The story starts slow. The real sexy stuff starts in the third chapter. But I think the lead in story helps get the fires burning…enjoy
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Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 1

My name is Bruce. I am around 30. I live and work in a moderately small California coastal town. I ride a motorcycle -- as long as it is dry -- to and from work and for recreational fun. I often stop on my way home on the mostly deserted back roads to take a piss and shot photos. One early summer day, I was taking my usual extended route to enjoy some of the extra tight curving roads and some great ocean views as it peeps out between the mountains. I stopped the bike at a dirt pull over, nestled into the rocky cliffs, to piss and maybe take some photos of the setting sun if the air is right. I had stopped here many times.

I had just started peeing when I heard the some rocks fall near my feet. I then heard a young girl‘s voice say “Sorry about the rocks. I was just trying to get a closer look. You sure stop here a lot to pee.”.

I looked above and to my left. There was a young girl about 13 or 14, dirty blond, not skinny, somewhat stocky. I stopped peeing and zipped up quickly.

She giggled and said “No need to stop on my account. I have seen you take a pee many times. What do you do, drink a gallon of water before getting on the bike?”.

She moved out of sight. I heard her scrambling around the rocks and she came out to my left and behind me.

“Hi. My name is Catherine. Most people call me Cat. I was named after my grand aunt…never met her. Just seen photos of her. All black and white and faded. Nice bike you have. You really speed through here when you are not stopping to pee and take photos. Way faster than most.”. She said this at a very high speed -- it seemed to be all in one breath

“Uh…hi, Cather…Cat. I didn’t know I was…uh…flashing you. Sorry.”.

“Oh no problem. I enjoyed seeing your peter. Yours is the first ‘live’ adult one I ever saw.”.

“Again. I’m sorry. I don’t go around exposing myself, especially in front of young girls.”.

I started to move to my bike. I needed to put some distance between me and this little girl. I could see it now. ‘Yes officer. That’s the guy who showed me his penis’. ‘Take him away and throw away the keys’. Yup. Three million years for being a sex pervert.

She stepped in my way and said “Don’t go, please. What’s your name? I told you mine.”.


“Did you finish peeing? Normally you pee a lot more. Did I stop you? I’m sorry.”.

“Can we stop talking about me peeing, please. It’s making me uncomfortable.”.

Her talking about my peeing was also getting me a bit hard. I don’t know why.

“Oh well. But if you gotta finish, I will look away. What kind of bike is it? It looks real wild and perty. It sounds cool when I hear you coming up the hill. Is it a Harley?”.

“No. It’s a Honda Shadow. Had it for a couple of years now.”.

“My mom used to date a guy with a bike when I was real young. She was a biker bitch. But the guy was a jerk ass-hole loser.”.

I said “You really shouldn’t cuss…“.

“Her words! Not mine. She still has her helmet, her leather jacket, and her boots and gloves. I try them on from time to time and dream I am on that back of some guy’s bike -- hanging on tight. Can I have a ride?”.

“What? No. What would your mom say if she found out I took you on a ride without her permission? Besides I don’t have my spare helmet with me.”.

She started her fast pace speaking again. “I can go get Mom’s helmet. Mom would let me, I‘m sure. I just know it. But she would want a ride too. She always gets kind of dreamy eyed when she sees a hot bike like yours. I will do anything you say for a ride. Anything! Mom probably would too. Our house is just a little higher up the hill. The driveway is around this side. Come on. I will show you and we can ask Mom.”.

Anything? Oh my. I told myself a few years ago, after some girl offered anything, and I wasn‘t brave enough to take her up on it, that I would not let another opportunity go by. But she is too young. But the idea was making my cock even harder. I hoped it wasn‘t showing.

“Uh…Cat. Slow down. Take a breath. You don’t know me. I could be some crazed pervert killer. You shouldn’t talk to strangers. Besides I don’t want to meet your mom and have you tell her you’ve been watching me pee. I would go to jail -- quick!”.

“Oh, don’t worry. I am not stupid or anything. I would tell her I have often seen you taking photos by the cliff. She would want to see your photos and she would start talking all arty with you. You married? Or got a girlfriend? My mom’s ‘between guys’ at the moment. Maybe you two could get together…? Besides you‘re not a stranger. I have seen you many times. You often stop and just look at the ocean. You can‘t be a killer and stare at the ocean like you do.”.

In a louder voice I said “Cat! Stop! Please. Give me a break.”.

I held up my hand, palm facing her. My mind needed a break from her fast pace, hop-scotch mind. I was almost dizzy trying to keep up with her speed. She took the not so gentle hint and shut up.

