The moment Naruto stepped into Konoha he had a feeling something was up. He didn't know if he liked it, but what Shizune told him the other day of Lady Tsunade's weaknesses he was willing to take any chance to get to her.

“I'll report to Lady Tsunade” Kakashi says walking into town. As soon as they do walk in several ANBU jump in front of them.

“The Hokage has summoned Shizune, Kakashi, Sakura, Yamato, and Naruto to her office” The middle ANBU says.

“What about Kyubi?” Naruto asks.

“The Hokage mentioned nothing of her” The same ANBU replied.

“Relax Naruto I'll be waiting outside for you” Kyubi rubs his shoulders

“Alright, lets go!” Kakashi says with every one agreeing as the group splits up.

Naruto slams the door wide open screaming “I'm here Granny Tsunade!”

“Naruto Uzamaki!! I told you to stop calling me that!” Lady Tsunade screams back at him.

“You wanted to see us ma'am” Kakashi says holding back Naruto before he says another word.

“Ah yes, Naruto Uzamaki please step forward!” Lady Tsunade shouts as Naruto stands straight in front of her with his eyes hazy back and forth between her breasts and her face. Tsunade takes notice what Naruto is doing and steps right in front of him with her breasts right in his face “So you like my breasts ay Naruto” Tsunade says in a threatening voice towering him.

“Yes ma'am” Naruto says and is hit hard in the head.

“Now then the reason why I've summoned you here is because Jiraiya has fallen to Pain” Lady Tsunade let it out quickly trying not to show her emotions.

“Impossible!” Naruto screams and runs out looks at Kyubi for a split second and then runs out of the building.

“Kyubi you and Naruto will be traveling so Naruto can learn a new jutsu” Tsunade says to Kyubi as Kyubi stares blankly at her.

“I understand ma'am” Kyubi replies, and bows to her, then runs after Naruto.

“Now then your report Kakashi” Lady Tsunade says.

Kakashi look into her eyes then takes a deep breath then says “Lee has fallen, Kisame has died in battle as well. We met Itachi, however he gave no information other than saying that word of Jiraiya's death has spread.”

“Of Kisame's body...” Tsunade asks.

“I had ANBU in the area get it a few hours after his death however his body dissolved when the ANBU got there” Kakashi replies.

“Is it possible that it was a clone of his?” Tsunade asked again.

“No, the ANBU said it dissolved like an acid not like his usual water clones” Kakashi replies.

Tsunade turns her back to him as she curses under her breath, and then turns to face him once more “Kakashi what of Lee?”

“Gai is taking care of him with Tenten and Neji at this moment” Kakashi says “Is that all Hokage?”

“Make sure Lee gets an appropriate funeral. Your dismissed” Tsunade says as everyone leaves her office.


That night as Naruto layed in his bed with Kyubi he couldn't sleep as his mind couldn't imagine a world where his teacher fell to the hands of anyone.

“Naruto are you still awake” Kyubi says turning over to face him.

“I can't see how Jiraiya lost his life to anyone that's all” Naruto says turning to face Kyubi.

“After you left Tsunade...” Kyubi says before Naruto interrupts her.

“Tsunade! Why did she allow Jiraiya to go alone” Naruto says sitting up now. Kyubi sits up behind him rubbing his shoulders.

“I need to get some fresh air Kyubi okay” Naruto says walking out into the night air. Kyubi sits there for a moment rubbing her forehead. Shrugging it off she gets up and walks out to Naruto who was standing there looking at the Hokage Monument.

“Naruto after you left Tsunade told me that both of us would be going to train somewhere in a distant land...” Kyubi says as she gets interrupted by Naruto.

“I know it is for me to learn a jutsu that will help me defeat Pain” Naruto says.

“Wasn't Pain...” Kyubi says and then is interrupted once again.

“I don't fight for revenge Kyubi you know why I fight” Naruto replies.

“Then I think we should go then if you ever want to become Hokage you need to learn this jutsu, so...” Kyubi says and is once again interrupted by Naruto.

