Memories in the life of a boy.
A note for the reader. All the characters in this fictional story, that were involved in any sexual act, were carefully screened. Their identifications were thoroughly checked and authenticated. Not one is under the age of twenty one. If you are looking for a story involving underage fictional characters, you will not find them here. Occasionally a younger child is mentioned as a reference to allow the reader to understand a certain viewpoint. Rest assured any children that may have been mentioned were placed on a separate page until the sex scenes were over so their young minds wouldn’t be corrupted. The story was then pasted together after the children had gone to their fictitious homes.

The author is of the age he sees all persons between the ages of four and thirty as boys and girls. The ones under age four are of course babies. The author does not distinguish the ages of the boys and girls other than the fact all are above the legal age of twenty one and some are older than others. Thus many of the characters are referred to as boys and or girls. Sometimes the author might refer to them as little or young. That’s a force of habit. My forty year old son is still my little boy, even though he doesn’t think so.

To get the maximum enjoyment from the story, it is suggested the reader read Part One first. Most of my stories involve many chapters. If one reads the later chapters first, it is difficult to know what is going on as I can’t do a recap due to the length of the story. When they are read in order, the reader is able to become familiar with the characters as well as the story line. I hope you enjoy.

Total Confusion Part Twenty Four

I made arrangements to spend the following weekend at Barry’s house. It was during the summer break from school. I would be picked up Thursday evening at 7 o’clock and return home Monday evening at 8 o’clock. Barry’s Mom was supposed to be there, which was fine by me. That meant the sex would be toned down a lot since we would have to be discrete about doing it.

Barry’s Dad was still off from work. He would not start back until they relocated to Florida. I wasn’t looking forward to having him get after me, but I figured he would find a way to get to me some, even with his wife there. If I stick around her as much as I can, without looking stupid, it should afford me at least some protection. Unfortunately he will have open access to me until his wife gets home from her job at the beauty parlor.

I was sitting on the edge of Paul’s bed. It was tempting to ask him if he would like to go with me to Barry’s. I finally decided he had enough to deal with as it is. What with David and his mixed up family, he didn’t need any more shit to go with it. Besides, I didn’t really want him to know about it.

Paul and I are naked. I am preparing to start working him into a frenzy, milking him slowly onto Sherry’s tits. She is also naked. Sherry is lying on her back next to the edge of the bed. She looks so sweet and tasty. I want to hop down to eat her now, but I will wait to lick Paul’s juice off of her when I finish with him.

I have been gently caressing Paul’s shaft for the past ten minutes. He just started oozing his juice onto Sherry. I have to be careful not to get too firm a grip on it or Paul will shoot off. We don’t want that to happen, at least not for the next hour or so. By then, Sherry will be soaking wet. Wet between the legs as well as the tits. Every once in a while she inches down a little to try to catch a dribble or two in her nose. Sherry gets very excited when I do Paul this way.

It’s been nearly 50 minutes. I misjudged Paul’s feelings and he shot off all over Sherry. I pumped him until he finished, licked the drippings off the end of his dick, gave him a kiss in appreciation, and slid down onto the floor with Sherry. Paul watched me lick her clean, then he watched me eat her out. Sherry sucked me for a little while and then laid back for me to fill her pussy up for her brother to enjoy.

It was a thrill to watch Sherry and Paul go at it. It was all they could do to keep from screaming. I was always surprised their Mom didn’t hear their moans through the door. If she had, she probably wouldn’t have let us know any way.


Paul and I are at David’s. We’ve been in the box for close to an hour. I am staring at a long black dick and wondering how I am going to suck it without throwing up. I hate the sessions in the box. I never know what will come through the curtain. It would have helped a lot if the bastard had taken a bath before he got here. Well here goes. I take him into my mouth and instantly the puke spews up into my throat. It wasn’t that the dude was black. I’ve had a few of them before. I wouldn’t actually throw up at all, if he hadn’t stunk so bad.

(I break from the story to explain a point for the reader’s sake. I have had a few complaints, at this point in the story from some of my readers concerning insinuations that African Americans are dirty and inferior. I as the author am not prejudiced in the least.

This story took place in the early sixties and late sixties when unfortunately much prejudice was pumped into children’s heads by well meaning, although uninformed parents. Both white and black. Some of them figured out all on their own that this notion was bull shit, others sadly did not. Myself, I feel lucky the lies I was told to believe didn’t stick with me as I got older.

It was not my intent to offend anyone of any race or nationality, however, I cannot change the way the boy felt at the time. To do so, would simply be a lie and would prevent the reader from understanding the emotions felt during a very difficult time. For those readers that have trouble understanding this concept, please try imagining your Dad had raised you telling you those “honkies are nasty, dirty, and low life people.”

Now, one of your kinfolk forces you to suck one of THEIR dicks. See if you can feel the emotions of you as that child. For those readers that can’t get a grip on what I am saying, all I can say is, “I am sorry. Please don’t take it personally. We both know it isn’t true.

These are the memories of a young boy who was molested from his fifth birthday until well into adulthood. Being of a small frame and weak in body, there was nothing he could do to stop it. Rest assured we will not detail any events from his childhood as that simply would not be appropriate here. Thanks for your understanding. Back to the story. )

I pulled back from him and threw up vehemently all over the floor of the box. The black guy just stands there with his hard on poking at me through the curtain, as he ever so impatiently waited for me to finish throwing up. David already warned everyone the girls may barf a little from time to time. As David puts it, "They really love to suck a dick, but they haven't quite gotten used to swallowing it yet. Sometimes just the thought of swallowing it sets them off." Which of course was a true statement except they weren’t girls.

There was no way the guy could miss hearing me heave up my guts in that box. My nose has started to bleed profusely and I switch the lamp on to signal to David what has happened. It does not save me from the black guy, because the standing rule is we finish the one we are working on while David sends the rest of them home.

