sucked.

“Oh nice.”.

I looked down and saw dark hair bobbing up and down. Oh shit! It must be Jenny. I just fucked another real young girl. And now she was giving me a blow job. Hell. I hadn’t washed after last night’s fuck.

“Oh Jenny. Nice. But you don’t have to…eeek!”.

She jabbed me in the balls. She sat up taking the blanket off me.

She said “Yes. I do have to. I want this all big again and in me. I have been staring at it for a hour. I want it in me. I want it badly. I know I’m sore down there. But, I need it again.”.

She moved herself and was soon straddling me like before only this time it was her own hand was guiding my cock to her wet pussy lips instead of her mom. She eased down.

“Oh god damn, yes! Oh ow! “.

She pushed her wet pussy down harder. I was already halfway in. She was riding up and down on me. She was pushing down with each stroke. I was nearing her tight cervix again.

“Oh damn. Oh god damn. It feels so big. It hurts so good. Eeek! There you hit it again. That is…eeek!”.

I felt my cock slip into that ultra tight place again. Her cervix. Her legs gave out and she laid down on my chest.

She looked at me and said. “Oh god, my legs are still tired. Please let’s roll over and you can fuck me.”.

I smiled and rolled us over. In doing so, my cock slipped out of her warm wet pussy. I reached for my cock to line it back up…my bare cock…my cock did not have a condom on.


She looked at me. “What?!”.

“Damn, I didn’t have a condom on. Where are they?”.

“Uh…there, on the dresser by the door.”.

I got out of bed and grabbed the box. I got one out and ripped it open. I pulled it on with Jenny watching intently.

She looked up at me and said “I gotta know how to do it in the future. Thanks for showing me. I didn‘t see Mom do it last night.”.

I climbed back into bed and Jenny laid on her back. She spread her legs and held her arms out. I aimed my now covered cock and pressed in an inch.

She popped her eyes wide open and let out an “Ooof!”.

I held still and looked at her.

“Oh yes. My lover. My god. Please get it into me,. Get that sweet, fat cock into me. Make the soreness go away. Rub it and make it all better.”.

I pushed in one long slow effort and my cock entered her and entered her. I finally got to her cervix and I stopped.

She looked at me and said “No you don’t. Don’t hold back. PUSH!”.

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my hips forward. I resisted and actually pulled back a bit. She whimpered.

“Noooo. In. All the way. Please. In deep. Make it go deep.”.

She was almost crying in her need. I moved forward and my cock went all the way in. Deep into her cervix.

“Oh god damn! Yes! Eeeek!”.

I pushed and felt more of my cock head going into her deepest part. It was all the way in. Her cervical ring was now clamped around behind my cock head. I pulled back and I was stuck enough that I had to pull hard to pop out.

Both our eyes were wide open. I pushed and again I went deep. I started to move up and down. Slowly gaining speed and power. Soon I was all but banging her hips with everything I had. Her little body was bouncing around. She grabbed her legs and pulled them up and back.

“Oh god I’m going deeper. Shit!”.

“Ow oh fuck….oh god damn. How deep are you? It feels all the way up in my stomach. So good. It hurts. But oh so very good. Damn…’.

She started sputtering and spitting. Her arms grabbed my shoulders and her finger nails bit into me. She started panting. Her eyes opened wider than I thought possible. Her whole body went ultra rigid and she let out a loud keening noise. She was shuddering real hard. Then she went limp.

The bedroom door opened and in came Natalie and Glenda. Both were naked. Both rushed to Jenny. I pulled and my cock popped out. Jenny’s eyes opened back up and she tried to pull me back in. Her mom and Natalie were in the way.

“You ok, babe?”.

“Oh god, Mom. More than ok. Oh fucking shit that was over the top!”.

Glena looked at me, smiled, then she looked at my cock. It was pulsing and waving about.

I looked at Jenny’s pussy. It was deep red and shiny from all her juices. Her legs and belly were also all wet.

Glenda said “I knew we should have stayed to act as moderators.”.

Natalie said “Yeah but then we wouldn’t have had our little session.”.

Cat came into the room, also naked, rubbing her eyes. “You guys make a lot of noise. Your cock looks so funny with the orange condom on. Jenny. How ya doing. Having fun?”.

Jenny wriggled out of bed and went to Cat and hugged her. “Thank you for sharing. Thank you. Now I know what you’re talking about.”. She shuddered again. “Damn. Another and he ain’t even near me.

There I was with my hard-on was unsatisfied. I had four naked ladies in a bedroom. Oh my. What’s a fella to do? I laid back on the bed and said in a loud voice “Next!”.

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