My beautiful Daughter.
I really hate to waste all this space in a preamble to my stories. I thought the one I had at the beginning of the stories I edited so far would have been sufficient, but it seems the self appointed pedo police are hell bent there are minor children in my fictitious fantasy stories.

I have always been fond of small dicks and pussies. The problem is some of you think only young children possess them. My dick has always been little. Yet I am not a child. I know women that have tiny tits and little pussies. They are not children either. And that’s in the real world. In Fantasy Land, the guys and gals alike can be short, skinny, and hairless without being minors.

As a matter of fact, there is an island in Fantasy Land that puts restrictors on all its male’s penises to keep them little after puberty, much the same as the Japanese do their women’s feet. The girls use a special cream that shrinks the vagina. I mean, what girl wants a big sloppy pussy when all the men have tiny pencil dicks?

I can’t tell you the name of the island for security reasons, but I can tell you it isn’t Fantasy Island. All of its citizens stay young looking and never gain much stature. No one ever dies there. Its due to some chemical in the soil. That’s the reason for the security. Otherwise there’d be a stampede of dumb asses (Pedo Police included) storming the fictitious beach ruining the lives of these wonderful people.

For those of you who have a little common sense, I apologize for being blunt. For those of you that don’t, please get some. I have searched far and wide up and down Fantasy Road for many a year to find the characters I was looking for.

First I found a cute little midget. He is very petite, but unlike David Bennent who was eighteen and looked ten, when he starred as Honeythorn Gump in Legends, my midget is twenty one and could pass for twelve in short shorts. Trust me. Twelve he ain‘t. The mother fucker had a twelve inch dick when I first saw him. It seems a lot of folks in Fantasy Land have twelve inch dicks. Most of them are as fictitious as their dicks.

I couldn’t deal with the cute little bastard having all that dick, so I cut it off for him and sewed a skinny pencil dick in its place. You can find those all up and down the road in Fantasy Land. They are a dime a dozen. Then I slapped the silly bitch around for awhile until he got a bad case of amnesia. At that point I told him he is my twenty one year old little boy. He, not wanting more amnesia treatments, believes he is so.

The little fucker also plays any character I ask him to. Since that time I have acquired several other characters the same way. They all play different characters in my many stories. They all do what I tell them to, but they won’t touch a part portraying a young child. They’ll let me tell about a person’s childhood, but that’s about it.

Melinda, the only one that doesn’t mind me using her real fictitious name, is one of three girl characters I have acquired other than the ones from the island. Melinda is twenty three. She will occasionally play a girl as young as sixteen, but refuses to stoop any lower. She is smooth, petite and very desirable. The only problem I had with her was her pussy was all hairy and loose. I couldn’t stand that. I did laser hair removal on her and I must say she looks sweet being that smooth and hairless.

I got one of those African head hunter guys to help me with her big old nasty pussy. He used his head shrinking magic to make her pussy small and tight to my delight. I convinced her to have breast reduction surgery. I love a flat chested bitch.

I like em small and she had always wanted to look a little boyish. She may even play a guy part at some time or the other. Who knows. When she does, it will still be a fictitious part. She looks like a young girl. So much so, I have to lie about her age. The bitch couldn’t get into a G rated movie without her fictitious parents. She doesn’t like anything real. Not many in Fantasy Land do.

I also use some of the folks from the island. I like that because they work cheap and I don’t have to cut off their dicks nor do I have to give them amnesia treatments. This also lets me avoid dealing with the head hunter. That dude’s a little weird for my tastes.

True, I call some of them little boys and little girls. Some of them are quite naïve when it comes to sex, but that is only because their fictitious Fathers were very protective of them as they weren’t growing up. Bottom line, there are no fucking children in my fantasy stories. Fictitious or otherwise. I would like for you folks that have pedophilia stuck in your minds to either get past the dumb shit or quit reading my stories. The rest of you can feel free to enjoy.

Haley is a very long and complicated story. It is nearly book length. Probably thirteen chapters. There is a lot going on in it. I built the characters up slowly to allow you, the reader to relate to them. Haley’s childhood is described, but the references to sex when she was a child are the normal curiosity type stuff all parents had to deal with as their children progressed in age. Believe me, once the sex stuff started, she was of age for this site.