“I know that I have to, it's just that...” Naruto says and then is smacked in the face by Kyubi “What was that for?”

“You keep interrupting me Naruto! And because I want you to learn this jutsu so you can protect not me, but the entire village” Kyubi quickly says before Naruto could respond.

“Tomorrow then we will head out” Naruto smiles at Kyubi and then gives her a quick kiss as he heads back in with Kyubi following right behind him.


Naruto woke up the next morning to a constant knock at the door “I'm awake!” Naruto opens the door to reveal Shikamaru “Shikamaru?”

“We need to talk Naruto would you please come with me” Shikamaru says as Naruto quickly gets dressed and then walks with him.

A few moments later Kyubi wakes up noticing that Naruto is no longer around “He wouldn't dare leave me would he!?” Kyubi quickly puts something on and just as she opens the door Ino and Sakura are standing at the doorstep about ready to knock. “Have you seen Naruto?” she asked both of them.

“Yeah Shikamaru and him are checking some message Jiraiya sent” Ino says with a cheerful voice.

“Oh thank goodness” Kyubi says.

“Why, what's wrong? If he did one idiotic thing I'll kill him for you Kyubi!” Sakura says in her fiery mood.

“Oh no nothing like that it's just that we were planning on leaving for him to learn that new jutsu today...” Kyubi says.

“Before you leave you don't mind us asking if we could have some fun” Sakura says.

“Uh right now?” Kyubi asks, and as she says it Ino and Sakura push her back in and close the door.

“No worries Kyubi, Naruto won't be back for quite some time” Ino says taking her clothes off. Sakura does the same while Kyubi sits there with her clothes on the bed.

“Come on this will be our last time don't you want some” Sakura says jokily to Kyubi.

“I...I guess so” Kyubi shyly she says as Sakura lifts her shirt off of her, while Ino takes her pants off. Sakura pushes Kyubi down on the bed and begins to play and suck on her tits while Ino pulls apart Kyubi's legs to reveal a moist pussy. Ino started devouring Kyubi's pussy by licking it and sticking her fingers in it and quickly Kyubi began coming.

“It looks like someone is extra horny today?” Sakura says noticing Kyubi moaning loudly. Sakura moved so that she was sitting above Kyubi's face. Sakura began playing with her tits while Kyubi started to lick Sakura's pussy. “Fuck yessssssssssss!!! Kyubi uuuuuhhhh make me cuuuuummmmm!!” Sakura moans loudly.

“Mmmm, Kyubi you taste extra sweet today” Ino says as cum drips from her mouth.

Kyubi takes her mouth off of Sakura's pussy to catch some air then says “I am able to change any part of my body even how my cum tastes.”

“Let me have some Ino” Sakura says turning her self around while Kyubi fingers Sakura's ass hole and eats her pussy. Ino gets up and lifts a leg of Kyubi's so they could rub clits, while Ino kisses Sakura. Sakura take some of the cum from Ino's mouth and swishes it around her mouth for a moment and then pulls away from Ino and says “Your right Ino she does taste extra sweet today. Say Kyubi does Naruto though that you can change the taste of your cum?”

Kyubi stops eating Sakura's pussy while still having two fingers in her ass hole “Not yet, but I was planning on doing it soon.”

“Next time you see him can you make your cum taste like ramen he'll go nuts for sure” Sakura says and both her and Ino giggle at the statement.

“Sure no problem” Kyubi replies and goes back to eating Sakura's pussy. Ino starts rubbing clits with Kyubi and she also starts making out with Sakura and feeling her breasts. Sakura plays with Ino's breasts in return.

“Oh yes!!” Ino says pulling away from Sakura as she begins pounding her pussy against Kyubi's. Sakura gets down and plays with both of their pussies trying to make Ino come.

“Please don't stop!” Kyubi moans loudly knowing she was about to come as well.

