More fun
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Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 4

I was standing, but wobbling a bit. “Oh god damn. Cat. That was great.”.

I heard Natalie say “Ya, girlie. I got off too. I needed that.”.

I looked back to Natalie and she was sitting in a chair, her pants and undies at her ankles, her hand slowly playing in her wet pussy. I raised the camera. Click

“What? Why ya taking pictures of me? I’m too old. Fat.”.

I didn’t say a word. I just stepped out of my pants. All I had on was my t-shirt. I turned and moved in closer to Natalie, camera aimed. Click click

My cock was hanging limply, but not all the way shriveled yet. I saw Cat come along side us. She knelt by her mom and pull her pants off. She pulled her mom’s legs apart. Click

“Oh Momma. Let him take photos of you. Just like your high school and college photos.”.

Click. I said “You…you look just as sweet as Cat…” click “Pull that shirt up. Let’s see ‘em.”. She looked at me, then moved her hands. click click Her bra covered boobs came into view. It was an old white bra that had seen better days. Her boobs didn’t look much bigger than Cat’s, and they drooped some. She sat up and pulled the shirt off. Cat reached behind her and undid the bra. Click I was the only one with any clothes on -- and it was just my t-shirt. Cat got behind me and pulled my shirt up. I raised my hands and it was soon gone.

“Ladies. Get on the couch. Side by side, please.”.

They moved and there were two naked ladies on the couch, at my command. One young, very young. The other was older than me, but their stocky bodies looked hot. They look nearly alike.

“Cat, grab your mother’s boob. Natalie, grab hers. Cup them, leave the nipples so I can see them”. click My cock was starting to fill out and raise back up -- so soon.

Natalie noticed and smiled. She said “You’re coming back to life. I’m thinking we’re earning a lot of bike rides. Bring it here. Let me feel it.”.

I stepped forward. She stroked it. “Nice size. Not small, but not too big. Oh hot.”. She leaned in and licked the head. “There was some cum still dripping. Can’t let it stain the rug.”. I looked down and her eyes met mine. I smiled. She almost hissed “You look like you need some pussy on that to keep it warm.”.

Cat said “Oh Momma. Can I? Can I do it? Can I?”.

She looked at Cat. “Well dude, ya got two to choose from I see. If ya choose her, ya want me to take photos? As long as she gets copies for her keepsake box. If ya choose me -- I wouldn‘t choose me over Cat. Your choice.”.

“Oh wow. I’m not sure I can choose right now. I know I should not have done this much with her being so young. But damn, so hot. You’re hot too. Damn hot. Not fashion model scrawny. Real live woman hot. Both of you. I…I don’t have any condoms, so…”.

“Oh shit man, she’s been on the pill since she turned twelve. I ain’t a dummy. Kids don’t think. Hell. Pop that twat! How do I work the camera? Cat, keep his cock all hard. Stroke it slowly. Kiss it. Lick it. But not too much.”.

I said “I think I need to swap the memory cards. This one is getting full.”. I made a quick swap, even with Cat hanging on to my hard-on, and I handed Natalie the camera and gave her the quick instructions for focusing and all.

I looked at Cat. She was smiling. Beaming.

I said “Damn. Now get on the couch and spread them legs. Let me get in and lick you. Make sure you’re wet enough.”.

Natalie said “Wait. Sweetie go get my wicker box by my bed. Quick. Go. I will keep him up and hard.”.

Cat scooted off and Natalie started stroking my cock. “Oh this is one nice cock. Cat will just love it. If you want to, you can do me anytime. This looks just perfect. Thick, long, hard. Nice balls. Damn they feel full still…even after she sucked you off. Good.”.

Cat came back and Natalie handed my cock off to Cat. She pulled a tube out of the box and said “After you lick her up good, we’ll squirt some of this in her so there will be no problem.”. I saw various dildos, wires, straps, jars, and even a red butt plug in the jumble in the box.