“Thank you. Now I need to get going.”.

“You don’t like me. You must think I’m too fat. But most of it’s not fat. Most is muscles. Just like my mom. I’m sorry you don‘t like me..”.

“No it’s not that. It’s…”.

“Hey! You want to take my photo? I could pose like a model and all. You could direct me. Pose me. Have me unbutton my shirt and…”.

Oh god damn. Shots of her stripping, posing, naked, ... Doing what I say… Oh damn my cock was pushing out and kind of bent the wrong way. I tried to think other thoughts to keep it from getting harder.

“What!? Hey! No. Now behave, damn it.”.

“Um. You just cussed. And after you told me not to.”.

“Sorry. But gees. I can’t be taking sexy photos of you. You’re only… How old are you?”.

“I’m not THAT young, but thank you for asking. I am thirteen and a half…plus a couple of weeks. I thought all guys wanted see naked girls. The younger the better is what Mom says. You gay?”.

“No. I’m not gay. And yes guys do want to see naked women. And some guys want to see naked young girls. And whether I do or don’t will be my secret. Now behave. Oh gees, here I am talking to you about naked girls. Please behave.”.

“My mom says I have a naughty streak a mile wide. Just like she was when she was young. She is still naughty now, if you ask me. I’ve seen some photos of her when she was in high school and college. Doing things. Naked photos too. Yup, she was naughty too. Hey! I know a good spot where no one can see us. I will get all naked for you. You can take photos of me.”.

My hard-on was pulsing in my pants, twisted, almost painful. “Uh. I got to go. Nice meeting you, Cat.”.

“Well, can I talk to you when you stop by here again? I hope I didn’t make you mad.”.

“No I am not mad. I just gotta go.”.

I got on the bike and went home. Wow!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 2

I thought of Cat all the next week. Now I never had any ideas about girls other than my age, but I found myself jacking off thinking of doing nasty things with her. It’s in my head now. I know I wouldn’t do these nasty things to her. But boy did I jack off to the idea a lot.

I didn’t go home via that road all week, but I missed the turns, the curves, the leaning hard…so I went home that way Friday. I even was going to stop and take photos. Damn if Cat was going to scare me away from one my favorite photo spots. I just wasn’t going to go pee there. I found a spot a couple of miles sooner to pee. It is a regular timing with me after work. And the bike doesn’t allow for a full bladder, without anguish.

I got to the spot and pulled over, took off my helmet. I looked up, but didn’t see her. I thought I heard her footsteps fading, but couldn’t be sure. I got the camera and monopod out of my bags and started to scan the ocean waves. They were always different. The piles of driftwood always giving different textures. The setting sun always casting different shadows. I focused on the shots and almost forgot Cat was somewhere. She hadn’t come down. Well good.

After 5 or 10 minutes, I heard “Well you must be Bruce. I’m Cat’s mom, Natalie. Glad to meet you. Yes I know, Cat and Nat. Though I prefer Natalie. She has been talking about you and your bike for a while now. Oooh it is a nice bike.”.

I looked up from the camera and there was Cat and her mom. Natalie’s hand was out, so I shook hands with her. She was a little shorter than Cat and a little more chunky. Not fat. Neither was fat. More like fit barrels. Both wore shorts and their legs showed solid muscles. Both the same dirty blond. Same eyes, but the noses were different. Natalie looked a older than me, maybe 40 years old.

“Hi. I met Cat last week. This is a great spot to take photos.”. I was trying to make sure the conversation steered towards my camera. “The setting sun behind the trees gives some great shadows.”.

“Cat said she asked if she could go for a ride. She said you told her she had to ask me for permission. She says you ride real fast. You a good rider or just fast?”.

“Well, I have been riding for about ten years. So I have learned a few things over that time. Like just how hard you can push it while leaving a safe margin. Lessons learned the hard way. I was dumb and young.”.

She smiled and eyed the bike. “Nice. Oh cool it’s got a sissy bar. Way better than none. Trust me. Way better. Tell you what. If you give me a ride first, and you are a safe rider, then I will let you give Cat a ride. I’d just love it. It’s been way too long. I can go get my old gear on and be back here in say 10 minutes? Ok?”.

She spun around and quickly headed around the rocks and up the rocky path. I just stood there. She just invited herself on a ride. Didn’t even wait for me to say yes or no. I was about to get upset when Cat wrapped her arms around me.

“Great, I get to ride. Thank you. Thank you.”. She held on and planted her face in my chest. “Thank you, Bruce.” Her arms were stronger than I thought a thirteen year old should be.

I wiggled and pushed her away a bit. “Whoa! Easy there. Again, I might be some psycho killer.”.