“It looks like you two are about come, lets see if I can make you both come at the same time” Sakura says rubbing both their pussies while Kyubi has her fingers in Sakura's pussy and ass-hole now. “Kyubi!! are you trying to make me come at the same time also!?” Sakura asks while squealing.

“I'm coming!!!” Ino screams as a large amount of cum gushes out of her.

“Ino! Uh Kyubi! I'm coming!!” Sakura moans standing upward.

“INO!!” Kyubi comes at the same time as the other two.

“Oh gawd did that feel good or what?” Ino breathes heavily.

“Tell me about it” Kyubi says as she and Sakura are also breathing heavily.

“We should probably clean ourselves up now” Sakura says trying to catch her breath.

“Ready for round two are we” Ino says with a little grin on her face to Sakura.

“I don't know if I can handle another round” Kyubi replies.

“Oh no worries Sakura and I can last several rounds before we pass out. With your chakra you should be able to outlast us easily” Ino states.

“This time though why don't we get on the floor and eat each other” Sakura replies.

“I don't think Naruto will mind if we destroy a little bit more of his place after all he never has liked it clean” Ino says looking around noticing that the place is a lot cleaner then all the other times she's enter Naruto's apartment “Say Kyubi did you clean the place up?”

“No, the day after I came Naruto went crazy cleaning the whole place up. You should of seen him it was hilarious he can't stumbling around and all” Kyubi began to laugh at what she was saying, and couldn't hold it in. Soon Sakura and Ino began laughing uncontrollably. Ino is on the floor kicking, and Sakura laying on the bed next to Kyubi. This lasted several minutes until all caught their breaths and then there was a dead silence for a split second.

“Well are we going to do this or not? I'm already on the floor!” Ino shouts at the two of them laying on the bed. Sakura and Kyubi shared a wicked smile together before getting on the floor. Sakura went for Ino's red swollen pussy while Kyubi flick at Ino's tits with her tongue and fingers. “Oh mother of all Hokages don't stop!” Ino moans like a child screaming for there mother.

“I can taste some of Kyubi sweet cum mixed with yours Ino, and wow does it ever make a difference” Sakura says and then goes back down and eats more of Ino's pussy.

“Ugh oh yes! Yes!!” Ino moans repeatedly as Kyubi continues to pleasure Ino's rock hard tits, and Sakura eating her pussy. “Make me cum even harder than before!” Ino screams as Sakura digs her tongue even further. Kyubi gets down on the floor behind Ino and makes out with her while rubbing her own pussy. Ino was about to burst another orgasm as Kyubi explores Ino's mouth. All Ino could do at the moment is to allow the cum to gush on Sakura's face while she explored Kyubi's mouth with her own tongue.

Sakura cleaned up Ino's pussy after Ino's second orgasm and then saw that Kyubi was making out with Ino while fingering herself, so Sakura moved behind Kyubi and spread her ass cheeks and began to lick Kyubi from there while sticking her own fingers in her own pussy and in Kyubi's pussy. Kyubi stopped fingering her own pussy, and spread her hands over Ino's breasts and rubbed them. In return Ino begins fingering herself to yet again.

“Uh Sakura!” Kyubi stops making out with Ino as she begins to feel like she is about to cum once again. Ino moves over to the bed's side with her legs spread apart in front of Kyubi as she rubs her pussy and plays with her tits. “Oh fuck!” Kyubi says as her cum drips onto Sakura's fingers and on the floor.

“Alright Kyubi time for you to make me cum again” Sakura says laying down behind Kyubi. Kyubi decided to make a clone for Ino, while she took care of Sakura. The clone Kyubi moved over to Ino and made out with her while fingering her pussy, and in return Ino fingered Kyubi's pussy. The real Kyubi at the same time got between Sakura's legs and licked her red swollen dripping wet pussy. “Oh Yes! Don't stop Kyubi!!” Sakura moans as she begins to come in Kyubi's mouth.