Cat pulled me to the couch by my cock and sat down and spread her legs. I knelt and leaned in. I heard Natalie taking pictures. Click click My tongue reached out and speared her pussy lips. I heard Cat moan. Click It was sweet. She was beyond tasty. I pushed my head in and started lapping hard at her slit. At her clit. I grabbed her legs near her thighs and spread her wider. I would use my tongue to fuck her pussy. I sucked her clit in. I was going wild in her crotch. I felt a hand grab my hair and pull my face up and away.

It was Natalie. “Look at me. Let me see that wet face.” click “Nice. I think she is more than ready. Here’s the lube.”.

I took the tube and squeezed a good bit right in her pussy lips. I used my fingers and pushed it in deeper. I put a bit more around her lips.

Natalie said “That looks good. Cat, ya ready? Ya really ready. Cause I’m not sure you can stop it now.”.

“Oh Momma. I want this bad. Bruce. Do it. Please make me a woman. Please.”.

I leaned up and moved my hips toward her. My hard cock was pointing straight at her pussy. I heard Natalie move around with the camera. Click I got it right at her lips. Click. I rubbed it around getting the head slicked up. Click. I pushed forward and watched as the head went in. click Cat moaned. I moaned. I pressed more and soon I had two inches in. Three. I should have hit her hymen, but I just kept pushing in. click. I was finally balls deep in this thirteen year old. No hymen. I looked up from where we were joined and saw her looking up to meet my gaze. She was smiling, but also had a strained look on her face. I knew Natalie was nearby taking photos, but most of my brain, my over sexed mind, was absorbed in Cat, in my cock deeply embedded in her pussy.

“You are in me. I feel so…soooo…oooh…full. Momma, it’s so good. I‘m so glad Jenny helped pop my hymen last month. So full. So good. No pain really, just full, almost too full. But wow! Really, really full.”.

I pulled back a bit and pushed forward. “ooohh”. click I leaned into her face and put my mouth on hers and started kissing her. My hips started to rock in a steady rhythm. I was sucking her tongue into my mouth. I was trying to take her breath away. I could see her eyes roll back into the top of her head. She was starting to shake as I lengthened my strokes and sped up. Her body was moving in time with my thrusts as I increased the pace. Now I was pulling almost all the way out and slamming all the way in. Her body was bouncing from my hips slamming into her. It was hard to keep kissing her, so I gave up. I leaned back and really started to pound into her. She started to wail and squeak. I watched as her tiny tits did little jerks, never going far from their place on her chest. She was getting louder and her body was red all over. I grabbed her tiny, tight boobs. I pinched her little nipples. I pulled on them. She was shuddering and wailing. Her pussy was tight to start with and it got tighter and she screamed. Hell, I screamed. I never had a pussy this tight, this young. Her legs tried to wrap around me, but only got part of the way around. Her hands grabbed me and started pulling me in tighter, harder. Not letting me pull all the way out. The sound of our bodies slapping together was sweet music to my ears as was our crying out. Sweat was flinging off me as I pounded into her. My cock was growing harder and thicker. She was getting tighter and tighter.

“Damn damn oh fuck Cat fuck. Oh shit. Ooh ooh aaaahhh aaaahhh EEEEEEE FUCK YES!”. I came. I felt like I exploded into her. My hips were jerking, no rhythm anymore. Just trying to get all the cum out. I pulsed three good jets into her. Then a few minor squirts. I felt spent. I was breathing hard. I looked at Cat. She was staring at me, her mouth was open wide in a big feral grin. She was sucking in air in big gasps. She looked as sweaty as me. Was it my sweat, hers, or ours, I couldn’t tell. She started laughing and crying at the same time.

“Oh, Bruce. Thank you. Damn, thank you. Oh fuck, that was good. Oh Momma thank you.”.

She leaned back into the couch and closed her eyes. I started to pull away and she quickly grabbed me by my hips and said “No no no. Please stay in me forever. Don’t pull it out.” She flexed her legs and I was pulled back in.

“Ohh Shit. Easy, girl. A guy gets sensitive sometimes after fucking. Eek!”.