I finish throwing up and start sucking the guy some more. I still want to throw up, but I am going to have enough trouble eating what I have already thrown up. That’s the way it works, David makes me lick it up if I throw up. It sure cuts down on the throwing up. It will really be bad now because it is covered in blood. David won’t make me lick up all of the blood, but he will make me lick up any that has puke under it. He will get off on me when I finish this dick, because by that time I will be a red mess.

I have decided to close my eyes and pretend I am sucking Paul. It is the only way I will ever get him out of my mouth. Thank God, he is finally shooting off. I suck him until he finishes. I even swallowed it. I didn't want to, but one way or the other I was going to end up eating it as with my nose bleeding like it was I couldn't lean down to let it roll down my chest.

I pulled back to get Paul to lick the blood off of the dudes dick. I have to hold his balls so he knows it is not over yet, otherwise he would pull back and see the blood all over his dick. Fortunately for me, Paul had already finished his guy and was ready to take over for me. I sit there feeling like shit and watched as Paul licked the guy clean.

Paul finally pulls back. We sit and wait for David to give us the all clear so we can come out. I have decided to go ahead and eat the puke. David will force me to anyway. At least this way he won’t know I ate it. That will be one less thrill for the crazy bastard. I managed to get the last portion of the puke up and cover the lickings in blood before David got us out.

Sure enough, he checked the floor to see what we spit out. I am sick to my stomach. I have swallowed that nasty shit from the black guy’s dick, the puke from the floor of the box, Paul’s glass of cum and spit, and a whole lot of blood. Paul and I learned to put plenty of our spit in the glass with the cum from the guys.

Aside from the fact Paul's spit was much tastier than the cum, if David felt there was more cum on the floor of the box than in the glass, he would make one or the other of us lick it all off the floor of the box. That was always gross as shit. I would rather tongue Mister Donkey in the ass than do that. Trust me, I’ve done that too.

David has me in his lap and is sucking on my nose. It won’t be long before he makes me suck him and then he will let us go home. I feel used, sitting here in David’s lap with my nose in his mouth and my head in his hands. Now he has had his fill of blood and is pulling my head down between his legs. I start sucking his meat.

I hate sucking David’s dick. I actually found it easier and more enjoyable sucking the black guy than David and David took a bath. David motions for Paul to stick his dick in David’s mouth. David shot off in my mouth and told me to keep going until Paul got through. In the mean time I am making one hell of a mess in David’s lap.

It is finally over and we are standing on the road. Paul and I spent a few healthy minutes throwing up all of the cum we drank from our respective glasses. I am already sick from swallowing all that blood. My nose is really rocking and rolling. I am turning everything around me red. We decided to go to Paul’s and let his Mom tend to my nose.

I like this idea, because it puts us in the bathroom together. She likes it too, because it gives her an excuse to be in a position where she can gawk at me in the nude. When my nose needs tending to, usually Paul's Mom will take me into the bathroom where she strips my clothes off. She then enjoys admiring my body while she mends my nose.

After she cleans me up, I may get a few kisses and possibly suck one of her tits or even get a hand job depending on her mood. At the very least she will hug me and give me some tender loving care. The best part is I get to sit around in front of Paul's Mom in just a pair of Paul's skimpy briefs while my clothes are being washed. Of course the rest of them are gawking at me too, but I don't really care. I will also be near Paul so I can do it with him when I feel a little better.


Thursday evening is here. I am both looking forward to doing Barry and Berry and dreading being, their Dad’s private stash at the same time. Their car pulled into the driveway. Barry is knocking at the door for me to come out. Barry and I kissed in the back seat on the way to his house. We wanted to do something else, but Tim told us to wait until later.

It was a really strange situation. I was in the back seat of the car with Barry. We were wrapped up in each others arms kissing while his Dad watched through the rear view mirror. I can't describe how much I felt like a faggot, but I couldn't resist Barry's lips. It was like I was in heat. I could feel the warmness of his body against mine. His lips eagerly pulling at my tongue. God I can’t wait to get my mouth on his dick.

When we arrived at the house, Barry introduced me to his Mom. Her name is Carol. I got some really good news. Carol took Friday off from her job. That meant Tim wouldn't get to fuck me all day until she got home. I was ecstatic. We sat around watching TV for an hour or so and then Carol read us a story before bedtime.

Carol was pretty cool for a grown up. I liked being around her. The three of us boys didn’t have to take baths, because as it turned out, we all had one before I was picked up. To my surprise, Barry and Berry went to their room. I followed them. Their Dad didn’t come in. Hoo Rah!

Barry, Berry, and I took turns tending to each others needs and went to sleep. Carol had issued a proclamation that we were to quit talking and playing around and go to sleep by eleven, because we had to be up by 0630 to have breakfast. Carol tapped on the door at 0630 sharp telling us to come down to eat.

After breakfast, Carol sent Barry in to take a bath. When he returned, she sent Berry in for his. I was next. I thought it kind of odd at first that Carol sent us all in one at a time, when all three of us had gone together the last time I was over. I assumed it was just Carol did things a little differently than Tim. I certainly wasn't going to ask Carol why we couldn't bathe together.

I did the usual routine. I don’t know if I was supposed to or not, but I did as that was the way Berry and Barry always got ready for their bath. I went to their room, undressed, and walked down the hall in my birthday suit. It didn’t matter, as there was no one in the hall to see me. I ran the water for my bath and proceeded to wash myself. I would have preferred to take a shower, but the boys' bathroom didn't have a shower, so I had to take a bath. It wasn't a big deal, because we didn't have a shower at home either.

I had only been in the tub for about 10 minutes, when Carol walked into the bathroom. I was extremely embarrassed having her see me like this and was apprehensive about her seeing my tiny dick. I have always been ashamed of how little my dick was. She told me to finish my bath and she would come back in about 15 minutes to bring me some clean clothes and to help me with my hair. Carol is a hair stylist, so I assumed I was getting ready to get the latest style.