Ino and Kyubi pull away and start rubbing each others pussies even harder as juices flowed out of both of their pussies. Both moaned loud enough to erase Sakura's moaning. Afterwards all three layed on the floor with their swollen wet pussies dripping on to the floor.

“That was the best fuck ever” Sakura says and drops to the ground passing out.

“Agreed” Ino says and passes out.

Kyubi removes her clone and gets in bed playing with herself as she goes to sleep enjoying the greatest lesbian experience she has ever had since coming to this world.


Naruto deciphered the message Jiraiya gave to him “Say Shikamaru you don't mind if we visit Lady Tsunade one more time before Kyubi and I leave.

“Well we do need to tell her that Kyubi and you are leaving for some training anyhow” Shikamaru replies. Both headed to Lady Tsunade's quickly. Naruto was the first to get into the Hokage's office with Shikamaru walking steadily behind him as they entered the office.

“Hey where's Lady Tsunade?” Naruto says looking all over the place as Shikamaru stands at the door side.

“Maybe she went to get something to eat. She'll probably be back in a few” Shikamaru says calmly.

“Yeah sure Shikamaru” Naruto replies as he walks over to the Hokage's table and sits in the Hokage's seat.

“What are you doing Naruto only the Hokage can sit there” Shikamaru says staring at Naruto.

“Oh relax Shikamaru besides one day I'll be sitting here anyhow, so I might as well as get comfortable” Naruto replies swinging the chair around looking at the village of Konoha.

“Naruto what are you doing now” Shikamaru notices Naruto is looking toward the village.

“Hey Shikamaru” Naruto says.

“Yeah” Shikamaru says noticing Naruto changed his tone from free to a more serious voice.

“Have you ever took a good look at Konoha high up?” Naruto asks Shikamaru.

Shikamaru walks forward until he is standing next to Naruto “Yes, I have it is quite a place. Hard to believe we live in such a massive place like this our entire lives” Shikamaru replies. Both stared out onto Konoha in dead silence.

“Ah Shikamaru there you are have you and Naruto figured out that message from Jiraiya yet?” Lady Tsunade says carrying a few papers in her hands as she walks into the room. Shikamaru looks at Naruto who has a terrified look on his face.

“Um yes, I came here if you could help us take a quick look at something on it” Shikamaru says moving in front of the desk holding back Lady Tsunade from going to her chair.

“Naruto Uzamaki!!” Lady Tsunade screams with Naruto slowly turning around in the chair with a nervous face.

Naruto gulps “Yes, Granny Tsunade” he stares into the devil's eyes that are standing above him in freight as he sweats heavily. Tsunade grabs Naruto's head and moving him from her chair. She then punches a window and then turns Naruto in that direction and uses her other arm that is shifted in a fist punching him across Konoha.

“So what did you want Shikamaru again?” Lady Tsunade says taking her seat in front of him.

“Naruto and I figured out the message and Naruto will be leaving to go train tonight” Shikamaru replies quickly.

“Lady Tsunade there is broken glass down on the ground” Shizune says running in catching her breath.

“Is anyone hurt?” Lady Tsunade says calmly.

“No, Lady Tsunade” Shizune replies.

“Naruto was in my seat. Shizune can you please get a new glass panel in here quickly” Lady Tsunade says staring at Shizune.

“Certainly Lady Hokage” Shizune bows and then leaves.

“Well then I best be going, unless you need me for anything else Hokage?” Shikamaru asks.

“That is all” Lady Tsunade says, and Shikamaru leaves her office. Before he can Naruto runs in panting heavily holding Shikamaru's shoulder.

“Naruto?” Shikamaru asks confused why he was holding his shoulder.

“Naruto!” Tsunade yells at him.

“Granny Tsunade I know both of your weaknesses” Naruto says in a low voice.

“I take it Shizune told you?” Tsunade replies in a calmer voice. Shikamaru stares at Naruto not knowing that Tsunade had two weaknesses.

“Close the door Shikamaru” Naruto tells him and Shikamaru shuts the door like ordered.