“Nope. I can tell. Not psycho at all. A killer…hmmm…maybe.“ She laughed and winked at me. “Can I sit on the bike until my mom comes back? Have you thought about taking photos of me…sexy photos?”.

“Yes you may sit on it, but watch out for the hot pipes. Put your feet on the foot pegs only.”. I ignored her sexy photos question -- because YES I have thought about it -- a lot.

She got on the bike real fast and looked at the handlebars. She looked at me. “Can I grab the handles?”.

I laughed. This kid was just non-stop. A tiny steam roller. “Yes. But do NOT try to stand the bike up!”.

“Yes SIR!”. She giggled then grabbed the bars and leaned forward like she was racing. She leaned to one side then the other. I grabbed the sissy bar just to make sure she didn’t go over.

“You can take photos of me on the bike, like in the Easy Rider magazine. I got some bikinis. Some are tied with just strings. They would be real easy to untie.”.

I heard Natalie’s voice say “And just what did you have in mind, you two?“.

I almost choked and tried to formulate a plausible answer -- didn’t.

Natalie laughed and said “Cat is just an over sexed little twerp. What cha offering him? Gas, grass, or ass? You ain’t got grass -- I hope! You don’t have any money for gas. So all you got is that little ass of yours. Huh, is that your offer?”.

Natalie looked at me sternly, then really laughed out loud.

“You should see your face -- scared of little ole Cat here. Guess it’s my fault. Like mother, like daughter. Hey the gear still fits…well mostly. I had to adjust the chaps. I’m a little fatter than I was back then. But only in the hips, I think. Cat, get off now. Bruce, ready?”.

My mind was spinning. Here I am trying to be cool and not look like a sex pervert and Cat and Natalie were just throwing that all out the window.

“I uh… Honest. I wasn’t trying to…”.

“Oh, it’s ok. As long as you don’t spread her nudie photos all over the internet, then go ahead and snap away. Sexually, she is a covered pressure cooker about to blow up. Gonna happen sooner than later. And why not with a biker like I did. You look cute and sexy and seem nice. Cat really is infatuated with you. So go for it.”.

“Natalie. I…uh…”.

“Bruce, get your helmet and gloves on. Let’s go while there is still some sunlight. May not get time for your ride today, sweetie. Will you stay for dinner? Got a nice stew in a crock pot. French bread. Beer. Good beer. Meet us back at the house, Cat. Watch the stew so it doesn’t boil over. Add a little water if it gets too dry. Butter and garlic the bread and put it in the over on warm -- and watch it!”.

I can see, or should I say hear, where Cat gets her fast hopscotch speaking pattern from. I grabbed my helmet and pulled it on. Then the gloves. I got on and Natalie stepped on and lightly sat behind me. She wrapped her arms around my waist lightly. She may look chunky, but she moved smoothly. I fired up and we rolled away.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Two Wheels Gets Me Lucky, Chapter 3

The ride was short as I just took some of the narrow twisted roads in area. I hit a couple of semi straights and opened the bike up. I heard Natalie yell ’Wheee’ from time to time. She guided me to their nearly hidden driveway. I pulled the bike in along side her car and Natalie got off. Cat was there almost jumping up and down.

“Was it good? Is he a good biker like I said? When can I ride?”.

“Whoa, slow down, Cat. Yes and yes and the next time he stops by. I felt real comfortable back there. He rides just fast enough and real smooth. How’s dinner?”.

“The carrots and taters are ready, so I turned it down to warm. The plates and silverware are set.”.

“Good. Come on, Bruce, food’s awaiting.”.

The food was good. Way better than my cooking. I held myself to just one beer -- can’t get drunk or even close, I’m on the bike. I got up from the table and started for my gear.

Natalie said “Hey. Ya can’t just eat and run. You got to make Cat earn her ride. I earned mine with the food. Not quite gas, grass, or ass. But I hope it was good enough. Go get that camera of yours. What’s your flavor? Bikinis? Lingerie?”. I paused, not sure what to say to that offer. “Cat, go get some of my teddys. I think the black one will look great.”.

Cat ran into the hallway and around the corner.

“What? You really want me to take photos of Cat in lingerie? Huh?!”.

“Sure why not? She’s willing. She’s old enough to know what she wants. And she has been telling me she asked if you wanted to take sexy photos of her. It can‘t be outside because the light is gone. Maybe next time. I‘m thinking the living room couch or maybe my bedroom. Her bedroom is just way too messy.”.

Cat came back with a wad of flimsy clothes in her arms.

I looked at her. “I told you to behave and NOT tell your mom.”.