She stood there for a moment. At first she was looking into my eyes. Then her gaze wandered to my pubic area. She only looked at it for a second or two, so I didn’t think anything about it. Then she left me alone in the tub. I finished bathing and sat in the water waiting for Carol as I not only didn’t have any clothes, but there was no towel either.

All I could think of was how embarrassed I would be when Carol came back and started working on my hair. I would be completely nude. There was no way for me to cover myself. Carol would most likely get a pretty good look at my thing. I dreaded the thought she might gawk at it. She might even tease me about how little it was. I was sick just thinking about all the things she might say.

When Carol came back, she had a bag with her. It was like some miniature luggage bag. I wasn’t sure what you call them. She was going to take care of my hair first. I was wondering how she planned to get the clippings out of the tub with out plugging it up. I was also wondering what came after first. I was feeling very insecure being naked in front of Carol. I was embarrassed to the point of being humiliated, but there really wasn't shit I could do about it.

Carol squatted down next to the tub splashing water onto my legs. She told me to prop one foot on the side of the tub. She then took some things out of the bag and lathered up my leg before shaving it. I didn't really have any hair on my legs, but there was a lot of fine short peach fuzz on them. Paul relished the feel of it on his lips and tongue. You could feel it, but unless you looked closely, you wouldn't know it was there.

Many of the guys that did it with me told me how sexy my peach fuzz made me. That was always embarrassing as hell. Carol shaved both my legs and had me stand in the tub so she could shave my crotch as well. I didn’t want what little hair I had to be shaved off, but I was afraid to speak up and say no. I was worried my Mom might accidentally walk in on me in the bathroom and see I didn't have any hair on my dick any more, but then I remembered the last time she had seen it, I hadn't had any anyway.

If school had still been in, it would have been really tough, because the other boys already teased me about not having much hair on it. They would most certainly notice it had been shaved. When I said I only had a little hair around it, I meant like about fifty hairs. Trust me, when you are a young boy with a hairless pencil dick, when you start seeing hair, you count them.

When my shave was complete, Carol gently patted me down with a towel. I felt so weird and embarrassed standing in the nude in front of Carol while she dabbed at me with that towel. I didn't know it then, but it was going to get even worse. I felt so insignificant and helpless in front of her. I was a nobody. She reached into the bag again and got out some body lotion. She dabbed a little on her finger and started rubbing it into my face.

She was very careful not to get any into my eyes or onto my lips, but she rubbed it in thoroughly. She did the same to my neck and then started at the tips of my fingers and worked her way to my shoulders. My back and chest were next. When she did my tits, she rubbed them like she was rubbing body cream into them. That felt weird. I was trying to keep from turning red and was having a difficult time keeping my dick from getting hard.

Carol took one of my feet into her hand and gently rubbed it all over working the lotion slowly up my leg. She stopped just short of my crotch and started on my other leg. After she massaged some onto the back of my ass, she twirled some around the edge of my hole. I was feeling really strange having her finger partially up my butt. Carol was very liberal with the lotion around my sweet meat and it took a long time to rub it in. Of course my dick had been hard for a long time by now. I was getting very excited, but I still felt like what was going on was sick and I should stop her from doing it.

She poured a pretty big pile into her hand and proceeded to rub it around my balls. Carol rubbed my nuts for a long time to get all of the lotion to go in. When she refilled her hand again and started working it into my dick, I became worried I might piss her off by shooting off in her hand. As much as I tried not to come, it was to no avail. Carol didn’t bat an eye. She just directed my ejaculation out onto the floor.

Carol gave me a hand job until I finished with my ejaculation. She wiped off the end of it with a tissue and continued to rub the lotion in. Carol pulled some more tissues from the box on the toilet tank and cleaned my juice off of the floor. She gave me a sexy looking pair of panties. The notorious PINK panties that most of the guys always fantasize about. She told me to tuck my self into them like I did the last time I visited.

I was humiliated. They had told her everything we did over that weekend. It suddenly dawned on me I was in for a very long weekend indeed, so much for discretion. I pulled the panties up to my knees so I could tuck my nuts in, pull my dick back into my crack, and still reach the panties to pull them on with out bending over and risking having my dick get back loose. Carol watched with casual interest while I accomplished this feat.

She then dressed me in a cheerleader’s outfit. It had a sweater type blouse and a pair of briefs to wear under the skirt. The skirt hung down about an inch below my crotch. If I bend over or stretch my arms in the air, the skirt will rise up and show my briefs. I can’t believe I just shot off in front of Barry’s Mom, let alone she had actually beat me off. I guess any other boy would have been in seventh heaven, but I felt used.

I felt like I had no say in the matter. I was very ashamed I didn’t have balls enough to tell her to leave me alone. I also felt embarrassed having her see my dick with no hair. I was also miserable in this outfit. I wasn’t supposed to have on girl’s clothes. It didn’t help any having the letters “ GO TEAM “ printed in large black block letters on the back of the briefs that went over my pink panties.

Carol put the wig on me from last time and she styled it to give me two short ponytails that hung off both sides of my head at the top and tied them off with little blue ribbons. She fixed up my makeup and painted my nails a bright red. When my toenails dried, she had me put on a pair of knee high white socks and a pair of shiny black cheerleader shoes. I felt super stupid in them.

When she told me to come with her to the bedroom, I thought she was getting ready to have sex with me. I was wrong. She wanted me to get a glimpse of the cute little cheerleader I had been transformed into. I was devastated. Here I am, a young adult and Carol has dressed me up where I look like a thirteen year old girl. I must admit, I was cute as all hell. I could understand her wanting me now. Heck, I wanted me too.


After my debut with the mirror, I reluctantly followed her to the living room. I dreaded going into that room in front of the guys wearing what I had on. I thought they would laugh at me and poke fun. Tim was sitting in the easy chair and was fully clothed. Barry and Berry were sitting on the floor on a fairly large tarp with a sheet spread over it. The tarp looked like it was about 10 feet square, give or take a foot. They were in their bikini underpants and I immediately felt my dick growing in my crack at the sight of them.