“What do you want Naruto?” Tsunade asks.

“I want to fuck you” Naruto says pointing his finger at her. Shikamaru coughed at the statement shocked by what Naruto said. Tsunade was not taken back by what Naruto said though.

“Very well” Tsunade says taking her robes off revealing her large breasts. Shikamaru couldn't believe what he was witnessing, however Naruto had a calm face as he stared at Tsunade undressing herself in front of them.

“Perhaps I should be going” Shikamaru says.

“It's too late Shikamaru once you've seen the Hokage get undressed you also will have to fuck me” Tsunade replies. Shikamaru gulps not believing what was going on around him. Tsunade is completely naked in front of both of them. “Shall we get started?” Tsunade asks both of them in a sexy tone and pose.

“You bet!” Naruto pulls off his clothes and begins sucking and playing with Tsunade's tits, while having another hand playing with her pussy.

“Shikamaru you will assist Naruto in fucking me and that is an order!” Tsunade says to him as he stands there.

“By the way what is your second weakness?” Shikamaru asks Tsunade quizzically.

“My second weakness is that my pussy can produce more cum than anyone else in the world” Tsunade replies. Shikamaru was a bit dumbfounded at first by what she said, but shrugged it off and decided to take his clothes off knowing there was no other way in getting out of this. Once Shikamaru got his clothes off he walked behind Tsunade and positioned his cock in her ass-hole. “I see your not very romantic Shikamaru?” Tsunade says.

“Well you did say fuck nothing else” Shikamaru says in her ear.

“Naruto!” Tsunade says taking him off of her.

“Yes?” Naruto asks and as he says it Tsunade has a clone of her in front of him. The real Tsunade turns around facing Shikamaru and positions her arms around Shikamaru and kisses him on the lips. She slides her tongue in his mouth. Shikamaru accepts it while moving his own tongue in her mouth. Tsunade grabs Shikamaru's semi-erect cock and and begins to play with it in her hands until it's fully erect.

“Mmm...I love your pussy Tsunade!” Naruto says suckling on clone Tsunade's pussy.

“It only gets better Naruto!” Clone Tsunade replies. The real Tsunade gets on her knees and takes to licking Shikamaru's cock. First licking the head then moving around to the underbelly of Shikamaru's cock.

“Oh...what are you doing Lady Hokage!?” Shikamaru asks.

“Relax it will all be over real soon” Tsunade says smiling at Shikamaru's cock as she stroked it. Within a few strokes Shikamaru spurted a few shots of cum on Tsunade's face. “I see you couldn't hold it much longer” Tsunade says licking her face.

“I'm sorry” Shikamaru replies.

“Don't be it's just the beginning” Tsunade says moving over to her chair “Why don't you lick me down here.” Shikamaru now knew there truly was no way of backing away from this so he got on his knees and began to lick Tsunade's pussy as Tsunade moaned above him in excitement. He continued licking soon he forgot everything else that was going on he wanted more this strange new taste that was exciting him, so he used his fingers to spread her pussy open and sticked his tongue in further. Tsunade simply sat back moaning while playing with her tits in her fingers.

“Alright Granny Tsunade its time for a fuck!” Naruto says laying on the floor holding his wet cock in his hand. The clone Tsunade obeys by positioning her pussy over Naruto's cock and begins to slowly pumping up and down on it.

“Shikamaru I want you to also fuck me” The real Tsunade asks him lifting him from her pussy noticing that some cum is dripping from his chin. Shikamaru positions his cock in her pussy and slowly fucks her as she is sitting in her chair. “Yes, keep it up Shikamaru!!” Tsunade screams.

“Lady Tsunade!!” Shizune slams the door open “I heard someone screaming and...” she notices that Tsunade is fucking Naruto and Shikamaru.

“Shizune close that goddamn door!” Tsunade says turning her eyes to her while Shikamaru and Naruto both stop and stare as well. “This is your fault Shizune!” Tsunade yells at her.