Unlike my previous stories, the characters portrayed in the sex scenes in this story are younger than twenty one. However they are at least sixteen. If you think they are younger, perhaps I could recommend a good therapist to help you get children out of your mind. This story is not for you folks that want a quick nut. It is for the more sophisticated reader who while he still wants plenty of sex, also enjoys some plot.

Haley Chapter One

My daughter Haley and I have always been very close. Basically, the way it works is, I would die for her if the need be and she worships the ground I walk on. Haley and I are so close, she follows me around where ever I go. Where ever I am, that's where Haley wants to be. I take her everywhere I go except when she is in school.

Haley is my whole world. I love her more than anything I have, including myself. I try to give her what ever she wants, within reason. Haley is pretty sensible for a little girl. She doesn't ask for many material things. Mostly she asks to go places and to do things. I only refuse if I feel she might be injured. Stuff like skydiving and the like. And yes, she has asked.

I have a lot of money due to some lucky investments I made when I was a boy. Now I don't work. It really was lucky. I had begged my Dad to let me invest in some penny stocks when I was twelve. He thought about it for a minute and said, “Penny stocks? Well, how much can you hurt investing a few pennies.“ Dad signed the form authorizing me to make the investment.

I didn’t tell him I invested the entire 339 thousand dollars my Grandpa left me when he died. The price of the stock was exactly one penny per share. The stock went to over 1000 dollars a share in about six months. Over 38 billion bucks. Actually, the lucky part had been convincing my Dad to let me buy the stock and not having him see the bill of sale.

I had done my homework. The two gentlemen who started up the business were savvy entrepreneurs with doctorates from Harvard University. The product was a top secret missile system for the US Government. They had been looking for a couple of large investors to jump on the offer and have very few penny ante investors to take the bait.

I found out later there had been three investors. One invested ten thousand dollars and the third a hundred bucks. The 339 thousand was all they needed to get the prototype off the ground. After that, the government rolled in financing the rest. When Dad found out what I did, he patted me on the head saying how proud he was of me.

His figuring was damn few fathers could brag about their twelve year old sons making more in six months than they will in a hundred life times. Dad did fairly well himself. He was actually worth well over two hundred million. My Daddy didn‘t look at all my money as being something he could use to get filthy rich. He not only wouldn‘t use any of it to raise me, but he refused to allow me to use any of my money for spending.

I could invest it, but I wasn’t even allowed to by an ice cream cone with it. Dad didn’t want me to invest it at first, but he quickly learned, when it came to investments, as respected as my Dad was in investment strategy, he was better off taking advice from me rather than giving it. Dad wanted me to save it for when I had my family. He even gave me a generous allowance. Of course I’ve done quite a bit of investing since. Last tabulation of my net was in excess of a half trillion. This made it easy for me to be Haley's Mom as well as her Dad.

I don't cotton to maids, butlers, and the like, so I didn't hire any. I've always been a firm believer that with strangers living in the house, one has to give up more privacy than what its worth to have someone do the chores you don't wish to do yourself. The silly part is they aren't all that difficult to do.

Especially personal stuff like laundry. I didn't want anyone looking at my underwear. I also didn't want anybody seeing Haley's underwear, particularly when they'd be handling them after Haley had worn them. Trust me, with Haley, it wasn't hard to tell they had been worn. From the looks of the crotch in them, they probably had her smell in them, although I never checked to be sure.

The last thing I wanted to do as a Father was smell my daughter's pussy. That would be really sick. They were generally juiced up pretty good most of the time. When ever she had just taken them off they were really wet. Not that I was checking, but it was pretty hard to miss with the whole bottom front of them being so much darker than the rest.

I knew it was Haley’s juices that made the wetness, but I had trouble admitting to myself Haley could be experiencing the type of feelings necessary to produce that wetness. Haley was constantly adjusting her panties to the front of her crotch. She pulled and tugged at it so much during the day I thought she may be having female problems. She insisted she was fine, but I suspected she may be embarrassed to talk about her pussy itching.