She flexed again, I let out another eek, and she laughed. She flexed again, but this time I was more ready and didn’t squeak. I pressed my hips into to her to keep from getting another yank. She leaned up and kissed me. Her tongue poked into my mouth. I grabbed her head and kissed her hard. I pulled my head back. “Whooo! That was a ride!”.

I looked back and saw Natalie rubbing her pussy hard and she was shaking and jerking. Cat looked around me and watched her mom getting off. My softening cock slipped out no matter how hard I was pressing into Cat. She yanked, but to not much good. My cock barely popped back in, but soon wasn’t even hard enough to do anything. It just made the wet mess messier. Cat let me go and I sat back on my heels. I was able to turn and get the camera from the table where Natalie had placed it. Natalie was still coming down from her self induced orgasm. I took a photo of her and her wet fingers. Click. I aimed at Cat’s and my messy genitals. Click. I moved my hips, sliding my soft cock in the sloppy mess. Click.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 5

I put the camera down and said “Girls, we need to clean up. I am one big slippery, slimy, sweaty mess. I know Cat is. And so are you Natalie, from what I see.”. I stood and pulled Cat up from the couch. I then pulled Natalie up from the chair. Cat lead the way to the bathroom. Cat started the water. It reminded me that I had to pee. Well hell, Cat had seen me pee a lot of times, so I guess it‘s Natalie‘s turn. I lifted the seat, aimed and peed away.

“Oh Momma I’ve seen him pee a lot. He pees so much. Wow, it sounds so loud in the toilet. Much louder.”.

“Yes, it makes me have to pee, bad. Hurry up damn it.”. Natalie was jumping around in the traditional pee-pee dance. Her hands trying to hold it in. “Oh damn hurry. Oh shit!”. She jumped into the shower and started peeing. “Aaahhhhh Better.”. I finished and moved into the shower pushing Natalie into the water, and closing the clear glass door. “Ooh shit it’s not warm enough.”.

Cat sat on the toilet while laughing, then she leaned forward and tensed her muscles. I heard Cat’s pee hitting the water in the bowl. “Oh there. Finally. Oh god.” she sighed.

The water was getting warm enough that I grabbed the soap and started to wash Natalie’s body. I rubbed her shoulders with my sudsy hands. I rubbed down her back and over her ass. I rubbed her ass firmly and squeezed. I turned her around and started at the top again. I rubbed her shoulders, her breasts. I fondled them. I was amazed that they felt firm. Not as firm as Cat’s but damn firmer than my last girl friend who was much younger. I moved my hands down and washed her pussy. I slipped my fingers all around her lips and her clitty. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and moved them in and out quite a few times. She was panting. I pulled my fingers out and she frowned. I grabbed the shower hose and rinsed her off. She washed her face in the water. I leaned back against the wall and pointed her out.

“Next!” I hollered. Natalie sighed, but got out to a towel Cat had waiting.

Cat stepped in and closed the door. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her head into my chest. I felt a love for her and from her that I hadn’t had for anyone ever before. We fondled and hugged and kissed. Oh shit. She is less than half my age. Hell thinking about love, I even felt love for Natalie. Definitely lust. Oh yea.

I heard “Are you washing or fucking? If so, I want a piece of that nice prick.” Natalie laughed and wrapped the towel around her hair. I grabbed the soap and started in on Cat. Similar to her mom, I started on her shoulders, but she was facing me to start. I got to her tiny, firm titties and rubbed them. They felt electric in my hands. Each hand swallowed up the whole breast. No boob meat was wasted. I moved down and using more soap really scrubbed her crotch. This was a washing I decided. She needed cleaning more than sexing. I rubbed soap all over her crotch. I was trying to get the lube, my cum, and her juice off and out of her. She was panting as I pushed my fingers into and out of her. I smiled. Whether or not I was trying to finger fuck her, I was, and she was liking it. I stood back up, grabbed the hose and rinse her. She started to speak and I hit her with the water in her face. She sputtered and wiped her eyes. I aimed the water hose at her pussy and reached with the other hand to spread her lips to get the water up in as far as I could. I put the hose back and spun her around. I got more soap and washed her shoulders, her back. Then I knelt down and soaped up her ass. Firm muscles. My hands slid over her young smooth skin. I fondled. I squeezed. I lightly patted her ass. I slid my fingers along her ass crack. Up and down. My fingers slipped under and slipped into her pussy. She gasped. I pulled back and slipped a finger into her ass. The soap made it easy to slide in. She let out a loud eek.

