A continuation of a sibling love story
This story is a continuation of my earlier story and is meant to stand alone but reading "The Vertical Smile" might help you maintain continuity. I have written this at the specific and repeated requests from my friends (you know who you are). I appreciate their support, but I'm not too sure about their request for this story.

Getting above her on my knees, I used the head of my cock to tease open and lubricate her. Gently easing myself into her, I was not surprised to find her hymen blocking the way. She was not the only virgin in the bed, either. Both of us, unknown to the other, had been saving ourselves for this moment.

Before breaking through the barrier, I asked Vickie one more time; "Are you sure?".

In answer, my sweet sister forced herself up onto my cock breaking her hymen herself. After staying still for a while to enjoy the feeling of having my cock buried in the most wonderful place in the world, and waiting for her to get past the pain, I started stroking in and out slowly and gently. Now, this is the way I want to spend the rest of my life. So did she.

Reaching our orgasms was, for both of us, almost cataclysmic. Admitedly, I was not experienced except with my hand, but I had never cum that hard or that much in my life. I felt my soul finding it's mate through my cock. This is where I was meant to be and what I was meant to be doing. It seemed that Vickie felt the same. There were tears on both of our cheeks that had nothing to do with sadness. We lay together entwined, quivering for almost a half hour. Both of us felt complete and whole.

I woke up before Vickie and all I wanted to do was lie there and hold her and look at her. I had loved this beautiful creature all my life, but had been deeply in love with her since we were twelve. All this time I thought my love was one-way, but now I knew differently. Then I remembered the sad news we had received the day before.

Our parents had been involved in an auto accident and were both killed. As a result, Vickie and I had decided to quit our jobs and return home for the funeral and had also decided to stay in our family home, at least for the immediate future. I know what I wanted; I wanted to live as man and wife with my sweet Vickie for the rest of my life and it seemed like she wanted the same. If there was any way possible, we would find it.

I began rubbing her back, from her neck to her lovely butt, very gently and loving every inch. Vickie started moving and cooing and opened her lovely eyes. The love she felt for me was evident in her eyes. It seemed that both of us felt the same - we were each others hearts, souls and lovers. We could never be apart. We decided that hugging and kissing each other was the way we wanted to wake up every day for the rest of our lives. "Have you decided what we are going to do?" Vickie asked.

"I think the best thing to do is to pack our stuff and clean the apartment over the weekend, pack everything into the car and go into work Monday morning to quit then start the drive home. That should put us into town late Monday evening. If you agree, I'll call the sheriff back home and ask him to make some arrangements with the funeral home. What do you think?"

Vickie told me that she agreed and that we should get up soon and start getting ready. "I'm going to miss Mom and Dad so very much. I feel like we should have been there instead of so far away."

"Vickie, I'll miss them too, but there was nothing we could have done. Besides, they agreed that us making a life for ourselves here was best. We all agreed there was nothing for us in that small town."

"I know, but still. Vince, we should get up and get started soon."

"Soon? How soon?" I asked. She didn't answer me, but started kissing me and, for the first time, reached for my cock. That was the very first time she had touched my cock and it was heaven. I almost came just from her touching it. Vickie slowly worked her way down to my middle and gently started licking around the head of my cock. With a look of love on her beautiful face, she took the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking. "Honey, I'm going to cum!" I said, but Vickie only nodded her head and hummed. I could hold it no longer and started shooting into her sweet mouth. Burst after burst fired into her as she fought to swallow it all. After an endless period of time I finished cuming and pulled Vickie up, held her in my arms and kissed her. I had never loved her more.

"You didn't have to do that Vickie" I told her.

"I have wanted to do that for years and only partly because of what you did to and for me last night. I love you so much, Vince." Her eyes were moist with her emotion. God, I loved this girl.

Since we both were virgins before last night, we had very little idea of what to do other than what we had done. We spent the next half-hour fondling and kissing each other. By this time that lovely vertical smile was again leaking her delicious liquid and radiating heat. Paying attention to Vickie's breasts kept me busy for over a half hour, then I felt the need to move lower.

Vickie's legs were already parted widely with her knees up to her chest, so I simply moved between them and buried my face in the one place on earth I wanted to be. How in the world could anyone refer to something this beautiful and wonderful as a 'cunt'? Her taste was not quite as wonderful as last night, but it was still the most wonderful taste in the world and her aroma was so very wonderful. I couldn't stop licking her and sucking on her. My tongue was busy from her mound to her anus.

I was so charged that I couldn't control myself and spend a long time licking and trying to get my tongue into her little pink rosette. Finally I became aware of what I was doing and returned to her clit because I was afraid Vickie would think I was perverted for licking her anus. From her groans, it sounded like Vickie was disappointed, but I knew that she couldn't be. Could she?

After Vickie had an orgasm, I moved up and allowed her to position my cock at the entrance to her very center. I slowly pushed my cock into her until the head nudged into her cervix. What a glorious feeling for both of us. Slowly stroking in and out I knew that I was home. This was the girl I loved above all others and would for the rest of my life. I loved my sister of course, but I was also in love with her and would never be otherwise. She was and would be forever, my life.