I had a discussion with Haley's doctor about it. Dr. Harris asked me if Haley ever seemed to be playing with it when she thought no one would see. I told her Haley sometimes rubbed it across her pillow and her tugging could be interpreted as playing if one had their mind in the gutter. Dr. Harris told me to bring Haley in to see her and she would discretely assure Haley was ok, without her knowing why she was being checked.

The results of the exam according to Dr. Harris were Haley was healthy. There were no problem's found. She said Haley was just fond of touching herself there. Dr. Harris figured Haley must do it a whole lot as the front of her panties were quite wet when she got Haley to remove her skirt. It obviously wasn't pee.

Also her vagina showed some signs of agitation. I hadn’t understood exactly what the doctor had meant and asked for clarification. The Doc replied, “Her little vagina is red and raw looking, probably due to her rubbing it. Dr. Harris assured me all children start playing with themselves at some time or another.

Particularly little boys. Dr. Harris has had many mothers come in worrying about the large stains in their little boy's underpants. Some of them even showed her the stains. They were quite shocked to find out how the stains were getting in there. She told me little girls weren't immune to the urge either. It was perfectly normal, even though Haley was a little young to be getting that excited about it.

Dr. Harris recommended I just over look it and try not to bring attention to it. Obviously Haley knew where it was and now that she knows what it can do for her, there is little chance I or any one else for that matter could convince her to leave it alone. It isn‘t going to hurt her any to do it. The Doctor suggested I talk with Haley about sex when I thought it was the proper time, but now was probably too soon.

Back to the underpants. I most certainly didn't want any one having access to those underpants, especially if they were going to be in the house with Haley. I know that might sound over protective, but Haley is a very beautiful girl. She is very pleasing to look at and would certainly be found desirable by any pervert's standards. I have seen first hand that it can and does happen.


When I was a boy, I had a sleepover at one of my friend's house. His name was Tommy. He and I were twelve at the time. His parents were pretty well to do. They had a butler, chauffer, maid, and a nanny. The butler was constantly trying to get me alone in one of the backrooms of the house. My friend was constantly trying to prevent that from happening as he evidently knew or had already experienced what would happen if that were to take place.

I remember Tommy used to seemingly disappear for a couple of hours each day we were left under the butler's charge. Strangely he always picked up an odd smell by the time he reappeared. I knew what it was of course. It was the smell of slightly aged ejaculate. An unmistakable odor. I recognized it because it was the way the bastard next door used to smell after fantasizing about feeding it to me and my best friend Brian, a few hours before actually doing so. Pretty damned pungent. From the time we were five until we were fifteen. Worse yet, Brian was his son.

Tommy wasn’t like Brian. Brian was a normal boy. His folks didn’t have shit. They weren’t dirt poor, but they weren’t wealthy like my Dad or Tommy’s Dad. Thus Tommy had a tendency to look down on those that didn’t have a shit load of money. I never did get him to understand it was his Dad that was rich and he didn’t have a damn thing. My Dad always taught me to treat everybody the same.

That was why I hung out with Brian so much. I really liked Tommy a lot too. I often wondered if it would be as much fun to do it with Tommy as it was with Brian, I never tried to find out, because I was afraid the butler would find out and then I’d have to suck his too.

The maid wore damned near nothing around the house whenever Tommy's parents were away on a trip. She never did anything to us kids, but she sure looked good with just a pair of skimpy briefs on. The maid was the only one of the domestic servants that was under fifty. As a matter of fact, she was quite young. An eighteen year old personal aide to the patriarch of the house.

Namely Tommy’s Dad. When Tommy’s Dad was home, the maid spent several hours each and every day, cleaning his bedroom. I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t know exactly what she did with him in that room, but I do know it didn’t have anything to do with cleaning any bedroom. Tommy sometimes hid in the closet during those times. He would peek out through the vents in the door.

He would never tell me what he saw, but he said it definitely wasn’t cleaning. Well, not the bedroom, anyway. The butler and the nanny kept quiet about the maid parading around in the nude in front of us kids as insurance in case the maid ever caught on to them. I think the nanny liked looking at those titties almost as much as I did.