Natalie laughed and said “I saw that one coming.”.

“Momma he put a finger in my butt!”.

“Yup. Feels good, don’t it?”.

I pulled my finger out, grabbed the hose, and started to rinse Cat. I hit her in the face with water again. I put the hose back up and started to wash myself. Cat quickly grabbed the soap from me and took over. She washed my shoulders staring into my eyes. Then she started on my chest. She rubbed up and down through my chest hair. Her fingers played.

“You two better hurry before the hot water’s all gone.”.

Cat harrumphed, but knelt down and soaped up my cock. All this naked shower fun had it hard again. I was too busy washing the girls to notice. But I noticed now. Damn I noticed. I was over sensitive and her hands were making me squirm and jump. She stood and spun me around. Her soapy hands made quick work of my back. She knelt down again and soaped up my ass. Her hands moved around. She slid her hand under my ass and rubbed my balls. She grabbed my balls and squeezed. I yelled.

“Fair is fair, sucker.”.

Natalie laughed. “I think you two had really better hurry.”.

I felt the water getting colder. I turn the hot handle for more heat and quickly rinsed myself off. I rinsed any soap off of Cat. The water was still getting cold. I turned off the water. Goose bumps were all over our bodies. The towels Natalie handed us seemed so warm. Natalie was rubbing both me and Cat, drying our backs.

“Damn. I am one happy dude. Thank you ladies.”. Natalie leaned in and kissed me. “No, thank you. This is nice.”. Cat joined in and made it a group hug.

I said “I love you both.” I said and meant it. I smiled. Yes. This felt good. It felt like the best love I ever had. I loved Cat. That was for sure. The love felt like a fire -- a bit wild and dangerous. And I loved Natalie too, but it was a slower, softer love. Oh shit I think I just got two girlfriends. Well at least they know about the other. I had two girlfriends in college once. They both declared me their boyfriend on the same day. And it drove me nuts trying to keep them apart. This was already nicer, smoother. I hope this works better.

Later that night at home, as I dumped the camera’s memory and the first memory card, I stroked my cock. Not hard or fast enough to cum, but just to enjoy the memories.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 6

Around mid morning, I rode over and Cat was in the driveway before I got up the hill. My bike isn’t loud, but against the silence of the trees, it probably seemed loud. I pulled my helmet off, but stayed on the bike. Cat leaned in and gave me a kiss. Quick, hard, her tongue moved into my mouth and wormed around. She pulled back and sighed.

I loudly said “Next. All aboard.”. Then in a nicer tone “Go get the gear on, Cat”.

“Nice. I’ll be right back with Mom’s gear on.”.

She sprinted to the house as Natalie was stepping out, cup of coffee in hand, her robe flapping in the morning breeze. I could see her bare legs and bare feet.

Natalie held one side of her robe open and let Cat rush through it, like a bullfighter with a bull. Nice flash of legs and pussy. Sweet. She said “Ole!” as Cat bent over and ran by. She looked at me and said “Good morning, Bruce.”. She came to me and leaned in and gave me a kiss. It was a slow, gentle kiss. No tongue. “Now if you want to, give her a good, long ride. Run her down to the coast and then up highway 1. You can catch some speed on the short straights on highway 1. Bring her back in time for lunch.”. She leaned in again and said “I rubbed myself raw last night after you left. I hadn’t rubbed off that often for years…maybe never. I enjoyed watching you fuck Cat. My poor clit is sore.”.

I laughed and said “I stroked myself last night too, but not as hard I guess. Now I gotta get my head out of sex and into riding. Can’t crash while daydreaming about you young, hot ladies‘ pussies.”.

We talked about what each of us do for jobs, where we were raised, all the usual small talk. I wanted to know all about these two ladies and I wanted to know it now. I also wanted them to know about me.

