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My young niece

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My young niece, Chapter 1

My wife Janet, my sister in-law Vickie and her husband Jack had to go out of town for a family funeral and to deal with the estate and all the legal holdings. They would be gone a week or two. I would have went too but I had a major project at work. I was the single thread everything relied on. I couldn’t get free. Also Ilene, Vicky’s daughter, had school and truly didn’t want to go to a funeral for someone she never met and be bored to tears for weeks. So I got to stay home and Ilene would stay with me.

Ilene and I stood on the front porch and waved goodbye to them as they drove off. I looked at Ilene and said “Well, it’s just you and me, kiddo.”.

I got a hrumph from her and she said “I am NOT a kiddo anymore.”.

She turned and went inside. What the hell was that about? She and I never had any problems. She was a cool kid. I always treated her nice and gave her leeway in our verbal sparring. Why fight fair when you can fight with a well crafted insult? It was a family tradition. Who could one-up the other. She gave as good as she took. Her mind was quick and had a wonderful mean streak to it, that allowed for some great zingers to come out. I walked inside to find out. She was standing in the living room with her hands on her hips, looking like she was ready to shoot me with a six-gun. Not too intimidating when you are looking at a five foot, eighty pound waif. I was five foot eleven and wish I was under two hundred.

I assumed the gun fighter’s stance and slowly drawled out “Whalll tharrr parrner, … drrrraw.”.

She squinted and looked into my eyes. We stood poised. She pulled her hand up. I pulled mine and moved to my right. We both went bang. Her finger was pointed at where I was. I raised my hands and said “I win. You get to do the dishes tonight.”.

She put on a pout and said “You cheated, Uncle Paul.”.

“Yup. And I’m alive to prove it. You, you’re just a bloody grease stain in the dirt, you low down good fer nuttin varmit!”.

We both broke up laughing. I looked at her and said “Pizza tonight, then we cook for ourselves. You cook, I clean up. I cook, you clean up. Deal?”.

“Deal. But ya still cheated. And you are the low down varmit.”.

Later that night, I cleared enough room in the guest room so the bed was visible.

“There you go. You can see the bed. Tomorrow is Saturday, we can clear more of the room so you have room to get to the desk for you homework. Night.”.

I went to my room and stripped and got into bed. I fell asleep after a while. It’s odd to sleep without my wife’s light snoring beside me. I woke up and felt the bed moving.

“Huh? Whaaa?”.

“It’s me, Uncle Paul. Shhh. Go back to sleep. I’m cold.”.

She climbed under and started to snuggle against me. I suddenly remembered I was naked.

“Uh. Wait! I…uh…”.

“I know. You’re naked. So what? I’m old enough. I understand.”.

With that she laid the full length of her tiny body on top of mine.

“Oooh You are so warm. Nice.”.

She was wiggling on top of me. Her cold hands were rubbing up and down my body. I was trying to keep her from contacting my cock. I was also trying to keep from getting a hard-on.

“Just relax, Uncle Paul. You are sooo warm. It feels good.”.

My hands were holding her hips and keeping her from rubbing my ever hardening cock. I felt her thin nightgown slide up. I was holding bare skin -- her bare hip.

“Good idea. Here.”. With that she wiggled and her nightgown moved up more and was soon off. Her naked chest was against mine. “Better. Warmer. Nice.”.

I had my fully naked young niece on top of me, in bed, and I was naked too. My cock was enjoying itself and had stood up to full attention. Her belly banged into it from time to time. She wiggled and turned in my arms. She was now laying face up. Her butt cheeks were right on top of my hard cock. She had grabbed my hands and held them against her young, tiny, developing tits.

“Ohh yes. Nice and warm. My butt isn’t too cold is it?”.

I was stunned. I was speechless. My cock was nestled into her butt cheeks. And yes, they were cold. It made my hot, hard cock all the more harder.

“Ilene!”. I finally found my voice. “Ilene, get up. Let go. Get off me.”.

“Oh not a chance. I need to get warm. Oh don’t be a fuddy duddy. You got a hard-on. Big deal. It’s in my butt crack. Big deal.”.

With that she wiggled her butt on my cock and it slid up and down deeper into her butt cheeks. I felt the tip of my cock hit her anus. I tried to get my arms free, but she was holding on tightly. Her butt wiggled some more and I felt the tip of my cock poke harder into her anus. The head was actually inside her butt.

“Hmmm. Nice. You feel nice. Warm. Hard. More. Deeper.”.

She scooted and more of my hard cock entered her butt. She started humping up and down on my cock. I was paralyzed. I had my cock going in and out of my young niece’s ass. This was the first ass I ever fucked. I never tried it with my wife or any of my girlfriends before her. It felt way different than pussy. Oh god. My hips just jerked up. More of me went in.