However, the maid wasn't interested in the nanny and had told her so. The maid just dressed that way to get Tommy and my dicks hard. It was odd. Sometimes the maid would remove her bra and strut around wearing just a skimpy pair of panties that had just enough looseness to the fabric to allow us a hint of her pubic hair. She never put a hand on us, nor did she ever approach us for sex.

She just let us look and enjoyed watching our little hard ons poking at our pants. Tommy had a little sister named Peg who was nine at the time. The butler had no interest in girls, little or otherwise and therefore never gave Peg a second look. However the nanny was a different story.

I caught the nanny sniffing the crotch of Peg's dirty under pants. And I don't mean a quick sniff, like maybe she was checking to see if they were dirty, but more like she was using them for a ventilator. That was bad enough, but we spent a lot of time in the living room watching TV while the nanny went to Peg's room to fix her hair for her.

The nanny sure spent a lot of time on Peg's hair. She stared at Peg's legs all the time. She would even give Peg long enduring kisses on her mouth. Right in front of us. I can’t blame the nanny for that. Peg was really pretty. Heck, I wanted to fuck her myself.

It was obvious something inappropriate was going on. I never knew exactly what, but I am sure Peg at least had her puss sucked. I have read far too many news stories about someone that was hired as help, kidnapping and murdering people's children after doing God knows what to them. I'm not taking that chance with my Haley.


The house is fairly large at 9500 square feet, but is practically maintenance free and very easy to clean. I had it built in the middle of a thousand acre plot when I turned eighteen, which was about the same time Haley was born, give or take a few months. There are only two acres cleared around the outside of the house. The rest is all wooded. It has a 100 acre lake in the middle of it with a good sized stream feeding the lake across the property.

The back yard ties into the lake with a beautiful boat dock and entertainment pavilion I haven't used since my wife Laura died. Don't get me wrong. It isn't run down. I keep it in immaculate condition as Haley will probably enjoy it when she is older. There are a lot of road ways and paths through the woods Haley and I use to drive ATV's through the woods and around the lake. I will buy Haley her own ATV as soon as she is old enough to handle it without squashing herself.

I do whatever I want to, because I can afford it. I don't go in for excesses such as fancy cars, except for the 38 foot Surf Skimmer I bought for Haley's Mom. She really loved the water. I give a little to charities here and there. I don't go overboard, maybe five or ten billion a year. If you see me on the street, I look like any other fellow there.

I did not let the money go to my head and fully intend to teach Haley the same. I started a trust fund for Haley that she will get full control of when she turns twenty five. That's still a little ways off as Haley is only seven now. It already has as much in it as I have in mine. I make it a point to keep it that way.

It doesn't really matter. One day, it will all be hers anyway. Between the two of us, we have a net worth well over a trillion dollars. When I say net worth, I mean the amount we have readily available in our bank accounts. It doesn't include the value of my stock. I try to keep a low profile, so everyone doesn't find out I am filthy rich. People tend to treat you differently when they know and the charity people worry the shit out of you as well. Not that I mind giving, it's just a thousand phone calls every day gets a little old pretty quickly.

I remember cashing a thousand dollar check at the bank. The young girl at the teller position looked up my account to verify there were enough funds available to cover the check. Her jaw dropped open when she saw all the columns of numbers. I suddenly became a celebrity. Now, I use a credit card that allows me to do all I need, including acquiring cash in any amount. Up to what I have anyway.


Haley loves to sit in my lap in the nude. That kind of got started because I have had to tend to all of her needs since her Mother died when she was two. Watching the breast cancer consume my dearest darling was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I may never get over it.

Whenever I gave Haley her bath, I would dry her off and then hold her close in my lap in the living room while she took her nap. I always waited to dress her afterward. I remember holding Haley this way shortly after her fourth birthday. I looked down at her as she slept. She looked so sweet and innocent cuddled close to me like she was.

I sighed to myself. These times were going to end soon as Haley was getting to the age where it wouldn't be proper for her to take baths with me anymore, let alone sit in my lap in the nude. I wanted to put it off as long as I could, but it really wasn't far off. She was already starting to stare at my penis while we were in the tub. I never mentioned it to her, but it was obvious.