Cat came out in Natalie’s gear. Yup, with her mom’s gear, she looked the biker bitch part. I gave her the safety speech about how to sit and not fight me leaning the bike, to not help me lean it either. Where she could hang on to. That if she wanted to talk to me, she had to yell loudly to get over the wind noise. She listened with an intent face. Good. She wasn’t playing stupid, over eager, or know-it-all. She also climbed on with easy grace, just like her mom.

The short ride down the hill to the coast was nice. I only had to remind her once to not help me turn. I kept the speed at a very reasonable speed, but still a bit over the limit in the tiny straights. I never let the pegs touch. Running up the coast, I passed a slow RV and opened it up to 85 before having to clamp on the brakes for a tight right hander followed by a downhill 15 mph left. I ran the next set of turns with a bit more gusto. I heard the pegs touch once or twice in the tight hairpins, but a quick twist of the throttle and the bike stood up and pulled.

Once off highway 1, I climbed the coastal hills and then turned onto a dead end road. There was a nice set of volcanic cliffs that would make a great backdrop for more photos. I could pose her in and out of the sun.

I pulled the bike to a stop and told her to get off.

She said “oooh you want me get naked?”.

“Not here. Someone may come from the houses just up at the end of the road. I may have you unzip, but that would be it here.”.

Sure enough, I soon had her unzipping the coat and unbuttoning her blouse underneath. After a bunch of photos, we heard a car coming up the road. Cat zipped up the coat, the blouse was still unbuttoned though, and we were at the bike before the car got there. They slowed down to look us over -- paranoia of country folk. I waved and smiled. They recognized me, my bike, and my camera so they waved back. They were quickly out of sight, the sound fading.

Cat giggled and said “Wow! That was close. Kind of exciting.”.

“No. Not that close. We heard them with plenty of time for you to zip the coat. But if you had been naked… whoo hoo! Speaking of time, we better roll back for lunch.”.

I ran the bike a bit faster on the way back and was touching pegs often. A couple of times, I got the pegs dragging for a few seconds in the long, forever turns on Hwy 1. They made a loud racket, but caused no hard problems with the handling…as long as I stayed off the hard parts by not leaning too far down.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 7

At their house, lunch was good. French dips, potato salad, and sodas.

Cat put the dishes in the sink and said “Now you need to take photos of Mom. I think out back would be a great place for nudie shots.”.

“Cat, he is your friend. I don’t need to horn in too much.”.

“Silly Mom. I think he likes us both. Right Bruce? You can love more than one person at a time. As long as you don’t do it sneaky like behind their backs.”.

I looked at Cat and wondered if I had this much savvy at her age. I think as a teen I was closer to a cave man than anything. I can hear the muppet Animal holler ‘Woman’ -- yup I had that much savvy and grace then. Hell with the two girls in college, I was a klutz and it ended badly.

Cat pulled her mom from the table and said “We’ll meet you out back. Bring your camera. After a bit, you can show me how to work the camera. Then I will take shots of you and Mom doing it.”.

In a few minutes I was walking around looking at the noontime light. Not good -- too harsh. The best lighting I found was a nice area that was shaded by the trees. There was also a gazebo with a couple of padded patio chairs. I saw an old basketball backstop and hoops laying against the house. It was mostly white and would work as a reflector. While I was surveying, Cat had her Mom down to her bra and undies -- she was playing bossy bitch in charge. I laughed.

Cat said “I will have mom in her bikini real soon. Then you can shoot her taking it off. OK?”.

Using a patio chair, I positioned the backstop to reflect light sideways into the trees. I looked at the girls and Natalie was ready.

“OK, Natalie stand along that tree and lean against it. Click Now just a slight smile. Click. Now turn and look at the house. Click. Now sit on that stump. Click.”.

Shot after shot. I never needed her to take the suit off. She was sexy with it on. Her stocky body showed her muscles under her skin. Not fat by any stretch. As I posed her, she showed a grace from deep within. No matter what position I asked for, she held it. A couple had caused strain, but I think -- I hope -- they’ll come out as hot as I think they will.