“I told her it was me who asked you. And that’s the truth. I told her you got all red in the face and your peter got all hard. It was cute, you running away from little ole me. Besides I didn’t say a thing about me watching you pee.”.

“Ooh kinky, guys.”.

“It’s not what you think. I didn’t know she was there watching until last week.”.

They both giggled.

I rolled my eyes. The two of there were incorrigible. Cat dropped the pile onto the couch and pulled a black garment out. She moved it around and then draped it in front of her. It wasn’t much. Thin straps and a deep vee-neckline that was just… oh my. She is just thirteen. My cock was getting hard looking at her. I can’t be doing this. This is wrong. Cat was swaying back and forth. Looking at me, smiling. Natalie grabbed a red, gauzy something and twisted it around until was hung the right way in front of her. It was not as deep a vee. But it too was very see through.

“Yup this one will look good too. Cat, go start with the either of these, I prefer the black one. Bruce, go get your camera.“.

Cat almost ran to her room. I was dumb struck. I didn’t have a clue where or what or who. Just dumb. Natalie pointed to the door sternly and said “The camera…?”.

I went. I was going to do this. I was going to take sexy photos of a thirteen year old girl. Her mom was condoning it. Encouraging it. Hell, instigating it. I came back in and Natalie had cleared the pile of garments off the couch. She had moved the pillows around and was surveying her handy work. She turned on more lights, tilting some lampshades.

“Oh that ought to do just fine. Full spectrum lights, should allow for decent color management. Cat, you about ready? Come on out.”.

I turned and looked to the hallway and Cat entered. Oh wow. Her hair was in pig tails now and…wow…the lingerie was ALL she had on. She had both the little girl and the young sexpot look going strong. The nighty was thin -- gauzy -- what little there was. I saw her cleavage almost the whole way down to her belly button. I’d never seen what size her boobs were back at the where I pulled over, as her shirts were lose and baggy both last week and this. But what boobs she had was there now for the viewing. Oh yes, she had boobs. A good size set for a young girl, maybe big A‘s. Not large by any means, but nice looking. My cock was hard. I was staring. Her firm legs were almost completely exposed. The hem just barely covered her thighs midway. If she bent any way, she would almost show something. As it was, I could tell she did NOT have underwear on. It was that gauzy.

Natalie laughed and said “Stop staring. Ya got a camera. Use that. The images will last much longer. Cat, do what he says. Listen to him. Go ahead pose her. Command her. Shoot away.”.

I pulled the camera up and viewed the couch through the frame. I’m gonna do this. I moved the camera back down and said “Cat, move over to the couch, but stand by it, don‘t sit.”.

She moved. I viewed and shot. “Now look to the side.” click “Look up.” click Look down and put your hand on one shoulder”. click

I was hard oh so very hard. I was getting braver with each shot.

Now stand by the side of the couch. Hands on the armrest. Look away. Lean more.”.

Oh shit! Her ass was almost visible. The sides of her breasts were showing as the nighty leaned down and away from her small breasts. Click

“Look at me. Keep your butt somewhat pointed to me. Open your mouth just a bit”. click

“Let your left shoulder droop. Let the nighty start to slide off.”. click

I whispered “more” click “further” click

The nighty was just barely covering her breast.

I was so hard. I don’t think I was ever this hard. I had to reach down into my pants and move my cock so it was pointing up. Oh way better.

I barely heard Natalie say “Damn that looks sexy. Sexy. Ya got him all hard and hot and bothered. Hot, girl. It’s making me hot just watching. Oh Bruce, more. Tell her to do more.”.

“Turn your body to me…twist…”. Her small stocky body was more flexible than I could have thought. “…there! Now let it slide. Yes.”. click click

Her left nipple was showing. I suddenly wanted to feel it. To suck it. Dare I? I do.

“Cat, we need to get your nipple to stand up more. Here, stand back up. Let me…touch…pinch.”.

I moved my hand onto her exposed breast. I rubbed the soft skin. Cat moaned. I think I heard Natalie moan too. I got the nipple between my fingers and lightly pinched and pulled. It was somewhat pointy before, now it was out there, stiff. The areola was tight and crinkled. Wow! I focused up close and got just her pointy nipple and breast in the frame. Click

“Turn a bit.” click

“Put your hand under it. Offer it to me.” click click

“Now crawl onto the couch, over the arm.” click click

“Slide your arms out of the straps”. Click

Her nighty slid further down her chest. The other side was coming off. Both boobs were exposed. The nighty was bunching up on her waist. Click click

“Now twist to me. Raise your head. Yes” click

“Now hold still. Let me get them wet and shiny.” I leaned in and sucked the left nipple. I slid my tongue over it. Leaving a good bit of slobber. I moved over to the right. I sucked it in harder. I bit it just slightly. Cat moaned louder. I left plenty of slobber on it too. Enough to start to drip off when I pulled back. Click

“Now stick you tongue out and point it down to your boobs.” click

“Oh god damn yes. Roll over onto your back. Raise your left leg onto the back of the couch, slowly.”.