There were quite a few things I never brought to her attention. Like the time I caught her rubbing her little thing on her pillow. I thought it best to just let her do it when she wanted to without making a big deal out of it. She was too young to really have a discussion about it without making her feel guilty about doing it. Besides, it belongs to her and I figure if she wants to play with it she should be able to.

I never stopped her, even when she did it on the living room floor in front of me. She started coming about the third time I saw her do it. I could tell she was coming as she would wiggle a little down there as she oohed and aahed out loud. I never let on I knew she was coming. I let it be her private little deal even though she was doing it right in front of me and looking right at me, so it was obvious she knew I was watching her do it.

She would either do it in the nude or with just a pair of underpants on. Her underpants were always crusted up from her wetness drying on the front of them. As I said before, sometimes if she had just put them in the dirty clothes hamper, they would have a wet spot in the front. Obviously she would get quite excited when ever she played with it.

I must admit, it was cute as all get out when she did it. I always kind of enjoyed watching her come. Not that I thought she was sexy, although, she certainly was. It was just she enjoyed it so much. It pleased me to see her be happy. I know she probably started doing it to comfort herself from the loss of her Mom. I did tell her to be careful not to do it in public as it was something that should only be done at home. Besides, how could I feel right telling Haley she couldn't play with hers when I play with mine when it decides it wants me to.

When my Mom caught me playing with mine, she gave me a pretty good whipping and forbade me to do it anymore. I was a few months shy of thirteen at the time. The most embarrassing part was she had managed to walk in just as I was getting ready to shoot off. I had a store ad laying on the bed. It was opened to the part where a couple of twelve year old girls were modeling underwear. God they were pretty.

I was at that magical point where it hadn't started yet, but where it was going to no matter what you did. I died inside as Mom grabbed me by my ear dragging me to the edge of the bed. My pants were still off and the whole time I was trying my damnedest to keep it from squirting out.

She bent me over her lap and proceeded to wear my ass out. My little shaft rubbed against her legs and there was no stopping the inevitable. I started coming as my Mom spanked me. When she let me up, her dress and thighs were wet with my ejaculate.

I was embarrassed all to hell. I had shot off in my Mom's lap and the really hard part was she knew it. She confiscated my ad. When she sat at the dinner table and told my Dad I had been playing with it and showed him what I had been using to do it with, I thought I would be in a world of shit. At least she didn’t tell him I shot off in her lap.

Actually, Dad handled it very well. He took me to my room for a private talk. First he explained all about sex. How it all worked, what was right and what was wrong. He told me all the things he expected me not to do until I married, then he grinned at me as he told me it was my penis.

Dad figured since I already found it, there was little chance I was going to ignore it, especially with my new found hormones reminding me constantly it was there. He saw nothing wrong with me doing myself whenever I wanted to. He preferred I do it myself rather than doing it with the neighbor's daughter. Where the problem would come in, he told me was if I did any of the things he just told me not to do.

Dad told me I could use any visual aid I felt appropriate, however I would have to keep them well hidden from Mom and of course he would not provide me with any. Then he told me how to keep Mom from catching me again. He didn't tell me it was all right to experiment with my friends when we became curious about it with one another, instead, he just told me not to let my Mom catch me doing it with any of the other boys and definitely not to leave a mess for her to find.

Dad told me I could get around Mom seeing the stains in my underpants by washing them myself. He said it was very unlikely Mom would fish around in my room looking at my underpants and if she did, it was even less likely she would do something that would let anyone know she did. He said however that if I wanted to do my underpants, I would have to do the rest of my clothes as well to keep Mom from thinking there might be a reason to check on my underpants.

He had been correct. It worked marvelously. I was able to lay in my bed anytime and fill my underpants slam up with my jism and Mom was never the wiser. Dad informed me I was free to discuss anything with him at any time. He promised there would be no punishment for anything I asked him about as long as I didn't do the things he forbade me to do.

My Dad let me know the best way to gain his respect and trust was to be totally honest with him. He had assured me he would do the same for me, with the exception I would not be privy to all of the adult matters that a child should not have to deal with.