“Oh yes. Uncle Paul. More. Deeper. Oh yes. This is good. Way better than I thought it would be. Deeper. More. Oh god so nice. A dick up my butt is nice. Thank you.”.

She was now really humping up and down. I was matching her timing. I was going all the way into her butt and almost all the way out. In and out. She was moaning. Hell, I was moaning. Her hands were still holding mine against her tiny tits, but now I was pinching them. I was mauling them. I was pulling them. They were tiny, but felt oh so very firm.

I felt her belly start to shiver. Her legs started quivering. Her moaning went up in pitch. She held onto my hand and really slammed her ass down on my hard cock. She pulled up and again slammed down hard. She tried to double up. She was trying to sit up. I helped her sit up. I went in deeper. She yelped and pushed down. I felt her butt pushing my balls into my thighs. Up and down she pounded. I was hanging on to her hips and helping her pump up and down. She was now making little ‘ungh’ noises each time I impaled her ass. Our bodies made a slapping sound. As she came down hard. She doubled over tighter and her ass clamped real tight on my cock. Her knees pulled up. She only had her ass on me. All her weight was pushing her ass down onto my cock. Her feet came down. She pulled up and slammed down hard and my cock almost bent trying to enter her super tight butt hole. I popped in. She howled. She held herself tightly against me and went into a deep body shudder.

My young little niece was having an orgasm on top of me. My hard cock was buried deep in her ass. I was amazed I hadn’t cum. I could only thank my wife for draining my cock twice before her sister got to our house. Maybe that was why I was still hard and hadn’t cum.

Ilene sat back and laid herself slowly back onto my chest. My hands went back to her tiny tits. She turned her head and looked at me. “Thank you, Uncle Paul. Thank you. I think I like ass fucking.”.

“I think I like it too. That was my first time.”.

“Me too. Nice. Oh god nice. I’m warm now. Tired too. Let’s roll to our sides. Stay in me. Please”.

We rolled to our sides. I was spooned behind her. I was still in her ass. Still hard.

“Oh you don’t get to go to sleep. You started this. Now I got to finish it.”.

I moved my cock in her ass. She moaned. I moved in and out at a slow pace. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get off or keep this going as long as I could.

“Oh Uncle Paul. Nice, but I’m a bit sore now. Oh it is still nice. But please…”.

“Then you got other holes I could fill.”. I reached around and slid my fingers down to her thin, sparse pubic hair. I pressed and got my fingers atop her clit. She jerked her knees up. My cock pushed back into her ass.

“No no. I’m not on the pill. I could get pregnant. Oh oh oh.”.

I pumped into her ass over and over. She was trying to get my fingers off her clit. I rubbed harder and felt her wet juices slick up my fingers. I pushed my hand deeper and curled my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh Uncle Paul. Oh. My ass. My pussy. My my….oh oh oh OOH OOOOOHHHH”.

She was shuddering again. And this time her clenching ass was about to make me blow my load. Using my hand in her crotch, I pulled her tiny body hard onto my cock and I pinched her clit. This sent her into a higher orgasm. Her body was shaking. Her hands were trying to get my tight fingers off her pinched clit. I was also pinching her tiny tits with my other hand. My cock got bigger. Longer. Thicker. Harder. I pump my hips into her. I was there….

“Ahhhhhh fuck yes oh damn oh oh oh FUCK ME YES!”.

I pumped my cum deep into her ass. I still pinched her clit and tits. I was shuddering along with her. I used her tiny body as I pushed and pulled her ass on and off my cock. Finally after what seemed like one of my longest cums ever, I eased up pumping my cock into her. My fingers and arms eased up and she slumped. We were both breathing hard.

“Oh damn Uncle Paul. You came in my ass. I feel it all wet in there. Oooh. You got me off twice. At least. I was…oh I don’t know where I was. It was intense.”.

“That is an understatement. Intense and then some. Wow!”.

“Oh god, I can’t wait to tell me mom. She’ll be so proud and happy for me.”.

“WHAT!? No.”.

Oh shit. There went my marriage, my life. Everything was gone.”.

“Oh calm down. It’s not a problem. Mom knew I was gonna try and seduce you. Aunt Janet knew too. I think Daddy knew, but I’m not sure. I know he wouldn’t mind. He‘s been saying I was needing a boyfriend to fuck and soon.”.

“What?! Uh em”.

She giggled. She slowly pulled her ass part way off my deflating cock.

“I think I’m gonna make a mess when you come out.”.

She looked and found her nightgown. She placed it between her legs and then pulled off entirely.