The skirt part slid up her legs. Her far hip was exposed, but there was just enough material in her crotch to still keep her just covered. Click click

“Now put your hands down and pull the hem up. Slowly.” click

Her near hip was now exposed. I could see her blond pussy hair. Click

“Now lower your right leg off the couch. Spread slowly. Oh my god.”. click click

I moved in closer to her pussy. Click The smell of her was there. Getting stronger as I moved in. click.

I heard Natalie say “Oh girl. You look a right slut. Oh so hot.”.

I looked back and saw Natalie had her hands in her unzipped pants and was rubbing away. I looked back at Cat. I looked back at Cat…all but naked I front of me.

“Now reach down with your left hand and spread your lips. Your pussy lips. Spread them for me.”. click

“Oh yes. We need to get you real wet and shiny down here.”. I leaned in and stuck my face in her pussy. My tongue lapped her sweet, young pussy. She was wet and tasty. I licked her slit and pushed my tongue in. She moaned and her hips jerked up. I lapped up to the top of her slit and sucked in her clit. She cried out. Her hips were moving up and down. I just held my head still and let her work her pussy on my face. I felt her getting close. I pulled away. She moaned in disappointment. Click Standing up reminded me of how hard I was. I was pulsing in my pants. Hell if this level of excitement keeps up, I will come in my pants.

She whimpered “Oh it felt so good. Please, more. More. I was close.”.

I wrapped the camera strap around one wrist and held the camera one handed. I had done this before and was still able to focus, but not change the f-stop. I moved my other hand to her pussy. Click I moved my pointer finger into her to the first knuckle. Click

Her hips started to rock again. This forced my finger deeper into her. I held my arm still and let her fuck herself on me. Click click. Deeper and deeper my finger went. Her hips came up hard and she started crying out loudly. Almost a wail. My finger was completely in. click She shuddered and came. I added a second finger and she wailed louder and shook harder. Click I heard Natalie behind me gasping. I looked back and she was shaking. She was orgasming too. Wow! I rubbed Cat’s clit with my thumb as she humped my fingers. click

Finally she clenched every muscle and her hips came off the couch. Click

She fell back down and went limp. Click. I moved the zoom out and the frame up. Click. Her sweaty belly and boobs. Click. Her boobs, hard nipples, her face looking glazed. Click.

I stood up and brought my wet fingers up to my mouth. Nice sweet young girl nectar. My poor cock was so very hard. I wanted to pull it out. Wait! I will have Cat do it.


“Huh? Oh wow. That was good. So very good.”.

“Cat. Stand up and remove the nighty. Then kneel in front of me.”.

She moved her legs and sat up. She wobbled a bit, then stood up. It took just a slight push and the nighty fell away. Click.

“Oh my god damn.” click

She knelt, smile at me, then winked. She looked at my belt and pulled the end out. Click.

She pulled the catch free. Click.

She undid the zipper and moved my pants down slowly off my hips. Click

They fell down to my ankles. Her hands reached up and pulled my underwear down. My cock was free and waving in the air right in front of her face. Click

Her hands reached up and wrapped around my shaft. Click

She slid one hand down to my balls. Click.

“Rub it up and down. Easy on the balls. Gently squeeze my balls.” click

“oh god yes. Faster. Stroke me faster.”. click

“oh fucking shit. Faster.”.

I was so close, I couldn’t take any more photos. My head rolled back and I stared at the ceiling. I felt a wetness on my cock. I looked down and saw her mouth on my cock.

“ Fucking shit. That’s it. Oh damn”.

Her lips were on my cock. Her young, thirteen year old lips sliding on my cock.

“Oh god damn yes. I am…oh…FUCK”.

I came hard. I moved my hips forcing my cock in and out of her mouth. My jism was going into her mouth. She was still stroking my balls and her hand was still wrapped around my shaft near my balls. She pumped my cock, getting the last few spurts in. She pulled off. I looked down and she opened her mouth. My cum was there. She looked at the camera in my hand and nodded. I pulled it up and aimed. Click. She closed her mouth. A little bit squeezed out onto her lips. She swallowed. She opened her mouth and showed the emptiness. Click. She licked the bit off her lips. Click.

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