He wouldn't tell me a lie about any of it, he just wouldn't tell me about it. Dad clarified that applied to bills and other types of similar problems. I was still free to ask about the things I was curious about as I grew up. He always kept his explanations age appropriate as much as he could. My Dad and I were very close. That was what instilled me to want to have the same type of relationship with my daughter.

Sadly I was never able to talk to Dad about the problem I was having with the neighbor. It was just too damn embarrassing at the time. I certainly didn't want anyone to catch me let alone tell anyone I was doing it. Haley would have been really crazy about my Dad. Unfortunately, I lost Dad and my Mom in a plane crash the year before Haley was born. I really miss them a lot.

All my Mom catching me, did, was make me be careful she didn't catch me again. I had learned to lock my door. Mom would barge in without knocking otherwise. She had a key she used regularly to barge in anyway, but it gave me a few seconds to be just reading in my bed by the time she got the door open.

At least she never yanked the covers off of me to expose the fact that my dick was still hard or the store ad I was using to beat off with was still open under the covers beside me. As my Dad had said, Mom thought she had succeeded in persuading me not to masturbate, merely from the fact she never saw me do it again. That is not the type of lesson I want my Haley to learn. I don't want her learning everything is cool as long as Daddy doesn't know about it. It also made me particular what I shared with my Mom.

From then on I would harbor secrets from her, because I felt she would just dismiss my feelings as unimportant. Some people might debate it, but the bottom line is the workings of the penis is a very big deal when you are twelve and as Dad told me, it reminded me constantly it was there.

I don't want that type of relationship with Haley. I would never put her through something like that. I want her to be able to come to me with anything she is concerned about. I obviously didn't tell her I masturbate every day, because her Mother, Lynn, was no longer available to take care of my needs. I had neither the time nor the desire to find a replacement for her. I don't believe anyone could come close to replacing Lynn. I really miss her a lot.


I finally got Haley to take her own baths by her fifth birthday. I know I probably should have done it sooner, but I just couldn't. I still fill her tub for her. I simply don't want to risk her scalding herself with the hot water. I make her wait until I leave the bathroom to undress.

Haley gets upset when I do that. She just doesn't seem to understand why she can't strip in front of me. Sometimes she still asks me to bathe her, but I explain to her she is too old for it to be proper for me to wash her in certain areas. Haley sulks a little when I refuse to bathe her, but I think she understands what I am saying.

She still liked to sit in my lap, but I made her dress before she got in it. Haley had a hard time understanding why she had to wear clothes while she cuddled close to me. Well, at least a pair of underpants and a tube top or bra. I tried to explain it to her, but she just didn't get it.

She abided by my rules anyway and accepted the situation. Haley would still come through the room on occasion in the buff saying such and such was in the laundry room and she was just getting it so she could get dressed. She seemed to find all kinds of reasons and times to let me see her nudity.

Usually, if I had to go to her room to talk to her, I would find her sitting in the middle of her bed in the nude. I never entered Haley's room without knocking first. I let her know I considered it her private retreat. She would just say the door is unlocked, come in. She never bothered to cover up.

It was like she thought it was normal for me to see her nude in her room. I guess it really was. It didn't bother me any to see her that way, besides, I couldn't very well forbid her to be nude in her own bedroom. Haley hated to wear clothes and when she did, she liked to wear skimpy looking stuff that let her feel as close to being naked as she could.

Most of the time she wore only a skimpy pair of panties and a bra around the house. Usually lace or silk. Sometimes she just wore one of her bikini swimsuits. At first, I told her to put on pants and a blouse or at least a skirt. Haley finally made me realize I let her wear her bikinis out on the beach in public and that was accepted as normal by everyone. She said people she didn't even know would gawk at her on the beach. And not just little boys, but grown men.

That was very true. I noticed it myself. They all had boners sticking out at the front of their suits while they looked at my Haley. Little boys included. It was obvious what they wanted. I couldn't cause a scene out on the beach by accosting everyone that seemed to have a crush on my Haley, especially the young boys. Hell, I'd have to fight damned near everybody on the beach.