We both gasped. She shuddered.

“Oh damn. I think again... Tiny, but oh yes. Ya got me a third time, just pulling off. I need to get to the toilet. Help me. I’m not sure I can stand, let alone walk.”.

I helped her up and all but carried her to the toilet. She sat there and then scrunched up her face and grunted. She worked and worked and finally I heard some wet plinking noises. Then she was peeing full on.

“Oh damn, I needed to pee so bad. Ahhhh. Oh my yes. My uncle just fucked my ass. I lost my virginity. Thank you. Your pecker looks so much smaller now. Did I wear it all out?”.

“You wore it out for tonight. But come the morning, it will be raring to go again. If you think you will be. We need to clean up and get some sleep.”.

I started the hot water in the sink and got a wash cloth wet. I wiped my face, then hers. I wiped my chest, then hers. I rinsed the wash cloth. I washed my crotch. I rinsed again. Ilene was still on the pot. She was scrunching her face hard again.

“I feel like I gotta shit, but nothing is coming out. I’m sore. I liked doing it, but I don’t think I will be up for another round in the morning. Maybe…”.

“As I said, you got other holes I could use.”.

“I’ve never given a blow job either. So you could teach me.”.

I moved my cock to her face.

“In the morning, you old goat. Remember, you’re as old as dirt. I don’t wanna break your back or wear out the equipment too soon. Mom sent me with some condoms. We can…use them, but in the morning. Let me wad my nightgown into my legs and let’s sleep.”.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
My young niece, Chapter 2

In the morning, I woke up. The sun was getting close to rising. The room was bright enough. I pulled my legs out of bed and sat up. I rubbed my hands over my hair to smooth it down. I yawned. I heard a mumble from behind me. I started to reach back and swat my wife, when I remembered…it wasn’t my wife behind me…it was my young niece. I looked back, aimed and laid a good swat on her ass.


“Wake up sleepy head. Speaking of head. Time to learn.”.

“Learn this.". Her hand came out from under the covers and she flipped me off..

“Oh I intend to. I do intend to fuck you.”. I pulled the covers off. And there laid my young, naked, squirming niece. She was pissed and ready to fight. I swatted her ass again. And said “Behave and be nice, or…or I will pound your ass again…now.”.

I gave her my most evil look. As usual, it had no affect on her.

She laughed and said “Oh you’re as mean as a wet baby bird. Oooh oooh I’m so scared.”.

I pulled her to the side of the bed and sat her up. I leaned forward and placed my morning hard-on at her mouth. “Open up. Lick it. Suck it. Don’t try to take too much in -- at first. Practice and learn how far you can go.”.

She looked up to my face, smiled and said “Hmmmm. Let me see. Mmmumph.”.

She pushed her mouth upon my cock and she opened her jaw wider. Her eyes bugged out a bit and she push down. I held still and allowed her to control her depth and speed -- well for now. She moved her hands up and gently held them against my thighs. She pressed farther down with her mouth. She had three inches in, then four. She gagged and pulled back. She looked up again, and pulled off.

She coughed and said “I guess that is how far I can go -- going easy that is.”.

“Back to work. Fuck your face on my cock. Suck it as you fuck it. Lick it. No teeth.”.

She pushed her mouth back on and started bobbing up and down. She pressed down again and maybe got a little farther. She looked up at me. I could see she was trying to smile even with my cock in her mouth. She uncovered her teeth and bit softly. I almost panicked, but I held still. I waited. She shrugged her shoulders and covered her teeth again. I breathed a sigh of relief. She pulled off my cock.

“That was for the swats this morning, you brute. Those hurt. My ass is still sore this morning.”.

“Sorry. But back to work, my young little wench! Obey me, for I am Captain Black Beard.”.

“First off you need a beard, and second, you sound like a silly pirate. Mmmph Tasty, but third, you‘re blond. Yellow top, maybe. Mmmmph”.

I shoved my cock into her mouth and she pulled her hands up and wrapped them around my cock and started bouncing up and down. Her tongue would lap along the length. She sucked in. She was starting to fondle my balls.

“Oh yes. This is nice. A nice morning blow job.”.

She wrapped one hand around my ass and pulled her face onto my cock. I hit the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled off. She pulled my ass again. This time she hit the back of her throat and I saw her hold her body stiff. No gagging -- but only by dint of her stubborn mind. She pushed my ass harder. Her eyes were tightly closed. Her body was still, unmoving by her will alone, but she was pushing my cock hard into her throat. It wouldn’t go. Too tight. She pushed. And my cock’s head slid deeper. She hunched her belly and fought the urge to throw up. She held onto my ass and pulled again. I went deeper.