There was some guy sitting on the couch I didn’t know. I think I turned beet red. I wanted to run off into the other room and hide, but didn’t dare. It didn’t take a genius to figure something was brewing here. I didn’t know exactly what, but you could bet it was going to involve a lot of me.

Carol introduced him as Wallace and told him I was her niece, Betty. So now I not only think I am a girl trapped in a boy’s body, but I look like a girl and I feel like a girl. You have no idea how soft and feminine I felt with those silk panties next to my skin and being covered from head to toe with body lotion. Now I’ve been told I am a girl.

Carol made me strut around the room raising my arms into the air as I slowly twirled around for Wallace to admire my beauty. Why does everyone want to admire my beauty? I knew I was stuck, so I pranced around the room being Betty showing off my stuff. When I finished, I sat on the other end of the couch from Wallace. Barry and Berry didn't know whether to go deaf or to go blind. They couldn't take their eyes off of me. I found myself getting an eyeful of them as well. They were so excited, I could see their hard ons pressing at the front of their panties.

Carol instructed Barry and Berry to take turns strutting around the room for Wallace. When they sat back down, Carol asked Wallace what he thought. Wallace said they all looked nice. Carol then asked Wallace if he wanted them. Of course Wallace wanted us. Next Carol told Wallace to stand up and lower his pants to his knees. She asked Barry and Berry to take a look to see if they would have any problem with Wallace. I guess my vote didn’t count. No body asked me what I felt.

They both agreed he was fine with them. Carol told Wallace it was all set up except for one thing. She told him to go back home. Tell your son and daughter to bathe. Get them dressed up sexy and bring them over here. Even swap is what she told him, take it or leave it.

I could tell from the look on Wallace’s face he didn’t want to share his children with them. He did however want us pretty bad, because after a couple of minutes he left for home saying he wouldn’t be long. We all sat where we were. I was getting pretty worked up looking at the boys and they were gawking pretty hard at me. Carol and Tim were glancing back and forth at the three of us.

A half an hour later the doorbell rang and when Carol opened the door, I saw Wallace standing there with a young boy and a young girl. The boy’s name was Alex and the girl’s name was Anita. Anita was dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit identical to mine. She was even wearing cute little ponytails like mine. Her ribbons were a different color. They were pink. Anita was very pleasing to look at.

Alex had a very pretty face, but I couldn’t tell how his body was going to look because he was wearing a loose fitting pair of sweatpants with a matching shirt. Anita was definitely dressed sexy, but Wallace sure blew it with Alex. Carol immediately took over again. She said ladies are first. She stripped down naked and laid down on the tarp. Carol spread her legs and told Wallace to fuck her.

He took off his clothes crawling between her legs. Carol beckoned for Anita to come sit next to her. I was keeping a close eye on Anita. I was fascinated with her beauty. When she bent down to get on the floor, her skirt raised up showing me her panties. All I could notice was “GO TEAM“. Now I know why everybody was watching me bend over and raise my arms in the air. Carol told her to hold her Daddy’s balls so she could feel him come in her.

Anita sat there with her Father’s balls in hand. It was fairly obvious Anita was enjoying holding his balls, as she would tug on them from time to time. Carol suggested to Anita she should suck her Daddy’s balls to help him feel good. Anita leaned forward and popped them into her mouth. After a few minutes, Wallace got up from Carol, pulling his nuts from his daughter’s lips as he went. I could only assume he had finished blowing his wad.

Carol reached over to pull Anita’s head down between her legs. Anita cupped her hands behind Carol’s ass cheeks sucking her Father’s juice out of Carol’s pussy. In a short time Carol started into a frenzied wail. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This little bitty girl was eating an adult woman’s pussy. It looked to me it was not the first pussy she had eaten. She was definitely going for it.

When Carol had enough, she pulled Anita up to her face whispering into her ear. Anita got up and pulled off her panties. Then she laid down on the tarp and spread her legs. Carol told Tim to get Anita ready for her. Tim got naked and knelt beside Anita. He ran his finger in her pussy for a couple of minutes and then pushed her skirt up out of the way so he could climb in between her legs.

Anita moaned in pleasure as Tim threw his meat into her. I wanted to do her real bad. After awhile Tim reached back behind him and pulled Anita ’s legs forward to wrap them around his waist. Carol kept telling him “That’s right, fill her pussy up for me.” Tim finally pulled away from her and Carol put her face in between Anita ’s legs.

After Carol finished with Anita, she beamed, “ Okay, Betty, now it’s your turn. Go over and give Wallace a kiss.” I don’t want to go over and give Wallace a kiss, but I am afraid to tell them no. I don’t like the way he looks. Not that he’s ugly or, anything like that.

It’s he’s just not appealing to me. No guy is supposed to be appealing to me. That’s one of the things that make me feel like I am a faggot. The way I feel around some guys, not just the boys, makes me feel like I am queer. I just sat there for a few minutes like I didn’t hear her and hoping she wouldn’t say it again. She said it again.

Wallace was sitting in the nude, at the opposite end of the couch from me. I reluctantly slid over next to him. I leaned up against him and looked into his eyes. I turned on my kiss me fool stare and Wallace obliged me. It was gross. He crammed his tongue down my throat right off the bat. He wrapped his arms around me so tight I could hardly breathe. I started kissing him back, as I knew I had to. More or less, I was basically sucking on his tongue.

He reached over placing one of my hands on his dick. After I pumped on him for a few minutes, Wallace guided my head down into his lap. I went ahead and did my thing. As soon as I finished, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of my skirt to remove it when Carol stopped him. She said, ”Not yet, she has to do everyone else first.“

Carol told me to start with Tim and then do Barry, Berry, Alex, Anita, and then her. When I got ready to do Alex, he took off his sweat clothes to reveal a skimpy bikini. I know I wasn’t supposed to feel the way I did. He’s a boy. I wasn’t supposed to be attracted to him. I felt like a faggot again, because Alex looked good to me. I couldn’t wait to get him into my arms and kiss him.