Even the women and young girls seemed to check Haley out quite a bit more than just glancing at a pretty girl on the beach. I certainly couldn't tell Haley what the deal was either, so I had to let it all go and just be careful no one had access to Haley alone. Haley didn't understand why there was supposed to be something wrong with her wearing them in front of me. She showed me for a fact that her panties and bra actually revealed less of her skin than the bikinis.

She also pointed out there was no one here to see her other than me. With that kind of logic, how could I refuse to let Haley be comfortable in her own home. I gave in and let her wear them, besides, I found I liked seeing her in them. After that, Haley acquired an assortment of lacy, really skimpy, low slung panties made of silk.

Half of those were thong in the back and almost non existent in the front. For every pair, she had a matching bra. The bras were all pretty skimpy, but covered her breasts quite adequately, but only due to the fact she didn't have any. I don’t know how she did it, but as skimpy as her underwear had gotten, Haley managed to find some bathing suits that covered less of her than the underwear.

I never objected to it again. I actually began to think it was cute. Besides, Haley was very pretty and it was kind of nice to admire her beauty from time to time. Not that I thought about having sex with my daughter, but I wasn't dead yet and she really looked sweet. I guess it was nice to see some skin at times, especially when it was on long sexy legs like Haley's. Haley's legs weren't actually all that long, but they were long in comparison to the rest of her. They were quite a site.

It didn't hurt my feelings any to see a real pussy here and there, even if it was my daughter's little hairless one. My Haley liked to go outside, although she also liked to be inside. It was about fifty, fifty most of the time during the day. She always wore a heavy sun block on her exposed skin whenever she went out. There were three reasons for this.

One: Haley read that continued exposure to the sun's rays unprotected would make her skin look leathery by the time she is thirty five. That simply would not take place according to Haley. Two: Haley likes to stay lily white. She thinks it makes her look smooth and innocent. I certainly agree with her.

She got a bronzed tan one time last year. She looked really good with it, but she was right. She definitely looked more sweet and precious without it. Third: She loves the way it feels when I rub her sun block on her skin. That by itself is enough to ensure Haley never gets a tan.

She makes sure I rub some around the tops of her thighs well under her bathing suit to keep her from burning when she stretches. It is difficult to do without catching the edge of her pussy and without contacting her nipples when I get the edges of her bra.

Of course it is obvious Haley likes it when I do. It is also obvious that is the only reason Haley asks me to put it on her in the first place. I don't dare ask her about it because I am afraid she might beg me to rub her some more.

I definitely enjoyed running my hands all over her smooth feeling warm skin. Its hard to explain. I didn't have any sexual interest in Haley. I just enjoyed looking at her beautiful body at times and she was a joy to touch. I never told her to undress in front of me, but I started looking forward to those times she would come breezing through. I also really didn't want Haley to get the idea I put a lot of focus on her not being nude. I wanted her to feel comfortable with her body.

Haley started sleeping in the bed with me after her Mom passed. She was afraid I would leave her too. Being upset like she was, I couldn't refuse her, so I reassured her I wasn't going to leave her and let her stay with me. Haley likes to sleep in the nude. I do too, but after Haley started taking an avid interest in looking between my legs, I started wearing underpants to cut down on the chance of Haley accidentally coming in contact with my penis during the night.

Haley had taken to looking at my crotch. She would stare at it hoping to catch a glimpse of my privates bulging at the front of it. I know that is what she is doing as when I asked her what she was staring at, she came right out and said, “Wow, Daddy. I can see the shape of your thing. It is so cool.“ I had no idea what to say about what she had said, so I pretended I didn’t hear her and changed the subject.

Apparently Haley realized what she said made me uncomfortable, so she never said it again, but she kept staring at it. Having asked and knowing why she was staring at me, I was definitely not bringing the subject up again. I think Haley knew this also, because it seemed Haley kept an eye between my legs almost all the time.

I would have found a way to discuss it with her had she pushed it, but as I said, I was at a loss and was happy to let the subject go. Since Haley would be under the covers and I knew I wasn't going to do anything with her, I let her continue to sleep in the nude. She said the clothes bothered her during her sleep. Everything seemed to go smoothly until a few years later.

To be continued………………………………...................

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