I moved the back stop to reflect into the gazebo. Cat helped.

Cat said “Now talk to me about this camera. You are going to strip her and do her.”.

After the quick lesson, I led Natalie to the gazebo. I pulled her in close and hugged her. I kissed her. I heard the camera clicking, but soon was so focused, it faded from my mind. I only knew Natalie and her body, her lips, her tits, her hips, her ass. My shirt and pants hit the floor. Natalie’s suit was soon off also. My hard cock was between us.. I could smell her. My fingers felt her slippery slit. I picked her up and slid her down onto my hard cock. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her hips started to pump up and down on me.

After a few strokes I came in her. I was that ready to cum. I didn’t even have much of a wind up. I just blew my load and started shuddering. She held on to my neck to stay on as my arms were going weak. I leaned back against the doorway post. Natalie pulled herself up and of my cock. She quickly got on her knees and started sucking and licking and stroking my cock. My hips jerked as she would hit my sensitive cock head. But, I never got soft. She never let me. I heard the camera click a few times. I looked down at Natalie and saw Cat kneeling behind her mom and taking photos of her pussy.

Cat saw me and said “Mom’s all wet down there. Looks sexy all dripping out and all.”.

Natalie pulled me by my cock to the middle of the gazebo. She laid across a padded red foot bench face down. She looked back at me and said “Round two. And as much as I needed that first, fast, hot fuck, this time let’s make it slow and long.”.

I threw one of the chair pads down and knelt behind her. I slowly slid my cock back into her sweet wet pussy. Cat was nearby taking photos. Oh dear yes, this is nice. Natalie felt real nice to fuck. This was a slow gentle love making, not fucking. I was expressing my love with my cock. Most of the time I was just sliding in and out around every two seconds, with an occasional fast, hard pump.

Natalie was making soft little noises. I heard a ‘damn’ or two, a few soft hissing ‘fucks‘, but mostly it was just sort of purring noises. I pumped into her for five minutes and then some. At this nice slow pace, I think I could last forever.

Cat reached in between us and took some of our sloppy wetness and rubbed it up her mom’s butt crack.

“Mom, reach back and hold your butt open. I wanna get you nice and wet back here in your butt.”.

Natalie moved her hands back and pulled her ass apart. Damn great view. I could see my cock and her pussy as I slid in and out. Her pussy lips were trying to hang on to me as I pulled out, then disappeared as I pushed in. Her asshole was open a bit as she pulled her cheeks apart.

Cat leaned down and dropped a big gooey wad of spit into her mom’s butt. She pulled back, wiped her mouth, and sucked her fingers clean. She picked up the camera again. She looked at me and nodded. I pulled out of Natalie’s pussy. I placed my wet, hard cock at Natalie’s butt hole. Click. I pressed forward. As wet as we were, it slid in far more quickly than I imagined. I was in her ass and sliding deeper.

My first time ass fucking. Great. “Oh god damn. I never knew ass fucking was so good. It’s different than regular fucking.”.

Natalie looked back at me and said “Just go slow and easy -- well at least to start with. Oh yes. Let the girl get used to your size, your girth. Oh my god damn. You have a monster for ass fucking. Niiiiiice. Cat, spit some more, get us real slick. Uh uh fuuuck When she does, start going wild. Ungh. So full.“.

Cat leaned in and dropped another big looggie in.

“Now work me. Ungh Try to hurt my ass, pound me, Oh yes harder. Oof oof oof… oh baby, cum hard, cum in my spit slicked ass, you ass fucking stud. Hard. Fast.”.

I picked up my pace and was banging her ass hard. I was hanging on to her hips for more leverage. Her hands still held her butt cheeks apart. I could see my cock going in and out. Her butt cheeks were getting red where my thighs kept slapping into her. Her fingers dug into her cheeks and she was now just wailing almost nonstop.

I felt Cat slide her hand along my ass cheeks. She pulled her hand back and slapped me. Natalie moved her hands so they wrapped around the stool.

“Do Mom harder, you ass fucker you. Harder!”. Whap! Whap!