I slid my hands into the bra of his bikini as I kissed him. His little nipples felt as good on the end of my fingers as his tongue felt in my mouth. The worst part of it all was every one else watching so intently as he felt this way to me. I knew they knew how sweet he was feeling to me. Another bad thing was three of them still thought I was a little girl.

When I finally got around to sliding off his panties, I was sick to my stomach because I was expected to suck his dick. I didn’t want to suck a dick. I hated sucking dicks. I especially hated to do it in front of other people. I looked between his legs to see what I was going to have to deal with. His dick was sticking up in the air. It was short and skinny. The mystical pencil dick I had been embarrassed about having all of my life. I said it was short, but it was actually long in contrast to how thin it was and in comparison to how small he was. Hell, his dick made mine look big.

It was beautiful. I knew I wasn’t going to have any trouble sucking Alex’s dick. I kissed Alex some more, savoring every drop of his saliva I could coax from that delectable little mouth of his. Gradually my lips slipped ever so slowly to his lower lip. As I sucked it in between my own, I could feel a little dribble between my legs. God. This little boy was really turning me on. I must be one really sick fuck for a guy to excite me like this.

I was hardly able to get my breath. My heart was racing a hundred miles an hour. Embarrassingly, from the way Alex was reacting to my moves, he knew what he was doing to me. The little bastard not only tasted good, but he knew just what to do and when. My head slowly drifted down his chin as my lips pulled at his soft smooth skin. I was in heaven and so sick inside I wanted to cry. I hated myself and yet I never felt better in my life.

Alex’s small muscles tightened as my tongue caressed his neck. I savored the feel of his hot little nipples poking at my tongue. I could feel his heart beat pick up with each twirl of my tongue. I slowly traced the outer edge of his nipple without actually touching it. After several minutes I flicked my tongue across the tip of his nipple and settled my lips over it sucking sweetly on his chest, pulling back until I was tweaking that gorgeous nipple between my lips.

Alex squealed in delight as I teased at his belly button before my lips finally made their way to that smooth hairless area just above his throbbing little shaft. I licked him all around it before nudging at his beautiful peter. It stuck straight out, rubbing gently across my cheek as I licked it from the tip all the way to his balls. Those tiny nuts felt so sweet in my mouth. I couldn’t seem to get enough of them. I didn’t want to ever take them out of my mouth, but I was actually supposed to have just pulled Alex’s panties down and sucked on him without any fanfare.

Obviously, everyone was so fascinated watching me tease this young boy, no one was willing to break the spell by telling me to just suck it. I know Alex was quite content to just stand there as I pulled at his sack. I gradually realized I needed to move on. My lips faintly touched the tip of his boyhood. Slowly pressing closer and closer until the head popped into my mouth. I started sucking it and it was fantastic.

He felt so smooth and soft in my mouth. I went all out to make him feel special, so he would shoot off as much as possible. He came in my mouth. I could feel his balls doing their thing as Alex squealed out, "Oh GOD, Betty. I am coming." He was coming hard, but he didn’t squirt anything out. That was a pity, I would like to have swallowed his juice if he had any.

I was particularly thrilled about finally getting a chance at Anita. She was an extremely good kisser. I could have kissed Anita all day. I slowly undressed her and when I got my lips between her legs, I took my time. I wanted it to be special for her. I started lapping on the front of her pussy and gradually worked my way to her clit.

When she started into her orgasm, I sucked directly on her clit. Anita went into convulsions and screamed in delight as she tried to stuff my head into her pussy. That was pretty cool. She had come for me like that and she still thinks I am a girl. I wished I could climb between her legs and come inside of her, but I know I will get the chance later.

Carol was different. After I brought her to orgasm, she slowly seduced me and then the cat was out of the bag. I was a boy again. I still had on the wig and makeup and my nails were still pretty, but I no longer had on girl’s clothes. I remained naked the rest of the night. Carol sucked on my dick and seemed to get a charge out of swallowing my juice.


After she finished me, Carol decided it was time for everyone to start choosing partners and to do any body with whatever they wanted to. The only rules were you had to be gentle and could not do anything that might cause any permanent damage. The adults had to be especially careful not to harm the children.

Tim got out a plastic trash bag and laid it on the tarp. He told me to lie down on my back on it. He got out several jars of Vaseline and laid them out on the tarp with the lids off. They were for when someone wanted a little butt. There would be no dry fucking. He wanted all the other guys to pop me first in order of age. He would be last.

He told me he knew I might feel a strong urge to shit, but not to do it here in the living room. He would give me some time in the bathroom to myself later. Shit, they are all going to fuck me right here on this plastic bag. I was feeling low again.

Alex loosened up my ass a little, but he didn’t deposit anything so I was still OK. Barry was so damn horny by now, he shot off shortly after entering my ass. I thought he would never finish shooting off. I had to shit pretty bad by the time he finished. When Berry entered me I was having one hell of a time holding it in. Berry lasted a little longer before shooting off, but by the time Wallace was preparing to enter me, I felt like I was going to explode. I had to shit really, bad. I was trying desperately to hold my cheeks together.

Every time Wallace slid his thing in and out of me I thought I would squirt it everywhere. I thought Wallace would wear my ass out. He was gentle and moved in a steady but slow rhythm, But I thought he would never come. He finally finished and backed off of me. I felt wet all in my backsides and the pressure was tremendous. I didn’t know how I was going to hold it any longer.

Now it was Tim’s turn. After he shot off in me, he came around front and asked me to suck it for him. It was coated with Vaseline and tasted just awful. His penis had that twang the guys got when they recently had it in someone's asshole. In other words I could taste my own ass on Tim. I didn't throw up as Paul tasted that way a lot when he did me before I blew him, except he rarely ever tasted like Vaseline as we usually just used saliva as a lubricant.