After what seemed like a lifetime, I could no longer contain my orgasm. The feeling of my semen filling her up caused Vickie to climax. We both lay moaning and quivering for long minutes. If this was not heaven, what could possibly be better.

We finally got up and showered together. The feeling of our skin, wet and slick, rubbing together was beyond belief. We enjoyed this wonderful contact for several minutes (until the shower started running cold). After drying each other we got dressed and had our breakfast.

After breakfast we started packing. The next two days were spent cleaning up and packing for our departure. Monday morning we drove to work, told our boss what had happened to our parents, and told them that we had to quit and go home. They were disappointed, but seemed to understand. We had been good, loyal, and productive employees and had loved our jobs here. We started on our drive home.

Monday night, just a few miles from home, I called the sheriff to let him know where we were and to check on what was going on.

He advised us to go on out to the farm then meet him at his office in the morning. Then he would explain everything and take us to the funeral home to check on the arrangements for Mom and Dad's funeral.

When we got home, Vickie and I were too upset being in our childhood home with mom and dad not being there, we just went to bed and held each other until we went to sleep.

Tuesday was a whirlwind of meetings, arrangements to be approved and getting ready for the funeral to be held the next day. Finally on Tuesday afternoon, we met with dad's lawyer for the reading of the will and so he could let us know all the details of their insurance policy. From what the lawyer told us, there was enough money to pay all the bills and provide for us forever so long as we didn't go completely crazy with new cars and stuff. By the way, neither of us cared at all for new cars. Even if we felt like treating the farm as a 'gentleman's farm' that would be enough - we didn't really need to make money off the farm. We both were again in tears from our feelings of love and gratitude to our mother and dad. We would miss them terribly, but because of them, we would have an easier life than we could have otherwise.


After the funeral the next day, Vickie and I returned to the farm to start our life together. For the first couple of months our life was blissful. The sex was heavenly and our love was all we could think of.

Living on the farm and being so recently virgins, our sex life was mostly without imagination. It was filled with love, but there was no experimentation. To keep Vickie (and myself) happy and excited, I started doing some research on the internet. That is where I found out that the incident of me licking Vickies anus was not as perverted as I had thought. We started to play more during sex and found that we enjoyed making love more. Our love was of primary importance, but making love in other, more different ways was an increasingly important part of our lives.

One night, while I had my face once again buried in the most beautiful and wonderful place I knew of, her sweet, lovely vertical smile, and once again I started licking Vickie's little pink anal rosette. Her reaction was as excited as I had remembered from the last time I had done this. Licking from her anus to her clit, I got my index finger lubricated in her very wet vagina and gently pressed into her little backdoor. Her orgasm hit her immediately and very hard if her scream of enjoyment was any indication. I was really shocked because I didn't know a woman could get so excited from that.

Needless to say, that started our experimentation of all forms, and I mean all forms, of sexual activity. If a sex act involved a man and a woman, we tried it. Some things we loved more than others, but our sex life was as fulfilled as our love life. We found that loving, gentle anal sex could be so fulfilling that it took an hour or more to recover. In spite of our natural feeling that anal sex was wrong/dirty, it became a very moving and important part of our sex lives together.

Then one morning, Vickie was sick to her stomach. Both of us had eaten the same things so we couldn't decide what had made her ill since I wasn't sick. (I told you that we were both naive and so recently virginal.) After a short discussion, we finally had the thought that since she had not had her period in a couple of months, pregancy could be the answer. At her appointment with the doctor three days later, she found out that she was, indeed, expecting.

She told the doctor that it must have been her boy friend from when we lived in the city and that he had since gone with the Army to Iraq where he was killed. No, she did not want an abortion, but would raise the child herself. About four months later the doctor wanted to do a sonogram to make sure the baby was doing okay. That's when we found that it was not a baby - it was twins. Since Vickie and I were twins, we both were more apt to produce twins. Even with the complication of brother/sister, we were very happy and excited about our future children.


Our lives together for the next several years was nothing short of blissful. After the twins, a boy and a girl, were old enough to sleep in beds instead of a crib, they would never sleep apart. When we tried to separate them, they would cry inconsolably and would only calm when they were allowed to sleep together in the same bed.

Vickie and I often wondered what the future would bring for them.

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2012-09-10 15:32:46
Great stories and we need more!
Double Trouble has to be one of the best ever on this site and we cannot comment upon it.
Personally - I'd love a sequel to it -- Any chance???

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2012-03-02 03:26:48
Pretty good story. Not amazing but not bad ither


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Nice story donb, but for some reason I expected more. Don't get me wrong and get all defensive, the layout spelling and general theme are good, but you got nearly as much reaction out of me for the title alone as you did for the story. 6.5/10


2010-06-21 22:24:56
Very good. Keep on writing stories like this. Maybe a happy event in their future?

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2010-05-20 22:43:02
You need to work on better constructed "sex scenes". There was a solid story line but the love making seemed bland, lacking proper build up. this is after all a sex story site. for only three stories your doing great, gave it a positive vote

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