29 year old, leather clad brunette makes a wrong choice on her way home from a bar in the early hours.
So here it was, another Friday night and another night out with the girls. I wouldn’t quite say it was a weekly routine but at least a couple of times a month, sometimes more. We had all decided to go out and see what was going on in town. It works as we live in the same neighborhood between apartments and houses – it is only a few blocks between the five of us.

I had gotten myself cleaned up and dressed fairly nice as well. black leather mini skirt that just covers my ass and shows my legs nicely, my cropped, blue vest top that was tight (a few more pounds than I wished I had) but it also pushes my breasts up nicely too, not that they need a lot of help there. I finished it with a pair of darker hose and my black high heels. I checked myself in the mirror – not bad for being 29 I thought – my dark hair coming down to my shoulders which flipped when I spun around and grabbed my small purse and headed out the door to meet the girls.

As we all piled into one car we decided who would be the driver for the night – thankfully it wasn’t me. It had been kind of a hellish week for me at work and a few drinks sounded pretty good. We headed for downtown where several types of bars were grouped together and gave us the chance to try several venues without having to drive. It was also where we typically go to as well.

We got downtown around nine and went into the first bar. We started to drink and had a couple of appetizers as well. As it got a little later the place started to fill up and before long we all found ourselves dancing with someone. Our dance partners were much like us – just hanging out and dancing with who ever they could find. We got bored and went to the next place, and then the next and next. It was almost midnight and although I had a pretty good buzz going it didn’t seem as though any of us were getting laid that night – well not by anyone we wanted to.

We all headed out to the car and thought we would call it a night. I was sitting up front when one of the girls in the back said isn’t there a bar down the street from the apartment complex? After a bit of a discussion we concluded that there was something of a bar there but none of us had ever been there. As we didn’t really feel quite like calling it quits we figured as it was close to home we would give it a shot.

We pulled into the parking lot and around the back of the mini mall to where the bar was. It didn’t look like much of a place – no wonder we had missed it all of this time – and it didn’t look too busy so we decided to go inside the place. At worse case we could have one drink and then just leave. We walked into the place (Jim’s) and all eyes were on us. It seemed to be kind of a biker type bar and not a place we would be seen at. The place was also more crowded than what the parking lot would make you think.

We talked briefly and decided to sit down at an open table we found and have a drink. One drink led to another drink and then before long we had guys buying us drinks. There was definitely more guys than girls in the bar and we were the hottest girls there. I am not being conceited – just the simple facts. Also I think since we were new there that kind of added to the novelty of it all. Even our driver had started drinking as she was only a couple of blocks from home. There wasn’t a dance floor at Jim’s but with the jukebox cranked loud enough we managed to get a couple of dances in; something I don’t think happens much at this place.

It was getting late; we had been there for almost three hours and they were going to call for last call. Three of the girls had left a little bit before, that left two of us. We weren’t about to leave anyone there alone in this place. So as it was getting to last call we decided to get ourselves up and leave. Once outside we talked about where we were going. Our driver was one of the ones who left and since the two of us that were left were only a few blocks from Jim’s we said that was fine and that we would walk home as we both work together and had had the same work week. So we had a couple more drinks together before calling it a night and talked a bit about work.

Jennifer and I however live in opposite directions from Jim’s Place. We hugged and then steadied ourselves and headed down the sidewalk in opposite directions. I hadn’t drunk this much in awhile and I was way past go. As I looked at the sidewalk ahead I thought about how long the few blocks to home was going to be. Then being the smart brunette girl I am I had a great idea. I looked at the small wooded area that stood between the mini mall and my apartment complex and decided to cut through there and save myself some serious time. I knew that in my short skirt and high heels that this wasn’t exactly the ideal attire for this, but what the hell, it would only take me like ten minutes to get home and then I could crash and sleep in.

I spun around and my hair flipped again. I thought about how the night had started with me doing that in my apartment and then headed back towards the mall and to the wooded area. As I got closer to the mall I found a sort of path and headed up it into the woods. The hill was actually steeper than it appeared and I was breathing kind of heavy but still making pretty good time considering the heels I was wearing. Just as I was telling myself how good I was doing and patting myself on the back for being so smart I tripped on a branch or root in the dark and fell to ground. As I fell I heard my nylons tear as they caught on a limb or something.

I lay there for a second and then turned over on my ass and sat up. I was about to gather myself and get up when I looked up and saw the shadowy figure of a man standing there holding out his hand to me. I think he was from the bar, but to be honest, in the dark and my drunken state I couldn’t be sure. I took his hand and he pulled me up. He was strong I thought and he could have easily thrown me down the hill, and then when I thought he was helping me he didn’t let go of my hand. He pushed me down the hill just enough and held my wrist tight, pulling my arm behind me. He grabbed my other arm and pulled it behind me as well and another man stood in front of me. The man behind me tied my wrists together as the man in front covered my mouth with his large hand. I then felt another pair of hands under my skirt, pulling my panties and hose down together.

As my panties bunched at my ankles the man behind me pushed me forward and I fell to my knees and the hand over my mouth was for an instant removed. I managed to scream out but only once. The man who had my mouth covered slapped my face and I felt my panties and hose and high heels being pulled from my legs. My panties were pushed into my mouth, I could taste myself on the crotch of them and my screams now were muffled. I could hear the men laughing and talking but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. The man who slapped my face pulled out a knife and wasted no time in cutting my favorite blue vest from me. My large breasts spilled out and my nipples hardened in the cool night air.