It was the same taste, all of the dicks would have for the rest of the night. I hated the taste and the feel of Vaseline in my mouth. When Tim was hard again, he pulled it out of my mouth and stuffed it back up my ass. I hadn’t noticed Tim had been drinking big glasses of water frequently all day. He pumped himself back and forth for a little while and then he lay real still inside of me.

I could feel his hard on sticking inside of me as he lay there. I knew what he was going to do. When he started peeing, I could feel my insides swelling up. I thought he would pee forever. He was still peeing in me when I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started spraying it all over Tim. He yelled for every one to watch. When he pulled back out of my ass, he was still peeing and directed it to my face.

I was embarrassed all to hell. There I was squirting cum, piss, and shit in a stream out of my ass uncontrollably while every one looked on, with Tim pissing all over me. It burned my eyes and my nose. It also tasted awful. It had a heavy piss taste to it. I just don’t understand how I manage to get myself into these situations.

I am still wondering to myself how every one knows I will sit still while they do these things to me. Am I moving the wrong way? Is it tattooed on my forehead somewhere? How does every one know I am queer? Tim would drink another big glass of water every five minutes or so, so he was also pissing rather frequently.

I had been fantasizing about holding Alex's head in my lap ever since I saw him with his clothes off. It felt so wonderful when his lips finally landed on my dick. He sucked like a pro. He took his time, slowly building up my excitement, and making sure I didn't shoot off too soon. When I finished my orgasm, I asked him to do me again. He was spectacular.

I had sex with Alex quite a few times that night. His asshole felt so tight and his butt cheeks were some kind of smooth and soft. It was an incredible feeling when those shapely little legs came up wrapping themselves around my back. Alex really loved to hold me close. I wished I could have taken him home with me.


I did have an opportunity to fuck Anita quite a few times, however I spent most of the rest of the day getting butt fucked or giving blow jobs to any one who asked for one at the time. I was very surprised when I asked if I could take Anita to the boys bedroom to have her privately for an hour or so. Carol let me do it. I was even more surprised Carol waited three hours before coming in to get us. We had a great time. I tried to be very gentle with Anita.

We talked quite a bit between orgasms. I asked her how she got started with Carol. It was obvious they had done it before. I could tell from the way Anita knew exactly what to do with only a hint of what was to be done. It was almost as if they rehearsed it ahead of time.

Anita told me Carol and her planned the whole thing. She hadn't known about me, but found it a pleasant surprise. Anita had been in the pool and was sunning herself in her little bikini, when she saw Carol planting flowers. Anita confessed she had always enjoyed looking at beautiful women and other little girls. She found the sight of Carol quite appealing. Anita went over to say hello. Carol asked her if she wanted to help. Anita went over several times to help Carol with the flowers.

It was a lot more fun than she thought it would be and besides, she liked admiring Carol's legs. Carol didn't show any signs of wanting her sexually, but Anita always wore her bikini when she went over. Anita felt so sexy looking at Carol while she had it on. It was not only a lot of fun, but Carol was pretty cool. One day Anita got a cramp in her neck from bending over so much.

Carol took her inside and massaged her neck to make it feel better. Carol told Anita her shoulders and back were pretty tight too. She convinced Anita to remove her bra so she could loosen them up. Anita felt so good when Carol's hands started roaming to more personal areas, she just sat there while Carol rubbed her all over. The more she rubbed, the better it felt. Eventually Carol started manipulating Anita's genitals. When Anita started to get excited, Carol kissed her on the lips. The rest was history.

Anita had already been doing it with her Dad and her brother, and a few other women here and there, so doing it with Carol wasn't all that difficult. She said the surprise was how much she enjoyed it. Anita started going over regularly to do it with Carol. This was her first time with Tim and the boys. I guess I must have a certain flair for relaxing people or she would never have told me all of her secrets.

Of course, I had to ask her how she got started with her Dad and brother. Anita told me that a long time ago she had been talking about sex with some of her girl friends that came over for a slumber party. They were talking about how different stuff, would feel. Kissing, eating, sucking, being fucked and the like. One of her girlfriends told Anita if she had a little brother that was as cute as Alex, she would know how all of it feels. They all had a good laugh about it.

About a week later Anita walked in on Alex while he was getting ready for his bath. He was already nude. Instead of getting embarrassed and excusing herself, Anita found herself looking at her brother's body. It was the first time she really noticed Alex had a dick. It wasn't very big, but it was the only one around at the time. Alex went on with whatever he was doing like she wasn't even there as she had seen him nude before.

Anita started talking to him about anything she could think of to get him to stand there while she looked at him. She started feeling different about Alex. He was starting to excite her with his nudity. She thought it was weird getting excited looking at her brother, but she couldn't help herself and wanted to keep looking. She quizzed him about what he knew about sex. She was surprised at what he knew. Anita asked him if he had ever thought about trying any of it.

He said he thinks about it all the time, but who is a 10 year old going to try it with anyway, so why worry with it. Anita remembered her girlfriend's words, "If I had a little brother that was as cute as Alex, I would know how all of it feels." It suddenly dawned on her how right her girlfriend had been. Alex is really cute and he is her brother.

Alex was looking so good she told him she thinks about sex a lot too, but she didn't have anybody to try it with either. She would like to try some of it with him. She asked him if he would like to try kissing. They had to fumble around with it for a few days before they got it right, as neither one of them had ever done it before.

She loved kissing her brother. She liked sucking on his dick even more. Alex wasn't having orgasms yet, and even though he has orgasms now, he still doesn't shoot off. Anita can't wait until he does, if of course he ever does. Alex is a quick learner, it didn't take long to get him to learn what felt best when he ate her. She didn't want to get pregnant, but since Alex wasn't coming yet, she let him fuck her. Alex was upset much the same as I was that his dick didn't work.