She rubbed my ass as I picked up the pace even more. I was gasping. Her hand came off and again slapped me. Her fingers started to slide around my ass again. Another slap. The sharp pain, the soft caresses continued as I fucked Natalie. Wow!

She pulled her hand off. I focused on Natalie again. I watched my cock slamming in and out. I watched her ass cheeks wobble with each stroke.

“Oh god damn. Huff huff. Fuck. Huff huff.”.

Cat’s hand was back at my ass, only this time her fingers were wet. They were trying to get between my ass cheeks. I slowed down a bit and she pushed a finger into my ass. I yelped.

Cat leaned near my ear and said “I bit of payback. Now to up the ante.”.

She pushed a second finger in. She would push her fingers in me and I pushed into her mom. She pulled out and so did I. She added a third finger and started to wiggle them around.

“oh god damn, Cat. Natalie, Cat is…oh god damn…of fuck…my cock…shit shit.”.

Cat’s fingers pulled out and something bigger, harder was pushed against my wet asshole. Cat pushed and it went in. It was bigger than her fingers. I yelled and started cumming in Natalie’s ass. The thing in my ass popped in and settled in place. I guessed it was the red butt plug.

I came and came into Natalie’s ass. Cat was slapping my ass. Some of her spanks hit that big butt plug. I screamed each time. She was swatting my ass hard. It stung. My balls were starting to hurt as they kept cumming. Cat grabbed between my legs and grabbed my poor balls. She squeezed and I let another bolt of cum fly into Natalie. I felt weak. My vision was blurring. I saw darkness encircling my view of the world. The view was Natalie’s sweet, wet ass, her hands were back to pulling her butt cheeks open. The world went away. I still was able to hear. I don’t think I passed out, but I came close. Cat was using my balls to keep me pumping into her mom. Oh god the pain, the pleasure…they were one and the same…the feelings were intense. I pushed into Natalie and flexed as hard as I could. I finally resisted Cat’s tugs. Oh damn she pulled hard and I screamed, but I held tight against Natalie’s abused ass.

Cat let go of my balls and grabbed the butt plug. She worked it out a bit then pushed it back in. Then out just almost to the widest part, then back in. Each time she pushed, I squirted more cum. My balls were throbbing. My ass was stinging. My cock was just a massive over sensitive scream.

“Please, Cat. Please no more. Please.”.

Cat pulled the butt plug out. I breathed a sigh of relief. Cat pushed it back in hard and fast. I howled.

“Damn it, girl! Stop!”.

I pulled out of Natalie and spun around and caught Cat by the arm. I pulled her down so we were face to face.

“When I recover, you will get your comeuppance. I will pound your ass raw.”.

She smiled and looked at me, looked at her mom, still laying across the stool, not moving.

“I can’t wait. But please start easy… I’m not sure I can take it as hard as Mom just did.”.

We both heard Natalie moan some words, but it wasn’t clear. She swallowed and tried again. “You will take his cock the way he gives it to you. Oh god, and like it. Oh boy, I like it a lot. I’m not sure I can move though. My asshole is still vibrating as if you were still pounding me.”.

I looked at her ass and her hands were still holding her cheeks apart, through not as wide. Her asshole was pulsing, opening and closing. I turned back to try and soothe her ass and I yelped as my movements caused the but plug in my ass to plunge deeper. I reached behind and tried to pull it out. I was too spent to do much good.

“Cat, please take it out so I can help your mom. No more playing, please.”.

“Yes, Bruce. Hold still.”.

She reached and got her fingers around the base, the only part not in my ass. She started to pull it out, but she was doing it slowly. The little minx was trying to make it last. My cock was still dribbling cum and as she got the plug to its widest, I cried out. As it started to slip out, I came one more time with a small spurt. It finally popped all the way out. My ass started to clench and unclench.

“Thank you, though you did play some, by doing it so slow. Now go get some washcloths. Go.”.

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I always thought, Honda Shadow drivers must be gay, Now I'm sure !

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2010-03-30 22:31:36

jimbobjames 7Report

2010-03-27 20:27:46
one of the best so far

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