“Oh my god. I never had anyone take so much.”.

She pulled my ass with both hands and my cock went deeper still. I only had an inch, maybe less left. She pulled hard and I went in all the way. She opened her eyes when she felt her face hit my pubic hair. She was still flinching and her stomach was lurching. She looked up at me. Again I saw she was trying to smile -- this time with my whole cock in her throat. She eased up and I started to slide back. Her stomach really lurched. She calmed and pulled back some more. She waited again to calm down. Then she pulled back and my cock left her throat. She pulled off all the way and bent to the side and coughed, gasped, and generally tried to gain control over her body. I was amazed. This little young girl had taken all of my cock. No one had ever done that before. She got her breathing back to normal and looked at me.

“Wow! I did it. Was it good?”. She was still coughing and gasping.

“It was beyond good. Take a break. As much as I would love to cum, you need a break.”.

“Naw. Just a minute and I will get back to it. No old man will out last me.”.

She took a deep breath, grabbed my cock, and shoved it back into her mouth. She bobbed up and down. Sucking and licking. Occasionally she pushed me into her throat, but not all the way. She was stroking my balls, then squeezing them. She looked up at me and again there was that smile with her mouth full of my cock. I smiled back and moaned my delight. She used her hand to start stroking me with just the head in her mouth. Her hand was working fast. Her other hand was moving my balls. She reaching completely under my balls and grabbed my ass and pulled. My cock went deep into her throat again. She pulled back and her hand went to work. She moved her fingers into my butt crack and pulled again. This time her fingers slipped into my ass as my cock slipped into her throat.

“Oh god damn. Oh fuckin’ shit. Ilene. Oh god yes YES OHHH FUCK.”.

I started to cum in her throat. She pulled back but kept my jerking cock in her mouth. She was sucking and licking. Her finger was still in my ass and it was wiggling around. Her hand was still stroking my cock. Her lips were tight around my cock head.. Her tongue was moving all over my now very sensitive head. I was still cumming. Each time she pushed into my ass a bit more cum would squeeze out. My knees got weak and I moved away from her and sat on the bed. It was my turn to join her in panting hard. I saw her smile and lick her lips.

“Not a bad taste. Needs sugar. Hee hee.”.

I took a deep breath and looked at her. “I know where there is some sugar that I would just love to taste.”.

I pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs. I dove in and quickly was licking at her young pussy. She had very little hair and it was not in the way. My fingers spread her lips apart and I licked her slit. I licked her clit and she almost came off the bed. I reached up and rubbed her tiny tits. She was moaning and thrashing around on the bed. Her hands would grab my head and try to guide me. But she wasn’t sure where she wanted to guide me. I would move up and suck and nibble on her clit. It would cause her back to arc up and her legs strained to hold herself tight into my mouth. I pushed two fingers into her young pussy. She squealed and her hips start to rapidly rock. She jammed her clit hard onto my mouth, her pussy was also jammed hard onto my fingers. She started to howl. And it got louder. She finally squeaked one last time and collapsed back onto the bed. Her hands pushed my head away from her crotch. She curled up into a fetal position on her side…and just shuddered.

I used my pirate voice again and said “Now thar ees some nice sugar. Ready to make me some breakfast, ya scullery wench?”.

She giggled, but was soon out of bed and heading for the kitchen. After a nice breakfast, I suggested she get her homework covered for the weekend. I had some work I had to get ready for Monday as well.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
My young niece, Chapter 3

She came into my study as I was just finishing up my work. She was wearing one of my large t-shirts. It looked like a dress on her. She had made some sandwiches. She had a beer on the tray for me and a soda for her. On the tray were a package of condoms.

“Wow! Never expected this. I never expected to have you in my bed. Never expected my wife to allow anyone into bed with me. Never planned to have anyone in bed but Janet. But… Wow! Are you done with your homework? I’m done with mine.”.

“Mmph Gees, let a girl swallow first. Yup homework is all done. Nothing left to do. I think I want to do ‘it’ now. Please Uncle Paul. Please fuck me with your nice big hard cock.”.

“What a wharf rat mouth you have.”.

“It was nice enough for you this morning. Now shut up and finish eating, for soon we fuck.”.

We moved the tray to the dresser and I beckoned her into my arms.

“Hey sweetie. Hands up. Let me get this t-shirt off you.”.

I pulled the shirt off and she was naked again. I pulled my t-shirt off and my shorts. I grabbed a condom and opened it. My cock was already hard. This young girl has that effect on me. I looked at her pussy and saw a shininess. I guess she was hot and horny as well. I rubbed my fingers down her belly to her sweet pussy. She spread her legs to give me access. I pushed my fingers in and they slid in easy. She was wet. Great. I pulled the condom on and got between her legs. I lifted them and she grabbed them and pulled back. She was opened up and waiting. I could tell she was a bit nervous.