Anita learned in school that boys started coming at a much later age than girls did, so she explained it all to Alex so he would know everything was normal and there was nothing wrong with him. To make sure he didn't get her pregnant, she would suck him first to make sure he hadn't started shooting off yet. After a few months, she convinced him to start practicing doing it in her butt. That way if he started shooting off, he could do it there and her pussy would be off limits to his dick from then on.

Later after her Mom passed away, both of them started sleeping with her Dad. Not having sex, just sleeping next to him so they wouldn't hurt so bad. A few months later, her Dad asked how they would feel about him dating someone. Anita didn't want him to. Her Dad told her he had needs that had to be tended to and only a woman could tend to them.

Several weeks later, Anita asked her Dad, "What kind of needs?" Her Dad said they were personal needs that he couldn't discuss with her, because she was his Daughter. He apologized to her for bringing it up. Anita told him she wasn't ready to share him with someone else other than Alex and didn't see it changing in the near future.

Her Dad replied he still had needs and one day he would have to find a replacement for his wife to tend to them. Anita offered for her and Alex to clean the house and do all of the stuff her Mom used to do in exchange for his promise he wouldn't date anybody. Her Dad felt it was a sweet offer, but she and especially Alex could not tend to specific needs. Anita didn't say anything more about it that day.

Anita had already figured out what needs her Dad was referring to and discussed the situation with Alex. She convinced Alex if they took turns tending to those needs they could keep their Dad all to themselves for ever and be a whole lot closer with him as well. Anita made it clear to Alex exactly what he was going to have to do.

She made sure he understood he would be doing the same things to his Dad Anita was doing for him and her Dad would probably do his butt much the same way Alex had done Anita's. She also made sure Alex understood that when he did his Dad's thing, it would squirt a lot of juice into his mouth and he would need to be able to swallow it all to avoid making a mess.

Anita also told him he probably wouldn't like the taste of it, but would eventually get used to it. At the time, Anita had never tasted any ejaculate either. She was just going by what some of her girlfriends told her at school. She had no idea if she would like it either. Alex wasn't fond of the idea of sucking his Dad's dick, but agreed to help anyway. He would do anything to keep his Dad from bringing someone in to replace his Mom.

A couple of nights later, Anita was cuddled in her Dad's arms while he slept with Alex on his other side. She decided to take action. She slipped her hand down to her Dad's crotch. It was already hard and he was still asleep. She started gently massaging it. After awhile, her Dad started saying stuff like ummm, God that feels good, and the like. Anita thought she was succeeding until she realized he was still asleep and had no idea she was beating him off.

She decided to go under cover. She had him shooting off in her mouth when he woke up. Anita was fascinated at how good her Dad's juice felt spurting into her mouth. When it first started squirting into her mouth, she thought she was going to gag. Not from it being there. She liked that. It was the nasty way it tasted. It wasn't at all like her girl friends told her it would be.

When her Dad woke up, she had a mouth full of it. It was sour and sticky tasting. She had no idea what to do with it. There was no where to spit it out. Anita couldn't imagine swallowing it. At first she was sorry she had sucked her Dad off. Then she remembered several things. First she needed to get her Dad to let her do it to keep him from dating. Second, she liked the way his hard on felt between her lips and was fascinated with the way it seemed to poke out at her.

That was when she realized she had a mouth full of her Dad's ejaculate. It was not just her Dad's ejaculate, it was her Dad's excitement. The thing that changed it all for Anita was realizing it was her that caused her Dad to give her his excitement in the first place. Anita found that thought to be exciting.

She started getting horny herself just thinking about it. Anita swished her Dad's juice around in her mouth, thinking about how she had caused it to squirt out into her own mouth. Suddenly it started tasting wonderful to her.

When her Dad realized what she had done, he wanted to know what the hell she was thinking. He couldn't have her doing that. Anita swallowed what was in her mouth and told him she just wanted to show him she could satisfy those needs he had and not only could she, but Alex had agreed to as well. The best part was after she swallowed it, she could still taste it for a long time. She definitely wanted more.

Anita told her Dad she and Alex would take care of all of his sexual needs in exchange for his promise not to bring someone into the house with them to replace their Mom. They had a long talk about it the next day. Her Dad tried to explain to them both Dads just don't do it with their children. Anita begged him to make the deal. She would just die if he brought another woman into the house and besides, she had already done it for him and nothing bad had happened.

Her Dad finally gave in and promised not to look for another woman. When Anita started to undo his pants, he asked her what she was doing. Anita said, "You have needs that need tending to." Her Dad still wasn't too keen on the idea of his daughter sucking him off, but he let her do it anyway. Anita thought she would never convince him she really wanted him to do her. Her Dad nearly had a hissy the first time Alex went down on him and also nearly had a conniption the first time he caught her and Alex doing it, but he finally learned to accept the situation.

When Anita asked her Dad to go ahead and fuck her, he said he couldn't take a chance on her getting pregnant and would have to take precautions first. Anita was upset and asked her Dad if he was so ashamed of her he wouldn't like her child if she got pregnant. He would be proud to raise her child if she got pregnant. He just didn't want her to have one and it wouldn't be right for him to be the father of it if she did. She was just too young.

He wound up making a deal with a close friend of his that was a doctor. The doctor would write prescriptions for a Ms. Chancellor to get birth control pills. That way it would be sort of legal and Anita would not get pregnant. The other end of the bargain was once a month the doctor would come by and give Anita a complete gynecological exam with her completely in the nude.

The exam would be done in the bedroom and Anita was to have complete privacy with no one watching other than the Doctor. The dual purpose of the exam was to keep Anita healthy as well as to let the doctor enjoy her beauty. She would be required to give him at least one blow job and he got to eat her pussy. He was not to have any intercourse with her. He would be allowed 4 hours to have his fun after the exam was complete.

Anita had to agree to continue the deal until she reached her twenty first birthday or there would be no deal at all. At that time, she would have several options. She could continue with things as they were as long as she wanted to. She could elect to have the Doctor just continue to do her exams, either in the nude or covered with a sheet without doing the sex part, if she didn't want to go through the embarrassment of dealing with a new Doctor. The third option was to just find a new Doctor.

