The best thing that can happen to a guy in a bar.
I am a 30 yo white male and I want to tell you about something great that just happened to me. It was about eleven pm on a Tuesday night and I was sitting at the bar at Jimmy's which is a quiet little neighborhood bar not known for much happening. I was on my second rum and coke and listening to the music.

A couple stools down from my was a really sexy young lady. She did not look old enough to be in there but I know that Jimmy's cards anyone that looks questionable. She had medium length blond hair and had a great build. She was wearing a white tube top that was well stretched by her tits that I would guess may have been about 34 c's and shaped just perfectly. She had on a short white skirt over her small hips and her well tanned tummy had a navel ring. She was a real knock out. All the guys were giving her the eye and so were some of the ladies that were there that night. One time she caught me looking at her so I said Hi and she smiled and turned back to her beer.

I'm just an average guy about six foot tall and weigh about 180 pounds. I did not think that I had a chance with this girl but because she had given me a nice smile when we made eye contact I had the bartender give her her next beer and tell her it was from me. She turned and smiled and said thanks and then turned back away to her drink. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained and I enjoyed the smiles from a pretty girl.

After a few minutes I had to piss so I got up and headed to the back, to the men's room. As the door was closing behind me it opened again and I looked and saw that it was her. She walked in and locked the door behind her. I started to say something but she put her finger to my lips and said "Don't say a word. I've gotta pee too. Do you want to watch me?" I quickly nodded my head yes. The men's room had one toilet, one urinal and one sink. She reached under her short skirt and pulled down her little thong panties and put them in her handbag. Then she lifted up her skirt and backed up to the urinal and bent forward and shot a stream of yellow piss into the urinal. I had seen this on the internet before but never for real. What a sexy sight. My cock was fully hard and straining at my pants. "OH, that feels so much better. It looks like you enjoyed watching me" she said looking at my crotch. She went to the sink and pulled down a paper towel and washed the pee from her pussy. Next she hopped up on the sink with her back to the wall and her feet up on the counter giving me a wonderful look at her shaved pussy. "You had better take your cock out of your pants before you break it." I unzipped my fly and reached in and pulled it out. It was not easy as it was so hard that I had trouble getting it through my underpants but I did and I stood there with my rock hard six inches sticking straight at her.

"You can eat me now if you want." She did not have to say it twice. I dropped to my knees and put my face between her legs. When I first slid my tongue between her pussy lips and made contact with her wet clit she jumped and made a loud groan. I ran my tongue up and down her slit from clit to ass hole and deep into her hot tight opening. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me tighter to her pussy and came hard. My mouth was sucking, over her cunt, when she did. She was a squirter and she shot a stream of her hot slick girl cum right into my mouth. Her body shook and she held me in place till she stopped and I had swallowed all of her cum. Then she let me go.

"I want you to fuck me now. Take your clothes off and sit on the toilet." I quickly did as she said as she also stripped. I sat with my tool sticking straight up at full mast. She bent down and sucked it into her mouth and bobbed up and down on it for about a minute. I was afraid that I would come right then. As much as I love to come in a woman's mouth I wanted to fuck this wild honey so I was glad when she stopped and stood up in front of me. She stood with her legs outside of mine and her tits right in my face. I happily licked and sucked them. "I don't want to get preggy so I want you to fuck my ass." She reached between her legs and wiped her wetness on my straining cock and back on her back door. Then she turned around and took my cock in her hand and guided it to her ass hole as she slowly sat down on me. Slowly she pushed till she was sitting fully on my lap and I was buried in her tight ass in full control of the situation. Then she started to lift herself up and sit back down on my cock. She got going faster and faster till I tensed up and blew my load deep in her bowels. Happily, this gave her a hard orgasm and she dropped down with me buried in her ass. I started to soften and popped out of her. She got up and turned around and dropped back down and sucked me clean. Then she turned and kissed me. I could taste her cum and my cum and something else that I did not want to taste on her lips but I returned her kiss. She went back to the sink and washed up. We both put our clothes back on. I took her by the hand and we walked out of the men's room. I was looking forward to a long night of much more fun with this super sexy slut.

Two more men were waiting for the men's room and they gave us a big smile as we came out even though we had had it locked for over ten minutes. I held her hand and guided her to a booth. I slid in and patted the seat next to me to show her where to sit but she blew me a kiss and walked out the door. I never saw her again.



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2011-03-15 15:33:50
Very nice! This happened only once in miami while on vacation. Took some chick from illinois with me. I had some coke! We did a little sniff then she poured a little on the tip of my cock and had the best fuck of my life.

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2010-06-27 04:21:30
don't want to get preggy????? are you kidding me? How old are you...12???

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2010-06-15 01:56:38
A great little story. 8/10 write more


2010-03-26 14:40:20
great story

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