“Why are you nervous? You already took me in your ass and deep into your throat. This will be a walk in the park besides them.”.

“But I heard the first time hurts. So I…ooh.”.

I had placed my cock at her pussy lips. I pushed and slipped in an inch. It stopped her train of thought.

“Ooh. Uncle Paul.”.

I pushed some more. I was in and up against her hymen. I paused and looked at her. She looked me in the eyes. I waited. She looked down, then back up at me. She nodded. I pushed. I slipped in easier than I thought. She winced, but that was all. She looked at me and then down at our joining. She smiled and looked back at me.

“It stung just a little more than a little. But boy oh boy are you filling me up.”. I started to pull out. “Wait! Stay. Please. Wait.”. I held still. She moved her hips a little and she winced a little. Then she held still. She moved a little more. And held still. I so very much wanted to pound into her. Her tight pussy was just begging me to ravage it. But I held still and allowed her to move. She slowly worked up to a steady pace. But her position didn't allow for that much movement. I pulled back and pushed forward.

“Oh my…yes.”.

I started to slow fuck her. Easy, slow pull out. Easy, slow push in. Back and forth. Her hips were starting to jerk more and more. I leaned down, folding her body nearly in half, and kissed her. She was not expecting that. Her hips stopped. Mine did not. Soon, my tongue poked out and slid along her lips. She opened her mouth and let my tongue in. My hips kept going back and forth. My cock sliding in and out. She was panting. Between my mouth over hers, me folding her in half. She was having trouble breathing. I leaned back. I pulled her legs up. She was able to breathe.

“Now to show you doggie style. Turn onto your hand and knees.”.

We moved around and I was staring at the sweet ass I fucked last night. Her pussy was a deep red and wet. I placed my cock at pussy and she tried to push back. I held her hips.

“No no no. Wait for me. Now feel my cock as it slowly slides back into you.”.

I eased into her as slow as I could. Both for the drama and I wasn‘t sure I could last if I went fast.

She moaned and said “Oh god Uncle Paul. You just fill me and then some. Nice. So very, very nice.”.

I finally got all the way in her and held still. I felt her pussy pulsing around my cock. I still held calm and not moving. She turned her head and looked back. I smiled and pulled out I slammed back in. She yelped and spun her head back forward. I pulled out and slammed back in faster. Harder. Yup, I was not gonna last long.

“Not. Gonna. Last. Long. Oh. My. God.”.

“Do it. Cum in me. Fill me up. Fuck me as hard as you can.”.

I started to hammer into her fast and hard. My hips started to jerk and my cock erupted into the condom that was in her sweet, tight pussy. I convulsed behind her. Over and over I humped and pumped. I was spastic. I was in glorious heaven. I held onto her hips and pressed deep into her and held still. My cock made a few more weak pulses, then it calmed down.

She looked back at me smiling. “That was great. Wow! Just great. How ya doing, old man?”.

I pulled out and quickly grabbed the condom before it fell off. She held her hand out. I gave it to her.

“Ok, you throw it away.”.

“It’s not that much. It felt like a gallon of cum when you were pumping into me. When you get your second wind, then you can lick me again. That was great. Mom wants us to call her and let her know you popped me. She wants Dad to do Aunt Janet. What do you think of that?”.

She looked at me with her sweet young eyes through the bathroom doorway. I melted. Any idea of jealousy gone. Heck I already fucked my own niece.

“As long as I get to fuck you and you get to fuck me. Then sure, let Jack do Janet.”.

She came back from the bathroom and reached for the phone. She dialed.

“Mom..? Hello. … What? … Yeah, he says to let Daddy do Aunt Janet. … No, it wasn’t that bad, just a small ouch. My ass was worse. It’s still a bit sore. … Oh yes. All my holes. My ass was first. … Yes. We used the condoms. … What? I’ll ask him.”.

She turned and looked at me.

“Hey Uncle Paul. Mom wants to know whose ass is better? Mine or Aunt Janet’s. … I think she just got punched. … I hear Aunt Janet in the background. Oh, you gotta do her ass first before you can compare, true. And she just volunteered Mom’s ass too. I think they are about to get into a tussle. Hee hee. Hey you girls settle down. Act your age, or at least mine. … OK. Hey Dooffass, yar woman wants to talk with you. Ow! That hurt!”.

I swatted her as I took the phone. Time to talk to a woman who I am just learning about -- after all these years. Could be interesting.


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