Anita told me she kind of liked the Doctor and planned to continue doing it with him. She liked him being her gynecologist. She felt very comfortable being nude around him. Plus, she had gotten where she liked sucking his dick and he was very skilled at eating her pussy. Her Dad wanted to be sure the exam wasn't rushed as he really wanted to keep Anita healthy. The actual exam took about an hour and the doctor was very professional about it.

The doctor took the exam very seriously. One time he found a suspicious cyst in Anita’s vagina. The doctor was so concerned about Anita’s well being, he refused to have sex with her that day even though Anita pleaded for him to do it. She went to the hospital instead. The Doctor never did anything sexual to her during the exam. He always remained fully clothed.

Of course he had a hard on and gawked at her nudity the whole time. She was ok with that. He always made sure Anita was in top health before the fun started. Anita would come 5 or 6 times and the doctor would come 3 or four times each session. That was how the ball got rolling and they have been doing it ever since. Anita doesn't mind too much doing the doctor either. She always gave the good Doctor more than the minimum requirements.

The Doctor tries really hard to convince Anita into letting him fuck her saying that her Dad would never know. Anita told him, while it is true Daddy will never know, the simple fact is she will. She told him just to be happy with what he is getting. It was worth it to keep her Dad all to herself. The good doctor was hooked on Anita so much so, he was relocating his office to Florida so he could continue to see her.

Anita felt these little excursions where her Dad had sex with someone else were tolerable as her Dad was entitled to a little variety as long as he didn't bring them home or do it by himself. The other times, and there have only been a few, her Dad would find a woman he wanted to have sex with. He would then convince the woman to take Anita and Alex to her home for the weekend to baby sit them.

Anita would seduce her during the weekend. She would do it subtly. She would take her bath and sit around in her underpants trying to look as sexy and innocent as she could. It was important to get in the woman’s lap and snuggle as much as she could. If the woman started watching her, it meant the plan was working.

Anita would lay her head on the woman's tits and eventually start feeling her up. After Anita had her doing it with her, she would get her to do Alex. Usually they would say he is just a little boy. Anita's reply was, so what, I am just a little girl and no one will know anyway. When she had the gal hooked on sex with them, Anita would tell them her Dad hadn't had any in a long time and Anita would make a deal to do it some more for her if she would seduce her Dad when he picked them up.

Anita hated doing it with those other women. She kind of liked sucking their tits, but it felt so gross sucking on their pussies. Of course Anita would do anything to keep her Dad from remarrying. The scheme worked most of the time. The times it didn't work, the woman would tell Anita to watch what she was doing and would shrug it off as childhood curiosity and that would be the end of it.

Her Dad had never had any dealings with little boys before, but she figures doing it all the time with Alex probably changed his feelings on it. Doing it with Carol had certainly changed her feelings toward girls. Anita had done it with other women before Carol, but she had never really liked doing it until she did it with Carol.

Anita got real excited when I did her when she thought I was a little girl her age. She had been bucking at the bit to eat my pussy, but was glad I turned out to be a boy, because she just loved to have my dick in her. Later on Anita confided in me when she turns 21 she wants to have a baby. When she does, she wants her Dad or Alex to be the father. She says she has plenty of time to decide which. Damn, I hear a lot of weird shit.


Wallace took his kids home around five that morning. We all went to bed. Barry, Berry, and myself went straight to sleep. We were just too damn worn out to feel the urge to do one another. I was all fucked out and I think they were too. I already knew tomorrow would be a long day. I would have to survive it and then I still had Sunday and most of Monday left to endure.

These people are more hung up on sex than David. At least they aren’t quite as fucked up as he is. The only good thing about the rest of the weekend was Wallace didn’t come back anymore. Although I did miss Anita and Alex. I guess it was a one shot deal. Tim had a serious fetish about peeing in my mouth. I had about all the piss I could stand. He even pissed in my mouth while I was giving him a blow job on the way home. Barry and Berry thought it was gross too, so we didn’t piss each other.

Barry and Berry really were queer. They actually enjoyed sucking a dick and took any opportunity that came up to do so. I was shocked at what they did Sunday morning. Barry suggested that we enjoy the sunny day, so we went outside in our underwear. Tim's back yard is landscaped so no one can see into the back yard from anywhere outside the yard. The milkman makes his deliveries at 0800 am every Sunday and Tuesday morning. Barry, Berry, and I sat out on the back stoop until the milkman arrived. Of course they didn't tell me we were waiting for the milkman. I thought we were just sitting outside.

The milkman was a nice enough looking guy. He appeared to be in his early twenties. His name was John. Barry asked him if he could use an extra blow job this morning. John sighed with relief. Turns out he always gets a blow job from both of the boys every time he comes out. They sometimes spent up to two hours doing it with John, depending entirely on how much time John had to spare. John had already seen the wisdom of making their house the last on his route.

John had been worried that since they had company, he wouldn't be getting one this morning. Both of the boys took turns sucking John off. I told John I didn't want to suck him. I didn't like the way it looked, but I didn't tell John that. I let John fuck me in my ass right there on the back stoop. John delighted in licking us boys all over for a couple of hours and fucking one or the other of us off and on as he got the urge.

Later I asked the boys what they would do if their parents caught them doing it with John. The boys said they already know. They were watching through the bedroom curtain. They never miss it. Now I understood what the chores were the boys had been working on the last Sunday I had been there. I couldn’t help wondering how the boys would make out with Mr. Donkey.

Pretty much the way the deal worked was as long as Barry and Berry did all the things their parents wanted them to do sexually, they could do it with anyone they chose when ever they wanted. It didn't really matter. Both the boys loved doing their Dad. The real trade off was doing it with their Mom. They both loved her dearly and it was fun doing it with her, but they preferred a dick over a pussy any day.

To be continued………………………………..................................

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