“I'm sorry I had no idea this was how it was going to happen” Shizune pleads with Tsunade innocently.

“Don't give me that crap Shizune. Matter in fact Naruto I want you to make a clone and fuck Shizune. If I have to fuck Naruto and Shikamaru you might as well as fuck Naruto too Shizune” Tsunade says and Naruto quickly had two clones all over Shizune taking her clothes off quickly and began making out with her. One kissed her neck while cupping her breasts in his hands while the other made out with her while fingering her pussy. “That's more like it” Tsunade says and then turns back to fucking Shikamaru. The clone Tsunade goes back to fucking Naruto.

“I think I'm going to come Lady Hokage!” Shikamaru says pounding his cock a few more times until he shot his load in her.

“Good, but lets see if you can make me cum Shikamaru” Tsunade says smiling at him and Shikamaru went back to fucking her. During this time both Naruto clones had their cocks in Shizune's pussy and ass-hole while still playing with her body. The one that was in the front moved his tongue in Shizune's mouth not allowing Shizune to breathe easily, so she had to breathe through her nose. The Naruto clone behind her was making her even hornier with her tits fully erect, practically touching the Naruto clone in front of hers chest. Of course there wasn't a lot of space anyhow since she was sandwiched between the clones. With the front Naruto clone fucking her pussy and the Naruto behind her fucking her ass-hole Shizune couldn't resist her urges and instinct lit up in her as her pussy dripped of cum with every time the front Naruto slid his cock in her pussy.

“Fuck Yes! YES!! YESSS!!!!” Clone Tsunade screams as she begins to come with her juices flowing all over Naruto's cock and down to the floor.

“Come on! Let me cum!” Naruto yells as he pumps even faster with the clone Tsunade's juices flying everywhere now. “That's it!” Naruto shouts as relieves himself shooting his load into clone Tsunade's pussy that is when clone Tsunade disappeared. “What the fuck!?” Naruto says looking up to see no one above him.

“Your fuck with me is over Shikamaru still has to make me cum, and for Shizune you can do whatever with her” Tsunade replies.

“What, but I know your second weakness know” Naruto says back.

“Ha that ain't a weakness I simply told Shizune that to make all the horny guys we met to forget that I owed them any money, and fortunately it cut three quarters of the money I owe” Tsunade replies to Naruto while Shikamaru continues fucking her as hard as he can.

“Even still...” Naruto says.

“Once someone knows it they can have sex with me only once and that ends it. If you want to fuck me again your going to have to beat me in a battle, and I'm in no position to do so at this moment. Besides shouldn't you and the girl of yours being heading off to train or something?” Tsunade replies.

“Oh that's right!” Naruto says removing his clones from Shizune who dropped to the floor with a red swollen wet pussy and sore all over. Naruto grabs his clothes and runs out of the room quickly.

“Lady Tsunade” Shizune says.

“Oh please I knew you wouldn't be able to handle it for another moment if anything you should be thanking me. Shizune can you get a mop and clean this place up I think Shikamaru might actually...ooh fuck harder!! Shikamaru!” Tsunade says to Shizune and then turns her attention to Shikamaru.

“I'm fucking you as hard as I can!” Shikamaru shouts pounding her pussy. Tsunade's pussy was beet red and glowing.

“I can feeel it!!” Tsunade moans “here it comes!!!” Tsunade completes her orgasm with Shikamaru and pulls his cock out of her.

“Is there anything else Lady Hokage?” Shikamaru asks.

“No you are dismissed Shikamaru” Tsunade went back to looking at papers while she remained as naked. Shikamaru grabbed his clothes, got dressed, and left as Shizune came back in with a mop and a bucket of water.

“Shizune who else did you tell my second weakness to?” Tsunade says not looking at Shizune who was frighten of what she said.

“I told Ino and Kyubi and that was it Lady Tsunade” Shizune gulps and goes back to cleaning up the room.

“It looks like this will be a wild room for a few weeks then” Tsunade replies with a smirk.
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