The man behind me, at least I think it was him, pushed me forward and I fell onto my chest – my face against the dirt of the woods. I hadn’t even really had the time to think of the predicament I was in when I felt the man behind me shove his cock into my very vulnerable pussy. I screamed out into my panties as the other two men held me. He fucked me hard and fast pushing his cock in and out of me. It didn’t take him long and I felt him cumming inside my pussy. I cried as he did and then he and the man on my right side changed places. I felt the intrusion of him inside me as well. Slick from the semen of my first rapist he easily slid into me. He wrapped his hand in my dark hair and pulled my head back as he fucked me hard like the first man did. Again I didn’t have to wait long before I felt him coating my insides with his thick ropes of cum.

This man changed places with the one on my left. He took hold of my hair as well. I felt his cock inside me for only a couple of strokes before I heard him mumble something about it being too sloppy for him. Then he pulled out of my dripping sex and immediately pushed his cock into my tight ass. I tried to scream out again but was at least thankful that his cock was coated in cum which worked as a lubricant. He was larger than the other two men and he took a little longer to cum, even being in my tight ass. Just as he was about to cum I felt him pull out of me and felt the first of his cum shoot across my ass. The next shots of cum I felt on my back and ass and knew that my black leather mini skirt was also being covered in his cum. After he stopped he moved in front of me and pulled the panties from my mouth. My mouth was dry and my panties soaked in my saliva. He grabbed my hair hard and pulled my head up and then shoved his softening cock into my mouth. I could taste his sweat and my ass and his cum on his cock.

I definitely didn’t think the men were done with me but all of a sudden they got up and took off running. I knelt there, my pussy dripping cum and my face on the ground. I managed to push myself up and sat back on my heels and for the first time tried to work my wrists free. They were tied tight but I was able to lay back and move them under my ass and work them under my legs so that my hands were at least in front of me although still tied. It was a bit of work and as I lay there breathing heavy I heard a growl from my side. I quickly looked over to see a large dog there and then knew why the men had taken off. I stared at the dog as I got to my hands and knees. I got to just my knees and was working on getting to my feet when I felt another large dog from behind jump on me and knock me back to my hands and knees.

I looked back over my shoulder to see the large dirty animal there. He sniffed the air and then pushed his cold snout between my legs. I shrieked at the unsuspected intrusion and the coldness of his nose. He started to lick at the cum that the three men had left there and despite all that had happened to me that night I was becoming aroused by the rough tongue lashing I was getting. Even still I tried to get to my feet but as I went to stand up I felt the dog leap onto my back knocking me back to my hands and knees.

No longer satisfied with licking and with the position we were in he started poking at me. I could feel his pointy cock stabbing my thighs and knew that he was trying to fuck me. I tried to crawl out from under him and heard him growl and bite down on the back of my neck. With him leaning over me more it moved him enough and on his next thrust I felt him slide inside my wet pussy. Once inside he started thrusting like nothing I had felt before. It was like a jack hammer as he pounded me faster and faster. Also with each stroke I felt his cock becoming larger – thicker and longer until he was close to 9 inches in length.

His front paws were locked around me and I could feel them scratching my sides as he fucked me recklessly. Then I felt something else – I wasn’t sure what at the time but it was a swelling at the base of his cock. He pushed harder and harder and then I felt it pop into me. I screamed out in pain and felt it swell a bit more and then realized that I was locked together with the canine. His thrusting had mostly stopped and he released his grip on my neck, his head over my back and his tongue hanging out drooling on me. I could also feel spurt after spurt of his hot semen being pumped into me. We stayed locked together for I don’t know how long, 20 minutes at least. Finally he pulled out of me with a bit of pain and an audible pop followed by what seemed and endless amount of dog semen.

He licked me for a few strokes and then walked off and sat and licked himself. I then felt the other dog on me. I guess he figured it was his turn much like the men had done with me. I tried to get away from him as well and got the same reaction of growling and biting on my neck. I knelt there again waiting for what I knew was about to happen. This dog although large was just a bit shorter than the other dog. When he bit down on my neck his cock poked me a few times and then went inside me. With him being a little shorter though and his grip on my neck it pulled him up just enough to where his cock went into my ass.

Like the other dog he fucked me furiously. I was actually starting to enjoy this I thought. My ass had never been fucked like that before. I reached down between my legs with my tied hands and fingered my clit. Then I felt what I felt before – the swelling at the base of dogs cock. Before I could think or move or anything he pushed forward and stuffed his knot inside my ass. I screamed out as the pain was nothing like I had ever felt but also because I brought myself to orgasm. I felt my ass being pumped with dog cum and managed to get myself off again.

Just as the first dog, once he was done he pulled his cock from me. My ass leaked dog cum and he licked me a few times before licking himself. It had to have been 3 hours of fucking that I endured. I knelt there and heard a stick snap. I looked over my shoulder and could see the outline of a person in the very dimly lit woods. I thought he was going to come over to me but then he turned and walked away. I saw a flicker of light and heard a snapping sound as the light went away. Had all of this or any of this been video taped?

I finally got to my feet and watched as the two dogs trotted off to the woods. The sun was just starting to come up which is why I knew it had to be 3 hours I was there for. I found my vest, or what was left of it, and put that on and found my purse and shoes as well. I finally made my way to my apartment and went up the stairs there. Being that early in the morning I didn’t see anyone up and stirring. I found my keys in my purse and opened my door. I went straight to the bathroom and got in the tub to wash the dirt and semen from me. I sat there in the hot water, confused as to whether I should call the police or not. And the last man – who was that? Had he been there all along and was that video screen I actually saw? How much was on tape?

Written by Cybrgigolo


2011-02-23 20:16:03
Well thanx for the re-post of my work. I guess that is a form of flattery.


2011-02-22 23:11:02
How come at the bottom it says "written by Cybrgigolo"?

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2010-04-07 00:44:58
Twistedly awesome, keep up the good stuff!

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